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signs as dream vacations

aries - london

taurus - costa rica

gemini - japan

cancer - south africa

leo - bali

virgo - tahiti

libra - bora bora

scorpio - greece

sagittarius - spain

capricorn - dubai

aquarius - fiji

pisces - austrailia


Coffee gramps omg that’s too cute… And I’m grateful that a sweetheart like you loves my blog! <3 Thank you all for requesting! I hope you like it!

Note: grab a snack / water because this will be a long one.


  • Akira would want a child, but it would be in the far future when his life is more stable because he knows it takes tremendous responsibilty.
  • In addition, he’d most likely want to adopt; from his experience, meaningful bonds don’t require blood relation.
  • He’d be comfortable with one child, and when he and S/O arrive at the foster home, his eyes unconsciously stray to the loneliest child in the room, and it clicks. The kid’s about five or six years old.
  • The knowledge that Akira’s missed out on a few years of his child’s life makes him that much more determined to shower them with love and wonderful memories. he’s the ultimate dad
  • Bedtime stories, piggyback rides, and skateboarding are among the many activities he engages with his child. 
  • In addition, his child loves Morgana and converses with the cat quite a lot, much to Akira’s surprise. 
  • He also loves cooking and playing the piano with them.
  • If they can afford it, the family will go to Destinyland during the summer.
  • Most of their holidays are spent with friends / family, usually at Leblanc; luckily, the size of the venue has expanded over the years.
  • Sojiro closes up shop on those occasions and the children of the Thieves constantly tug at him from all directions. his understanding increases
  • He handles it well with a reluctant smile on his face, and Akira is quick to tease him.
  • “You’re smiling, old man.~”
  • “Shut up and eat your dinner before I make you clean the attic.”
  • Sojiro brews gourmet hot chocolate for the kids (and Ryuji), but when discovers that Akira’s child prefers coffee, both he and Akira nearly shed a tear from how proud they are.
  • Typically, Akira and S/O take their child visit Sojiro and Futaba on available Sundays; the kid frequently requests it along with Sojiro and Futaba themselves.
  • Moreover, Akira never misses a recital / rehearsal / game for his child; if he has to take a personal day off of work, he will. 
  • Furthermore, he’s going to be the dad that wears some kind of jersey / shirt with his kid’s name on it, probably relating to the star arcana. yusuke helped him design it
  • He teaches his child numerous life lessons and skills, although S/O may have had to reprimand him for teaching their child how to construct a lock-pick.
  • Despite him being very proactive in his child’s life, he doesn’t feel the need to control it; his child’s life is their own, and they can make their own choices / mistakes. 
  • Akira knows that his role is to support them regardless of their decisions and to impart wisdom when it’s requested; that being said, he is by no means a pushover, and if his child is out of line he won’t hesitant to call them out (only in private, of course).
  • Even when he ‘scolds’ them he maintains a neutral expression and he never raises his voice. He’ll simply explain the reason why the thing they did / said was wrong. those speech skills come in handy
  • Other than that, Akira’s a really chill parent, and his kids’ friends love him.
  • He’ll dance with them and S/O sometimes whenever he’s endured a rough day; it melts his stress like snow. 


  • When S/O expresses that they want to have a child, Ryuji is… conflicted, to say the least.
  • He’s worried that he won’t be a good father, or that he’ll end up like his own, so he asks for time to think about it since he refuses to rush into such an important decision.
  • Ultimately, he truly does want a child, so he pushes aside his fear in favor for pursuing an experience that could be wonderful.
  • Ryuji would probably want three or four kids since he loves them so much, and he’d want them to be biological.
  • Likewise, kids tend to gravitate toward him as well because he’s in perfect harmony with his inner child. to think like a child you must become the child
  • He gets emotional every time he looks at his baby; he just can’t grasp the fact that he’s taking part in something so beautiful, and he wants to show this kid the time of their life. 
  • Ryuji wants to be as involved as possible in his kid’s life, so he’ll constantly take care of them and play with them.
  • In addition, he is extremely gentle whenever he holds his baby, almost as if he’s afraid they’ll break.
  • When he hears the baby cry in the middle of the night through the monitor he practically bolts across the hallway to check on them.
  • When the baby calls him ‘dad’ for the first time, he almost faints.
  • Ryuji uses one of those baby backpacks when he goes shopping with S/O, but when his child is older he’ll give them cart rides.
  • As his kid grows, he’ll start to give them piggyback rides and they love it because he runs so quickly. They’ll also play tag with S/O and Ryuji lets them win. he’s unbeatable otherwise
  • Ryuji and his child sneak into the kitchen at night to get chocolate, but they always get caught by S/O (who then joins them).
  • Of his own accord, Ryuji dresses up as Santa every Christmas and he internally cries from how pure his child’s excitement is.
  • He’s terribly smothering, and the family often snuggles together on the bed (until the child’s outgrown it).
  • His bedtime stories consist of his grand adventures during his time as a phantom thief… except infinitely more exaggerated.
  • Nicknames are definitely integrated into the kid’s life. he even called them ‘dude’ once
  • When S/O takes pictures, Ryuji and his kid always strike a pose. He has to help them since they’re small, but he manages.


  • did you really think she’d be anything less than an amazing mother 
  • Ann’s initially terrified of the prospect due to the rumored pain of childbirth; in addition, being a supermodel and traveling for photo-shoots ensures that she has no time to spare for raising a child.
  • However, she’s wanted one (or two) for a while now, and she feels as though she’s ready.
  • As a result, she becomes impregnated and requests maternal leave from her agency. 
  • She’s beyond excited once she overcomes her initial fear, and the first thing she does is go shopping for her child and herself.
  • Ann is definitely going to be the type of person to ask their S/O for fast food / sweets in the middle of the night. Other than that, she tries to eat mindfully.
  • She gets morning sickness once or twice, but nothing too drastic. S/O usually holds her hair and soothingly strokes her spine.
  • Her pregnancy barely shows until the final trimester, although even then she appears as though she’s simply bloated.
  • Ann fondly hugs her tummy from time to time and whispers to it, informing her future child that she can’t wait to see them; S/O will occasionally read stories to it.
  • Once it’s born, she does not stop taking pictures, or rather, selfies.
  • She dresses her baby up in the most stylish clothes, but she won’t overdo it (sometimes they’ll match, and that includes S/O).
  • Ann and S/O will perform ‘shows’ while the baby’s in the high chair to entertain it. Both of them squeal with delight when it giggles.
  • Peek-a-boo is one of her favorite activities, especially when she’s peeking around the corners of the wall; the baby just watches her with wonder in their small eyes and Ann can barely maintain a straight face as a result.
  • As the child grows, she’ll start taking them to the neighborhood park, and the two love going on the slide together.
  • She frequently hugs them and kisses the crown of their head.
  • In addition, she’ll probably request one of those family photo-shoots, and to no one’s surprise, they all look amazing together.
  • The beach is a typical location for family vacations, and Ann will invite the other Thieves as well as their children. 
  • All the kids love her because she’s so much fun and she always has candy.


  • dream daddy
  • S/O is the one to approach Yusuke with the topic of children, as he hadn’t given the matter much thought.
  • He deliberates on it for a time, since it’s an important decision. Ultimately, he and S/O decide to have a baby of their own. He’ll probably adopt another a couple years later once he realizes how much he adores caring for his children.
  • Painting doesn’t come easily to him anymore because he’s so excited, and a bit worried. S/O reassures him that he’ll be an incredible father. spoiler: he is
  • When he first holds his baby in his arms, he just stares at his with widened, disbelieving eyes, as though he had stumbled upon the world’s most precious treasure.
  • He uses the baby voice, but his manner of speech doesn’t change at all.
  • *baby voice* “You’re so adorable that words cannot sufficiently encapsulate your charm.”
  • Akira gives him a planetarium lamp as a gift for the baby, and Yusuke will lay with it and simply watch the rotating, twinkling stars while humming a calming melody.
  • The family finger-paints often in Yusuke’s home studio.
  • Speaking of which, once the baby becomes a toddler he’ll buy them art supplies, and whenever his child creates any kind of art – be it macaroni, finger-painting, or even from his own collection –  Yusuke marvels at with wide, glimmering eyes, proclaiming that he’s truly inspired by such a marvelous piece. he’s not faking it in the slightest and it’s so adorable
  • Moreover, he’s so proud of his child’s artwork that he displays their best piece in his exhibits.
  • Yusuke enjoys watching movies with them perched in his lap, and when a song commences, he’ll occasionally ask them to dance with a bow.
  • When they’re in large crowds or if there’s an event, Yusuke plops his kid onto his shoulders to help them get a better view. giraffe man
  • He’ll sit in those little 25-cent rides inside malls or he’ll ride the carousal with his child. His favorite is the dragon.
  • Bonus: when his child is in their high school years, all of their friends have a massive crush on Yusuke because they think he’s extremely attractive. amen


  • Makoto’s considerably busy with police work, so she’s never had the opportunity to think about having a child.
  • She finds the idea intriguing, but she’s concerned that she won’t be able to spend time with them and properly bond with them.
  • It takes time for her to grow accepting of the idea, but she decides that she wants a child of her own.
  • As usual, Makoto eats extremely nutritiously during her pregnancy, thus her cravings are scarce.
  • She’ll slowly sway with S/O and they’ll shower her with kisses, intermittently kissing her slightly protruding stomach.
  • Exercise is important to her, so she’ll likely go on walks or do some light yoga with S/O. 
  • After giving birth, Makoto and S/O are practically inseparable with their baby.
  • She makes silly faces and uses peculiar voices just to make the baby laugh, and it works.
  • Baby yoga is absolutely something she’d sign up for, and Ryuji (along with his baby) sometimes comes with her.
  • Makoto adores going to wide-open parks or piers with her baby just to lay down a blanket and snuggle them as they sit between her legs. She’ll gently rest her chin on top of their head, too.
  • She actually cuddles with them quite a lot, mostly when she’s reading or watching TV with S/O.
  • They’ll ‘help’ Makoto cook too, and she’ll make sound effects when she adds the ingredients.
  • Bonus: when her kid’s enrolled in school, she’ll show up to PTA meetings and improve everything.


  • The poor health conditions of Futaba’s childhood have unfortunately impacted her as an adult, consequently influencing her ability to bear children.
  • She wanted to adopt anyway, but she was slightly disheartened.
  • Luckily, S/O was open to the prospect of adoption; in addition, adopting a baby was the most viable option for Futaba, and she was so overjoyed from holding it for the first time that she cried. precious mom
  • She’s absolutely going to be the video recording mom, and she’ll probably edit hilarious effects into it. She’ll send them to Sojiro and he sighs in exasperation.
  • Moreover, Futaba always visits Sojiro so he can spend time with his grandbaby. He’ll have portraits of the whole family (including Akira) scattered throughout his house.
  • Most of the baby’s toys came from crane machines that Futaba nearly swiped clean. she’s the only person in the world that’s good at those games
  • Futaba smiles whenever the baby steals or smudges her glasses, and she’ll smooch them as punishment.
  • The baby will sit in her lap while she researches or plays video games, and they’ll occasionally clap when they’re excited.
  • She taught her kid how to high five and fist bump. baton pass
  • As far as family venues go, Futaba’s ecstatic to escort them to the zoo, and she can offer more information about the animals than the plaques.
  • Her child learns how to read / write quickly due to her clear and concise instruction.
  • Futaba eats tremendously healthier to set a good example and to preserve her child’s health. 


  • there’s no possible way she couldn’t be a phenomenal mom
  • Haru has already come to terms with wanting a child of her own (likely three), so she doesn’t exactly hesitate. S/O is equally as eager.
  • She eats as healthily as Makoto, and she also performs light stretching / barre exercises with her while pregnant. she wears pink leg warmers too
  • Her wardrobe during this time consists mostly of fluttery dresses and snug flats; it’s easy and comfortable. S/O away offers to carry her items for her.
  • Thankfully, she has a smooth delivery and she’s extremely impatient since she just wants to go home with her baby.
  • Haru purchases the most stylish and top-of-the-line toys, furniture, and clothes for her baby.
  • She has an indoor pool that she’ll take the baby in, ensuring that their floaties are properly fastened to them. They’re so surprised by the sensation of water that their eyes nearly bulge out of their head, and Haru orders S/O to fetch the camera through her flurry of giggles.
  • Haru sings along with the Disney movies and her baby incredulously stares at her as though she were the moon because she has such a dazzling voice.
  • The baby imitates her when she drinks tea, utilizing their own plastic tea set. She simply smiles fondly behind the teacup.
  • Sometimes she’ll reintroduce ballet into her routine and her baby will spectate. If they already know how to walk they’ll attempt to join her.
  • Haru adores playing hand games with them, such as patty cake. She delicately presses her fingertip on their button nose often, too.
  • S/O and the baby will occasionally join her in the garden, and she’ll craft matching flower crowns for all of them.
  • Haru’s frequently busy with running her businesses, and she definitely feels guilty leaving the baby with the nanny. She compensates for it when she comes home by peppering them with kisses and compliments.


  • oh boy
  • Out of everyone, Akechi is the most nervous by a landslide.
  • He knows that all the time in the world wouldn’t be enough to quell his uncertainty and crippling self-doubt; he has next to no confidence of being an appropriate father.
  • Truthfully, he does want a kid, but he needs a lot of time alone to fully grasp the idea.
  • It’s a difficult process for both himself and S/O, but if he’s going to go through with this, he’d rather adopt; he’s all too aware that there are plenty of children that need good homes.
  • Akechi’s stomach is in knots for the duration of the adoption, but S/O reassuringly squeezes his hand, causing him to relax slightly.
  • He’ll probably adopt a younger child, most likely a toddler.
  • Much to his astonishment, the two bond quite naturally, and he finds himself growing along with his child.
  • Every hug Akechi receives from his kid is like a confirmation that he’s doing something right, and his confidence skyrockets as a result.
  • With S/O’s patient assistance, it doesn’t take him to long to fully warm up to his child, and he becomes exceedingly more playful with them.
  • He spoils them often by sharing sweets, although he’ll be firm if need be.
  • They love watching him play darts, and their jaw is on the floor by witnessing Akechi’s skill and precision.
  • Like any responsible parent, he denies their request to play, but he offers an alternative: water guns / grenades. he is a pro run kid run
  • When Akechi has to leave for work, both his child and S/O see him off, and his throat tightened with emotion the first time; after all, he never he’d make it this far.
  • He braids their hair frequently, and he’ll dress up if they want him to.
  • The family stargazes together on the roof of the apartment complex, quietly leaning on each other while sipping on cups of coffee (juice for the little one).
  • He nags his kid about topics such as hygiene, proper eating, etc. S/O knows he means well, but they have to gently remind him to tone it down sometimes.
  • Additionally, he’s the stylist of the household so he’ll usually choose his kid’s clothes, unless they desperately want a specific item.
  • He knows a moderate amount of magic, so he loves performing magic tricks for his child, and he subdues his laughter with all his might when he observes the flabbergasted expression on their face.
  • Akechi enjoys the experience exponentially more than he initially presumed; perhaps it was because he reclaimed his childhood, along with a child of his own.
  • He doesn’t think too hard on it, though; seeing the welcoming smiles of his first family is more than enough.
When in Rome...

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 4338

Warnings: Fluff, Smut, Jibcon

Summary: Jensen meets reader before/during Jibcon and one night leads to some unexpected actions.

A/N: If you haven’t seen or watched or heard about what happened at Jibcon 2017, this is loosely based off of events that occurred during the Misha/Jensen panel. No hatred towards Danneel and Jensen’s relationship. This is purely a work of fiction and that is all. Let’s just assume that Danneel is happy and living a wonderful life that is not connected to Jensen for the sake of this fic. Thank you @wi-deangirl77 for the read-over, encouragement and help with the title. You are awesome!

There was a certain magic that came about when you stepped off of that plane and your feet landed on the ground for the first time in your life, in a foreign country. It was unlike anything else you had ever experienced. You were scared, terrified, happy and exhilarated all at the same time. You could barely believe it was really happening. You had spent the last year and a half preparing for this trip and now here you were. Rome, Italy…passport, suitcase, and no idea what you were doing. Everyone had told you that you were nuts, insane, not thinking logically, but you couldn’t help it. Traveling was a lifelong dream of yours and when you found out that Supernatural had a convention, not only overseas, but in your dream vacation location, you knew you just had to make it happen.

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Bake’n Bits

A little Cop!Jack/Baker!Bitty Check Please AU!

Also on AO3

“Wow Bits, I’m shocked and astounded to find you here, mooning over hot cop. Again.” Lardo slapped a covered takeout mug of cappuccino and a white paper sack on the counter. “You’re welcome.

Bitty frowned at the bag. “What’s this?”

Lardo pushed him toward the door. “A date.”

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anonymous asked:

Do you think you could write a small blurb where you are a dancer you can take it anywhere you want I am just am in love in the way you write and I love dance particularly ballet and put both of them together would be amazing. So pretty please with a cherry on top 😁

Can we get a blurb on where you and harry have been secretly dating for a long time and you are ready to make it public? please :)

Originally posted by relationshipaims

I tried to explain to the security officer guarding the back door into The Met that I was Harry Styles and that my girlfriend was currently on stage dancing the lead in Le Corsaire.  But judging by the bored way he blinked and shifted on his feet, I gathered he didn’t much care.  I couldn’t blame him, he hardly looked like a man who listened to pop music.  

No one knew about it Emma and I.  Not our parents, not our friends, not our colleagues.  No one.

I was actually proud of how long we’d been able to keep it under wraps.  We were going on seven months now.  Seven months of back alley sneak-in’s and remote locations for vacations (and when I say remote, I mean off the grid, no one around for miles remote) and neither of us even whispering towards each other on social media.  TMZ was none the wiser.  My mother had an inkling something was up, but she never asked.  She was good that way.

But I was in love now.  This wasn’t just some fling or flash in the pan.  Emma was who I wanted to be with.  She was my match in every way and I didn’t want to hide that.  I shouldn’t have needed to.  My happiness was not a crime.

So after a long discussion a few nights ago where I prepared her for the onslaught of rude and nasty comments that would get lobbed her way when a certain faction of the One Direction fandom got wind that we were together, we agreed to go public.

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Seriously Fuck The Breeder Mentality

Can we honestly take a moment to think on this.
People that want to remain childfree get so much shit in an overly child and baby centric society. 
For a few months I’ve been following It’s Okay To Be Childfree on facebook. The page ultimately was taken down, we are now on 2.0 and already after barely a month running it’s been reported out the asshole.
They’ve had to make another backup page 3.0 because it looks like 2.0 is going to be pulled down now as well.

People that don’t want and don’t like children apparently not allowed to express their feelings.
The page was were people would anonymously vent their frustrations of being talked down to, bullied by co workers with children, be belittled for not having children, being verbally assaulted for not liking children, and oh yeah PRESSURED by family to have children.
One poster was not only cut from his grandparents and parents’ wills for getting a vasectomy they then disowned him.

The page has been great as people have shared experiences of getting sterilized, education and resources for better birth control choices, shared locations of childfree vacation resorts and businesses as well as dating apps for Childfree people (as it’s become well known that you say in your profile you don’t want kids some guy will challenge and argue with you on it).
It also showed infertile men and women there was a whole world and life that one could embrace without children.
not to mention all those dank childfree memes.

Facebook has HUNDREDS to parent and baby groups, yet parents DELIBERATELY come to our page to be offended, message nasty things to the admins, send death threats and report it.

Childfree people are tired of being pitied, told “it’s different when it’s your own”, which is disrespecting and invalidating of our life choices. Having assumptions made about us like we enjoy child suffering or that childfree automatically means you hate kids.
Not all women are crying over an empty crib because they are infertile.

We want our choices and feelings considered valid and healthy and normal.

But no, apparently we can’t have that because some mombie got offended that the world doesn’t revolve around her fucking sprog and not everyone thinks it’s god’s gift.

I’m thinking about making photography vlogs/tutorials so that I can get into the idea of shooting videos more often and getting more proficient with the editing process and decreasing post-shot work flow time. It’ll go between explaining your camera settings, how to get better shots, editing in lightroom, finding people to shoot, scouting for locations, road trips, vacations, etc.

As I said, the main goal would be to create cinematic shorts and I would drive that as my #1 passion, then take requests on shooting if there’s anything you wanted to learn, even from a “how can I make my iPhone shots pop more/how to make my instagram better?” standpoint.

ALSO, really looking for those with a disability to respond who can’t necessarily hike, explore, etc for whether or not live streaming my adventures, full length recording hikes, etc would be a good way to include everyone in my work.

Thank you all so much for the continued love and support!

Evak in Marrakesh

Am I the only one, who isn’t excited over the idea of Isak and Even going to Marrakesh? Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the idea of Isak and Even going on a vacation together, and Marrakesh is an absolutely beautiful and interesting city to visit… But the thought of them having to hide their sexuality in public bothers me very much.

They are young and in love, and are very affectionate with each other. They have come such a long way the last half year (especially Isak). They are proud of themselves and each other, and they don’t want to hide who they are… As it should be!

But in Morocco it is illegal to be homosexual. You can go to jail for homosexual activity! As horrible as it is, it is not uncommon in a lot of countries. But would I want Isak and Even to go on their first romantic holiday in a country where they basically can’t be boyfriends? Hell no!

If they did end up deciding to go to Marrakesh I actually hope they did bring the rest of the boy squad or the balloon squad, or all of them. Make it a guys trip and forget about romance. But I do hope they decided on another location for their first vacation together.

anonymous asked:

Hello, I am just curious of how you view the sims worlds in your story? What I mean is that recently people have written stories in real world places using the sims, simblr rpers do this as well, Do you view the sims 4 worlds as they are in your story or as real world places?

I tend to avoid naming real world places (but now that i think about it i named the vacation location as greece lol should have thought of something else) .. i would like to think that my simmies live in this world


anonymous asked:

For the next gen headcanons, the ninjas' ideas of a perfect family vacation?

Ooh, let’s see!


Doesn’t really matter for him what kind of vacation it is or where they go. As long as he can be with his family and they are all happy and have fun, it is good enough for him.


His family doesn’t let him decide the vacation location most of the time. It could end up in a disaster in 80% of the cases.


Hiking, anything in nature and with a lot of activity! Doesn’t mind a nice city tour as well, for the more calm days. Tends to buy his child whatever it wants to have.


It needs to be fun. It needs to be exciting. Loves to try out new things. Every holiday should be different from the other. Doesn’t mind to have a day to relax in between. Going to the amusement park counts as a good holiday for him too.


While she loves to have a fun and exciting holiday, she doesn’t mind having a worth-knowing holiday, like visiting a museum in between. She also has a habit of prefering to reside in a nice hotel, instead of sleeping in a tent.