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hey since there's a blizzard coming to the northeast tonight and Harry is (apparently?) in NYC, can you draw winter!harry? Maybe with some fuzzy earmuffs, out in the snow, sipping hot chocolate or something like that?

we have a snow storm coming tomorrow and :-((( i want it be summer already !!! 

BUT ANYWAYS here you areeee x hope u like it 

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((^^^ look where ‘coma dream’ is!))


(also, fun facts: I Jossed ‘Pyrrhic Victory’ so bad it became the NHL!Bitty you know and love.)

Have these market characters I did for my portfolio a while ago as a HUUGE THANK YOU <33 To all the new followers, the great response to my Coraline drawing has been incredibly flattering! Can’t believe that this is not my 1k, but almost 3k thank you post- you guys are amazing!!

Thank you so much for the feature tumblr!

From The Moment You Wake Up // Hip Hop Unit

Based on a Soulmate AU where within a year of the younger half of a pairing turning 18, soulmates will switch bodies with one another. They have 24 hours in their soulmate’s life before being returned to their own. While in their soulmate’s body, a person is inhibited from mentioning their other life. They also cannot contact themselves in any way, however, people have figured out methods around this rule.

Seventeen’s Hip Hop Unit (Vocal // Performance)

Part 1 // Part 2

Warnings: Foul Language (Wonwoo), Inequality (S.Coups), Mentions of Death (Vernon)

-by Admin Bee

A/N: Welcome to the start of a brand new mini series I like to call: Seventeen Is Going To End Me. What started as a set of drabbles quickly spiraled into 1000+ word fanfiction. I’ll be posting each unit by week, and there is a part 2 for each fic that is either a switched perspective or a “Day After” story, but I will only be posting those based on how many notes Part 1 gets or if requested.

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  • Jaune, walking around a Mistral market, examining fruit: Huh...not bad pri-
  • Jaune, cutting himself off with a dropped jaw, watching long red hair walk along the road behind the stall he's at: I....it can't be...
  • Jaune, puts down the fruit and charges down the market line, keeping pace with the red headed woman, finally cutting over onto the road she was walking along, panting out of breath: Is it...is it really you?
  • Red headed woman, who Jaune realizes is much older than who he hoped it was: Are you okay young man?
  • Jaune, standing up straight, his face saddened: S-sorry...I thought you were someone I know...
  • The older red headed woman's eyes light up, she grabs hold of Jaune's hand: You!! Oh she was certainly right, you're very noticeable! And handsome too, oh so handsome.
  • Jaune, awkwardly looks around: Ummm...who? Who was right?
  • Red headed woman, flustered and takes her hand back: Oh goodness, I'm so sorry! I should have introduced myself before. I'm Pyrrha's mother. She told me so much about you in her letters. It was the closest thing to physically seeing her fall in love for the first time.
  • Jaune, frozen in his place, forcing himself to speak, trying not to give away any sense of pain or sadness: O-oh...I'm glad to hear it.
  • The older woman looks at his oddly, then looks around: But why are you here in Mistral? Shouldn't you be in Vale helping with reconstruction?
  • Jaune, at a loss of words: Well, I...you see.
  • Red headed woman, with a smile: Ah, regardless, where's my daughter? Her letters have stopped recently, but now I know it's because she was on the road with you! I haven't seen her in so long, I'll cook you both something wonderful!
  • Jaune, unable to hold back anything, tears now streaming down his face, collapsing to the ground: Oh....oh no...
Destined Pt.2 {Poe X Reader} Soulmate!AU

A/N~ I would first like to thank all of you patient people out there who read the first part and encouraged a second. This is dedicated to you guys! I also need to thank @faestae for being such a rad friend and helping me out with this. Part two wouldn’t exist without her! Surprisingly, I’m actually pretty proud of this piece of writing. It took a long time to get done but here it is and just in time for Star Wars day! I hope y'all enjoy it! (And yes. There will be a part 3)

Part One

When you were younger your mother used to tell you stories about her soulmate, your father. The best story, at least in your opinion, was the story of how they met. As you’d sit at her feet grasping onto each word she’s said, you liked to imagine what it would be like when you met your own soulmate. And this? This definitely wasn’t it.

You stood in the middle of the street as a rock in a stream. Unmoving as people flowed around you, some grumbling at the inconvenience of having to take a few extra steps. Everything swirled around you in a blur of indistinguishable shapes and colors. It had to be him, your soulmate.

“Are you alright dear?” The woman was frail and spoke softly. It’s the same old woman from the market. You looked down at her trying to focus on the words she’d said. “Are you alright?” She placed a hand on your arm this time.

Were you okay? You didn’t feel okay. Honestly you felt ready to throw up. “I’m fine, but-” you looked around at the passing faces, not one of them recognizable.

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Love Written In Ink

Love Written In Ink: Regretting the Past (Chapter 7)

Link to Series

Summary: After breaking up with your boyfriend, you find yourself struggling to move on. But how can you, when both your lives are so intertwined? When a new captivating man enters your life, are the changes ahead for the better or worse?

Word Count: 5K

Rating: M (Smut)

(A few years ago)

Yongguk swung his head back, eyes closed, relishing the feeling of how the the cold amber liquid burned his throat as he swallowed. Before he even settled the glass back down on to the counter, Yongguk had signaled to the bartender for another round.

The bartender looked towards Yongguk with apprehension, but nevertheless fulfilled the order after they were done tending to the other patrons of the bar. What Yongguk didn’t notice though, too preoccupied with keeping himself steady on the bar stool as he swayed precariously back and forth with his new drink, the bartender had suspiciously turned their back to him and fished out their phone.

Almost half an hour had passed before you finally bursted through the door. You were panting, having to run the last leg of the way from Namdaemun to Hongdae when your taxi had hit a severe traffic jam. Your normally clean kept hairbun was in disarray and falling apart at your shoulders. You shuffled tiredly into the bar, not minding the eyes that followed you or the pleading security guard that was trying to no avail to drag you out of the establishment. You locked eyes with the bartender who shot you a business friendly smile as they waved off the the security guard.

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I always find it pretty shocking when people from the past reference passion and sex in their letters because I assume it would've been taboo

It really depends on the letter-writers in question.

Hurrem referenced it in pretty couched (but still obvious terms) just then (“the kiss that burns me up inside”) and in the West, people like Lord Nelson were pretty obvious about sex in their love letters (“I kissed you fervently and we enjoyed the height of love”) or like, John Keats is similar to Hurrem (lol never thought I’d type that out) in that he usually references sex by describing his feelings like fire and burning. Or what about in Bright Star (I know it’s a poem but like, bear with me)? “Swoon to death” is not….a reference to actual swooning. Percy Shelley does the same thing in “Fragment: Supposed To Be An Epithalamium”;‘Soft, my dearest angel, stay/Oh! you suck my soul away;/Suck on, suck on, I glow, I glow!/Tides of maddening passion roll,/And streams of rapture drown my soul./Now give me one more billing kiss,/Let your lips now repeat the bliss,/Endless kisses steal my breath,/No life can equal such a death". I don’t need to explain what those lines are about, but the whole idea of “death” is probably in reference to the fact that in French, an orgasm is “le petit mort/a little death.” None of these letters (or poems) outright say “Btw, I enjoyed fucking you the other night” but the allusion is there. I guess that means they could swerve around the taboo or inappropriateness of being vulgar about feelings. But then again, they probably believed that these letters would be private. Keats definitely did because he thought he was gonna die and just be forgotten forever. Not even people like Casanova were vulgar when describing sex (well, not usually.) Unless you were the Marquis de Sade, it just wasn’t really done in such a way.

Sometimes, the hints are so subtle, you’ll miss it. For example, I was recently reading a letter sent by an 18th century gentlewoman, Mary Rabone, to her husband and at the end she says “P.S I could not sleep for want of my usual method. What do you think?” and sometimes, that’s about as close as you’re gonna get to an 18th century woman admitting she likes sex so blatantly.

ANYWAY that was all completely irrelevant and mostly borne out of my desire to quote that Shelley poem asjijdijaf

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Could you write some prompts about a human who discovers a supernatural-being run market? Stalls lined up a street with various vendors and things to sell?

1) They stumbled up the side street, only to stop and stare. The market was packed unlike any market they had ever seen. A group of vampires sold cups of blood like smoothies and cocktails, offering mixers with alcohol or different blood blends that boasted of a ‘new revolution’ in blood drinking. A group of witches ran a stall with different pieces of enchanted jewelry - the properties of different birthstones sprung to life. Another sold emotions by the bottle like baking extracts. The next stall over had some fairies selling pouches of herbal incenses and slips of ‘favours’. Some ogres hulked huge roasting slabs of meat sizzling in the midday sun. A hooded figure sold secondhand magical books with an oddly high pitched voice. Slowly, but surely, they all turned to stare at the human intruder in turn and the jabber of the street turned silent. 

2) “I’m hoping to become a magical researcher,” the human said. They tried not to stare at the bats wings, rabbit feet and oddly coloured crystals lined up in a row. “I’m told you’re the one to see?” 
“Come back after midnight, can’t you see we’re in peak time, fool?” 

3) “Ah, the new shipment has arrived.” The hag’s eyes lit up. “Excellent.” 
“They’re not a shipment.” The human found themselves plucked protectively into the air by a really quite intimidating troll. “They’re a visitor.” 
“A human visitor? Now, you know that’s not allowed.”
“You want to be the one to tell the Nightingale that they can’t bring guests?” 
The human had never heard of this Nightingale in their life, nor had they been invited. Considering the way the hag’s eyes had lit up, and how much they didn’t want to be a ‘shipment’ they stayed quiet.

  • OBCrew: Bringing back Delphine would be pandering. We don't engage in such activities. We tell the story we want to tell. If you don't like you don't have to watch.
  • OBPromoDep: Make sure we release stills of Cophine in intimate poses. For the teases, include scenes of what looks like a Cophine wedding and the beginning of a sex scene.
  • OBCrew: Like we were saying we don't pander to anyone. Period. This has always been our artistic vision. You think we would intentionally create/market story lines to bring back a section of the fandom we pissed off? Pfft. Nonsense. (Psst OBPromDeP, make sure the character bios talk about how Cophine are like soulmates.)
Waiting Turns

Literally could not get this out of my head….. I’m sorry.

Let me know if you want on/off my tag list :) (or if after you read this you never want to talk to my crazy ass again… I’ll understand)

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What I have parsed from reading into the Semple vs Kapoor situation beyond the “lol how salty” commentary;

  • Stuart Semple’s pigment line is something he’s been working on for a very long time
  • The exposure he’s gotten from the fight with Anish Kapoor has given him the capital necessary to get more of the products in the pigment line market-ready faster than he had been capable of in the past.
  • He’s not developing and stocking these product lines over the course of a day or two to be petty
  • Glitter made of crushed glass was fairly common in the UK until as recently as the 70′s
  • Semple’s glass glitter was not a response to Kapoor sticking his finger in the pink pigment, it was made that way because glass reflects more light than plastic glitter and remains transparent so as not to obscure the art on the canvas it’s applied to.
  • The glitter is something Semple has been working with an Industrial chemical company on for the past decade.
  • This whole thing isn’t “Petty” so much as an entertaining way of drumming up buzz for a pigment line he wants to see other artists to play with

8 Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

With over 100 billion emails sent daily there’s never been a more important to make sure you get your email marketing right and know what not to get wrong.

In our 8 Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid infographic we take you on an intergalactic journey to show you why you should never send ‘email blasts’, use an unresponsive template or ignore your subject line along with other email marketing sins.