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  • Taehyung, innocently: What is a 'bottom'?
  • Jungkook: Jimin
  • Seokjin: Namjoon
  • Hoseok: Yoongi
  • Jimin:
  • Namjoon:
  • Yoongi:
  • Yoongi: remind me again why do i love you
Shark week survival guide.

Today I woke up ridiculously bloated only to discover I got my period a day earlier. Anyways it’s actually a relief since there was a small fear in the back of my mind that I might have gotten myself in trouble, after drinking my ass off and then fucking the barman (I had the suspicion that he might have taken the condom off later during sex, which he later reassured me he didn’t but you can never be too safe with men…) I am also planning to test myself for STD’s not that he had something but you know just to be safe and out of respect for my future partners. Anyways enought of this nonesense drama, so my bloating is like… extravagant! It might be the fact that I was sick and im still on antibiotics(they have recked havoc on my gut :’/) but im feeling so bad and I thought I’d share with you my advice on how to get through this.

Time to wash all that blood off…

-A hot bath.                                                                                                         Not too hot and avoid it all together if you’re a heavy bleeder. It will help ease the cramps though and relax you in general, we all know how cranky we get during that time. Add some vanilla, you favorite bath melt or some essential oils (but for gods shake no shower gels! Remember the Kitty post?) Treat yo’self princess.

-Loads of water.                                                                                                  A hydrated uterus is a happy uterus. Everything will function much better plus drinking water will help release some of that water weight your belly’s been holding onto for dear life.

-Tea.                                                                                                                     Tea’s like water but also good for your soul. Go for green tea for a punch of antioxidants, chamomile tea because you’re a fucking fairy and you love your floral water or lipton cupcake tea beacause you’re on your period and you feel like it. (optional add-ins: honey, coconut sugar, maple syrup.)

-Pamper yourself.                                                                                              Shave, wash your hair, scrub, apply a thick coat of that delicious body butter, spray your favorite perfume, change your sheets, light a candle or two, play some music or watch your favorite series (Supernatural fans I’m looking at you…)

-Don’t eat unhealthy.                                                                                         I know baby girl, I know, those donuts are calling your name and there’s a tub of ice cream waiting to be bought just from you, but I promise you, you’ll feel like crap after all that… So skip the french fries and reach for some fresh salad or a nice plate of spaghetti al pomodoro fresco e basilico (Cause you’re a fancy bitch).

-Do eat though.                                                                                                    Fresh fruits and veggies, legumes, meat… all that stuff’s so good for you and your tummyin distress. Keep full so you don’t get extra bitchy but also fuel your body correctly. It will help with all the pms symptoms.            

-Exercise.                                                                                                              No, bad girl, don’t just slouch on your couch all day. Those cramps sure are a hell of an excuse to nap extensively but it won’t do you any good. Do sleep adequetly but get up and get active! You’ll feel so much more energized.

-Bonus tips:

Avoid tampons, they’re extremely unhealthy, opt for pads or menstrual cups instead.

Rinse your coochie after every visit to the bathroom with plenty of lukewarm water and carry baby wipes with you when you go out. ( I like to use babywipes in general but especially during my period as they clean everything so much better and freshen you up!)       

Carry an “emergency” bag. Have some pads,a clean pair of underwear, your babywipes, some tissue and a wet bag for accidents. Keep one in your purse, in your car, at your boyfriends house, work, school, etc… Plus try and keep an extra pair of pants wherever possible.

Listen I know we all want Robert and Aaron back together, but Aaron hasn’t had any dick but Robert’s since 2014! That makes me extremely sad😭 ugh could you imagine?!

While Robert got to smash Chrissie and Rebecca…that shit ain’t fair! At least let him get some rando dick in peace and see it doesn’t compare..like damn let him hoe for a minute

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juju-liu  asked:

Ahh I love your blog!! I'm starting new and it's hard to find good advice for POC. I currently have a few guys I've been talking to, I just don't know how to have the conversation about money or when they message me - all they do is say Hi. I don't want to have the boring conversation of hi back and how are you doing. Any tips?!

I’m so sorry honey. I’m just now seeing this. Unfortunately we have to have that boring talk lol. We want to come off as sweet girls who care about them and not gold diggers even though we are. Ask them how they’re doing? Make it seem like you have a genuine interest in them. It’ll then allow him to open up more. That’s what I do and honestly it works for me. After I get a feel for them I go in. I ask them how their search is coming along? What is it that they’re looking for? Just to make sure our interest coincide with one another. If they don’t the conversation ends. Men who aren’t naturally a conversationalist are kind of hard to talk to. I need to be able to hold a conversation with you. I’ll try a couple of times to spark up the conversation but if he’s only sending me a few words, I cut it short. Leave his ass on read. He’ll come back and try again if he’s really interested. I’ve even had some men whose never had an arrangement but because I “fake care” so much they’re down to try it. This is a damn acting job. Well all deserve Emmy’s for the performance we put on.

I hope I answered your question. If anyone else has any input please feel free to add.

tiredtoothache  asked:

List 3 facts about your favorite sims couple! Send this to 10 simblrs who have some of the most adorable couples.

1. this ho still calls cayden like binch ur supposed to be in space can u not

2. their favorite show to watch together is meerkat manor bc they know what quality television is

3. every saturday night they order food w/o the kids when they are asleep and never tell them and the kids still don’t know that even tho they act like health freaks sometimes they eat greasy shit every weekend like GOOD PEOPLE

that is all lol thx for askin!!!