on most day's she's beautiful

don’t let anybody tell you you’re any less than what you are!! you are important, and you deserve to be treated that way!

Zoë Kravitz as Poison Ivy

My wife is the most beautiful woman I know

Not because she conforms to my definition of beauty.

But because my definition of beauty conforms to her.

i want to write something about aloneness…

like for example that it is actually a she and she’s the best friend i’ll always have.

like for example that she likes to hold my hand and smile at me, all silence and golden moments and grand castles rising in the distance.

like for example she waits for me at the end of every day, sometimes gazing out the window, sometimes crying softly, sometimes hurling herself against rigid walls.

like for example she’s my patron, my guardian, the archway i walk into to feel weightless. i don’t ever have to cower or look away or be any less real than i truly am.

like for example i’ve build kingdoms in the palms of her hands, day after day, and she looks after them for me. day after day.

like for example that she’s the most beautiful during sleepless nights and so immensely quiet when i’m gone, when the sun rises and kisses the bedroom walls.

like for example she’s not afraid of the shadows, but their greatest ally.

like for example that i love her too much and i know i won’t let go, even if we and our demons have to go to war.

… and so i wrote something about aloneness.

solitude is my partner crime // r.w

before Nina’s wedding

Usnavi tries to pull the good old “she’s like a sister to me don’t you dare hurt her” to Benny. Kinda like Ross Geller type?

Benny, obviously, laughs out loud because Usnavi is a little twig and what’s he going to do? Pinch him to death? Besides, Benny is never going to hurt Nina in all the days of his life. 

Enters Vanessa the bridesmaid who looks gorgeous like, seriously, if it weren’t for Nina Rosario the barrio’s best, she’d be the most beautiful woman of the day for sure. Slides an arm around her lil best man of a boyfriend’s waist, kisses his cheek (leaves lipstick so people know he’s hers), asks what’s up. 

Benny like, “Yo, your man is threatening to hurt me if I ever hurt Nina”

Vanessa’s face turns cold INSTANTLY “You’re not gonna hurt Nina.” 

Benny turns a bit awkward and uneasy and asks why.

Vanessa raises an eyebrow, “Do you want to find out?”

And she walks away with a tacit mic drop and Usnavi runs after her like “make love to me, beautiful woman, you’re so perfect” because no one is ever gonna hurt Nina if Vanessa threatens them, so mission accomplished for everyone

Taking Care of Vernon’s and Your Baby (if that makes sense lol)

i’m so so sorry for posting like forever later 😭 ily, please don’t get mad at me or stop supporting my acc. I finally finished tho so here it is! <3 

Pairing: vernon x reader

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 435

“Isn’t she beautiful?” You said in a soft quiet voice with smile as you looked down at your baby in the crib, sleeping peacefully.

Vernon wrapped his arms around your waist very gently and loose while resting his chin in the crook of your shoulder. His touch made you smile even more, being Gwinnett happy with your family.

“Yeah, just as beautiful as her mother.” He whispered. You had only had your child for a few days but she was beautiful. She has the most beautiful eyes just like Vernon’s and she was very quiet and peaceful, nothing too crazy for you to handle.

Though you two only had her for a few days, it made the two of you a better couple, always taking care of each other, sharing responsibilities to take care of her. It really made you closer than ever and it made the two of you happier than ever.

Vernon really showed a great side of him being an amazing father. It made you love him even more when you saw him take of your baby.

“Should we wake her up before she sleeps too much? We still have to feed her before she has to go back to bed in a few hours.” You questioned Vernon.

“No, let her sleep. She looks like she’s dreaming.” He smiled when he stood up straight but his hands were still holding you at your waist. You turned your head to the side to see his smile.

“Why do you think she’s dreaming about?” You asked, wondering what’s going on through his crazy mind.

“Maybe..about us. About you and me, her family. Or just little cute things like the toys she played with me earlier or food…I’m thinking of food.” He said and you laughed.

“I’m not making you food Vernon.” You said with a playful eye roll.

Your baby started crying so Vernon hushed and cooed her, picking her up and cradling her in his arms.

“See she’s having a nightmare now because she didn’t get her food.” You rolled your eyes again at his idiotic statement but ended up smiling because the two are just too cute.

“Wake her up and I’ll make food for the two of my babies.” You teased him by punching his cheeks at talking in a baby voice. You giggled while he playfully pouted.

As you were walking out of the room he called for you.


You turned around and he smiled. “I love you.” You smiled as you walked back to give him a kiss and the baby. “I love you too.”

When I sat in the theater on July 15th and saw this magical little blonde introduce herself for the first time, I had no idea that she was going to change my life. I had no idea that she was going to help me see and embrace the parts of myself I had been most ashamed of. I had no idea that she was going to help me feel more comfortable in my skin than I had ever felt in 27 years of living.

I already wrote about how Kate has helped me finally feel at peace with the sad, quiet part of myself. This post is about how Kate helped me embrace the fact that I am, and always have been, a lesbian.

Growing up in a religious environment, as a child I thought “lesbian” was an adult sin I Didn’t Yet Understand. I didn’t know “lesbian” was being a 9 year old wanting to give a 12 year old a Valentine’s Day card because she was the most beautiful and captivating girl I’d ever met.

I thought “lesbian” was the slur that ruined Janice’s life in Mean Girls. I didn’t know “lesbian” was feeling pure bliss when my high school best friend would braid daisies into my hair.

I thought “lesbian” was two drunk girls pawing at each other while their boyfriends watched and another boy filmed it. I didn’t know “lesbian” was feeling my heart flutter every time I saw my college best friend, and wanting more than anything in the world to make her laugh.

I thought “lesbian” was a type of porn, a subcategory of “kinky”. I didn’t know “lesbian” was holding hands and suddenly, finally, feeling at home.

I thought “lesbian” meant seeing every woman as a piece of meat. I didn’t know “lesbian” could mean platonic physical intimacy, hugging a friend when she needs it because she’s a wonderful human and you’re a wonderful human and you care for each other as friends do.

In the last 2 months, I’ve cried and grown a lot. I’m still learning how to comfortably say the word “lesbian” out loud. To paraphrase Amy Poehler, I’m still unlearning a lot of what I’ve been taught to feel ashamed of. And in this journey, Jillian Holtzmann and Kate McKinnon are the role models I need. When I joke with my coworkers about being a “walking lesbian stereotype” (to see how they respond to the word) and my coworker looks at me and says “But you’re NOT, RIGHT?” and the only word that can escape my lips is “right.” When I come out to a friend and she seems cool with it but doesn’t ever hug me again. In these moments, Kate and Jillian are the role models who remind me there is nothing dirty or perverted or wrong with being a lesbian. I am not dirty. I am not perverted. There is nothing wrong with me.

Thank you, Kate, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for being out. Thank you for being proud. Thank you for showing the world that lesbianism is as simple and pure and innocent as love is. Thank you for reminding me that lesbianism is about love.

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Do you have a crush who you don't mind telling us about? -same anon

I’m lucky enough to have my crush also to be the person I’m in a relationship with. She’s amazing. She doesn’t know it, but she’s incredible. She has the most beautiful eyes and her smile makes my day. She’s sweet, and also very talented. And I love the sound of her voice. She’s my angel, and I love her.

@lin4lin-ham4ham You’re the best, honey. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Something I wrote for @mariequitecontrarie . We’ve both had a pretty shitty week, so this was just something to help us to have a good TGIF and weekend. Read it under the cut or on A03

Pretty Blue Eyes 

Rated: G
Words: 856
Inspired by the song Pretty Brown Eyes

Summary: Belle’s lacking in the confidence department.

He could watch her take inventory in his shop all day. She had long beautiful auburn hair with the most angelic face and a smile that was so contagious that he only needed to think of her and a smile would appear on his lips. Pretty Blue Eyes was the nickname he gave her in his head whenever she looked at him. Her gaze didn’t last long before she would shy away from his eye contact. Her name was Belle, and she was more beautiful than a summer morning after the rain. It was too bad she couldn’t see it for herself.

Belle lacked self-confidence, well, she was missing it entirely. She was undeniably the prettiest girl in Storybrooke, but she never saw that in herself. Instead, she saw a pale-faced girl, with no curves, and knobby knees. She felt like she had the body of a 14-year-old boy instead of the stunning 30-year-old woman that she was.

She worked at Mr. Gold’s pawnshop part-time on the weekends, helping the nice gentleman with taking inventory for his antiques. For the first couple of weeks, she was quiet, only coming for 3 hours to do her job and then leaving. Even when he tried to engage her in small talk, her answers were quick and straight to the point. Gold assumed that she just needed some time to get used to him, but the weeks turned into months and still nothing.

Finally, after months of playing around with the idea in his head, he decides to ask her out on a date.

“I’m sorry Mr. Gold, but I already have plans.” She told him with her eyes averted from him. Shyly, looking down at her shoes. Gold wanted to cup her by the chin and lift her head up and tell Belle that she had no reason to be bashful around him, that she was beautiful and he just wanted to make her feel special. But Belle didn’t believe she was anything special, just a Plain Jane with nothing unique about her. So why would she embarrass herself by saying yes to a date she knew she would ruin.

It went on like that for months. Gold would ask her out every week just to be turned down by her already scheduled plans. So one night he followed her, to see who she was with that made her want to reject him so many times. Maybe she had a boyfriend she wasn’t telling him about, perhaps a group of friends who didn’t want to hang out with a 40-year-old man like himself, or maybe she just had no desires to go out on a date with him. Whatever it was, he wanted to find out.

She arrived at Granny’s diner alone and went inside. The diner was mostly vacant besides her and a couple of people sitting at the bar. He waited for an hour to see if a mystery man would join her, but none did. She was eating alone, no one there to talk to her, no one there to stare into her pretty blue eyes, no one there to pick up her tab to make her feel secure. He couldn’t understand why she would reject him just to eat alone. She wasn’t being fair to him or herself.

Belle exited the diner, and Mr. Gold got out of his car.


She turns to see him. “Mr. Gold?”

He walks over to her. “What are you doing eating alone?”

Belle bows her head. “It’s better this way.”

“Better? How is this better? I’ve wanted to go out with you for months now, but you tell me no just so that you can eat alone?”

“You wouldn’t understand.” She said nervously fidgeting her keys.

“Then help me to understand.” She doesn’t answer him. Mr. Gold takes a step closer to her. He didn’t want to be overbearing, but she needed to know this. “I think it’s you who doesn’t understand.”

“What do you mean?”

He cupped her chin to bring her gaze up to meet his. “Belle I see those eyes, even when you try to hide them from me, I see them. Every day you walk out of my shop feeling less than what you’re truly are, and it breaks my heart. Belle, you’re so beautiful and I know you can’t see it, but you are.”

“I’m not beautiful, and if we were to date, sooner or later you would see it too.”

“Don’t hide behind the fear that one day I’ll stop loving you, because if I need to tell you that you’re beautiful every single day, I will, and it will be the truth.” Without her permission, he kisses her deeply. Something he’s been wanting to do since the first day she walked into his shop. She didn’t push him away. Belle was longing for him too. Maybe it was time to start listening to what her heart was telling her.

“Can you give me a chance to show you how beautiful you are?” he asked, staring into her pretty blue eyes.

She was beautiful, if not truly, at least to him. “Yes.”

Disney Theory

I swear I’ve never heard this theory before…

but what if Snow White was taken back to the prince’s castle and lived happily ever after yada yada and FOUND that magic mirror. The mirror begins telling her day after day after day that she’s the most fair and beautiful in the land. Snow White becomes obsessed with her appearance and begins to go insane. Over time, she slips and goes over the deep end, fearing her old age is stealing away everything that made her special, loved, and most of all FAIREST in the land. 

She flees the kingdom in hopes of finding a new way to restore her youth. One day, as she’s singing in a field, a habit she always has done, she comes across an enchanted flower which restores youth to those who know the right song. After figuring it out, songs being her specialty, Snow White is able to harness the flower’s power before a kingdom takes it away to heal their ill queen.

Dudes… what if Snow White is Mother Gothel. 


Jemma Simmons + Reunions in 3x10

AKA Everybody Loves Jemma

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To the Jacobs siblings, how did your parents meet?

DAVID: At the synagogue.

LES: Papa saw Mama walking in one day, thought she was the most beautiful lady he’d ever seen, held the door open for her, and then they got married!

SARAH: It was a little more complicated than that.  Papa did see Mama walking in, and he did think she was beautiful, but they didn’t get a chance to talk until a fundraiser a few weeks later.

LES: Oh, yeah, ‘cause of Bubbe Gilda.

DAVID: Maybe we should explain what our father was like back then.  His family had come over from Germany when he was five, so he and his brothers had gone to school here in New York, and learned English and fit in pretty well.  When he met our mother, he was twenty, and had been working in a cigar-box factory.

SARAH: Mama was sixteen and had just arrived from Poland, so she didn’t speak very much English.

LES: And then there was Bubbe Gilda, our grandma!

DAVID: Jack’s talked about Bubbe Gilda before.  She’s a wonderful woman, just…

SARAH: She’s always trying to make a match.

DAVID: Right.  But she wants you to be happy, so it’s not like it’s some kind of arranged marriage…

SARAH: She just wants everyone to get married now.

DAVID: Right.

SARAH: So, when she saw Mama and Papa talking, she decided she was going to help things along.  She started talking to Mama whenever she could–in Yiddish, since Bubbe Gilda didn’t speak English either–

LES: And still doesn’t.

DAVID: At least, that’s what she wants people to believe.

SARAH: –And told her all about her nice, kind, smart, hard-working, handsome, well-settled-into-America son Mayer.  And the more she found out about Mama, the more she liked her.  And at some point, she found out that Mama liked to paint.

LES: You know those pictures in our apartment?  She painted those!

External image

The one in our bedroom’s a waterfall, and the one in the main room’s from when Sarah was little and she’d play with the neighbor’s dog.

SARAH: So Papa heard that, and he brought Mama some flowers.

DAVID: But he didn’t want to be rude, since he didn’t know if Mama liked him or not…so he told her “I thought you might like to paint these”!

SARAH: They spent months doing things like that.  Mama knit him a scarf “so you won’t catch cold, because your mother’s got enough on her mind.”

DAVID: Papa made her a box for her paints “because I was practicing different techniques for work.”

SARAH: But Mama grew to like Papa more and more, and she was getting better with English, too.  And her first English sentence to Papa was, “Why don’t you kiss me?”!

LES: So, they decided they liked each other.

SARAH: And when it came time to get married, Papa asked Mama if she wanted to, before he asked her father officially.  He wanted to make sure she was all right with it.

DAVID: Mama says that’s one of the things she liked most about him–he wanted her to have a voice, and not just be pushed around.

SARAH: And of course she said yes.

LES: And then they got married, and lived happily ever after.  The End!

Modern day Constagnan AU for mithlomi

They meet on the beach, with too much sun and a lot of sand and kiss on the first date.

There’s an argument that perhaps they married a little too young but no one can deny that they’re in love; and even if the proposal over Skype (Aramis idea) was a little cheesy, Constance still said yes.

The wedding was held with only a small group, with Constance’s dad having passed away the previous year Athos walked her down the aisle; she can’t stop smiling, something her bridesmaid Fleur and Anne keep teasing her about.

To this day she remains the most beautiful woman d'Artagnan has ever seen.

@sxntimentalstreak Cashmere wasn’t sure what to think about her relationship with Seneca. It had been two years and they seemed to have stagnated. It worried her to no end. She was, however, looking forward to Valentine’s Day, one of her most favorable holidays. Cashmere knew she was beautiful and a lot of men complimented her on her beauty. There was only one man she wanted praise from and he was sitting across from her.

She bought a new red dress and made sure her hair was perfectly done for their evening out. Her green eyes sparkled as she looked at him. “This is a fancy place.”