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blindly villanizing and demonizing jkr: bad

acting as if jkr is a saint that can do no wrong and trivializing the rightful criticism she receives for her actions: also bad

accepting that she is a human being who has done good and bad things, deciding how to feel about her and her work accordingly, not attacking anyone or invalidating people’s justified disappointment: good

AFD! Ruby, would you like a...... Handful of Pennies? *Anon opens his hand to show mini Pennys that all call out salutations* (sent by anon)
  • AFD!Ruby: Oh these are pretty cute!
  • AFD!Ruby: ....
  • AFD!Ruby: ....
  • AFD!Ruby: What are they exactly?

anonymous asked:

Please tell me this movie isn't a Reylo fanservice because I s2g. I saw a Vanity Fair article headline about how TLJ gives fans an edgy, bad boy romance and I almost fucking lost it. So please tell me Vanity Fair is lying.

to explain this with no spoilers is extremely difficult but i will say this: when it all comes down to it kylo isn’t a “bad boy”, he’s just a bad person, and ultimately rey is aware of that