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Does Ryan Ross hate his fans?

So in response to an ask I got, I thought I’d make a detailed post 

First of all I want to stress the fact that Ryan Ross is a shy, awkward guy. Naturally, people tend to compare him to Brendon. But while Brendon is excitable and wild, Ryan’s quiet and introverted. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just their personalities.

Post split, a fan sent him flowers on his birthday. When she met him after a TYV concert and asked him if he got them:

His reaction when a fan gave him a gift basket:

LJ era excerpts showing how he appreciates fans’ art even if they aren’t confident about it. More recently he’s also appreciated fan art on ig 

An Afysco era discussion, basically the same topic

He’s always pretty polite and respectful

  • Recently Z Berg talked about how he’s internet shy. So he’s not too active on social media.(x)
  • Another very important point is that his ex manager, sh**e used to post nasty shit from Ryan’s accounts, posing as Ryan, which confused and hurt fans.(x)
  • Sometimes, his sarcasm can be misinterpreted, but trust me he’s just trying to be sassy
  • Ryan used to feel bad about not being able to sign everyone’s stuff. Even after he’s been musically inactive I’ve never heard of him denying a fan a photo
  • Ryan has said he doesn’t mind fans illegally downloading his music for free.
  • That story about how he had so many stuffed toys in his bunk that he could barely fit but he didn’t want to throw them out cuz they were gifts from fans.
  • He gives good hugs??? jfgjkfkl

In conclusion, my boy is just shy, he’s said it millions of times. But it doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate his fans. I’m pretty sure he understands us pretty well. 


Thank you for all the nice messages guys but truthfully– I am not good with complements, like I appreciate it but I don’t know how to respond which ends up awkward or it would seem like I don’t care…but it’s hella nice reading all of your guys’ messages– it brighten my day so thanks. Also– the blog just recently hit over 1k followers so that’s pretty dope. Lets go for a ride yo, cya.

Socially Awkward

Pairing: Cas x Reader
Words:  941
Requested by @llamas16:  Idk how your requests work but I would like to request a Cas x reader fic where the reader is very socially awkward and so is Cas so dean and sam try to hook them up and it ends in either smut or fluff or both? You don’t have to but I would love it if you did :)

A/N: If you want tagged in anything, send an ask.

          You had been hunting for a while before you met Sam and Dean. When you met them, you made a great impression. You had just taken out a poltergeist. You were pumped full of adrenaline. But as soon as they started talking to you, you froze and couldn’t figure out to speak English.

           Dean had asked your name and you had spaced for a good thirty seconds before you actually said Y/N.

           Sam had asked how long you had been hunting and you said “Long time. Since kid,” you inwardly chastised yourself for not being able to people.

           You were sure, after that first encounter, that you wouldn’t see the Winchester’s again. But fate would have it that you would end up hunting with them.

           “Y/N, I think we have someone you should meet,” Dean said, smirking a little when the three of you walked out of the house after taking care of the witch.

           “Dean . . .” Sam had looked over at him, seeming to sense what his brother was getting at. You weren’t sure if Sam approved or not.

           “Dude, they’d be perfect for each other,” Dean said.

           Sam sighed, “Don’t force it.”

           “Guys, I’m right here,” you said, feeling like you were an invisible onlooker in this conversation.

           “We know,” Dean said, “Sorry.”

           “Wanna let me in on the secret?” you asked.

           “We will.”

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Story time: I’m sitting in the kitchen and my mother just says “What’s the picture of the two women and children on your wall..” And I’m staring at the computer thinking, how does one explain a photo of SuperCorp with their pretend children…. She then asked if “they are lesbians… and if they are from ‘Wonder Girl’, do they have children on the show, if they’re not lesbians together on the show, why do they make photos of them together?” 

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She was referring to the beautiful family portrait based off of SilentRain’s fanfic Breathe done by the amazing @tantoun (x)

Confessing to Baze, his friend of so many years, the one from whom he had become inseparable from even in childhood, was a daunting task. But he did it – because love, too, cannot be stopped, can’t be torn away from him, nor would he ever lie to the other. He considered a range of possibilities from the negative (awkwardness, the erosion of their friendship, the unlikely but still frightful disgust) to the positive (acceptance, happiness, maybe even reciprocation). But Chirrut never expected this. Baze doesn’t just reciprocate his feelings; he treasures them, gives them back tenfold, years of pent-up affection spilling out at the first opportunity this poor neglected boy has ever had. Every moment alone, there are Baze’s hands at his shoulder, his waist, his cheek, not quite possessive but appreciative in a way that makes Chirrut’s face go red. It almost hurts, sometimes, to think how completely Baze has been without love his whole life to make him so thankful just to be cared for. Despite the pain that lurks between hugs and kisses taken with shy eyes and hesitant smiles at every single chance, Chirrut catches his tears only once. Baze sleeps with his head on Chirrut’s chest, his body curled close, needy, though innocently – they haven’t even broached the topic of sex yet, both still content with exploring one new feeling at a time. Chirrut has barely drifted off when he feels Baze shudder (doesn’t hear him, there’s nothing to hear) and a moment later senses the dampness on his shirt where Baze hides his eyes.


“Don’t go,” He whispers hoarsely, whether it’s brought on by the remnant of a nightmare or a memory or just one of those worries that seems to plague him constantly. “Please don’t go.”

Seventeen - Reaction - MV Producer

@brenda-muller said:
Hellooo, it’s me again (I can stand, I love u so much). How would Seventeen react when they fell in love with their new MV’s producer?

Good to know you can stand. I am really really really really really sorry for the wait DX. My creativity is at an all time low… I swear I’ll post more often during the Easter holidays ^^


Somewhat brashly, Seungkwan approached you in his naturally confident way. After a few minutes of conversation, he’d made some awkward remark and spend the rest of the day trying to salvage what he said.

Seungkwan: “I didn’t mean to call you sexy, you’re not sexy- WAIT I’M NOT TRYING TO CALL YOU UNSEXY, PLEASE DON’T MISUNDERSTAND WHAT I’M SAYING. YOU’RE REALLY PRETTY, BUT I DIDN’T MEAN TO CALL YOU SEXY, I’M SORRY! … Please stop laughing, this is seriously embarrassing!”

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Trust me, if he was interested in you, he’d be so chill when it comes to approaching and talking to you. Flashing a toothy smile, Josh would do a cheeky little walk over whilst playing his guitar.

Joshua: “Hey! I think you’re really cool, I like you a lot! Maybe we can… hang out or something?~”

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Despite all the years that he’d been in South Korea, and despite how much his language skills had improved, everything would leave his mind in that moment when he first laid his eyes on you. Catching a few glances of you from time to time, Minghao would eventually walk over to say hello.

The8: “Umm… Hi… You’re cute.”

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Wonwoo doesn’t typically believe in love at first sight, but he would defiantly still want to have some sort of interaction with you. So, you know what he’d do? He’d pull a ‘Mansae’ and walk past your little table where you were working and leave a little snack and treat for you to enjoy.

Wonwoo: (”If I’m too shy, I’ll let my actions speak for me.”)

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As a producer himself, he’d be interested to talk to you so that you could discuss how to shoot the MV so that it would fit well with the music he made. Over time, you two would grow close since he got to work alongside you quite often, and secretly, he enjoyed being with you more than making music sometimes.

Woozi: “I wonder if I should ask them to be my muse…”

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Walking around the set, you were making a few checks, just to make sure everything was in order and safe for filming. Making your way back to your little work area, you were unaware of the random loose cable which had been left carelessly on the floor. Not seeing it, you felt your feet slip beneath you as you felt gravity pull you back; stopping suddenly, you felt a strong pair of arms quickly wrap around your torso, catching you. Looking up, you were met with the gaze of Mingyu who shyly blushed at you.

Mingyu: “You just met me today, and you’re already falling for me.”

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Despite the fact that he can be really outgoing, he can still be rather shy, especially with new people, not to mention the fact that he likes you a lot for someone he just met. After a while, he came to the conclusion that, if he was going to talk to you, he should do it sooner rather than later.

Vernon: “Hey, I’m Vernon, you’re (Y/N), right? … How are you? … Good? … Umm… N-Nice weather we’re having today… I’ve run out of things to say, haha…”

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Seungcheol: “Hello, my name is Seungcheol, I hope we will work well together.”

He’d greet you, being the leader and everything, he’d want to have some level of professionalism between you two. Through the day, however, he’d fall deeper  and deeper for you and he often found himself glancing often at you whilst you were looking elsewhere. Whilst no one was looking, he’d briskly place his phone number in your purse, hoping that you’d call / text him later.

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This smooth ass moo would charmingly walk over, easily starting up a conversation with you. Slowly, word by word, he’d slowly reveal his dorky nature to you. With every word he said, you could feel yourself falling deeper and deeper, not that you really minded.

Jun: “Usually, I’m the one that charms everyone, I guess I met my match today.~”

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DK: “Hello!”

He’d toothily grin while walking over to you. Seokmin wasn’t especially obvious that he liked you, but by the fact that he was talking to you more than his own members, you could tell something was up.

DK: “Wow, younger fun to talk to, we should do it more often!”

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The production of the MV had been going on for quite a while now, so you decided to take a break by sitting on a nearby water bank, the river flowing ever steadily. Alone in your thoughts, you were surprised when you felt someone sit next to you.

Jeonghan: “You looked a little lonley here on your own, I can’t leave someone cute by themselves, can I?”

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Being really rather young, and not particularly experienced with romance, Chan would have a hard time approaching you. When he did, his fellow band members were pushing and pulling him along towards your direction, only to leave him as a nervous mess in front of you.

Dino: “U-Umm… Hi… I’m Chan. Nice to meet you!”

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Normally, Hoshi wouldn’t really be terribly shy with strangers, but he found himself somewhat powerless in front of you. Even so, his bright and cheery nature brought him to you, grabbing a snack on his way to you.

Hoshi: “Here, make sure you eat throughout the day, producing an MV takes a lot of energy.”

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My heart has never fluttered so much in life. 2JAE made my heart bounce out of happiness. You can really tell that they genuinely care for one another be it in a brotherly (lol) way or romantically (lol) whatever it may be, they really just have something special. The way their convo just naturally went on and just gawddd they were so soft. When Jaebum mentioned that he and Mark had an argument after MarkJae fought and JB asking Mark why he treated YJ like that. Ugh everything just I'm ughh

my hearts fluttering too anon,, the liev was so cute and soft im so happy they did it together!! i love how comfortable they are with each other and how their conversations are so natural, they listen to each other well and it never feels awkward to me which is amazing bc my mind perceives almost everything as awkward like even a little silence feels awkward to me but with 2jae it never does??? i just really love their relationship so much its so cute :((( they’re so soft and they’re always taking care of each other, honestly hearing that story of jaebum fighting with mark bc he got mad at youngjae made my heart feel so warm like he’s always defending youngjae and its just?? so?? beautiful???

Q. Who will you introduce to other people as someone loyal? 
YJ: Jaebum 
JB: Youngjae 

they really said this wow i love love :((((

Got7 reaction to being sexually frustrated with you, their friend...

Request:  Hi ! I must say that so far the reactions I’ve seen have been very well written ! Could you do a reaction or a fake text of Got7 and how they would react after or during a random sexually frustrated with you, their friend? Like suddenly being very close or having intense eye contact. Thanks a lot!

A/N: The gifs were kind of tricky for this one lol anyway, if you have a request just send it in and we will be more than happy to complete it! Thanks for all the support! You guys are amazing! -Admin Totoro

Mark: The intense eye contact would make him super fidgety. He wouldn’t be able to sit still and that cute awkward smile that he has when he’s nervous would appear in his face. If it seemed like you would want to be more than friends, then eventually he would make a move but otherwise you better be prepared for awkward Mark.

Jaebum: On the outside it would seem like he was not fazed by the close proximity but on the inside he would be freaking out. The only way you could tell that he had a slight problem would be from the lack of eye contact and he would be a little awkward. He keeps mostly to himself anyway so you would have to really watch him to notice anything different.

Jackson: Usually Jackson is very energetic but with you, he was very stiff and he didn’t make a lot of eye contact like he does with everyone else. He is also a very touchy person but in this situation with you he would try his best to keep his hands to himself. He would still try to make you laugh though. Wang puppy would still be out and about but maybe not as much when he was around you.

Jinyoung: Jinyoung would be similar to Jaebum but he would be able to hide his feelings better. You would not be able to tell that he was in this situation with you except for the fact that he kept breaking eye contact with you. That would be the only hint. Since he is usually reserved his actions would remain the same.

Youngjae: There is nothing that Youngjae can hide. He would be a blushing mess every time you made intense eye contact or inn close proximity with each other. There would be a lot of awkward laughing with him trying to increase the distance between you two. He would even try to put a member between you so he wouldn’t make the friendship even more awkward.

Bambam: He wouldn’t be able to sit still and there would be a lot of awkward laughing. His long legs would be shaking constantly and he would not be able to stop little awkward laughs from escaping him. He would try to keep it toned down so that he wouldn’t make it awkward between the two of you but most of the time he would be a hyper mess trying to keep his mind off of you.

Yugyeom: His shyness would immediately come out and he would get awkward really quickly. He wouldn’t be able to keep eye contact with you and he would stay quiet while he was around you. If you talked to him directly he would respond but if the group was chatting then he wouldn’t be talking very much maybe letting out an awkward laugh here and there.



This is so precious~

Look at how *mommy* Minho tenderly held the baby.

Look at how awkward *daddy* Onew standing there, having no idea what to do.


I’m so incoherent right now

*crying pitifully in the corner*

Thank you so much for submitting this! It’s so sweet to see Minho being so loving and goofy, isn’t it? And our Jinki hasn’t changed one bit, even since 2010 he only likes babies from a distance/in theory hehe

-Admin M

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I'm celebrating my birthday soon with my mom's side of the family. They all know I'm trans and they don't really care (in a good way) but they haven't seen me since I started T. I sound and look completely different and I'm afraid that they'll be too weirded out or shocked. How do I make things less awkward for all of us?

Kii says:

Maybe call/text them (or have your mom do it) and say “Just a heads up, I started hormones so I have (deeper voice, facial hair, etc). I wanted to tell you so it didn’t shock you when you saw me.” They might ask questions, but if they’re supportive, those questions likely come from a place of curiosity and interest.


I was gonna do a lyric one but since that failed I decided to just do gifs of the dynamic duo. I love how they are with each other honestly, they have a really cute close friendship with each other.

Jak and Daxter are pretty much like Yin and Yang, they bounce off each other pretty well and I just love how awkward or dorky they can be around each other.

Like you almost forget they’re still kids (like 17) at the end of the day and they’re doing such a dangerous journey that could result in death and yet during it they can like smile and laugh.

i wasn’t fond of jaymes based on mtq and mainly bc of her voice (which is lame ik lol), but after watching the first ep im rooting for her like they’re giving her an underdog edit and they played that dumb music during her entrance to heighten the awkwardness like leave her alone i can relate to how she’s feeling like everything she said during untucked and clearly feeling a little out of place and unprepared, that would literally be me i hope she finds her footing and blossoms or whatever

For ships with children

A and B are gettin’ nasty and their (very young) child walks in on them, frantically asks what’s wrong (because the noises they were making sounded like pain/they broke or knocked down something by accident/etc.)

Now they have a problem, they really can’t take all the time to explain the birds and the bees right now, so they have to reassure the child that nothing’s wrong, but also make it sound like it’s something the child shouldn’t do. So they make up something about how they’re doing some really dangerous training, you have to be much older to do it. Awkward but it works.

The child asks how old you have to be to do it. If the two of them have not discussed this yet they now have another problem. They both blurt out an age–bonus points if it’s two different ages and they then awkwardly come to a compromise like “Sixteen!” “Eighteen!” “Si..” “Seven…?” “Seventeen?” “Seventeen.” “Seventeen.”

Once the child leaves, how they carry on is up to you. Does one yell at the other like “what the heck were you having sex when you were sixteen??” Are they still gonna do it or is the mood killed?

BONUS: The child, upon reaching the age mentioned (ex 17), remembers that instance and is like “HOLY SH–”

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Does Riskua's still know how to make log posts? Did she tell the boys about them? (Maybe a scene where they're pestering her for info on the Grand Line?) Someone (probably Makino, but bonus points for Garp and/or Mihawk) trying to give Riskua The Talk. We've seen Luffy and Ace's birthdays, and Sabo's was mentioned, but what did they all do the first time Riskua's rolled around?

Sitting in a clearing, just herself and Mihawk, Riskua stares her uncle down, waiting for him to open the discussion. Because he clearly wants to talk about something. But what? 

A minute passes, and Riskua lets an eyebrow rise. 

“Are we gonna sit here, or are we gonna train, Uncle?” 

“… You need the sex talk.”

Fuck that.

“Makino’s already given it to me,” Riskua blurts out, hands clenching into fists at how rapidly those words leave her mouth. A huge indicator she’s lying. 

“She has not. I have already spoken to her.” 

Well shit.

“I already know it all.”

“About procreation-”


“And the diseases-”


“And how your father and I will obliterate any who mistreat you?” 

Well, she didn’t know that one, but it’s implied by Shanks’ behaviour back when she’d showcased more knowledge on the topic than he’d seemed comfortable with. 

“I assumed so.”

“Very well.” 

Riskua can hear the relief those two words scream. 

She feels much the same way. 

“Happy Birthday, Riskua! You’re three today.”

Rolling her eyes, the red-head flicks Sabo across the nose as he laughs, Luffy falling into a fit of giggles beside him as even Ace grins. 

“I’ve lived the same number of days any twelve year old would, idiots.”

“Yeah, but your birthday is on the 29th of February. So really, you’re only on your third birthday. So there.” 

“Sabo’s got a point,” Ace snorts, throwing her a toddler’s shirt, ‘I’m three today’ scrawled across it and made more presentable as a birthday present with a cutesy little bow. 

“You’re all horrible people.” 

“Does a three year old even know what horrible means?”

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Thinking about Laurent and how he might have grown up if his life hadn't gone down the shitter: I feel like he'd have retained a lot more of his shyness (without being forced to compensate for it by being The New Heir & defending himself from the Regent's fuckery), but at the same time remained more trusting and unguarded (perhaps easier for an alt-universe Damen to befriend by striking up a conversation about the book he's reading <3) Definitely still wicked intelligent and full of sarcasm tho

ahh yes!! i picture him as having been shy and super nervous around Damen who he would have had a MAJOR crush on but when it actually came down to it he was still snarky and sassy and could definitely hold his own in banter. Damen would just be so pleasantly baffled by this enigma of a person who’s awkward as hell but still so intelligent and confidently sarcastic.

and omg please Laurent telling Damen all about his favorite books and how he loves horse riding and Damen telling Laurent about his love for wrestling and suggesting that he could teach him sometime and Laurent thinks about how Akielons wrestle naked and blushes furiously :’) 

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That scene in John Adams hbo where Abigail gets all dolled up and John sees her and he's like "😍😍😍!!!" and Abby's just like "I fear I make an awkward sight" and John's just like "are u kidding me Abigail I literally can't breathe rn bc of how gorgeous u look, let's find an empty room and make out"



I was talking with a friend about an upcoming page for Closure and it reminded me of this thought I had a while ago, about how silly it is that Ridhais’ dialogue indicates that she doesn’t really know the Commander at all, despite claiming to have served in Orr and Maguuma as Trahearne’s guard.  Although it really is just a continuity thing, it’s funny to imagine that, particularly in Ive’s canon, awkward shy Trahearne very purposefully tries to get Ridhais to go away whenever Ive comes back to the Pact.  Or she’s just that oblivious:

Guest-starring the ever-dependable Devnet who catches absolutely everything.  And will always troll in Ive’s favor.

I’m still laughing about this help