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endeavour should have a giant fandom instead of sherlock
its pretty cinematically and in locations its filmed in, there was a tiger this one time who was the murderer. it treats women better, once the murderer was a secret tiger, the characters are more relatable, it has a massive extensive canon in morse and lewis for theories to draw on, the murderer in that one episode, was an actual tiger and its a period drama so there’s cool clothes.


Victoria? Mama. I saw her once. Afterwards. I was playing in the park at Bad Homburg. And she was watching me from the terrace. And so I waved and she put her finger to her lips and she stayed there, for as long as I did. When I looked up I could see that her cheeks were wet. Why did you never tell me? Perhaps it was easier to believe that she did not love us and we had each other. And now you have Victoria and she will never leave you. Do you know how much I envy you? And how I will miss you? (requested by anonymous)