on how to make women have heart attacks

“Science has taught me that everything is more complicated than we first assume, and that being able to derive happiness from discovery is a recipe for a beautiful life.”
Ever since I was a child I have always been fascinated with science, mostly the biological sciences, the living sciences. Animals, plants, infectious diseases, microscopic beings, anatomy, neuroscience, physiology, microbiology and many more have all captured my attention. I feel as though we should empower and urge women to participate in the sciences not only to make discoveries but for equality. Destroying gender biases and making sure to not set gender norms from an early age will help females feel encouraged to go into the sciences, however a lot of work needs to be done. If we don’t see more women in the sciences, there could be dire consequences. I work as a nurse in healthcare, more specifically on a cardiac floor, I know that often times women present with symptoms that are vastly different than how a man presents with a heart attack. However, in EDs all over the country women are being misdiagnosed and are often sent home where they later have a heart attack. Let’s encourage our daughters, sisters, nieces etc., to follow their passion and encourage them to pursue their interests

since @shamelesslyunladylike either blocked me or the OP of that post blocked me, here is my response to your question, “what would you do with men?”

Make them give up their power. Kill the rapists and abusers. Women would seize power that rightfully belongs to us. Women demand matriarchy, and we would abolish the things which allows males to have power. Abolish marriage, abolish fatherhood rights, abolish gender.

Unlearn feminine socialization. Women no longer treating men like they are our superiors. Women demanding our respect and taking it.

So what if men won’t give it up willingly? We can make them. Women are powerful when we organize together.

That’s how we got the right to vote. We forced them to acknowledge us, we marched in the streets, women went to jail, women were attacked, put their lives on the line for the right to vote. Women demanded the right to vote and that’s why women have that right now. Men didn’t give it up to us out of the kindness of their hearts, we demanded our rights from them and took what we deserve!

They tried the whole women’s communes thing in the 70s and that all fell apart pretty easily, because the patriarchal society outside of these small communities is not being threatened at all, but is able to affect these small communities. It can definitely be a great space for women to heal and seek refuge from patriarchy, but that isn’t exactly a self-sustaining society. Oppressive societies like when dissenters disappear and stop influencing larger society.

Also if you spend all your time living on the commune you are just in a whole different world, and also it gets hard to find new recruits to join the commune, which is part of why they fall apart. That and the whole, you wouldn’t get to see very much of the world at all when all you do is live on a commune.

I mean, I am talking about a full scale revolution that replaces the patriarchal family structure by abolishing marriage, abolishing fatherhood right, and restructuring the way we build housing for communities so that way people would live together in large groups. I am talking about a full scale economic revolution where capitalism is ended.

I am talking about a revolution that ends patriarchy and capitalism.

And you think a better idea is to create some small secluded communities but not actually do anything to directly challenge patriarchy or stop men from harming other girls and women? Little girls would still go on being born and raised in to patriarchy, all the members of your separatist commune would still have to go through the trauma of girlhood before they joined.

And not all women would be able to join your commune–mothers of sons, for example. These women would be abandoned to patriarchy, and nothing would be done for them.

What, do you think your separatist commune is going to become an imperialist power that can challenge patriarchal nations?

I propose that we dismantle patriarchy and replace it with matriarchy, rather than just trying to build a commune for a few women to live on while the rest of society goes on oppressing women.

Revolution for all women. Liberation for all girls. An end to all of patriarchy everywhere.


Antoine Griezmann oneshot, requested by anon, fluff(?)

 this is so not what you asked for but here it is and I’m sorry

You smiled as you opened the door. The older woman was already sitting straight in her hospital bed with a stern look on her face, visibly annoyed that you had kept her waiting for a few minutes longer today. You were her nurse and you visited her every afternoon before going home.

“You are late again, young lady,” she schooled with a forefinger up and pointing in your direction.

“That’s because I went to buy you your favourite raspberry jello and that sports newspaper that you insist on reading every day, Mrs Griezmann,” you explained with a smile as you laid the things in front of her.

She had told you that her son is a footballer and that’s why she was always on the sports pages of any magazine or newspaper that you brought to her. You found it sweet how she was closely following the career of her son but you couldn’t help but wonder why even bother. If he loved her as much as she said he did why hasn’t he visited her, not even once.

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I love all your art and headcanons! Could we have some with pregnant! Serenity sometime? :)

Lmao how do I keep ending up getting asked about pregnant women (like no, seriously)

This is based on a true story (except it was my mother who was pregnant, and it was me literally flying across the room to grab her pen.)  For some reason, being pregnant makes you more prone than usual to drop pens.

Serenity would literally be the most doted-on pregnant lady in the history of human babies; there’d be a maid whose job it was to discreetly follow her from room to room and Roland would have a minor heart attack every time she got out of a chair.

Incidentally I don’t post here often enough but I may as well mention that I have both a commission page and also a Patreon for my general original works now!

Cersei and Joffrey's relationship : books VS show

There is a lot of criticism we can make (and have been made) about HBO’s show ; something that is not enough highlighed, in my opinion, is how it screwed Cersei and Joffrey’s relationship.

(P.S : there is good things too, it’s not all bad)

Let me be clear : I have no affection for Joffrey. None. But I feel like D&D are trying (and succeeded) to rise him to the same rank as Ramsay Snow Bolton or Gregor Clegane, aka a sadistic brute that only lives to kill as much as he can.

Joffrey is a sadist, yes. Joffrey is reckless, Joffrey is petty and, to be honest, Joffrey is not very intelligent. But Joffrey is also a little boy that has been given too much power, and that has no idea how to use it because no one cared to teach him how to rule – too bad he is the future king. Robert never gave him so much as a glance, and Cersei… Cersei cared to much and taught him the wrong values.

Cersei’s devotion for her children is unquestionable, even in the show. It would be impossible to take that from her, because that’s something that is inherent to her. They are the only thing that kept her to throw herself off a window whereas Robert regularly beat and sexually abused her, and she is nothing more for the court than a pretty face and a womb with a lot of gold behind her. She is ready to everything to protect them (the reason why she killed Robert is because she knew he wouldn’t have hesitate to kill them if when he would had known that Jaime was their real father), and their safety is one of the most important thing to her.

« [Cersei] did not intend to squander Tommen’s strength playing wet nurse to sparrows. » Cersei, AFFC (when asked to provide soldiers to ensure the king’s peace on the king’s roads)

« Robert ignored him. He would have beat him if I’d allowed it. That brute [Tywin] made me marry once hit [Joffrey] so hard he knocked out two of his baby teeth, over some mischief with a cat. I told him I’d kill him in his sleep if he ever did it again. » Tyrion, ASOS

« What a disgusting little worm you are. Myrcella is my only daughter. Did you truly imagine that I would allow you to sell her like a bag of oats ? » Tyrion, ACOK

And I feel this bond is even deeper with Joffrey. After all he is her firstborn ; he was a ray of light when all her expectations failed, at the beginning. She threw in him all the love she was denied by her husband. Her closeness with him was inversely proportional to Robert’s lack of interest.

« When he was little, he’d run to me when he was scared or hurt and I would protect him. » Jaime, ASOS

Cersei is the dominant presence in Joffrey’s life/education. But if this love is beautiful, it’s also excessive and thus destructive. She sheltered him so much he has no boundaries, no limits. How could a child know that something is wrong if no one is telling him ? When the matter with the cat happened, if Robert’s reaction is indisputably excessive and wrong (he was still a little boy, and Robert beat him without explaining why), we can’t call that a simple « mischief ». I mean, he cut open a living cat to take its babies. That’s horrible.

But Cersei doesn’t see how bad Joffrey has turned. She is constantly trying to convince others (and sometimes herself) that Joffrey is, if not perfect, above the common people. She justifies (by putting the blame on others for example) or turns a blind eye at his bad actions even when he’s clearly at fault.

« “… that Margaery is said to be lovely… and beddable besides.”

“Yes,” said Tyrion, “Joff ought to like that well enough.”

“My son is too young to care about such things.”

“You think so ?” asked Tyrion. “He’s thirteen, Cersei. The same age at which I married.”

“You shamed us all with that sorry episode. Joffrey is made of finer stuff.

“So fine that he had Ser Boros rip off Sansa’s gown.”

He was angry with the girl. » Tyrion, ACOK

« “Be quiet, or I’ll have Ser Meryn give [Sansa] a mortal wound,” Joffrey told his betrothed. Tyrion glanced at his sister, but Cersei was engrossed in something Ser Balon Swann was telling her. Can she truly be so blind as to what he is ? He wondered. » Tyrion, ACOK

« “Joffrey will show you no such devotion, I fear. You could thank your sister for that, if she weren’t dead. He’s never been able to forget that day on the Trident when you saw her shame him, so he shames you in turn.” » (-Cersei to Sansa) Sansa, ACOK

Joffrey’s faults are systematically excused ; of course he will continue, as no one tell him not to do them. His sadistic tendancies coupled with Robert’s philosophy of « The king can do as he likes » (that I think Cersei shared too : for her, royalty/power allows everything) and the belief Lannisters are the strongest and can’t be defeated, are keys to good king material for sure ! (spoiler : no.)

But the show utterly misses that. Cersei is very well aware of her son’s defects and suffers way more of it.

« He was all I had once. Before Myrcella was born. I used to spend hours looking at him. His wisps of hair, his tiny little hands and feet. He was such a jolly little fellow. You always hear the terrible ones were terrible babies. ‘We should have known, even then we should have known.’ It’s nonsense. Whenever he was with me, he was happy. And no one can take that away from me. Not even Joffrey. » Cersei, GOT season 3

Of course in the books she realizes Joffrey’s behavior is getting out of hand (it’s him that decided to behead Ned Stark - with most certainly a little help from Littlefinger- not her), but she never utterly blames her son, does not realize how bad he is. In the show she does, and confides to Tyrion (!) at least twice how she regrets what he has become. I find it to be a shame because her blindness to things she does not wish to see (like Tywin and Shae for example : how could daddy ever bed a whore ?) is an important characteristic of her, because in the end it will be one of the thing that doom her.

She is regularly showed loosing her agency over him. Worse, he is regularly showed to be an asshole towards her, and it’s not right. I mean, if there is one person in Westeros that Joffrey loves, it’s his mother. He is a total mamma’s boy.

« Joffrey lurched to his feet. “I’m king ! Kill him ! Kill him now ! I command it.” He chopped down with his hand, a furious, angry gesture… and screeched in pain when his arm brushed against one of the sharp metal fangs that surrouned him. The bright crimson samite of his sleeve turned a darker shade of red as his blood soaked through it. “Mother !” he wailed. »

« Cersei was running toward the throne, but Lord Tywin remained still as stone. »

« Joff fell into his mother’s arms. » Sansa, ACOK

He wants to play the big bad king but inside, he still is the little boy that ran for his mother when he got hurt. Here, he is in the middle of a public event with every eye upon him and he wails like a little kid. That’s no good for his image (and Cersei doesn’t settle the problem when she runs at his rescue).

But Joffrey still cares a lot for her. He knows what she endured, he has been a witness of Robert’s abuses and no, he doesn’t brush it away – at least when it comes to her, because he very much inherited Robert’s misogyny.

« “Will the queen attend [Joffrey’s nameday tournament], do you think ?” Sansa always felt safer when Cersei was there to restrain her son. » Sansa, ACOK

He still beats Sansa, but he is careful not to do it in front of his mother. And therefore, Cersei seems to be the only one to have a semblance of control on him.

« The king was about to refuse, but his mother gave him a sharp look. They drew off a few feet. » Sansa, ASOS

In the end, I think Cersei is the only woman one that Joffrey loves and « respect » - at least what come closer of respect for him.

But in the show, Cersei is totally overwhelmed by Joffrey’s douchebagery - worse, is often its target. And I know they aged him a little and so he was more a teenager, but still it’s not a reason to make him such an asshole towards the only person he wasn’t in the books.

« Joffrey : Father had other children ? Besides me and Tommen and Myrcella.

Cersei : What are you asking ?

Joffrey : I’m asking if he fucked other women when he grew tired of you ? How many bastards does he have running- » GOT, season 2

« Cersei : And open heart is what you get in Flea Bottom if you’re not careful my dear. Not long ago we were attacked by a mob there. We had a full cargo of guards but that didn’t stop them. The king barely escaped alive.

Joffrey : My mother always had attension for dramas. Facts become less and less important to her as she grows older. Our lives were never truly in danger. » GOT, season 3

I’m not trying to temper Joffrey’s faults. He was one of the villains, that is beyond doubts. But I feel the show totally missed the nature of the relationship between him and Cersei, in order to make him appear even more villainish. And Cersei’s lack of control does not do justice to the strong woman she is.

I don’t get it… why suddenly from one phrase “I like… men” you are all assuming that Sehun is gay/bi … If someone asked me, if I like women, I would answer the same. I like women. I like how they take care of themselves. I like how they act cute and laugh in full voice. I like how they smell and how they look with high heels. I like a lot of things about women…. but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m sexually or emotionally attracted to them.

What if he would have said differently? People would attack him for being homophobic? I guess there can’t be a middle point for some people. It’s either one extremity or the other. Just let the boy live and love people who make his sweet heart tremble with joy, without assuming or even deciding for him…

Did you know that genetically male cells have been found in the brains of women?

Or that up to 6% of the DNA in a pregnant woman’s bloodstream doesn’t belong to her?

Or that children can help heal their mom’s heart after a heart attack without even lifting a finger?

Find out how in this week’s special Mother’s Day edition of It’s Okay To Be Smart, which would make a perfect gift for your mom in case you forgot to get her flowers.

Watch it here:

in a post-gender world:

  • sex will still be medically relevant.
    • sex education should have the vocabulary to explain how reproduction works & how to have sex safely
    • girls and boys should understand the changes in their body during puberty
    • men and women should understand the difference in their symptoms for things like heart attacks
  • sex will still be… sexually relevant.
    • sex education, again, is vital
    • people should be able to describe their sexual orientation in clear terms (e.g. “homosexual”, “heterosexual”) if they’d like
  • sex will still be politically relevant
    • when sexism is a thing of the past, we should still be educated on its history
    • historians should be able to make statements like: “the 1832 reform act explicitly banned women from voting”

in a post-gender world, we’ll still need to describe sex.  “girl”, “woman”, “boy”, and “man” are the most humanizing, clear ways to speak about a person’s sex.


People on my mom’s side of the family really needs to find ways to be more diverse when it comes to skin complexion.

I was at my cousins house and the topic of skin tones came up. My cousins talked about how pale my little cousin is (shes a freshman in high school). They then talked about how she and her mother were lightskinned. So I was sitting in the background listening cause I didn’t want the focus to be shifted on me. Cause everytime people talk about skin tones, they eventually talk about mine and how dark I am.
Which. Is. Exactly. What. Happened.

As they were talking, I went in the refrigerator and grabbed a soda out. My little cousin must’ve been looking at me go in the refrigerator cause my male cousin said “Don’t look at her she’s dark” and then they all busted out laughing. The male cousin who made the comment was laughing and leaning over in my face trying to make me laugh but i was looking at him with a straight face. And then he made another comment that if I came downstairs one day light skinned, he would literally have a heart attack. They busted out laughing again. And I frowned at all of them and said “wow”. And what’s crazy about my mom’s side of the family is that the men only marry light skinned women. I can count on one hand how many dark skinned people are in my immediate family. But it’s funny how they joked about my skin complexion, but when we went to the store the next day, I got the most stares from men……

I want to discuss something that is currently irking me to the highest degree 
Things that happen in America don’t always happen everywhere else as well. Just because you have a craze or a fad or whatever else you want to call it, it doesn’t mean it is happening globally. 
This all started because I just watched a review from someone I used to enjoy, and they called something  "global craze". I’d never heard of this thing in my life. Never. This is happening a lot. 
“All women have to get ready before they leave the house in fear of being judged”

I left the house today in this 

Hoodie, and really shitty red & black baggy pants. No make-up, no brushing my hair - I just picked up the nearest clothes to me, threw them on and went to buy milk. 
No one looked up or down at me, no one stared, no one had a heart attack because “A WOMAN!! WITHOUT MAKUP! AMGGGG! #SCANDAL”. I’ve done this my whole life  (not caring about how I look), and no one has batted an eyelid. If I am ever seen wearing eyeshadow, everyone KNOWS something big or something bad is about to happen. Usually me being drunk off my face. 
It’s how things work for me. It’s how it is here.
My mother has never worn make-up except at weddings and funerals, or a date - she is 46. The only make-up she has is light foundation and eyeliner, and nail polish. SHe adores her nail polish. The foundation and eyeliner comes out on the events I mentioned - never anytime else. It’s how it is here.
One of my exes - never wore make-up. She’d wear skinny jeans, and funky shirts she’d buy in Primark (Walmart-style shop). The only thing she’d do would be dye her hair. ANd that was for her, not anybody else. 
It’s how it is here.

And this “guys hollering at people” thing, I’ve never witnessed except in in American movies. Never. In my 20 years - and 8 of those consist of me having over a C cup (yes, I hit puberty at 12) so you’d think I’d have been hollered at. 
I’ve had guys in the pub be like “Woah girl, pull your shirt up!” or similar things, but it’s never made me uncomfortable. I know they’re both being polite, and complimenting me. It’s no big deal.
I own my size, as well. I’m 40/37/40 measurements, which you can guess can be considered “big”. No one, except WOMEN, have ever said anything bad about my size. Most men are like “You’re perfectly fine. You got curves, you got bumps in the right places. You can shake it, you can wear whatever you want = you’re doing fine." 
No whale comments or similar. No one cares.

I just…. maybe it’s just who I hang out with, maybe it’s just the areas I’ve lived in, maybe it’s just me not really paying attention to anything but I’ve never witnessed half of what most people on social media talk about.
So, can we please remember that not everything that happens in America happens in the rest of the world
That would be nice. 

~ Tartarus