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Hello! I have realized that the mobile masterlist links aren’t working because I didn’t link them properly. I’ll be sure to update it once I get through all these individual posts. I’m really sorry about this!

Alternate Universe
Vampire AU
Fighting focused on plot
College AU / Vampire AU / Wolf AU
Soulmate AU Pt.I
Angst / Gang AU
Hanahaki AU
Nerd AU / Office AU
Possessive / Badboy AU
CEO/Secretary AU
Camp AU
Demigod AU
College AU
Hybrid/Catboy Fics
Cliche Badboy+Nerd AU
Arranged Marriage AU
Sugar Daddy AU
Poor + Rich AU
Soulmate AU Pt. II
Non AU
Fansite Master / Fan AU
Superpower / Supernatural AU
Hospital AU
“MALL AU” Fics
Space / Time Travel AU
Gang / Mafia Meanie
Horror Themed fics

Meanie Relationship
Jealous Mingyu
Parents Meanie
Hate / Love
Bottom Wonwoo
Hurt / Comfort
Depressed Wonwoo/Mingyu
Friends to Lovers
Parents Meanie ft. son
Mingyu taking care of Wonwoo
Sick Wonwoo/Mingyu
Friends with Benefits
One-sided Love
Meanie x Male OC
Secret Relationship
Growing Up Together
Side Chick / Affair
Genderbent! Meanie
Bottom / Omega Wonwoo Pt. II 
Incest Meanie
Friends with Benefits Pt. II / Abuse
Meanie in a practice room
Older Mingyu
Shameless / Flirty Wonwoo
Self - Doubt
Sexuality Realization
Fake Relationship

Type of Fic
Chaptered Pt.I 
Smut with Plot
Completed Chaptered Fics
Angst with Happy Ending
Completed Meanie Fluff
Oneshot Collections
Chaptered Fics Pt. II
Oneshot Collections
Coming of Age
Sexuality Realization
Death Fic
Fluff Oneshots ft. Favorites

Other Relationships
Side Soonseok / Jicheol
Moshi / Soonwoo Fics
Family Seventeen
Mingyu/Wonwoo/Jun/Minghao Poly
Side Gyuhao+Wonhui
Side Junhao

Personal / Opinion
Favorite Authors
Favorite High School AU 
Holy Grail Meanie Fics 
Legend Fics

**Note : “+” means and ; “/ ” means or 

“But if you want to be a sneering, judgmental bastard who can make phone calls on the go, it’s definitely the phone for you.”

text;; all
  • JAXON: 2425 East 30th St. tonight at 10pm, feat. eva and cassidy with minimal clothing. hot, right?
  • JAXON: i'd prefer attendants with a level of relevancy but i'm going to be too far gone to notice.
  • JAXON: and you're going to get wet and covered in paint, so fussy bitches need not attend. see you there. 💋