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I mean, the majority of his tweets are about the band? He tweeted after the brits, for Niall's single, the band's anniversary... All his friends and family went hard during the brits with the #. What do people want?

i know i’m literally

Happy birthday to my love, Bang Yongguk ❤

Honestly I’m a bit weary of posting this because its no where as nice as my digital art. But I wanted to try something new for this very special man that has kept my head up and my eyes on my dreams. Without his inspiration and seeing the drive he has to do what he loves for us and himself I would have already quit art and gave up on everything I loved. I want to thank him in every single way for this and everything he has done for us. He deserves the world and we Babyz can give it to him ♡ 

…I’ll be honest. i took one look at the sketch for this and though yeeeah, fuck no. So no lineing or proper colouring im afraid. But anyway here’s Redglare for @tereziweek

This is actually a reference to @tofurkinator‘s fanfic where CPS actually does their fuckin job and takes kid Dave away from Bro. Redglare is the officer in charge and kicks Bro’s ass.

So there’s a project at work that I’ve been trying to get moving for well over a year now. It’s been stalled several times, all by people well above my paygrade. 

In late January we started a pilot with a business area to test our procedures, complete the project tasks, and give us feedback. This pilot was stalled because the business area chosen was so small that they didn’t have any tasks specific to them to complete for the pilot. 

So we got a different business area and our initial meeting with them was what prompted this post where I felt really jazzed about everything.

Yesterday this business area completed one of the tasks of the project. All on their own. There is a connection to my library that I didn’t make (that’s a good thing). Today they made another 10 connections and gave us wonderful feedback on our procedures and the amount of time it took them to complete each connection. 

I am spectacularly emotional about this. I finally feel like I’ve accomplished something in this job, that I’ve made good, solid progress for once (I’ve made progress on other things, of course, but they didn’t feel nearly this significant). 

Yesterday I took a screenshot and put it up over my work computer. 

I like giving villains second chances because I don’t know where I’d be had the same not been done for me.

Being better is a choice, so please give people the chance to make it.

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I bought a ticket for EXOrDIUM in NJ April 25 but my parents say if I go I have to start paying rent, water, light, and food bill as a student and waitress I cannot afford I'm going to give it away even though it GA floor do you have any advice how to convince my parents i really want to go I cried already... tons but I'll give it away to an EXO-L only if I must Help me pls

uhh okay first of all wtf?? how does that even make sense?? why would you need to start paying rent for going to an exo concert? like theres literally no logic behind that thats so ugly,,,,,? Im sorry but I rlly dont know what advice I should give because this is literally just %)$U)/%??????:( like,,whats up with your parents why are they like this?? I dont understand this im actually getting angry…

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So i have a doubt: is your wife really your wife like are y'all married or are y'all in a relationship or are y'all tumblr wives sorry I'm just Hella confused as to what to refer to you guys


Good Things are coming


we finally have a girl who does :”^) 


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