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Austisic!Peter and MJ. MJ knows Peter's autistic because of all the subtle things he does. Like, she's super observant and stuff so she knows when he's getting overstimulated or when he needs something to stim with. She doesn't mention it, but she has a shit ton of stim toys and super soft pieces of fabric in her bag (under all the books to kinda hide them). I love the idea that she knows he's Spiderman and she always gives Spider-Man something to stim with if she sees him.

the first time mj notices it is during their sophomore year of high school, when she’s watching him during band practice. she watches everyone, sometimes to draw them, sometimes so she can mimic them, sometimes just bc she feels like it. but she likes watching peter the most. he makes her head calm down a bit, like how it does when she listens to music or when she opens a brand new hardcover book.

he’s sitting there holding his triangle (what a nerd, who plays the triangle) looking focused on when exactly he should ring it. he’s tense all the time lately, and he’s always pulling ned aside to talk about “big bird” whoever that is. but then suddenly flash comes up behind him and plays the trumpet directly into peter’s ear. anyone would jump at that, and peter definitely jumps. but what catches mj’s eye is what happens when everyone is laughing, when peter sits down and people kind of stop focusing on him. he drops his triangle down and shakes out his wrist, he quickly hits his hand to the side of his head and closes his eyes really tightly.

it’s a familiar thing to look at. mj doesn’t hit herself, but she gets that urge sometimes when she’s trying to keep her meltdown at bay. when she can feel the sensory overload and the overstimulation trying to take her over and she wants to push it back down, and sometimes she’ll feel herself wanting to physically hit it.

she goes back to reading, but she only really begins paying attention to the plot of the book once peter appeared to calm down. then she felt calm again too. before they go she slips one of her stim toys into peter’s bag when he’s up putting away the triangle, and she doesn’t say anything when she sees him quietly playing with it the next day.

the second time she notices is late into their sophomore year towards the beginning of summer vacation. peter is sitting on the subway after class, probably on his way home. he’s seemed happier lately, it radiates off of him. apparently he got his stark internship back, and he’s even regularly coming to decathlon practice again. mj tells herself that she only cares about his decathlon attendance, she is the captain after all.

mj is sat behind him on the subway and she hears him muttering to himself. again, this is normal for anybody to do. but he’s writing in his notebook, and he’s making funny sounds. she peers over his shoulder and sees a bunch of formulas and spider doodles and science jargon and then leans back into her seat.

peter loves science. LOVES science. everybody knows that. they all go to a science school, but peter’s the only one she really knows who actually gets dreamy eyes when he talks about astrophysics and chemistry, and he can talk about it for hours. literally, hours. and right now it’s clear that his love for science is standing strong, he’s in his own little world right now. mj can hear him making happy squeaks and it feels familiar.

when she finds herself delighted she usually makes noises, happy trills and squeaks. neurotypical people give her funny looks when that happens, it’s annoying and rains on her parade. it isn’t as if she can even help it, and she doesn’t understand why it’s so weird. she tries to keep those noises in, but they still come out when she reads a particularly good passage in a book. and that seems to be what’s happening to peter. his shoulders tense everytime a happy warbled squeak comes out, and he begins scribbling more furiously into his notepad

he looks over his shoulder to see if anyone’s heard him and then startles when he sees mj sitting there. she raises her eyebrow at him and he blushes and turns around, and she can see him begin to bounce slightly in his seat.

mj goes back to reading but in the back of her head she feels things popping up. spider doodles in peter’s notebook. talking about a big bird with ned. dropping out of all his extracurricular besides decathlon. the whole incident in washington DC. she doesn’t know why she’s thinking about it, or why she knows that it’s all related. or even how she knows it’s related. she just chooses to read instead. if she slips another stim toy into peter’s bag, well, that’s out of her control.

the third time mj notices is during the summer. and it isn’t really with peter, at least not the peter he wants her to know about.

she’s at a small shop at around eleven at night, dressed in pajamas with her bag slung over her shoulder and a pack of hot cheetos in her hand. and then suddenly the shop is being robbed, and a gun is being pointed at her face. and her mind disconnects. her head is equal parts chaos and calm, thoughts are rushing around her brain but they’re going so quickly that it almost feels as if there are none. of course this is how she’s gonna die. of course she’s gonna fucking die in a corner shop at 11:07 pm in her flannel pajamas all because she wanted a bag of hot cheetos. of course that’s –

“you and i have to stop meeting like this,” peter chimes in, swinging into the shop and kicking the robber in the face. the gun falls onto the floor. “oh, my bad, you aren’t the criminal i thought you were. you guys really need to stop wearing masks, i can’t tell you apart.”

but oh wait. that isn’t peter. that’s spider-man. but that’s definitely peter’s voice. huh.

mj breaks herself out of her head and runs towards the gun on the ground just as the robber reaches for it, and she stomps onto his hand before he can grab it. the guy screams and mj just shoves her boot harder onto his hand.

“we make a great team!” spider-man cheers, shooting some webbing onto the guy’s legs

a few quips and thwips later and the robber is being seated into the back of a cop car. mj is sitting on the curb of the sidewalk munching away on some hot cheetos. and spider-man is walking up to her.

“you okay?” he asked, voice strained tightly.

“mhm,” mj hums. she’s pretty sure that she’s okay. time will tell. “are you?”

spidey startles. “of course i am, it’s my job, i love this stuff!”

“just because it’s your job, and just because you like it, doesn’t mean you’re okay.”

spidey kind of shrugs at that and sits down next to her on the curb. “i’m okay, just a bit shook up. he had a gun pointed at your head.”

“yeah,” mj sighs. “want a cheeto?”

they sit in a comfortable silence while they share the bag of cheetos, neither really wanting to talk but neither really wanting to leave each other. mj notices that spidey keeps shaking out his wrist, keeps bringing his hand up to his face to tap harshly at the lenses of his mask. she reaches into her bag.

“here,” she says, shoving a stim toy into his hand. “this one can be chewed on and pulled apart, it’s really neat. don’t worry, i haven’t chewed on it at all so you’re good to go.”

spidey gawks at her, mouth falling open. his lips are really red from the snacks. “um…. thanks. do you give these to everyone?”

mj pops another cheeto into her mouth and chews quickly. “nah, just you.”

spidey leans against her side and begins to aggressively pull on the toy. “thanks, mj.”

she decides not to point out that she never gave him her name.


quick Reddie oneshot because I’m in love with these two and can’t stop thinking about how quick Richie was to comfort Eddie during the big attack scene. like, he’d obviously done it before. just saying.

which inspired this, enjoy!

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Baby Padmé asking about her Father's Scar

@persimonne sorry it took so long! I liked your suggestion to write this but it took a while to get to it. I hope this is okay!

Padmé examined her father’s face with extreme curiosity. Quietly tracing his features and pinching his ears and nose. Kylo sat still, obediently allowing his precious child to yank at his face. He twitched and grimaced with every rough grab, but otherwise allowed Padmé to do as she pleased. Anything to keep her happy.

Rey sat watching from across the room, curious as to why her daughter suddenly took such a keen interest in Kylo’s face. She watched her child glance back and forth between her parents, and then pat her own cheeks-

Oh, she was curious about her looks.

“I have Mama’s eyes.” She stated matter-of-factly, expression serious. Kylo cracked a smile, and nodded.

“Yes, I believe I’ve told you that?” He asked, smiling brightly. Padmé pouted, and crossed her arms across her chest. “Her attitude as well, you seem to have inherited.” Rey rolled her eyes, and smirked in their direction.

“You call it attitude, I call it backbone.”

Padmé carefully traced Kylo’s face as he laughed, fingers lingering on the scar across his face.

“How did you get hurt, Papa?”

Kylo glanced over at his wife, who was now looking particularly guilty as she fiddled with the papers in front of her.

“Papa was being stupid. So Mama had to smack some sense into me.” Rey bit her lip, and looked over, examining his scar carefully. Padmé glared back at her mother, again angry for her past actions against her precious father.

“Mama sounds mean. Why would you hurt Papa?”

“In my defence, he did kidnap me, throw me into a tree, and everything.” Rey called over, trying to meet Kylo’s eyes. Kylo smirked, clearly not as mournful as his wife.

“We all make mistakes. Papa deserves this scar. As I said Padmé, papa was being very stupid.“ Rey shifted uncomfortably, and stood up to join her family. “Besides, I like it. Makes me look intimidating.” Kylo declared in a dark voice, practically a low growl. Padmé stared back blankly, unimpressed.

“Papa isn’t scary.” Kylo gasped, hand to his chest in an over-dramatic fashion that was so starkly different from how he usually acted. He always seemed to slip into this persona when Padmé asked serious questions.

“What? Papa isn’t scary?! I’ll have you know I’m the scariest monster in the galaxy!” He declared, standing up and swinging Padmé into the air above him, sending her into a fit of giggles. “People across the system fear Papa’s name, and quake at the sight of him!”

Rey flinched back. Kylo smiled goofily at her, but it didn’t quite reach his eyes.

“People don’t know better.”

very long post about podcasts because someone sent me an ask about podcasts and I love podcasts and you can't do read mores on mobile sorry.

Hello I just wrote this incredibly long post about all the podcasts I listen to and would therefore recommend. Before you ask, I work alone so that’s how I have so much time for this many podcasts, plus audiobooks and music listening and everything.

Comedy Shows I Listen To Every Week

Comedy Bang Bang - always good, always funny, and if you have howl or stitcher premium the month of tour shows they did last year is really the best thing the medium of podcasts has ever produced, I really love it.

Hollywood Handbook - the best podcast. notoriously ‘hard to get into’ because it apparently takes people a little to adjust to the mindset these guys are in, and it requires you to be a little bit of a podcast person and also to have listened to this show for 100 eps to get certain things but it’s really incredible if it’s your thing.
Their latest episode where they designed cards is maybe one of the most accessible episodes they’ve done in a while and if you’ve ever listened to Spontaneanation the episode they did with Paul F Tompkins a couple of weeks ago had me absolutely crying laughing.

With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus - Lauren Lapkus is the funniest person on the planet, undoubtedly. This show varies pretty wildly depending on the guest because it’s so conceptual but it’s never ever bad. Also please watch the web series The Earliest Show she did with Ben Schwartz because while the show is really good, the hour of outtakes is one of my favourite videos ever.

My Brother, My Brother And Me - you already know what it is. Good show, fun time.

Spontaneanation - Paul F. Tompkins really is a gift and this show is very very good, it’s fun and silly and good natured which is a nice change of pace from a lot of the world. The recent episode with Lauren Lapkus and Tatiana Maslaney is really really good on both sides.

Comedy Shows I Listen To Sometimes

Hard Nation - this is a really good political
satire that almost always becomes very absurd. I’ve stopped listening to it as much in the last few months as politics news has sort of outstripped the pace of a weekly satire which is insane, but the show is still great every episode.

Never Not Funny - pretty easygoing chat show that I’ll listen to depending on the guest, it’s always good even if it’s someone I don’t know.

improv4humans - Matt Besser is one of the worst human beings alive and I really wish literally anyone else would start a show with this exact format but for now it’s all I’ve got. Any of the Wild Horses eps are incredible if you want a recommendation.

The Adventure Zone - you already know what it is, it’s those brothers playing dungeons and dragons. I’m lightyears behind but I listen to this sometimes and I’m slowly catching up.

Victrola - Improv combined with tight editing in a similar vein to Superego.

Pappy’s Flatshare Slamdown - a british panel show in podcast format, very good.

Handsome Rambler - Hannibal Buress’ podcast, great if you’re a fan and pretty infrequent so it’s easy to keep up with.

The Todd Glass Show - Todd Glass is an incredibly odd man and his show really reflects that. There’s a live band and lots of code words. The recent ep with Paul F Tompkins is an all timer, please listen to it if nothing else.

The Smartest Man In The World - I have no idea what this show is. As I understand it it’s just Greg Proops talking to a crowd about whatever’s on his mind and sometimes they bring him books to read out of? Very strange but Greg Proops is so incredibly good at just talking that it’s a great listen.

The Comedian’s Comedian - Stuart Goldsmith interviews comedians about making comedy. Really illuminating if it’s someone you love. Bizzare if it’s someone you don’t like cause they’ll explain their incredibly involved process for coming up with shit and boring jokes.

Politics Podcasts I Listen To Most Days

Is It On? - Buzzfeed Australia’s politics podcast. Really good light wrap up of the week in federal politics mixed with interviews with politicians that are a lot more personal and engaging than a lot of political interviews.

AM - ABC Radio National’s daily morning show. It’s only half an hour so it’s a really easy way to stay in the loop on the way to work or something.

The World Today - same thing but about world news and longer if you’re really interested.

The Daily - The New Yorker’s daily podcast. Great way to keep up with whatever the fuck Trump is doing today without having to go scrying through half baked twitter takes every morning.

Podcasts That Most Closely Fit Into The Genre Of ‘Podcast’

Song Exploder - breaking down songs note by note with the writers, incredibly well produced and a pleasure to listen to.

Reply All - really interesting show about the internet and all the evils it contains. Their episode Very Quickly To The Drill is the most interesting story about locksmiths you’ll ever hear.

Heavyweight - Jonathan Goldstein helps people make peace with their past. This is one of the best podcasts I heard last year and I really cannot wait for a second season.

Black List Table Reads - full quasi-radio plays of unproduced film scripts from The Black List. An incredible show that I wish were more popular.

99% Invisible - great stories about architecture and design.

Invisibilia - similar but about your emotions and brain

Gunsmoke - oldtimeradio.com presents the original 1950s cowboy radio serial Gunsmoke! and thank god!

Radiolab - it’s podcasts baby!

This American Life - baby, it’s podcasts!

Shows That Are Finished Series

Wiretap - Incredible show that I can’t believe I never heard of before. Hard to explain but it feels kind of like if Seinfeld was a radio show and happened mostly via phone calls.

Reality Show Show - the Hollywood Handbook guys’ previous show. A lot more accessible and incredibly listenable for what you’d think would be a pretty time specific show about reality tv.

Dead Authors Podcast - Paul F. Tompkins as HG Wells interviews comedians in character as famous dead authors. Surprisingly well researched and incredibly funny.

Wild Horses: The Perspective - I am absolutely begging for more episodes of this show from Lauren Lapkus’ improv group because it is so so good.

U Talkin’ U2 To Me? - please listen to this show, even if you don’t like U2. In face especially if you don’t. Adam Scott and Scott Aukerman try to review U2’s discography but very quickly devolve into some of the most absurd podcasting ever.

Superego - tightly edited improv with music and everything. Incredibly strange in a good way and it takes a little to adjust to the tone but it’s a great show.

Mystery Show - still gutted this never got a second series. Detective show in the vein of Serial about incredibly benign mysteries like how tall Jake Gyllenhaal is.

Rum, Rebels And Ratbags - great Australian history podcast from David Hunt who wrote the very good Australian history books Girt and True Girt.

Not Available On Stitcher But Very Good

Dead Pilots Society - like The Black List Table Reads but for unproduced comedy show pilots. Hilarious, well produced and an interesting look at how getting a tv show made works.

Night People On WMFU - this show’s finished, but it was a late night call in show on some american radio station. Perfect oddball show for driving at night or falling asleep to.

Please reply to this post and tell me more podcasts you think I’d like, or even ones I wouldn’t but you do - who cares.
If you reply to this post and tell me to listen to Cum Town I will block you.

I’m sitting on a bus at 2 am all alone so here have some lolix because I need to focus on something other than “what if I run into a murder person and get murdered?“

Locus is perfect for cuddles. He is big and broad and warm, something that Felix very much appreciates since Felix himself is skinny and bony and can’t keep warmt in his body for shit.

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draco and harry making a bet against each other on who could survive the longest without sexually touching each other.

a week in, draco almost catches harry sneaking glances at his lips the next lesson they share together, likewise draco packs his bag as slow as he can to catch a glimpse of harry’s ass as he walks out the classroom. 

two weeks in, harry thinks draco licking his pudding like that should be illegal. draco doesn’t return harry’s gaze but leaves the great hall with the biggest grin on his face.

three weeks in, harry decides “fuck it” and tells goyle to scram as he sits next to malfoy during transfiguration. draco doesn’t bat an eye at the suspicious looks they’re getting from the class because harry is gripping his hand so tight underneath the table and the faintest of smirk is on draco’s face because “Potter best have his money prepared.

four weeks in, draco didn’t know harry could be such an exhibitionist as he walks into potions class with his tie loosened, hair messier than it initially was, shirt untucked and is harry wearing contacts?

on the fifth week, harry completely forgets about the bet as he eats lunch with ron and hermione in the great hall but can’t ignore the sudden sound of muffled whispering followed by people pointing to the gryffindor table when his gaze finally lands on the blonde mop of hair making its way to where harry was sitting. “shove over.” draco sneers as he plomps himself down in between harry and ron. “what do you think you’re doing here?” ron says appalled at his abrupt proximity to malfoy. the hall was quiet by now and draco simply says “what, weasel? a boy can’t sit next to his boyfriend?” as he locks his fingers in harry’s hair and reels him in for a kiss.

draco owed harry 10 galleons.

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:-0 i'm on mobile so i can't read if you do requests, but omg if you can more dedan and shortsen comics, <3 i need more of my favorite smol and Tol duo

thanks for the request! stay tuned anon, I’m planning to post more in the future. I hope you’ll be patient with my slow drawing 

Kagami-sensei was so kind, even when signing for #29 of a line surpassing 120. Everyone was given the same large card/poster to get signed and yes, that is my name in the top right. My translation of our conversation is as follows:
KS: So are you Japanese?
Me: No, I’m American. Though right now, I live in Japan.
KS: wow! Your Japanese is great.
Me: Oh not really, but thank you very much.
KS: So who is your favorite character?
Me: Definitely Guren.
KS: Ah, I agree. He’s a strong man, ne? A very cool guy for sure (^-^)
Me: Yes. That is why I also like the light novels you write about him.
KS: Really? You read them?!
Me: Of course : )
KS: *handing me my signed card and shakes my hand* How amazing. Thank you so much for your support!
Me: Ah, thank you very much! Take care, sensei.

So ya. The first girl was practically crying while getting it signed, it was precious haha. He had a great sense of humor and took his time for each person, conversing with them while he signed. He also took a picture with a pair of Guren and Goshi cosplayers and posted it on his Twitter, the guy was just as thrilled as everybody else there.

Imagine. Don't imagine.

Imagine your ship breaking up.
Imagine her telling everyone she’s getting married to someone else.
Imagine him moving away and they stop talking because of the distance.
Imagine a year from now she visits him with their friends.
Imagine she said the reason was to find the perfect wedding dress but truth was she missed him.
Imagine him blowing her off and always saying he’s busy.
Imagine her confronting him and yelling at him for never calling, for never replying to her messages, for not responding to her save the date.
Imagine him apologizing.
Imagine him joining her and their friends to the bridal shop and criticizing every dress she tried on, making her upset.
Imagine her best friend calling him out on it
Imagine him going to the back to talk to her.
Imagine her in the perfect dress.
Imagine him pausing and her looking at him.
Imagine him telling her to not to get married. That he still loved her and that they belong together.
Imagine her speechless and staring at him confused.
Imagine her best friend coming in and they cry over the dress instead of what he just said.
Imagine a month passes. Her engagement ring on the table by her bed. The letter in an envelope explains why.
Imagine her showing at his doorstep and he stare at her in confusion.
Imagine her crying because she loved him too.
Imagine her asking him if she’s making the right decision. Begging him to tell her it was the right choice.
Imagine his hands on her cheeks as he stares intensly in her eyes, letting her know this was right.
Imagine him kissing her because he thought she was lost forever.
Imagine her smile because she back where she belongs.

Wilden Theory

We now know that Wilden was involved with helping Charlotte. We know they went to Cape May together with Melissa, someone else still shrouded in mystery.

According to Jenna, Wilden saw Ali the night she disappeared.  We still don’t know what happened with that.  See this post http://blackveilsociety.tumblr.com/post/123394158104/alison-saw-wilden-the-night-she-disappeared
We know that Wilden helped cover everything up from that night, but this meeting would have happened before anyone was hit or buried, as it would have been when Alison was wandering around rosewood meeting with everyone. So why don’t we know anything else about this yet?

As a cop Wilden would have many opportunities to plant evidence and lead investigations off track.  He had access to resources to find out about everyone and conduct surveillance. We know there has been tons of corruption with Rosewood PD.  

No one seems to have known Wilden until he was already older and out of school (Cape May time).  All we know is he attended Rosewood High. He could have a connection with someone (maybe Bethany) that we don’t know about.

Speculation that he was part of the NAT club.

Mary and Rollins used a Wilden mask to terrorize Ali with- WHY? Ian would be so much more relevant considering she even pushed him off that bell tower. Why in the world would they choose Wilden? There were also the pictures of Wilden in Rollin’s burner apartment. Maybe that’s how they got the mask made BUT it’s quite interesting that when Alison was seeing “Jessica” it wasn’t a mask at all, it was just Mary.

Wilden is Alive – He Faked his Death.
Marlene has said that someone stole the game from Mona in season 3.  We know this was apparently Charlotte, but with the reveal that Noel had been helping her all along I think it’s reasonable to theorize there were other helpers. Wilden died at the end of season 3 and his body was found in the season 4 premiere.  Could his death have been a way for him to devote all of his time to the A game? I personally get the feeling Noel has been blackmailed the entire time and I wouldn’t be surprised if Wilden was helping Charlotte dig up dirt on him.

There’s a great theory that Wilden visited Mona in Radley in Season 3 – see here http://blackveiltheories.tumblr.com/post/123407521943/the-day-the-game-was-stolen-from-mona-see-my-post

Alison and Mona’s deaths were successfully faked in this show and we had Mary show up after hiding out for years – a cop should definitely have the know-how and resources to do the same

The A text the girls receive right after his body is found – See this post http://blackveilsociety.tumblr.com/post/123509920894/youre-mine-now-im-still-here-and-i-know

Around the time of Wilden’s death is when A was baiting Toby with information about his mom. A police officer would have had access to information about Marion’s death. Charlotte’s reveal left major plot holes around Marion’s death, which I believe is because that story was not true.

Who got framed for Wilden’s death? Ashley Marin. Why would A all of a sudden target a parent like that? Other parents have been targeted but not for something so serious. Who did Wilden have a grudge against? Ashley Marin. It’s perfect for him to try to get back at her by pinning her with his own “murder’.

He was always sure to give Hanna trouble because of it as well. I think that WILDEN KIDNAPPED HANNA earlier this season. They have led us to believe that it was Noel instead of Rollins, but I don’t think it was Noel either.

Garrett Connection:
In season 3 Garrett was framed for Ali’s murder.  Wilden and Garrett were both cops, it would probably be easy for Wilden to frame him. Wilden was also dressed as a Queen of Hearts on the Halloween train when Garrett was killed. Garret was probably getting suspicious of him and realized he was breaking all sorts of rules on the job and involved in something sketchy.

Holbrook Connection:
When Cece/Charlotte was arrested for Wilden’s murder, she somehow escaped right after she was interviewed by Holbrook.  I think she told Holbrook that Wilden is alive.  She either blackmailed him so that he wouldn’t tell and would help them, or he decided to join their side for some reason.

After this, Holbrook seemed to do a 180 change in personality and started to get closer to Alison (visiting her house, kissing her at the Ice Ball). I think he was then being blackmailed by Cece and Wilden or something and doing their dirty work.  

After he got suspended from the police force he gets mad at Hanna and says it is all Ali’s fault – that he did her dirty work and then got dumped.  But this has never been brought up again! I think he told Hanna it was Ali’s dirty work but really it was Charlotte’s.

He even could have ruled Mona’s death a homicide to help Cece and Wilden move their dollhouse plan.

can’t do read more on mobile uuugh

anyway, today i have been too shy to enter 2 museums and order any food at all so i’m watching squirrels in central park trying not to beat myself up about it but it is.. hard

i don’t deserve to be here honestly, someone else should’ve gone instead of me - someone who can actually, like.. function..

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I've decided that I won't read your updates anymore... just until the last part comes out. 😂 Because, knowing you, there'll be lot of cliff-hanger's on each part so I think I would have to pass 😂 But oh dear I hope I will not be tempted so God help me 😅

I’ll try not to spoil too much for you, dear anon! And if I do, promise I’ll do a read more to help! (Unless I’m on mobile, which is 99% of the time) This week for me is pretty slow, so I hope I can get through this episode without much of a delay so I don’t have to leave all of you on the edge of your seats 😘

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Do you have a mobile link kind of thing to your writing? I really want to favorite your masterlist! And I can't seem to do it when it goes straight to the browser....

It’s v v long so its under the read more. also I dont even know if its even updated anymore tbh but i think only a few things or missing if so

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Hey maya! I am in need of a really good frat boy/bad boy 5sos preference, imagine..whatev! Do you know of any that you can link/have you written any? I can't access your masterlist from mobile...

my masterlist is here I don’t think I have any, but I have the worst memory possible so don’t hold me to that.

you could check out any of these blogs. (I’m putting it in a read more because it’s a long list)

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I love how you draw water! Do you have any tutorials? I'm on mobile so I can't read ur faq

i actually dont have an faq atm haha

honestly i usually just overlay a water texture bc the program i use is really limited when it comes to paint brushes, i see a lot of people with digital painting styles use low density brushes to blend and mimic traditional paint but you just cant really do that with firealpaca ;_; typically i have to mess with it a bit (especially since i do all my coloring on one layer and it messes with clipping textures) BUT its still pretty straight forward

tada! i usually mess with it a bit more to get the colors looking how i want them, bc as you can see clipping only changes the shape of the overlay and not the colors (so you pretty much have to depend entirely on opacity to get it the exact color you want ;_;). i sometimes rely on just low opacity blue w some light blue highlights, but for the most part i just use overlays. 

(overlay water texture)

(no overlay, low opacity blue w highlights)

i hope this helps!


July 8 | so as you may or may not know, I’ve been going through a lot recently and had to take a semi hiatus from here. Two nights ago, I hit rock bottom and reached a point where I just couldn’t function emotionally or mentally.

I hate calling out. The last time I called out was when I had laryngitis, sinusitis, and conjunctivitis all at once, and even then I kept trying to go into work. I hate the thought of not being able to do my job for a reason as seemingly trivial as “because I’m stressed” and I hate the idea of inconveniencing people.

My coworker talked me into calling out for Thursday. It took me hours to get up the nerve to text my boss. When I was dealing with depression after a car accident in January, I also suffered in silence until one day I broke down at work (I work full time), and that same coworker went with me to talk to my boss. I let her know my situation, and it paid off, because when I told her I needed a mental health day she wasn’t caught off guard. And as you can see, she was totally alright with it. No asking me to come in, no saying she couldn’t spare a worker seeing as my other coworker is out of commission right now as well.

I also texted my coworker who I suspected might need to stay later to cover for me (I really don’t like inconveniencing people) and her reply, in my emotional state, actually made me cry.

Granted, I’m blessed with a fabulous understanding boss and wonderful coworkers who genuinely care about me. But many people understand, and will tell you to take care of yourself if you do tell them that you’re coping with mental health issues and you can’t be 100%.

Sometimes it all gets a bit much. We are only human, and we can only juggle so many balls and spread ourselves so thin before we need a break. Whether this is a personal day from school, work, or life in general, be patient and kind with yourself. Know your limits.

I took a personal day and I feel much better, even though I lost a day of pay. I studied, I journaled, I relaxed, I slept, I forced myself out to dinner with Alec, and I started over. That’s all I needed: one day without immediate obligations (like being responsible for nine screaming toddlers) and some time to reflect on myself and pull it together.

My stress isn’t over, but I cannot imagine how I would feel right now if I hadn’t taken that day. I don’t know if I would have gotten through another day of work. I sure as hell would be in a horrible position to take my driving test tomorrow (although I’m pretty freaking anxious about that too).

Take care of yourselves, please. Grades and school and money and jobs and friends and significant others and obligations are all important, but sometimes you really just need a breather. Take it.

Im so happy I start a new job soon, I can’t cope waking up each morning dreading my day on a regular basis anymore. Honestly it’s not even just slight dismay at having to work, there have been days (more than I’d like to count) where I have woken up and cried at the very mention of having to go to work. I have had so many sleepless nights because of it and it has seriously lowered my morale.

My current job has worn me down, made me constantly tired to the point where I feel as if I am missing out on life because all I do is wake, work, sleep, repeat. I’m 22 years old, I shouldn’t be waking up each morning and crying, I shouldn’t have to spend my day telling myself it will be alright and that I’ll be able to go home soon, I shouldn’t be so upset by work that I’m losing sleep over it.

That is why I am over the moon that I will be starting my new role in November after I come back from holiday (one that is very much needed) because from what I gather although I’ll have a higher level of responsibility the work place is rather relaxed, the people are nice, the hours are decent and it’s only a 25 minute journey from my flat unlike my current position where it ranges anything from 75-95 minutes at least.

I cannot wait. I look forwards to being able to wake up each day and actually look forwards to work instead of despair. I know it is going to improve my life so much more in all aspects and I cannot wait.

anonymous asked:

I LOVED the fanfic you posted before. Do you know any more good ones? It was so well written and just perfect. Do you know who the author is? I need more like this!!! Haha

The anonymous one…I mean who knows who it may be.

As far as other fics, check my fic rec page and see what you can dig around. Have you read Escapade?

lrhauren  asked:

hey, i love your writing and i was wondering if maybe you have a mobile masterlist? it's just that i can't read in the one you linked us to :(

Hi, darling! I’ll leave a list of everything I’ve written on this blog complete with links that you can use easily on mobile under the cut  - it’s rather long, which is why I have it under the read more so it doesn’t clog your dash. I do hope you don’t mind! Hopefully this helps - happy reading!

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