on his shoulder


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Chapter Fifteen: The Quidditch Final

Then Wood was speeding toward him, half-blinded by tears; he seized Harry around the neck and sobbed unrestrainedly into his shoulder. Harry felt two large thumps as Fred and George hit them; then Angelina’s, Alicia’s, and Katie’s voices, “We’ve won the Cup! We’ve won the Cup!” Tangled together in a many-armed hug, the Gryffindor team sank, yelling hoarsely, back to earth.

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viktor nikiforov, killed by yuuri katsuki's thighs in leggings

Friday is movie night.

Victor reclines on the couch, Makkachin resting on the floor underneath the coffee table, a blanket pulled around his shoulders. He shifts to make room for Yuuri, because Victor has learned over time that lying with him horizontally on the couch is much, much better than simply sitting beside him, despite the fact that it’s not the ideal angle for viewing the television screen.

He grabs the television remote and starts to flip through the channels to find something when he hears the bedroom door open. He glances over his shoulder and his fingers go limp.

(Yuuri is wearing leggings.)

(Yuuri Katsuki is currently walking towards him, wearing leggings.)

Victor wonders how it’s possible to love someone so much despite that someone’s constant attempts to kill him. They’re black, tight. Victor has always known what his favorite part of Yuuri’s body is, but it’s as though Yuuri is trying to pound this fact into the ground. He watches as Yuuri sits on the edge of the couch, rubbing his hands together in an attempt to warm himself. “What movie?”

A pause.

“Is there anythin–are you staring at my thighs?”

Victor, without a word, turns the television off.

They don’t end up watching a movie.

They say not to bring home girls with hollow backs, boys with wings under their skin. But this is neither of our homes, and somehow I think that protects us both. On his land, I don’t think he would dare to touch me.  When the night began to grey I heard the first peals of the bell and then the cawing of the crows. I curled my face in to his shoulder and breathed him in, almost surprised at how solid and present he still was. Wood smoke pine maple sweat sweet sky wine and something animal and alive. He didn’t smell like he’d be gone in a few hours, but fairy gold never does for all that it’s made in their image. Though perhaps made in mine too, being gone just as soon, and his sort always did love shiny things. For a moment, his face winks out in to the darkness, but when I look back up from his shoulder it is there again, gently blowing smoke in his sleep.  With the next ringing the crows again threatened to drag the sky in to daylight but darkness still held our corner of the room. Light enough though that for a moment I was scared to turn around, that though I could newly see, I would not find him laying against my back where I’d remembered him, or that he would be wearing a different skin. A deep inhale behind me, an exhale through the nose that blows cool air between my shoulder blades, where he had asked me to press against on his own back a few hours before (“a thumb, or your chin”), a curious feeling of wings under skin when I did so. I had rested my face there, wrapped my arm around and nearly scorched my fingers when they rested above his heart. I find myself surprised at the lack of fire on his breath now, though his chest still heats the bed on its own. When I wake in a few hours the muscles between my own shoulder blades will be unusually tight, but for now I let the steady puffs of air pull me back to sleep. I do not turn to look.  He was up before the third chime, and suddenly – no more space between us, no careful blanket distance or borderlands. He wrapped around me less like a man than a large cat, a dragon curled round its hoard. There was the sense beyond what I could touch, of too much body and too many limbs, collapsing in to materialization upon contact, a flock a birds landing on me relentlessly one after another, shockingly heavy in their multitude. And then as quick, untangled and up, putting on boots heavier than they should need to be and gathering bits of himself from around the room.  As he opened the front door, I heard the ring of the third bells, but now, no crows cawing. They wait. When the door closed behind him, a sunbeam filled the space he left, illuminating the yellow stairs with his afterimage, the radiance of transformation. From outside, I heard something like a purr, footsteps rumbling and rolling, and a great rustling, as though a tree had unfurled all its leaves at once with the snap of a lady’s fan, as though they had browned and dropped crackling against each other in the next breath, as though a great many wings were headed skyward and south, away from the still-warm bed and me in it. They say not to go home with girls with hollow backs, boys with wings under their skin. I wonder if a kiss can be somewhat like a bite of food, a taste of something irrevocable, a contract signed on contact. I wouldn’t know. We don’t kiss. Just hold each other or more often a careful space between. We chart a different elsewhere in this no mans land between bodies. Although somewhere the sap boils in to syrup and perhaps there will come a time when the crows demand their gold paid in truths…here, now, this, is enough.  With the third set of bells he was gone, and a little later so too was I.  


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Hi! Could you please write a fic in which Reggie and his jock friends harass Betty for dating the "weird kid"? Thank you in advance!

I love doing these!

“Elizabeth Cooper, my very favorite blonde.”

Betty cringed at the familiar voice of Reggie Mantle, she looked over to the boy next to her currently holding her hand and carrying her backpack on his shoulder, she knew her boyfriend hated Reggie, and while she saw the way he treated Jughead, Reggie had never done anything to her and she wasn’t raised to be rude (contrary to her incredibly awful mother, Betty Cooper had class.)

So she turned around, moving Jughead with her, as he set his jaw and put on his positively bored expression.

“What’s up Reggie?” She asked politely, squeezing Jugheads hand.

Sure enough, half the football team staggered almost single file behind their captain.

“Nothing much, sweet stuff. How about joining us for some late night tailgating before the big game tonight? I mean you are a vixen now.” He eyed her tiny skirt, his eyes lingering on her legs.

She heard Jughead growl softly from beside her, trying to halt any obnoxious fight that she was sure would happen if this went any further, she shook her head, moving closer to Jughead

“Sorry Reg, me and my boyfriend always spend the few hours before the game together, maybe another time.” She turned around and started walking away when Reggie opened his big mouth one more time.

“Come on Betty, you can’t be serious, you got hot as hell this summer, you don’t have to pretend to be interested in the loner anymore. You can have anyone on the football team, even Mantle the Magnificent. Save the weird kid for.. the other weird kids.” He finished off cockily, high fiving Moose and laughing with the boys.

Jughead instantly felt Betty stiffen and he knew what ever was about to happen, was not gonna be good.

“Bets.. it’s okay, it doesn’t matter, just…”

She whipped around so fast her perfectly in tact ponytail smacked him square in the face.

“Really Reggie? The weird kid? You really think you’re one to talk?” She snorted wickedly, as the boys in front of her watched her wide eyed, almost flinching at the venom coming out of her mouth “you’re the fakest boy in this high school, you hated football, remember that? You used to say "I don’t ever wanna go near that stupid ball, it’s made out of pigskin did you know that?” You wanted to be a veterinarian, you were a vegetarian. You got kicked out of elementary school for smuggling squirrels inside from recess.“

Jughead bit the inside of his cheek, trying desperately not to laugh. Betty meant business and she was not playing around.
While Jughead held in his laughter, the rest of the team was practically crying in hysterics.
But she wasn’t finished

"And you! Moose.” The bulky boy immediately cut off his laugher “you didn’t know how to spell "dinner” until you were 13. So I don’t want to see you laughing at anything this airhead says.“

The muscular boy, nodded quickly ducking His head "yes mam.”

She turned almost too slowly to Reggie again, he was still recovering from her digs

“So before you think of calling my boyfriend "the weird kid” again, you might wanna think back to who helped you hide three stray kittens in his garage when your mom wouldn’t let you keep them. Jughead is the best damn boy in this high school and it would do all of you good to remember that.“ She turned on her heel, connecting hands with jughead again and pulling him along.

He couldn’t wipe the grin off of his face as Betty pulled him into the blue and gold office in a huff
"Ridiculous, the way social hierarchies are established so early on in developmental…”

Jughead cut off her rambling by placing a deep, dizzy kiss to her lips.

She pulled back smiling, her eyes foggy and a goofy grin on her face that matched his

“What was that for?” She giggled

He smiled, pressing another kiss to her forehead
“Just for being you, Betty Cooper.”

Let’s talk about Poe Dameron for a minute. Not the fandom created “flirty, cocky smart mouth” Poe Dameron, but the real and incredibly interesting Poe Dameron.

This is a man who risks his own life, dives back into the line of fire, in order to save someone who got left behind. He willingly runs back to rescue Threepio when the latter can’t keep up in Issue #12 (or #13, I can’t remember which) and literally picks Threepio up and throws him over his shoulder.

This is a man who is so dedicated to the cause, that even Leia Organa, Queen of Dedicated, comments that she sometimes worries “what that dedication may cost him.”

This is a man whose enemy makes the comment that he “has” to save everyone, and it’s true. Poe wants/needs to save everyone, and when he can’t? It breaks his heart:

This is a man who went through physical torture long before he went through mental torture under the hands of Kylo Ren. He endured the physical torture for an undocumented amount of time without breaking. And under the imminent threat of mental torture, all he says is “The Resistance is not intimidated by you.” 

Poe is the man who broke regulation to find out what the First Order what was up to after a close friend of his was killed in a battle and the New Republic wouldn’t do anything about it (which led to him joining the Resistance). This is the man who couldn’t even voice the possibility of BB-8 possibly being destroyed. 

And above all, he’s loyal. Extremely loyal. To his family, to the cause, to Leia, to his squadron, to his droid. He goes back to Jakku for BB-8, and you can bet that even if BB-8 hadn’t had the map, Poe would have still gone back for it. He hates not being able to trust his squadron, he gets openly frustrated (even with BB-8) after realizing that there could be a traitor in his squadron*

He gets even more frustrated and upset when both BB-8 and Threepio “sacrifice” themselves so he can escape with a droid that may or may not have information regarding Snoke, and can’t believe that it’s “gotten to this point.” 

(literally don’t even get me started on that one)

Poe Dameron is literally such an interesting character and only gets more and more complex the more we learn about him. And this is all just from: one movie, 12 (or 13) comic book issues, and a short story.

I honestly can’t wait to see what they have in store next for his character.

*after a few issues of optimistically hoping that his and BB-8′s suspicions were wrong about there being a traitor.

Imagine shopping for a niece or nephew in a Toys R’ Us with Loki. He’s never been in one before and while your down an aisle looking for something, he disappears. A few minutes later you find him playing with a remote control car a few aisles over after hearing an odd noise. You find he’s knocked down two of those big caged displays of rubber balls and employees are scrambling to gather them up while parents and kids are laughing. You look at him with your arms crossed and he just shrugs his shoulders, walks away and keeps playing. You walk over and take the remote. “If you’re responsible for that, you could be kind enough to go help.” 

“If they would all just move out of the way, I could magic it all back together couldn’t I?” 

You whisper into his ear. “You know that’s not an option and if you ever want me to go on my knees for you again, you’ll be nice and go help!”

 He sighs and rolls his eyes. “Suit yourself, but this means you owe me.” 


He places a finger over your lips. “Shhh, there’s children present Darling. We’ll talk about this at home, hmm?” He walks away smirking as your jaw drops. “That’s good practice. Feel free to walk around the store like that if you feel a need to.”

pls keep Good Temple Boy Baze in ur thoughts as he tries some teenage rebellion in the hopes that Chirrut will think he’s cool (jokes on him Chirrut’s only acting out for his attention) and he gets drunk and really clingy and handsy and OVERT in a way Baze never is, and Chirrut can’t deal and runs away to blush in private because ohgod, Baze is hanging off his shoulders and slurring about how incredible Chirrut looked that one time three months ago, and that other time, and right now-

thus the beginning of Chirrut being a tad more responsible because he loves Good Temple Boy Baze and he wants him to be lucid when (if) he ever says these things again. And he doesn’t want to torture himself with Grinning Octopus Baze before they’ve even held hands, god

only a tad more responsible, though. not much

(in the chaos of post-scarif celebration, Chirrut can’t anticipate and intercept all the congratulatory drinks pressed into Baze’s hand, but he’s still able to make red faced excuses and a hasty exit for them both when things start heading towards the point of no return)

Now, I hadn’t planned to drabble this but it has been on my mind for hours nooooow!! It’s the start of Spring and lambs are allowed to skip around their excited hearts in the grass and there’s the small rows of ducks following in their mothers trail!!

Now guys, can you believe how Isak and Even took a walk today? Their hands joined together like super glue, spring-inspired lips and swimming stomachaches dancing in railroads all the way to their knees. They stop once a while, watch the lambs play tag with each other between their mothers legs. They hug and for the first time they hug outside and can actually feel it. Their arms so so close to eachother because the jackets are thinner and their hearts are that tad bit thicker.

But, it’s pink visioned on emerald green when Even looks up and sees Isak cross legged on the ground next to the lake. His jacket all falling down his shoulders but he doesn’t really bring himself to care. He looks so, vividly pastel around the new forming apple blossoms and Even’s heart blooms into the brightest fushia around his ribs. 

Because Isak is sitting there, jacket forgotten and light pants going green stained too, with the tiniest of yellow black ducks on his lap. Hes smiling that little bit, the way that breaks a scream to a tiny whisper, down and it just yaps happily at Isak’s fingers. Even hears him laugh ‘auwch’, like the way he does when he kisses him too hard or teases fingers around his bones, when it bites a little bit. 

And, god damn, Even wishes his eyes were a camera. Because if he could, he’d forever want to remember how the one that’s his started his favourite season with a chorus of birds chirping and all, without Even even needing to taste a bit of sticky sweet lemonade against his lips. 

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jumping into your inbox last-minute to ask forrrr Iggy taking his s/o round Altissia for their first date, maybe with Prompto trying to sneak along behind so he can get cute pics of them to mark the occasion? ;3 headcanons or oneshot, whichever you like!

First Date

Ignis X F!OC
Word Count: 1,947

Did someone ask for fluff? Tagging @iinkpools and @ladyscientia :)

Ignis was nervous.

When was Ignis ever nervous?

“Hey, Specs, look at you!” Prompto jeered, patting his friend on the shoulder from behind him as Ignis examined himself in the mirror. Ignis sighed, taking off his glasses and rubbing them with his cleaning cloth.

“Yes, Prompto? What is it?”

“Nothin’,” Prompto shrugged. “Just wanted to check in on you and see how you’re doing. Big date tonight, from what the Big Guy’s told me.”

Ignis sighed again, his shoulders slumping. He should have known better than to tell Gladio. Confidential information rarely stayed secret amongst the four friends. He slipped his glasses back on his face and shot a stern look at Prompto’s reflection.

“Not that it is any of your business, nor should Gladio have revealed that bit of personal information to you, but yes, I do have a date tonight. I’m afraid the three of you will have to come up with your own dinner elsewhere.”

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What about a more platonic relationship with the chocobros? With casual cheek kisses and cuddle piles with the boys?

I’m kicking off requests with this cute thing

  • Platonic relationships with the boys will be the best thing that ever happens to your honestly. It’s the ultimate friendship, and it can withstand anything. Each and every one of them will always be there for you through thick and thin whether you need comforted or you need a good laugh.
  • If someone harasses you and gives you trouble, Gladio will be right there to back you up and put this other person in their place. He’ll throw fists for you if he has to, but he’ll also be there on happy days to take you on adventures. Expect camping trips, concerts, and even the small things like going out to get ice cream in the summer (strawberry is his weakness). If you can’t see or reach something, he’s going to hoist you up on his shoulders so you can.
  • If you’re in need of snuggles, Noctis will be right there with you. He’s all about those sleepovers where everyone crams into one bed or makes a nest of blankets and pillows on the floor to sleep in, and you’ll likely wake up with him snuggled up to you, maybe even an arm draped across your middle. Closeness is key, even when just lounging on the couch playing video games and yelling at the TV.
  • If you want to have a carefree day, Prompto’s your guy. His idea of a good time is heading to an amusement park to ride everything and play those carnivals games so he can win you all of the stuffed animals (he’s especially good at the sharpshooting games), or go to the zoo and see wild animals from a safe distance where they can’t trample him. He’ll make sure to snap a bunch of pictures so you can look back at them later.
  • If a more low-key day is more you’re style. Ignis has you covered. Honestly, he’s fine with doing anything you want to do, so long as it isn’t overly dangerous, but his personal favorites are the days where you visit the art or natural history museums in the city, go see a musical, or go for a stroll in the park. Fair warning, he’ll recommend getting something to eat before or after these events, and he’ll always pay for it himself. Also, walking in the park means that he’s going to stop and pet every single dog he sees.
  • While each of these boys are fabulous friends to you on their own, nothing beats movie nights with all of them, sprawled out or tangled up on the living room couch with popcorn everywhere. Usually, Noctis is the first to fall asleep, and gradually everyone else does as well…and you’re right in the middle of the cuddle pile.

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65. "I don't want you to stop." :)

“What are you doing?” Robert slurred slightly, blinking sleepily at his husband. Aaron’s hands were on his shoulders, strong fingers working into the knots in his back, soothing his sore muscles.

Aaron just grinned at him, straddling his waist. “You fell asleep,” he said pointedly, Robert barely holding in a groan as Aaron worked through a particularly bad knot in his shoulder.

“’M sorry.” Robert had only intended to lie down for a few minutes after his shower, but the exhaustion of the last few days had caught up with him all at once. They’d all been working overtime, the scrapyard busy, Robert constantly driving to meetings for Home James, and the two of them even helping up at Moira’s farm, Adam’s mum struggling after a weeks worth of flash flooding.

He was knackered. Robert genuinely hadn’t done that much manual labour in years, and it showed - his body ached, and it wasn’t that blissful sort of ache that often consumed his body after an evening in bed with his drop dead gorgeous husband.

No, it was honestly sore, and he was exhausted.

“You were complaining your back was sore,” Aaron continued, Robert wincing as Aaron’s hands travelled downwards, working his palms into Robert’s lower back. “I figured I’d be a good husband and give you a massage.”

Robert groaned helplessly, feeling his body start to finally unwind after the week from hell. 

“I can stop, if you like.”

“God - Aaron, jesus.” Robert whined as Aaron’s hands stilled, moving away from his back. “I don’t want you to stop.”

He could practically hear the smirk in Aaron’s voice. “Your wish is my command, Mr Dingle.”

send me a number and i’ll write a drabble

Arin nearly chokes on his drink when Dan shows up to the party wearing Arin’s shirt. They’re supposed to be keeping whatever’s between them hush hush for now, not exactly a secret but not exactly a non-secret, either. But that shirt obviously doesn’t belong to Dan. It’s long enough to nearly cover his ass and the sleeves come down over his knuckles. He’s left the top three buttons undone. The fabric slides indecently off his shoulders. And Dan knows exactly how much Arin likes it when he wears Arin’s clothes. The saucy wink he sends in Arin’s direction gives him away.

Arin rationalizes that there’s no way people could know, just by looking, that the shirt belongs to Arin. Just the possibility makes Arin a little hot under the collar, though. It’s like Dan is saying, publicly, I belong to Arin.

To Arin’s credit, he manages to wait nearly an hour before he drags Dan away from the party, to the nearest empty bedroom. “Take it off,” he says, pointing accusingly.

Dan sits primly on the edge of the bed, smirks up at Arin. “Sorry, what was that?” he asks, teasing.

“You heard me. Take. It. Off.”

Dan twirls a curl around his finger. He squints up at Arin with pursed lips. “I have a better idea,” he counters. “Why don’t you come over here and make me?”

Arin doesn’t need to be told twice. He practically growls as he closes the distance between them. Dan starts to giggle and lets himself be pushed backwards onto the bed. “Come on, big cat,” he says, hands sliding over Arin’s back, his hips. It’s all the encouragement Arin needs.


Your footsteps echoed around the relatively empty street.  Between streetlights you found yourself walking faster to escape the darkness for the haven the pale yellow lights promised in the night.  You began cursing yourself for deciding to walk alone instead of take a taxi as a group of drunken guys turned the corner ahead of you onto the side of the street you were walking up.  Slowing enough to buy yourself some time, you tried to decide if crossing the street would be helpful or harmful.

Just as you stepped off the curb to try crossing the street the roar of a motorcycle reached your ears.  Pausing to watch the motorcycle fly up the street, a familiar blonde behind the handlebars gave you a smirk as he slowed to a stop right in front of you.  “Need a ride, darlin’?”

With a relieved smile you swung your leg over the bike and settled onto the seat, arms winding around Jax’s waist just as the group of drunken guys walked past you.  Jax glanced over his shoulder at you, quirking an eyebrow before revving his engine again.  “Friends of yours?”

“Just take me home, Teller.”  You teased with a roll of your eyes.


And here’s Anya’s twin! Sorry this took so long but! Better a little late than never!

[Transcript of my writing below in case you can’t read it]

* Name: Foxglove “Fox” Maddox
* Age: 19
* Bday: July 28th
* Gender: male (he/him)
* Ethnicity: Cuban, welsh/white
* Nationality: American (lived in wales as a young child, does not have a bit of an accent like Anya).
* Appearance: between 5’ 6" and 5’ 7", lean (in p good shape, but not particularly strong), medium-dark skin tone (warm undertones), large scar on back going from his right shoulder to his left hip, freckles and beauty marks on him face + body, neck length wavy brown hair (often tied up in some way or another), very dark brown eyes, medium sized round nose (slightly turned up), medium-thick brows
* Clothing: ?? Tbh I agonized over this for like an hour and kept coming up blank, so for now this is just. Up for interpretation I guess?

Note: my original idea for clothing was like. Hip hop dance clothes, and when I was looking up examples of that, I came across a picture with someone posing like the picture on the right so. Enjoy Fox in a probably v out of character pose (I haven’t really decided what his personality is yet)

Countdown to Countdown belongs to @velocesmells

Thanks! Hope you like it 💕

You Love Her

Summary: Roman is traveling with Dean and his girlfriend and he catches a sweet moment between Dean and Y/n. He realizes just how hard Dean has fallen and asks if he loves her, even though Roman already knows the answer. This one’s short but Fluffy.

*          *          *          *

WWE had just finished filming an episode of Monday Night Raw at Madison Square Garden. You weren’t feeling well, and it was freezing out considering it was in the middle of winter. You couldn’t wait to get to the next town so that you could check into the hotel and try to get some sleep.

You made it outside of the arena and flashes immediately started going off from fans trying to get a picture of Dean and Roman.

“Dean! Dean! Roman! Over here!” You heard the fans yell out. Dean acknowledged them with a little nod of his head before looking at you. He wrapped his arm around your shoulders and pulled you closer to him. You reached up and tried to cover your eyes from the flashes because they were starting to give you a headache.

“You driving or you want me to?” Dean asked as he looked over at Roman.

“I’ll drive. You drove last time.” Roman said.

Dean reached into his pocket and pulled out the keys to the rental car and tossed them to Roman. He then led you to the car and opened the door. You slid in and let out a sigh of relief to be out of sight from the line of fire of the camera flashes. Dean and Roman loaded the bags into the back of the SUV while Galina, Roman’s wife, climbed into the front seat.

You leaned your head against the window and Dean slid in next to you. He gave you a reassuring smile and reached over and put his hand on your leg. You could tell he was feeling exhausted from his match earlier in the night and the two-week tour that he’s been on. But he attempted to hide it from you.

He leaned over and gently kissed you before wrapping his arm around you. Your lips curved into a smile and you leaned your head on his shoulder as you prepared yourself for the long car ride to the next city.

“I love you.” He said.

“I love you too.” You said.

Dean and Roman were both starving after having intense matches during the show, so Roman made a pit stop at a drive thru to get some food. The guys offered to get food for you and Galina, but neither of you was hungry since you had eaten in catering at the show.

Roman was in the front seat behind the wheel, one hand on the wheel, the other in Galina’s hand as she leaned her head against the window to try and get some sleep. Dean was in the backseat with you, one hand on his lap, the other wrapped securely around you.

You tried to keep yourself awake until you got back to the hotel, but you felt yourself continuing to drift off.

“You tired?” Dean asked as he glanced down at you.

You nodded as you let out another yawn.

“Just close your eyes.” He said as his hand brought your head to lay on his shoulder. “Get some sleep. I’ll wake you up when we get there.” He said before he leaned in and pressed his lips to your forehead.

You closed your eyes and slowly started to fall asleep. You felt safe and secure with Dean’s arm around you and the warmth from his body keeping you nice and toasty despite the chilly temperature outside. Dean glanced down at you and his lips curved into a smile. He reached down and brushed a strand of hair out of your eyes.

**Roman’s P.O.V**

I glanced in the rearview mirror and saw Dean brush a strand of hair out of Y/n’s face. My lips curved into a smile as I thought about how far he had come. He had never really been one for relationships or settling down. Then Y/n happened. She turned his world upside down.

“You love her, don’t you?” I asked.

Dean looked up confused for a moment before glancing down at Y/n and nodding.

“Yeah…I do. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before. She’s my world, and it terrifies me. It terrifies me that my whole world is right here and that I could lose her at any time. No one has ever got to me like she does.” He said.

“I know man. That’s love, though. I see the way you look at her. We all know you’d take a bullet for her…so would I for this one.” I said motioning towards Galina. “I can’t believe our little Dean is falling in love.” I teased.

I glanced in the rearview mirror and saw Dean smiling as he looked down.

“To be honest, I can’t either. I never really thought I was going to find someone. I just figured maybe I was better off by myself. I mean I saw all of you guys find love and settle down, but it never happened to me. Sure I had a hookup here or there, but I never saw the same girl more than once or twice. Then I met her. Everything changed after that. Suddenly everything was about her, and all I wanted to do was make her happy. I was trading night outs with the guys for nights in with her. And I didn’t even think twice about it because all that mattered to me was seeing her happy and having her in my arms.” He said.

“You know I’ve noticed that your smile gets a hundred times brighter when Y/n is in the room,” I said.

“What can I say? She’s the one for me, I just know it. I don’t know what I’d do without her. When I have a bad match or a bad day, she’s always there to make me feel better and calm me down. She’s been there for me through ups and downs. She’s just amazing.” He said as he looked down at Y/n.

I had been a little protective of Jon since Y/n came into the picture. Jon wasn’t one for relationships or putting his heart out on the line. I was afraid she would try to change him. I didn’t want her to make him into some guy that he wasn’t. But I realized as I sat there in the car, that the guy I loved and consider a brother was still there. She hadn’t changed him into a guy he wasn’t. She just brought out a better side to him that was in there all along.

“She’s a good one, Dean. Don’t let this one go.” I said.

I watched as Dean pulled her a little closer to him. His lips curved into a smile and then his eyes met mine through the rear-view mirror.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” He said. “She’s too important to me to let her go.”

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Viktuuri coffeeshop AU? (my weaknesssssssssssssss) Viktor works there, Yuuri's tall dark and cute as hell

ft. Yurio The Reluctant Wingman   ~600 words

Viktor’s in love.

It can be argued that he’s actually just infatuated given that they haven’t had a conversation beyond getting the guy’s coffee order and a bit of whining about the weather but…

Viktor’s in love, okay?

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Rogue One Team Tattoos

Jyn- Three stars on her collarbone/ They represent each member of her family and remind her of where she came from as well as who she fights for. (after scariff she adds 5 new stars for each member of the rogue One. If you ask her about them, she simply smiles)

Cassian- His mothers name in Festian on his hip / He left her so young, he wants to make sure he’ll never forget her. He fights for her name. Whenever he feels like he can’t keep going, her name will for him.

Chirrut- Bazes face on his shoulder blade 👍🏻/ he thinks it’s a kyber crystal (baze: is amused)

Baze- Chirruts name on the back of his neck/ Chirrut has been the only constant in his life. He knows that Chirrut always has back. Whether it’s literal or not, Chirrut is right behind him.

Bodhi- A sand dune on his ankle- He lost his family on Jedha. His whole home planet was destroyed. He wanted a piece of it to be with him in every step he takes

After Scariff they all get a matching tattoo on their wrists that read:
RI- 0 BBY Hope

That’s the date of the battle on Scariff

BONUS: k-2so’s imperial symbol gets painted over with a rebel one