on mother's day

Today I was walking behind a mother and a small child who couldn’t have been older than five. The child was walking in that syncopated gait that is instantly recognizable as a small child avoiding sidewalk cracks, which was completely adorable.

And then this adorable golden-haired child looked up at her mother and said in a completely even voice “Someday, I’ll step on it.”

That child is going places. Maybe jail. But places.

I really adore the idea of Hiroko managing to get time off and coming to one of Yuuri and Vicchan’s events in season 2.

Just this nondescript, petite, delicious-smelling lady. She has no idea how competitions work. Minako was supposed to come with her and be her guide, but they got separated in the crowd, so now she is calmly trying to tell one of the people guarding the entrance to the skater’s area to give her access.

“My sons are in there,” she explains in her patient English.

“I’m sorry, ma’am,” pleads the rink guard, who is having a breakdown over having to do his job rather than give this soft, sweet woman what she wants. Yuuri has Eros, but Hiroko has that Ultimate Mom aura. There are at least two passerby trying to convince him to let Hiroko in.

“Just let her go look for her kids, man.”

“You need a pass to get in this area. If you go talk to one of the managers, I’m sure they’ll page your lost sons for you–”

“Oh, there’s Vicchan!”

The small crowd that has gathered expects to see some lost, unassuming youth. This is not what happens. Instead, charmingly Japanese Hiroko, who on her tiptoes squeaks in at five feet, points directly at five-time champion, six-foot-tall and excruciatingly Russian Viktor Nikiforov. 

“Uh,” is the collective response to this, which basically translates to what the hell.

But Hiroko and Viktor Nikiforov’s eyes lock. “Mama!” He gasps, brightening, and breaks off from one of Yakov’s long rants to make a beeline to the edge of the section. He is followed, approximately six seconds later, by his also tall, world-record holding fiance, who already has his game face on and is hence TERRIFYING.

“Hi, mom,” Yuuri greets, while Viktor and Hiroko embrace, which involves Viktor essentially bending in half. “Where’s your pass? I know we asked for one for you.”

“I think Minako has it?” Hiroko says with a smile. “This gentleman was about to let me in.”

Both Yuuri and Viktor are already in their skates and skate guards. This adds another intimidating three or four inches and sharp blades to their lithe, muscular forms. They are also fricking NIKIFOROV AND KATSUKI.

“Please take my wallet,” the guard wants to say, but instead wordlessly ushers Katsuki Hiroko into the skater’s area.

Gentle, Best Mom Hiroko spends the rest of the competition wedged between her tall, outwardly intimidating but actually very marshmallow soft sons. IT IS A GOOD DAY

“Usually the kissing in the Kiss and Cry after Katsuki and Nikiforov’s skates is hot hot HOT,” one of the announcers reveals later. Hiroko kisses Vicchan on the forehead, and pats Yuuri’s hand. “This competition, it’s just heartwarming.”