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Delicious Autumn by Karen Hunnicutt

A few great things about being in the Daredevil Fandom:

- people don’t give a shit who you ship

- zero accusations of racism, nothing political is glorified and thrown around easily

- everybody loves Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock

- we discuss stories/plots and rarely fight, if we disagree it’s civil and not WWIII

- Rosario Dawson and Deborah Ann Woll are both extremely hot and have depth as Claire and Karen

- Foggy is a spirit animal that must be protected

- Matt/Charlie looks so sexy in bruises

- Vincent made you feel sympathetic for a cold blooded murderer

- And finally, we get along, no egos exist in this fandom


Stream with Karen about Honey Badgers getting kicked out from #CalgaryExpo - Vee

At a panel on “Women in Comics”, they were telling everyone MRAs are this, MRAs think that, so Alison Tieman stood up and said basically: “I am an MRA and we don’t think that” and asked them if they’re against women being damsels then why are they damseling themselves to make the culture suit them.

They kicked them all out and banned Alison Tieman from any affiliated events for life. Comics are her livelihood and they called her a fake and blacklisted her.

A helpful guy tweeted this on hearing about it: