on like everything i own that has a wallpaper setting

clairedelune099  asked:

How technologically savvy do you think a modern day Solas would be? Personally, I see him as being relatively competent in that area, seeing as he has a general fascination in, well, everything. Like I can envision him nerding out about the latest iPhone :3

I picture Solas in a modern setting as being somewhat tech savvy. If it’s a piece of tech or a feature that he finds useful in his day to day life, then he’d quickly adapt to it. But I could also see him as being the sort of person who’d own a smartphone for months, use it on a daily basis, but not know how to change his ringtone or set the wallpaper to a new image. Something that would seem simple to most might perplex him for a bit, mostly because it’s not completely intuitive for him.