on hope alone

I feel really weird for asking this but could you please pray for me. I’m surrounded by worry and pain and am kinda freaking out right now. I’m trying to trust in the Lord and calm down, but honestly right now I feel just like fighting and crying. Which probably isn’t the best response

If you don’t want to that’s fine but if you do end up praying for me I’d really appreciate it.


Happy Birthday, Jack.

Sorry it took so long, but the above requests (from 2 anons and @super-magical-wizard, @boopymooplier and @antiisepticeye) all seemed like a good plot for a short comic, so I thought why not. Sorry this is late, but happy birthday @therealjacksepticeye :) I hope you and @wiishu had a great time <3


BTS You Never Walk Alone Lockscreen

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