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Sparkles the guinea pig had her babies tonight.2/24/17. 💙💙💙

Sparkles came here pregnant. In her previous home she was a hussy and escaped her cage in search of her man. 😜This is what happens when you do that Sparkles. 😛

We have three gorgeous baby boys. Mom is doing well and the boys are already very inquisitive. Two boys are silver agouti, like mom and one is a silver marten.

Welcome to the world little ones. 😍


He killed two cops and didn’t get killed… Only white men can kill the cops and be captured alive. Notice the media wouldn’t shut up about this story until the information confirmed that the cop killer was a conservative white man. Now they are barely talking about this cop killer or the incident in general. This is clear example of white privilege in America.



Astronaut Terry Virts shared a bunch of video clips on Vine while he was on the International Space Station and I believe gave us the #spacevine hashtag. Here he is flying over the Aurora  - check out the thin clouds BELOW the Aurora here rather than in the way!

The staircase in College Hall, located at Simpson College in Iowa. In 1935, a student named Mildred Hedges fell from approximately this spot to her death while she was carrying some books down the stairs of what was then known as Old Chapel (later renamed College Hall after it underwent renovation in the 80’s). As she made her decent, she caught her heel wrong on a step, sending her toppling over the railing and down 35 feet. After this tragic event, some say they believe Mildred still lingers within these walls, causing lights to flicker and sending chills down the spines of staff, students, and guests.

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