on late night with jimmy fallon


Is it all flashing back to you? The trauma the post traumatic stress of my last performance on The Jimmy Fallon Show. Last time you were on the show, this was late night, we just had met we’ve never met each other. We never met before. And you couldn’t be nicer and sweeter and gosh I’m a fan of yours. And you came out and you sat just the way you’re sitting and we were talking and I just gave you a compliment. You said before you ever continue before you even start the interview I just drove straight in there with I love that Halloween candy thing that you do. And there was just silence. I said the Halloween candy thing is that right? And you were like the candy corn thing? No. When you have kids you trick them. I go that’s Jimmy Kimmel.


Jimmy Fallon - Kate McKinnon 21.02.2014

Kate mentions that her mom tries to pitch her ideas for SNL sketches!