on meth it is

Meth has changed my life in so many ways. I thought it made me a stronger person when in reality I was very weak. Weak because I lacked the inability too stop myself when I knew I should have.
See meth is sneaky little bitch.
Because it slowly takes ahold of you. Gradually taking control of your life. You won’t even realize how much it’s changed you, you’ll still believe you have complete control of your life.
Until one day you realize that meth isn’t the only thing making you numb anymore, because just like how you use to get really high when you smoked but that high eventually got weaker and weaker as your body built up a tolerance…
All the effects …the energy, the numbness, the Invincibleness, the never slowing down to eat…all those effects become weaker,
But you don’t even realize it, because you still feel numb right?
That’s because now it’s your own mind that helps numb the world out, or more like makes you not give a fuck, because why?
Because your addicted. After using for so long your brain adjust to meth. It gets use to it being around. Starts depending on it to be there. You get this idgaf attitude about life. You shut the rest of the world out, push everyone trying to help you away…because your brain is dependent on meth now, so it becomes your top priority. You don’t have time for emotional stuff. You don’t have time to consider the consequences of your addiction.
You don’t have time to care what people think.
You don’t have time for emotions period.
So your mind turns those bitches off and focuses on feeding that addiction.

It took me a long time to realize how much addiction was controlling my life. I didn’t wanna believe it. Or admit to it. I still don’t.
Don’t ever fool yourself into thinking you can control this drug.
Don’t allow addiction too control your life

-To all of those who are thinking about trying meth…
-Any fresh new users.-
-Quit now before meth grabs ahold of your life

Don’t be afraid to ask for help….
Don’t allow the thought of a normal life without meth scare you away from the search for sobriety.

Any person who needs someone
To talk too about anything your welcome to message me, whether your a recovery addict, a currant drug user, or neither