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Shipping neutral here. I don't mind either IR or IH, but what I'm trying to wrap my head around is why does Ichihime get so much hate? I don't see why people think Orihime is a stalker or obsessed when she does have a life outside of her love for Ichigo and shows concern for others, or that Ichigo 'doesn't notice her' when he clearly does and even comes to rely on her. I don't see how it's unhealthy or 'wrong'.

Its because for a long time people have been watching/reading bleach with a certain amount of tightly constrained shipping goggles.

A lot of people have been observing the series as nothing more than a weird coming of age romance between Ichigo and Rukia. Orihime to them is a third wheel that needed to learn her place (bow her head like a good girl and hop on her consolation prize which was either Ulquiorra or Uryuu depending on the era of Bleach fandom) and for that reason was hated when Kubo was showing signs he would go elsewhere with the character.

The soul society arc was huge which produced a lot of IR shippers. By the end of the arrancar arc they were still there even though IH began to form a much smaller but loyal following.

This inadvertently caused/influenced two things: a rise in the number of Orihime hate and the increase of toxicity within the fandom.

A lot of people seemed to project a lot of hate of her character based on their own insecurities or lived vicariously through Rukia and made Orihime the enemy for some reason. To them, Rukia was unbelievably strong, smart, funny, beautiful, snarky and tough who all the cool characters loved while Orihime was an awful big boobed whore who got in the way and people barely tolerated (including Ichigo). People would write essays about how unworthy Orihime was of Rukia’s friendship all the while writing headcanons of how much Orihime envied and secretly hated her and other female characters close to Ichigo. You can see this false dynamic play out in the way people write about the characters after the Bleach ending.

Anyway, Orihime has always been a perceived threat to certain pairing fans even when people tried (badly) to insist they didn’t see her as a threat. Any time Ichigo and Orihime had an interaction, there were several essays claiming they where unimportant. Anytime Orihime was shown to think of a nakama apart from Ichigo, people would praise her for ‘character growth’ but would go back to bashing her when Kubo stressed she still loved Ichigo.

They’d take any moment of Orihime feeling terrible as proof of Rukia being a goddess or the truth of IR. Take the notorious Orihime jealousy thing at the beginning of the arrancar arc. It was something that happened in one particular moment where Orihime couldn’t cheer Ichigo up because she herself had been injured alongside Tatsuki and Sado, which proceeded to reveal her own feelings of inadequacy that would be explored in the HM arc. Yet certain fans have twisted this scenario to make out Orihime is constantly jealous of Rukia (or knows the 'truth’ about IR) throughout the series.

Tl:dr Shipping goggles made people read what they wanted to in Bleach and blatantly misunderstood characters and their character arcs to justify their headcanons that were increasingly shown to bear little semblance to reality.

Take the last arcs of Bleach. People had noted dropped plot lines and the likelihood IchiHime was endgame but people still insisted Kubo ruined the manga for pairings that came out of nowhere (nevermind the dropped plotlines and character arcs which didn’t get resolution) instead of forcing Ichigo live in Soul Society with his 'twu luv’ Rukia.

Not to say others didn’t hate Orihime. She was a non-action person in a very action heavy manga.

But a huge amount of derision came from shippers who ignored where things were going after the SS arc.

The Number 13

Some people might tell you that the number 13 is unlucky.

But for Jimin and Jungkook, it’s way more.

Jungkook’s birthday is on the 1st of Sept.
Jimin’s birthday is on the 13th of Oct.

As you may know, JK’s fav number is 1 and JM’s is 3 and they use it for multiple things (shirts, games, events)

And most of you know,
1 and 3 = 13

Concidence? Probably.


Jungkook is the youngest (1)

Jimin is the 3rd youngest (3)

1 and 3 = 13

(wow again?)

J I M I N = 5 letters

J U N G K O O K = 8 Letters

5 + 8 = 13

(sounds more like fate to me ;)

Jimin and Jungkook also wear their birthday numbers often,

Take this (https://youtu.be/fHNWVKJ2YC8) for example,

And sometimes, other numbers such as 1 and 3 for the BTS Home Party (insert cute jikook heart)

And sometimes JK just wears a number, that other people might not know the reason of him wearing it for.
(but we know ;)

Take the BTS baseball event thing (idk what to call it lol)
for example, other members wore b-days on their jerseys or whatever and Jimin (again) wore 13

Jungkook wore 58…for some reason

But we know why ;) , 5 + 8 = 13

Also people brought up that he wanted to be called Oppa, because 5 and 8 sound in Korean (sino) like o and pal.
Which actually together is opal, which is the birthstone of October..


But I’m not done yet ;) (too many winky faces in this post)

Bon Voyage S2 has been a blessing for many jikook shippers and the ep with their date had a little piece of fate.

When they were in the airport chosing who they would be with in the top coner you can see they were in Gate 58.


Also in ep 4 when they were matching their items JK picked the order in which they picked.

Putting himself 1st and guess what? Jimin 3rd.


And just one more point.

Episode 5 was the jikook date, so not gonna asume but like if episode 8 has some good dang jikook moments idk what i’ll think anymore.

So in conclusion, (this sounds like a presentation) no matter what anyone says the number 13 has some special meaning in regards to jikook, and for shippers the only thing we have associated with 13 is Jimin’s birthday (unless im missing something) but to JM and JK it might be an aniversary or a personal thing or something we might not even know of but for now, we know that 13 means SOMETHING to them.

(End note: if you have anymore “13” concidences feel free to say them cuz it makes it more freaky lol)

(2nd Note: I probably wrote concidences wrong this whole time so don’t judge me)

EW: Any news on an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. renewal? — Tomas
No word yet, but the powers that be are working toward a season, not series, finale. “We are going to make it a thrilling end regardless, but we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon,” executive producer Jed Whedon says.
—  Ew
I encourage you to go listen to...

…these tracks from Rent (yes the musical)

Finale A

Your Eyes

Finale B

I get overly emotional every time, but it also gives me great hope for the future because of the obvious parallels. (nope. you’re going to have to go find out for yourself what they are)

This is the musical Dean can quote verbatim and for the sake of argument I’m headcanoning that Dean listens to the whole musical when he’s alone in Baby, and that he listens to it with abandon because he can fucking relate to it, but if you don’t buy into that you can look at it this way:

the writers wrote Dean saying “No other road, no other way - no day but today” into 10x05 for a reason. Rent is about rebelling against the establishment, it’s about freedom of choice, survival in a cruel, confusing, unbalanced world and it’s about love.

At it’s heart, Rent is a perfect thematic mirror for Supernatural.

SPOILER ALERT: these are the final tracks of the musical and, as such, will - you know - give away the ending. Listen to the whole thing if you’re unfamiliar! It’s a fab soundtrack!

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Because I’m bored at work, I want to write down some ideas for the business au I sort of mentioned.

Gavin is Burnie’s adopted son (in spirit, because by the time his parents die, gavin was old enough to look after himself). Gavin loves his camera and travels the world taking pictures and making money off that. Gavin loves his free spirit lifestyle and can’t imagine doing anything else.

And then Burnie anounces to the whole world that when he retires, it’s Gavin who will take over. And Gavin can do nothing but come home and learn the way of running a corporation because this is Burnie asking. How could Gavin disappoint him?

Gavin’s first real dealings with this strange new world is at his celebration party. He can mingle (he’s not completely green at this) and tries his best to put on a show for the crowd. It helps that Geoff is there (Geoff, who should be angry with Gavin for taking his place but has been nothing but helpful and Gavin couldn’t be more grateful). And the Gavin runs into Haywood.

Gavin’s heard of him, mostly curses from Burnie. Which makes sense. They are rival companies. But as Haywood chats him up, Gavin can’t help but think there must be some exaggeration. The man seems polite enough and he talks to Gavin like he’s a human and not Burnie’s son. It helps that he’s kind of hot.

So Gavin talks to him. About the party and the food and how Gavin’s scared he’s going to let everyone down…opps. Gavin knows he makes a mistake when he sees a glint in Haywood’s eyes but he doesn’t know what.

It isn’t till the next morning, when he sees his face plastered on the news (Heir to Billion Dollar company not ready to take the throne?) That Gavin realizes maybe there was something to Burnie’s warnings about Haywood.

And Gavin feels like he’s going to throw up. He already let people down, let Burnie down, and it wasn’t even his first day!

But, again, Gavin isn’t completely new to this. He was raised by Burnie Burns, and to an extent Geoff as a weird sort of uncle. Both powerful businessmen in their own right. Gavin’s used to scandles. And how to deal with them.

So Gavin spends the morning in his room, thinking. Then he goes to buy a coffee. Like he suspected, there are cameras waiting for him, people shouting out questions. Questioning Gavin’s ability to do this, wondering if Burnie has made a mistake.

Gavin doesn’t let it get to him, on the outside. He puts on a smile and makes sure to politely address them. And the he gives them the biggest pile of shit ever. Tells them, of course he’s nervous. He wants to make Burnie proud and talks about how much he looks up to Burnie and how he will wishes he’s able to fill Burnie’s shoes. He’s raking over a company? Who wouldn’t be scared of that. But he’s ready and he can handle anything that’s thrown at him.

He works them (he knows his cameras afterall). He looks confident in the right places and bashful in others. Let’s his eyes go wide whenever he talks about Burnie, smiles wide for everyone, gets them laughing along with him,and basically charms the pants off them. By the time the improtu interview ends, Gavin has them all in his corner.

He hopes Haywood is watching. Let the prick know that Gavin Free isn’t going to go down that easy.

Obedient as ever
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A yelp sounded from the Host’s room, followed by a loud thud and multiple quieter thuds -sounding like books that dropped. Then, all was silent.

The Host was sitting on the ground, surrounded by a few books scattered around him, that seemed to have fallen out of the bookshelf he had tried to hold onto to not fall.
He looked around, quietly narrating to himself, while tugging at the black leather collar around his neck.