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Comet 45P Passes Near the Earth 

A large snowball has just passed the Earth. Known as Comet 45P/Honda–Mrkos–Pajdušáková", or 45P for short, the comet came 10 times closer to Earth yesterday than the Earth ever gets to the Sun. During this passage, the comet was photographed sporting a thin ion tail and a faint but expansive green coma. The green color is caused mostly by energized molecules of carbon. Comet 45P became just bright enough to see with the unaided eye when it came closest to the Sun in December. Now, however, the comet is fading as it heads back out to near the orbit of Jupiter, where it spends most of its time. The kilometer-sized nucleus of ice and dirt will return to the inner Solar System in 2022.

Credit: Fritz Helmut Hemmerich

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Who would most likely survive the zombie apocalypse? Like 1 being dies immediately and 10 being kills all the zombies. (For the Allies)

okay well first off i don’t? really think they can kill every single zombie but. y’know

2p!america - 8, he’s p capable of what he’s doing, but he can be a bit reckless from time to time. if he’s not with someone else who can keep track of supplies, he might die of lack of food/clean water/a natural disaster. granted, it’ll be a while before that ever happens

2p!england - 6, while he’s not a fighter in any sense of the word, he can kill a few zombies pretty quickly and escape. unfortunately, he has pretty bad luck and gets caught in a lot of hordes. he likely gets pretty overwhelmed and dies unable to defend himself

2p!france - 1, he didn’t really like living anyway

2p!china - 3, he gets off to a pretty good start, but like allen, he gets too reckless too quickly. long story short, he gets full of himself and thinks he can take on a horde of zombies by himself. he was wrong

2p!russia - 9, despite staying out of combat unless in self-defense, ion manages pretty well on his own. he’s able to hold his own and prioritize resources, and if he teams up with someone more capable/willing of killing zombies they’ll be a dream team. if he ever does die, it’ll likely be of natural causes

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How you feel bout your gf still having her ex name tattooed on her?

Damn the more y'all ask the more I realize the shit does bother me but every time I say sumn to her bout it she says some dumb shit bout it havin’ sentimental value. Ion know man…

Being an assistant for a physical geography class has ignited my interest in rocks and the different properties they hold. Through the videos I caption and further reading, I’ve learned that quartz (any type) retains energy and electrical charges and can match the energetic currents of any organic producer of energy (plants, animals) surrounding it. Apparently tourmaline, citrine, and a few other rocks have similar properties. 

Piezoelectricity, in essence, is a scientific explanation for why certain rocks or crystals can make a person feel abnormal or altered in some form while holding them. I don’t believe in the metaphysical properties that this kind of rock can help you gain wisdom or that type of rock can boost your sex drive, but if you’re holding a chunk of earth in your hand that amplifies whatever energy is in your body, it can help you sort of zone out for a while mentally because the concentration of negative ions in the rock cancels out the positive ions produced in your mind and body.

It’s interesting when you find out that there’s a certain amount of truth to something you used to think was gobbledygook made up by flaky hippie types. The quartz and tourmaline I have aren’t going to cure my chronic illnesses or make me any smarter, but they’re pretty and looking at them puts me in a better mood, and it feels nice to hold them in my hand. Sometimes niceness is enough.

I’ve been doing some reading on Romani history and here is a rough draft of what has happened to us over the years and why the word “Gypsy” is a slur Non-Romanis shouldn’t use

  • 18th Century, Europe: European rulers who first welcomed Romanis started viewing us as ”idlers” who refused to adapt to society. 
  • Romanis’ skills with medicinal herbs and the ability to tell the future through palm reading were seen as evidence of heresy by the church and from the 16th Century onward there were edicts outlawing Romani people, we were expelled, persecuted and it culminated in the organised killing of Romanis
  • They registered us, forbade us to speak Romani chib, to marry one another and out children were taken away from us.
  • In Spain Romanis were imprisoned, which brings me to the “Black Wednesday” (30th July, 1749), on that day more than 10.000 Romani were forcibly removed, expelled, sentenced to forced labor, injured and killed.
  • When Romani arrived in Romania in the 14th Century we were forced into slavery. It took 500 years until other nations reacted to the treatment of Romanis in Romania and only then, step by step, the slavery of Romani was abolished and ended in 1860. (However Romani still remained fully dependent on the local landowners and authorities even after liberation.)
  • 1850 - 1938, Central Europe: The oppression continued. Romani people were given compulsory residences, a ban on travel and a ban on the practice of particular trades as well as deportation and sterilization was the result. The arrive of the Romani was viewed as an “invasion” and we were considered a problem in need of a solution.
  • A lot of European countries decided to deal with the “Romani problem” by transporting us as slaves in large numbers to North America and the Caribbean (to work on southern plantations, etc.)
  • 1914 - 1954, Sweden: A total ban on Romani immigration into the country. The Romanis living in Sweden were categorized in different groups, most had their houses burnt down, were driven from their homes and were subjects of compulsory sterilization until as late as the 1970s. Romani children were not entitled to school education. Some sources quote that the first time Romani children were allowed to go to school too was in 1959.
  • 1939 -1945, Europe during WW2: The Romani Genocide. We were deprived of our rights, imprisoned, thrown into concentration camps, hunted down and murdered throughout Europe because of the Nazi’s Racism, traditional anti-Romani attitudes and a mixture of prejudices towards Romani people. (This being the second Romani Genocide including the one in WW1 by the Turks)
  • Romani people were branded with hot irons, women had their ears cut off and they made us wear a brown inverted triangle to distinguish us from the others.
  • Romanis were thrown into specific Ghettos because the Germans wanted “ .. to toss in the Ghetto everything that is characteristically dirty, shabby, bizarre, of which one ought to be frightened, and which anyway has to be destroyed.
  • No one knows how many Romani died in the Holocaust. Researchers think the number lies between 500.000 to +2 million.
  • It’s no secret that they used human subjects for medical secrets and the most notorious physician, Dr. Mengele, preferred working on Romani children and basically got off on it. (He would bring them sweets and toys, and would personally take them to the gas chamber. He once took a set of Romani twins, about four years old, and sewn them together back to back like Siamese twins. Their wounds were infected and oozing and they screamed day and night in pain. Their parens managed to somehow get some morphine and killed the children in order to end their suffering.)
  • The Romanis who survived the Holocaust were regularly accused of lying about their experience and denied any help or recognition. It was not until the 1990s that Romanis who had suffered in concentration camps were entitled to apply for proper compensation.
  • No one knows how many Romanis actually survived, since no one ever bothered to list the victims or survivors.
  •  In 1982 Germany formally “recognized” that a genocide has been committed but they never apologized.
  • The German government paid war reparations to Jewish survivors of the Holocaust, but not to the Romani. The Interior Ministry of Wuerttemberg argued that “Romanis persecuted under the Nazis not for any racial reason but because of an asocial and criminal record”. ((Literally go die.))

This is like a brief summary, like there is more ..
Even now we basically have to hide our heritage and culture since if we don’t we often experience oppression even from other Romanis. Many people know in fact very little about Romanis and often just imagine that “Hollywood Gypsy" stereotype, some exotic foreign fortune teller that reads the palm of a boy while slyly stealing his ring. People draw on the supposedly romantic appeals of Romani traditions (dancing and music-making, lives on the road, and maintaining a traveling culture), or often, established Americans adopt European prejudices against Romanis and treat Romani immigrants poorly.
We are seen as “black magic users” and get treated like we have “a genetic propensity for crime”.
In fiction we are stereotyped as wandering, spreading disease, abducting children, and violating and murdering others or as having “sinister occult and criminal tendencies” while being associated with “thievery and cunning”.
The women get represented as some sexual temptresses, while the men are seen as a sexual threat to non-Romani women. 

The word Gypsy is literally nothing yall should be calling yourselves if you aren’t one. If you aren’t a Gypsy don’t use the word Gypsy.
(Non Romanis yall can reblog too ..)