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Requests: “Hey, I love your work! I was wondering if I could get a Bill Denbrough x Reader imagine where she’s a year older than him and she has a crush on him and she’s not shy about it, she’s also very flirty towards him and one day when they are alone he just surprises her by being as blunt and flirty as her and then kissing her? Thanks! 💛”  

Pairing: reader/Bill Denbrough

A/N: this is the shortest thing ever, i didnt wanna risk ruining it by trying to drag it out!!

“Nice duh-drawing, [Y/N],” Bill says as he sits beside you. The others are swimming in the quarry, splashing each other and laughing. 

“Nice face, Denbrough,” you reply, tapping the pencil rhythmically against the paper. 

It wasn’t much of a secret; your crush. With all of your blunt comments and obvious flirting, you were often referred to as “the female Richie” of the group. You thought that was pretty unfair; you had a filter, you just weren’t ashamed of honesty, and certainly not of your crush on Bill Denbrough.

You would often make a flirtatious comment and then watch as Bill looks away, forcing down his smile. Or he’d stutter out a defense, but ultimately shut up because he couldn’t ever get the words out right. He didn’t flirt with you because he was a timid boy at times, and you were more than okay with that.

It was just harmless fun on your part, which is why you were taken aback when he returned the comment.

“Not as nuh-nice as yours.”

You raise your brows, looking at him in disbelief. “Wow. I mean… wow.”

“That’s wuh-what I think whenever I luh-look at you.”

“…Cheesy, but I like it.”

Bill takes a deep breath, as if it’s a struggle to say exactly what he feels, “I really like you, [Y/N].” He leans in, stealing your first real kiss. It’s a little awkward, as you both just move your lips mindlessly against each others, unsure of how it really works.

“I-I-It’s just so huh-hard to say,” you’re surprised, but ecstatic with his sudden confidence. You always suspected he may have liked you back, but it was hard to tell.

“Then don’t,” you reply, and then you kiss him again. 

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I keep thinking that Taako had a pouch of wands? I'm not sure why, but I can't remember if it's canon or I made it up in my head

He wasn’t described with “a pouch of wands.”

He does have a satchel as his backpack, and he does have a few wands in there, but not “a pouch of wands.”

Griffin: Uh, okay. You- you have beaten the thrall of this thing. What are you gonna do with it?

Justin: Um, I’m gonna throw it into my backpack. My satchel.

Justin: Okay, uhh. I put away my wand - put away my umbra staff. I throw the emergency brake on the bike, and just as I do that, I pull out the Wand of Switcheroo. 

Griffin: Cam, uh, after being knocked off, uh, Taako’s shoulder, uh, he looks up at you, Taako, and he says, uh,

Cam: I’m gettin’ pretty sick of this. Taako, you got a spare wand?


Clint: Does he even have a wand?

Taako: Yes. I have a spare wand.

Griffin: Yeah, it’s ‘cause you’re using your umbrella, but you still have your starter wand.

Of course, there’s nothing saying that he doesn’t have a pouch made specifically for holding wands in his bag, so if you’re attached to that mental image, you can still keep it.

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Sometimes I just casually scroll on your blog and then out of the blue I remember that I want to slap Off Limits chapther 5 Seokjin in the face. Like I get that distinct feeling of wanting him to catch these hands.

LOL nooooo, i could never feel the same, not even after all the shit he pulled in chapter 5 😩😩 he’s so fucking hot !!! i’m writing chapter 6 right now and 😩😩