on how bad it is

I honestly wonder how many people on this website have never had the word queer used against them as a slur a day in their life and never had any negative connotations with the word at all until they came to this website, saw the discourse, and internalized all the “queer is a horrible word and if you don’t tag the q slur it means you hate survivors of homophobic abuse!!!” bullshit and then—and only then—did they start feeling uncomfortable with the word queer.

Because I’m willing to bet it’s a lot of them.


Look, I made some knock-off Wednesday?

Remember when that Anon asked if I was still on a semi hiatus and I had said I was worried about changing it since I thought once I did something would happen were I would actually be on a semi hiatus? Well, ya, exactly what is happening. 

Watching a movie in the theater is always preferable, but a “bad” session - people talking, non stop fidgeting, a bad seat, children, teenagers - can ruin the experience.

When I first watched Rogue One, I found it only ok. I just watched it a second time, in my bedroom, on my computer, lights on, and honestly,

anonymous asked:

Drake, are you feeling bad about what happened between you, V and Cherry recently?

He also knows he acted like a child, and he isn’t happy to be like that, that’s what he means with that he don’t know nothing, and he isn’t happy to making someone angry.

I think he is being a little hard with himself, but who I’m to judge, I do things like that sometimes.

Maybe he’s a little jealous, but he does not consider it important now.

Don’t start your posts with “Oh I’m not a fan but-”

Doesn’t matter if you knew of him or not. Don’t make this about you. This is about a talented guy, a sweet and strong one that openly supported minorities, spoke up on behalf of people that have mental disorders, advocated for the LGBT community… All that while living in a society that keeps on ignoring said issues, treating them like they don’t exist. This is about a brave man that defended people that suffered from mental illnesses with his all, and as we can tell today it’s also because of how he knew what they were going through. Respect him, think about his good actions and how he did make a difference while he could. How he touched many lives. Understand that the routine idols are forced to endure have consequences. Stop ignoring that the industry is hurting these people, pay attention to what they’re really saying. Pay attention to how the companies are treating their artists. And please remind yourself that it honestly doesn’t matter if they’re constantly smiling - you don’t know how they’re truly feeling. Please, please take mental health seriously and take the time to be kind to others.

When I say, “My anxiety is acting up,” I’m really saying, “There’s no reason to be afraid. It’s just my disorder talking, and I can do something to calm down.” It’s positive.

When I say, “My depression is bad today,” I’m really saying, “I’m not worthless and I don’t deserve to die or give up. It’s just my disorder talking, and I should get up and look for what’s good about today.” It’s positive.

When I say, “My ADHD means my brain is wired differently,” I’m really saying, “I’m not a stupid piece of shit who will amount to nothing. It’s just that my brain needs help making certain connections and chemicals, and with certain processes, and there are lots of things I can try to work with it instead of against it.” It’s positive.

Talking about and accepting my disorders is the most radically positive thing I can do. It isn’t pessimism; it’s optimism. It isn’t defeatism; it’s hope. It’s direction, and action, and learning to regain control of my life.

So I don’t give a fuck if it annoys you or makes you uncomfortable. I don’t care if you think I need to think of myself as “more than my disorders”. Because I don’t think that having disorders makes me lesser. And I’m not going to silence myself because you disagree.

You’re fucking wrong, and I won’t let my own silence be the death of me.