on mother's day

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FEH Holidays

I think the real questions I’ve got for Heroes would be:

  • Are they going to have a Mother’s Day event for all of the remaining Awakening moms and their kids?
  • If so, will the remaining dads from Fates and their kids show up for a Father’s Day event?
  • Which other series allow these kind of holiday shenanigans, and which holidays work best for those?
  • Can we get hilarious summer, fall, and winter outfits for their respective seasons as well?

Just stuff to think about.

Ok but I have a ghostbusters mothers day headcanon;

Patty is like the over protective mum friend, so the other Ghostbusters get her a joke mothers day card and a bunch of historical newspapers she’s been saving up for. Erin stresses out about going to see her mum, so Abby decides to go with her and Erin finds that it’s not so bad with Abby there. Kevin invites his mum to HQ, and Holtz studies them and writes a bunch of notes about how they’re actually robots with occasional laughs from Dr Gorin who pretends not to know Holtz actually asked her to come over because it’s mothers day.

This is going to seem like a weird post but Happy Mother’s Day to the kids who brought themselves up. Happy Mother’s Day to the kids who didn’t have a mum there to help them for whatever reason and so had to grow up too fast when they should have been messing about and being children. Happy Mother’s Day to anyone whose mother isn’t perfect, but made mistakes and is learning to be better. Happy Mother’s Day to those who’ve decided to give their mum a second chance. Happy Mother’s Day to those who’ve made the decision to cut contact and stop hoping for a miracle. Happy Mother’s Day to the people who are scared of being mothers themselves because they never had a good example set and they’re scared of repeating the same mistakes (you don’t have to be like her, you can do so much better). Happy Mother’s Day to the young mothers who didn’t plan on being parents at this age but are dealing with that huge shock and doing their best under difficult circumstances. Happy Mother’s Day to those who are being made to feel guilty for not loving their mothers at all. Happy Mother’s Day to the kids that essentially brought up their younger siblings but will never have that acknowledged. Happy Mother’s Day to those that have lost a mother and miss her every day, but are pushing on regardless, trying to hold things together. I care about you all very much. 

Being an Arab, I can imagine Damian kissing his father’s hand at some point (when there’s nobody around-and only at a point where it’s like really emotional) it’s kinda ooc but in Arabian culture it’s common for children to kiss their parents’ hands (or foreheads) to express appreciation and respect.

  • Rachel: I will be spending February 13 with some lovely single ladies from camp who could care less about Valentine's Day. And we will be celebrating the fact that we don't have to spend it with some dippy guy carting around roses and stuffed toys all night. Oh, no offense, Leo.
  • Leo: And none was taken until just then.