on his period


Frank Ocean added an annotation to Slide’s page on Genius, breaking down a lyric off of his verse.

“Boy With A Pipe” is a painting by Pablo Picasso, which was painted in 1905 during his Rose Period. The oil on canvas painting shows a Parisian boy holding a pipe in his left hand. “Boy With A Pipe” sold for a record-breaking $104.2 million.


I only have a short window before my body changes…

…Yeah I’ll say.

My version of Older!Yurio dump.



A thingy I’ve been thinking about. Imagine Genji being caught in an accident with Winston who was tinkering with Tracer’s chrono accelerator and got divided time and body wise into four tiny version of himself coming from four different time periods in his life. 

And all four wrecked shit.


I can’t believe the crack ship I’ve had since last year became the fandom’s crack ship xD  My husband and I were working on a parody VLD fan comic in August, but never got past shooting ideas back and forth and a few scripts.  The Lotor/Lance thing was going to be a minor background plot.  Here are the highlights.  

  • Lotor was the former Blue Paladin, who lived in the castle until his father betrayed everyone and he was kicked out.
  • He left behind a closet full of Blue Lion paraphernalia, which explains the blue lion slippers Lance found.
  • Lotor wants his crap back, so he sneaks onto the castle to get it back and runs into Lance.
  • “Who is this well-groomed, handsome impostor wearing my slippers?!  I must have him!”
  • Que Lotor’s obsession and Lance’s perpetual confusion.
  • Lotor’s still low-key trying to get his stuff back by periodically sneaking onto the castle, getting caught by the paladins and getting chased away by Keith.  But he’s also trying to take Lance with him every time.  Allura and Keith develop a permanent eye tic.

There was also going to be a ongoing joke in the background that Haggar’s hiding her cat and sneaking cat treats/toys into her robe in the background of Zarkon’s scenes.  I never said it was quality content, guys.

My dear lgbt+ children, 

Heteronormativity, cisnormativity and allonormativity can be just as hurtful as lgbt+-phobia. 

Your parents keep asking “Do you like any boys in your school?” but you’re into girls? I see your pain. I believe you when you say it hurts. 

Your best friend asked who you have a crush on and when you said you don’t get crushes, she laughed and said “Everyone does!”? I see your pain. I believe you when you say it hurts.  

Your SexEd teacher talks about what happens “when a girl gets her first period” and you’re a boy who just got his first period? I see your pain. I believe you when you say it hurts. 

“Other people have it worse” is a deeply insensitive remark. Please don’t let those people silence you. Turning (emotional) pain into a competition is unhealthy for everyone involved. You deserve better than that. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

PS: “Wait, what does those “normativity” words mean?” They describe the (silent) assumption that everyone is hetero/cis/feels romantic and sexual attraction or that being/feeling those things is “normal”. 

my favourite thing about this christmas special is how many clara oswald fans are raging about river song lol

i’ll just take this moment to again express how thankful i am for steve he didn’t become friends with louis to leech off his success and we know this because you can hear how in awe he is of the support he’s received he never knew the extent of our power anyways i’m glad louis has someone who loves him for him and has been there for him through one of the most difficult periods in his life without even having known him for that long

y’all ever think about how extra squidward was to leave his time period, go to the future and then the past just so he could get away from spongebob and patrick and have alone time with his clarinet? i dream to be that extra


Carlo Prada’s home

Journalist and art collector Carlo Prada lives in Milan. His apartment, housed in period building, has two different souls: the atmosphere of traditional spaces, defined by original stucco ceilings and carved parquet, and the contemporary feel with new more fluid environments and new areas highlighted by concrete floors in the shade of Gio Ponti light blue. The apartment was renovated by architect Hans Peer who created a perfect balance between past and present: classic heritage, modern elements, contemporary art and masterpieces of design. 

TLC Ship Weeks - Windy Day

I guess someone had to do the Big Bad Wolf joke XD
And yes, that’s Cinder, Thorne, and Cress as the three little pigs. I dunno why. They just are.

NCT 127 On Their Period

Taeyong: The one who can’t stop watching romantic movies and crying. Lots of crying. Also the one to stuff his face with chocolate.

Doyoung: Literally cries at everyone for everything, “johnny why didn’t you give me a high five last week? Haechan why did you say I snore too loudly?’

Haechan: Screams about every single little shit that happens. Punches the members in the face because he tripped. Throws a rock at someone because they ran out of apple juice.

Winwin: A quiet sufferer. Acts chill around the other members but when nobody is around he is legit screaming. Probably wrecking the other members’ shit while they’re gone.

Johnny: denies that he’s on his period. Blames his cramps on not having enough potassium. Ends up getting blood on everything, says his leg got cut.

Jaehyun: tries to act all manly and shit about it. Ends up crying and getting really horny all of a sudden. Like he legit is trying to fuck Doyoung rn

Taeil: over prepares. He bought 10 boxes of pads and tampons, wipes and cramp medicine. Legit spent $200 on period products. Ended up not even having it.

Mark: tries to laugh it off. Tells lots of jokes and laughs a lot to try and make himself feel better. Ended up laughing too hard and then the crimson sea flooded out.

Yuta: Makes fun of all the other members because they’re getting their periods. Everybody stops and then he gets his and then he’s super salty about it. Ruins 11 pairs of underwear.

neil being completely unaware of how beautiful he is is one of my favourite things. because the thing is he doesn’t think he’s ugly, he doesn’t really think about his appearance at all. so he’s not an insecure person, except for a brief period when his scars were still fresh, he just has no idea of the effect he has on people. one day some girl is flirting with him and trying to give him her number and andrew is just like “not this again” and neil is like ????? and andrew can’t believe he has to spell this out for him. he says “how are you this oblivious. we went to the grocery store yesterday and no less than three people hit on you.” and neil is just so?? he does not remember that. a few people spoke to him yeah but? they were hitting on him? what? and andrew rolls his eyes and tries not to physically react to the pretty flush staining his pretty boyfriend’s cheeks 

but inej becoming nikolai’s understudy for a while so that she can learn the ropes of sailing and being a captain.

imagine him being so so happy to have an excuse for spending some time on his passion and reliving the most trying, yet formative period of his life (bless).

whenever he is in ketterdam for diplomatic or political reasons he will clear off secretly and sneak onto her ship.

inej is so happy to have somebody to help her and nikolai is so happy to be involved in his favourite line of business again.

and just by spending so much time together i hope inej can make nikolai more aware of the plight of the suli, of how they have been relentlessly persecuted throughout ravkan history.