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What's the best primer? Which ones do you use? Also what are some of your favorite makeup products? Sorry I'm just looking for some new good makeup lol

My current favorite is the Urban Decay Optical Illusion primer! I also love the MUFE Step 1 Smoothing Primer but it makes the foundation break up on my nose so I like the UD one better!

And some of my all time/new favorite items are:

• Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade
• Give Me Glow Cosmetics matte lipsticks (my favorite shades are Pumkin & Spices, Sweater Weather, and Daddy)
• Buxom Full On Lip Polish in White Russian
• NYX Mega Shine Lip Glosses (Natural and Beige Pearl are my favorites)
• Colourpop highlighter in Flexitarian
• Basically any of the Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadows. I have Diamond Dust and Satin…something. But they’re all beautiful and I need them all.
• Give Me Glow Cosmetics highlighter in White Noise
• Maybelline Strobing Liquid in 100 Light/Iridescent. I get sooooo many compliments whenever I wear it and it’s a straight dupe for the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Celestial.
• Colourpop Birthday Girl eyeshadow
• Wet N Wild PhotoFocus Foundation
• Tarte Shape Tape Concealer
• MUFE eyeshadow in M846 Morello Cherry–trust. It’s beautiful.

ot5 as people in airport security

niall: he forgot about the no liquid rule, steps over to the side and drinks all 2 liters of his water, people in line start cheering him on, liam busts out his guitar
harry: “but is face creme really a liquid when it has diamonds in it?”
zayn: covered in sweats, is asked to remove his sweater, he complies and proceeds to stand there with no shirt on “do you like his snake tattoo” asks louis
liam: has taken his shoes off and brought no liquids. swiftly moves through security with no issues, is waiting on the other side with zayns shoes in his hands
louis: “i respect that you’re just doing your job; and your job it’s very important but–” “louis just toss the batteries, why did you bring 7 batteries with you” asks liam. “well that’s not your business is it” harry says vigorously rubbing 7 ounces of diamond creme onto his face

cosmic witchcraft 101: uranian magick ♅

Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun and the solar system’s first ice giant. The planet is most known for its extreme axial tilt, approximately 98 degrees. Scientists are uncertain as to how Uranus was forced on its side like this but believe a major impact is likely. An Earth-sized protoplanet is theorized to have collided with Uranus during the early formation of the solar system.


  • Uranus is visible to the naked eye in dark areas, but ancient astronomers never recognized it as a planet due to its dim light and slow orbit. It was officially discovered by William Herschel in 1781.
  • Uranus takes 17 hours to complete a day and 84 years to revolve around the Sun.
  • Methane makes up a large portion of Uranus’s atmosphere, and its ability to absorb red light gives the planet its cyan color.
  • Uranus’s moons are named after characters in Shakespeare plays.
  • Some scientists believe beneath its atmosphere, Uranus could hold an ocean of liquid diamonds.

Magickal Correspondences*

Colors: blue, cyan, white, purple

Intents: change, innovation, technology, subverting authority, challenging tradition, independence, inspiration, energy, freedom, equality, revolution

Herbs: fennel, cloves, nutmeg, chamomile, coffee, ginger, eucalyptus, garlic, cinnamon, lime

Crystals: aventurine, quartz, diamond, labradorite, blue topaz, aquamarine, amethyst, amazonite, fluorite, snowflake obsidian, moldavite, tourmaline

*some of these correspondences are based on traditional associations and some are based on my personal associations

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Kiwi, papaya, coconut, nectarine!

Kiwi: What’s something that fascinates you?    SOoOoOoOoO many things. Probably, most of all, how ppl choose to connect with one another, the things that are said or not said, the pretenses daily life demands of us. What we consider real and why? And ultimately what are brains are doing to pull the strings and otherwise. 

Papaya: What song describes your aesthetic? I recently organized my closet by favorite albums and this is a hard hard hard question. “Liquid Diamonds” by Tori Amos. Or “Atlantic CIty” by Bruce Springsteen.

Coconut: Favorite perfume? This changes every few years but right now I wear flower bomb and spice bomb. But I usually just smell waffle like cones from working in an ice cream parlor.

Nectarine: would you consider yourself an emotional person? My feelings are pretty big and I really like that about myself. 


There’s no one-size-fits-all for dry shampoo.

Not all unwashed hair requires the same kind of TLC. Luckily, we carry an assortment of dry shampoos that solve a range of no-time-to-shower hair dilemmas. Whether you’re prone to oily strands, your roots need a fluffed-up lift, or you want heavenly scented locks post-shower—these waterless wonders will save you from a dreaded bad hair day…or two. JESSICA VELEZ


THE PRODUCT: SHOW Premiere Dry Shampoo

Like the crystal cap suggests, the SHOW Premiere Dry Shampoo is all about making hair shine the brightest it can. If your strands tend to be dull, spray the liquid-diamond-like mist onto your hair for an instant rich sheen.

BEST FOR: Oil Absorption

THE PRODUCT: Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo

The micropowders in this dry shampoo act like a mop. After a couple of quick sprays, it soaks up every bit of slick greasiness from your roots.

BEST FOR: Volume

THE PRODUCT: Sally Hershberger 24K Supreme Stylist Voluminous Dry Shampoo

There’s no need for teasing with this powerhouse spray. Sally Hershberger’s dry shampoo inflates lifeless strands without the risk of backcombing breakage.

BEST FOR: Scent Refresh

THE PRODUCT: amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo

Amika cleverly added sea buckthorn berry into its non-chalky dry shampoo. Not only does it soften your strands, but it also mists an incredibly pleasant aroma. We definitely suggest packing this baby for summer camping trips.

BEST FOR: Style Extending

THE PRODUCT: Bumble and bumble Prêt-à-Powder

You pulled out all the stops to style your hair, only to wake up with crazy bedhead the next day. The solution? Bumble and bumble Prêt-à-Powder. The starchy formula keeps yesterday’s style in place so you can cool it on the hot tools for at least another 24 hours.

BEST FOR: Soothing Hair and Scalp

THE PRODUCT: Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

Klorane’s dry shampoo integrates oat milk to calm, soothe, and refresh sensitive scalps. It also leaves behind a powdery fresh scent that’s easy to love.



Leo are rather innocent in their expression, but can also be quite flirty and giggly if they want to be. They smile like they know their bodies are filled with liquid diamonds, shining away inside and ready to bleed out if someone impresses them enough. They love strongly and appreciate attention and devotion, falling victim to bouts of jealousy if they feel under appreciated. They do demand attention, glory, loyalty and adoration, but mostly because sometimes they can feel like they are missing this from within. They can be their worst critic and love a bit of flattery. Don’t think them fools though, they can tell hot air from truth, and if you really mean it, they will appreciate you for a life time. 


Neymar Jr.: Hypervenom Liquid Diamond - Inspiring The Next Generation

This video 😭😍

Magnus’ magic has also been overhauled, now an icy blue that sparkles like liquid diamonds; lively, reactionary and very much a part of him, moving with Harry Shum Jr.’s impressive choreography like never before. Even the sound of his magic has been redesigned – where season one’s magic sounded tinny and airy, now it is electrical, sizzling through beats of wind with every movement he makes. It’s mesmerizing, beautiful and oddly soothing, and an extension of our favorite High Warlock that is utterly worthy of him. Also worthy are his new cat’s eyes, which appear a little more fey, more dangerous. They come on slower too, which gives the unnerving impression of a real demonic entity lounging within him.
—  Sam Pedley’s review of “This Guilty Blood”

25.01.2015 - Heute war es wieder einmal soweit – Nike lud zur Präsentation eines neuen Schuhmodelles ein. Dieses mal wurde ein neuer Hypervenom veröffentlicht – der Hypervenom Liquid Diamond. Entworfen und gefertigt ist er nur für einen Spieler, und zwar für Brasiliens derzeit mit Abstand besten Fußballer – Neymar.

Elle got an upgrade! after seeing the character intros for boo york and seeing elles face light up and seperate i totally needed that on her, so i went in with my blue pastels into every crease in the panels on her face, after i put little touches of LORAC’s 3D liquid lustre in diamond, mostly on her nose and forehead, and a touch on her cheek panels, her body though, thats another day, a long day.

Your fave is problematic: Uranus
  • first of all… the name. Bruh. UR ANUS. are you kidding me
    • actually, be a bit more grateful for this name, you little shits. Uranus was initially named for/after King George III, Georgium Sidus. And we all know that he was a huge dick from Hamilton (an American musical). Later renamed after Greek God representing the sky: Ouranos
  • Uranus is a cold hearted monster. Has too much chill. Literally. Is considered an Ice Giant, his mass is about 14x that of Earth, minimum temperature in the atmosphere −224.2 °C!
  • Possibly has an ocean of liquid diamonds. WHAT? 
    • the pressure inside Uranus is so high that it can break up methane molecules and squeeze the carbon inside so tightly that it forms diamonds
  • could use a god damn shower. is really fucking stinky! the clouds are made of methane, ammonia and hydrogen-sulfide. imagine that stonk, yo
  • Uranus, with Venus, are the odd ones when it comes to rotation. He’s rotating side-ways without any proper explanation. I’m gonna call the solar-system police on you for being so goofy Uranus! 
  • is an art hoe. his moons are named after characters in Shakespeare plays
  • wind speeds on Uranus can be as high as 900 km/h. clearly Uranus has too much and too little chill at the same time
  • lazy fuck: takes 84 Earth years to go around the Sun ONCE
  • summary: goofy stinker with a lot of diamonds, much like King George III