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Delitoonz - Guy Love!

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Adult!Bakushima/Kiribaku being like:

- Kirishima: “fuck me stupid.”
- Bakugou: “fuck me, stupid.”

Which convey different meanings…but get the same result nonetheless.

ok so i’ve seen a lot of ppl stressing over a supposed “dark end” in dream daddy, and i haven’ played the game, and i’m not sure i will, not because it doesn’t look good, but because dating sims really aren’t my thing, and i haven’t played one since my tweens, but two things:

it would be almost genre breaking not to have a super fucked up over the top bad ending, like i said my experience is limited, but that’s the reality of even the fluffiest of dating sims - i played one in an all-girls academy, fuck if i remember which one, but in the bad ending a cute innocent girl turned out to be a murderous vampire… or something, other than that all the bad endings were just you not getting together with the girls

two things:

the bad ending is usually hard to get, like Easter egg hard, like knock twice on a door in game at irl midnight or smth (unless it’s a super dark game, in which case the good ending is the hard one to get - that doesn’t seem to be the case with dream daddy)

or alternatively: a punishment for your assholery as a player, it might require you to be an unrelenting asshole to one or more characters, in that case you get the over the top bad ending because you had it coming.

also, there is no canon ending in dating sims, come on, don’t be dense. 

you know how most tv shows that are supposed to take place in the past do their best to try to make the outfits and costumes look historically accurate, like the tudors and the borgias and any other show that generally takes place in the past do a decent job at making the outfits accurate 

then there’s reign 

like i know it’s on the CW network or whatever and it’s all about creating petty drama that teenagers love but like

they didn’t even fucking try

Old friends [Aaron Hotchner]

Words // 2892

Warnings // None

Summary // You happen to be in Virginia and decide to drop by one tow friends

A/N // So I’ve been slaving away in my room, writing my book for most of this month but NanoWrimo is ending and I’ve almost finished it so I tried to write this in the mean time, I actually want this ro be part of a series but it also works stand-alone.

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You smiled as you finally arrived at the floor where you had intended to go, you had been rather excited to return. It had been ages since you had been in Virginia and specifically Quantico and also at the BAU. As you stepped inside the familiar building which felt both like home but a little odd you were immediately approached by an agent.

“Ma’am, do you have a reason to be here? You can’t just enter.” You nodded with a small smile and pulled out your badge.

“Is this good enough, I’d hope so or this could suddenly become really uncomfortable. Either way, I’m just visiting a friend so don’t worry too much.” The agent inspected your badge and realized it was legit and if you were working in this department you would actually be his superior with the rank that was listed.

“Right, right.’’ The agent said a little uncomfortable and you felt somewhat bad for him, whilst the agent was walking back to his desk and you slid the badge back in your backpocket you suddenly heard your name very loudly, you glanced around the room and saw Emily. You two hadn’t worked together too long but the short time that you did the two of you formed a rather close friendship and usually called once a week, she would tell you about the things she had been doing and you would about what you were doing, whilst you two never said to not talk about work both of you tended to avoid it.

“Y/N! I didn’t expect to see you here, didn’t you say you were free?” The two of you hugged quickly and you nodded.

“Yes, never thought I’d find myself in an FBI building during my free time but my best friend has a high-school reunion close here along with her parents, I got some friends left so I decided to tag along with her, she decided to go shopping, my friends weren’t available and I wasn’t too keen on being dragged around the whole day so I decided to drop by, see you and the team, I think I know a lot of people here, if they’re still here.” You said with a little chuckle,

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