on his neck

louis: you know what would fuck the fans up?

liam: oh no louis

harry: oh yes louis

louis: if we’re all supposedly releasing music individually in april but it ends up being a new 1d album

niall: [snaps his neck up] 1d? did someone say 1d? i love those guys

J/C Fic - 

Set right at the close of this scene in S02E12

Personal Disclaimer: If you want to follow me after reading this, know that I am a shipper, and proud to be here. The only time I jump ship, is for a quick skinny dip into the warm waters. I mostly write S/C - very smutty - fic, which can be found: 


To Grieve for that Which Has Yet to be Lost

“Remind me not to get on your bad side, Sassenach.”

I sighed heavily, the weight of our world consuming me, “You be careful.”

He kissed me then, his lips, warm and cracked from the wind, lingered longer than he intended. I felt the pain and anger, the hurt and fear, all melt into Jamie’s palm as he held my face, his smile against my lips, warming my tired and achy body.  I felt my arms float up, to wrap around his neck, my feet, high on their toes, pulled him in close. Jamie made a soft sound, low in his throat. A mix of apprehensive, with so much going on, but a desire to seize the moment. This one glimmer of a second we had to ourselves. To feel like husband and wife. Man, and woman.

Thought gave way to desire, and desire succumbed to need, falling to its knees in submission. Jamie lifted me to the table in the centre of the room. My legs, too heavy and thick from my clothes to circle his thighs, simply dangled above the wooden floor, as he ushered us over. He rested me atop the table, our lips never parting. I struggled to remove his clothes, desperate for his skin on mine. With the weather, all the men around us, and this bloody war, the moments we had, were always stolen. Never given to us freely, but pulled out from under the noses of those in the night, like thieves. When the pressure got too intense to ignore, he would pull me aside, ducking into the forest, or roll over top me in our barely hidden tent. His time inside my body, my body yielding to his, were so rushed and exposed that our minds had little time to catch up to our actions, only acknowledging the passionate kiss, or hard thrust hitting my cervix and stifled cry of pleasure, when it had long since been over.

But now, I didn’t care if the whole damn British army knocked down our door. Whether they stood and watched, or ran us through. My only hope in that case, was that if their sword penetrated Jamie’s back, to pierce his heart, the sword was long enough to strike me through as well. I lived for him, and he for me, and I bloody well planned on taking that trip to heaven or hell, right alongside him.

Our lips divided as I struggled to unknot his neck kerchief. His fingers aided me, our joint efforts fruitful as we flung the small piece of fabric aside. I felt Jamie’s lips touch my neck, sucking and biting, the craving for flesh, instinctive, deep in the marrow of our bones. We shed him of his clothes, the sound of weapons hitting the ground as his kilt fell to the floor.

The moment naked skin exposed itself to the dampness of the room, lips were quick to burn away the chill. My butting body shook the table, the complaints against the wooden floor, drowned in our passionate cries and grunting possession.

I wanted to fall from the table. I wanted to kneel at his feet and worship his manhood, as it stood proud, raised high from his groin, but Jamie stopped me. He pushed me back against the table, my body lying flat, as he shimmied the last of my skirts out from under my bum. He quickly grabbed my arms, hauling me forward, and pulling my shift above my head.

We were free.

Jamie grabbed my behind, his knuckles scraping the wood. I could see his face wince in pain, before he took my lips in his, and pulled me up against him, his cock finding home. Gasps of pleasure parted our lips as we stilled. I cried, out of anger, out of fear and pleasure, and out of a love for the man that belonged nowhere but in my arms and in my body. I rocked forward, urging him deeper, but pulled my head back to watch the emotions play across his face. He felt everything I did. Felt it as deep in his soul as I did mine.

I placed each hand on his cheeks, his eyes opening slowly, fixing on me as he made love to my body.

Jamie wiped my tears, “Please, dinna cry. I canna bear it.”

“I’m not sad, Jamie. Just stay in my arms forever, and I will never be sad.”

He smiled, but his eyes betrayed him. They weakened, and I could see the guards rise up from their restful sleep, holding the tears at bay. “Ah, mo nighean donn, even if you’re no with me, I always feel yer arms around my body.”

He continued his slow movement, sheathing himself with my body.

“If, in my final moment, a man charges toward me, pistol aimed to my breast, he will no bear a red coat and pistol for long. For I will know that is the end, and my eyes will close, and it will be you comin for me, to take me in yer arms. And when they find my body on that soggy moor,” he kissed me softly, his pulse jolting through my lips, before pulling away, “they will find me with the greatest of smiles upon my face.”

I shook my head out of disbelief, then nodded. “I will be there.”

“Good,” he smiled, genuinely. “Now, can I move quicker inside ya, Sassenach, my balls ache somethin fierce.”

I laughed a laugh that carried throughout my whole body, clenching my insides, that saw the most exquisite of looks crease Jamie’s features, before he sped up his movements inside me.

Jamie grunted with each thrust, his eyes, tight in concentration, would flutter open for the briefest of moments, smile at me, then they’d shut again. I grasped at his back, surely adding more scars with my nails to his skin. Jamie bent forward, taking a nipple into his mouth, sucking hard, pulling the flesh of my breast in to join, as much as he could, before he set them free with a pop and moved on to the other. I cried out, holding his face to my body. All thought escaped my mind as he drank from my dried well, but my nipples ached in the most stimulating of ways. A way I thought I had all but forgotten, but the memory flooded my body and I could feel my breast fill with the very thought and hope.

Jamie’s hands rounded my buttocks, pulling me tight against him as he picked me up, carrying me to the wall, pushing my fiery flesh against the cool frame, the burning fireplace next to us, doing little to fill the room. I arched at the shock, wrapping my legs around his waist, but he paid no attention to my gasp.  He pushed fiercely into my centre, his testicles slapping my body, like a palm hitting still water. He pushed up inside me, each time, my body rising higher and higher against the wall, cutting into my skin. Jamie’s position reached the parts of me that only he had the skill of reaching each time, with our lovemaking.

I reached between our bodies, tickling and tugging the wiry bits of hair I could feel above his cock. I jutted a finger out, grazing his pink flesh each time he pulled free of my body. Jamie gasped, his head falling to my shoulder.

“Do tha again, Sassenach,” he sighed urgently.

I could feel his saliva against my shoulder as his pace quickened. I did it again. Scraped my nail along his penis. He groaned, and pushed back in. Then out. I scraped it once more. We sang the song a few times before finally, he pulled out, lingering in the open air, with only the tip keeping my lips open for him. My fingers wrapping around him completely. I held his head close to my shoulder with my free hand, and with a sudden squeeze, I let go of his penis, and he plunged back in me with finality, calling out words in Gaelic I had never heard him say before. He filled my body, his warm semen splashing my insides and coating me in all he had to give. I was right behind him, my orgasm coursing through me angrily as Jamie moved a hand to my breast, pinching a nipple.

Our labored breath was the only proof of life, as we curled into each other against the wall. The dank room emerged around us once more, letting its cool air spear our skin, leaving gooseflesh in its violent wake.  I felt him shiver, and pulled him in closer.

“We should get dressed.” I loathed saying the words. I wanted my vocal chords ripped from my body before they could escape my mouth, but some things cannot be put off.

Jamie pulled back, but stayed protected within my embrace. His forehead fell to mine.

“See, Sassenach. It doesna matter what tomorrow brings. I’ll always be here. In your arms. You’ll always be a part of me, and I, you.”

Jamie kissed my forehead, then pulled free, making for our scattered clothes tossed about the floor. I watched him pick up my garments first. It was always his way. It didn’t matter if chills racked his body, he’d make sure I was safe and warm first. I was always first in his mind.

“Always with me,” I whispered back, as my abandoned arms fell, my hand falling to my stomach,palm pressed hard to my belly, knowing, and weeping inside.

Secret is Out: Part 6

AN: Here is Part 6, as voted on twitter! Enjoy!

Prompt: What happens when secret identities are taken away from every DC superhero?

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

    “You know you don’t have to wear the glasses, right?”

    Clark glances back at you in the mirror, before looking back at the glasses, “I suppose it doesn’t matter. They’ve pasted both versions of my face all over the news.”

    You crawl out of bed and jump on to his back, so that you’re hanging off his back. When you can’t quite manage it, he smiles and bends down a bit. Wrapping your arms around his neck, he makes sure you’re secure before straightening again.    

    “You realize it’s the same face, right? This one just happens to be void of glasses.”

“I know, I’m just going to miss it.”

You kiss his cheek, “Miss what?”

“Being able to walk around without being recognized, or taking you to dinner without

being ambushed by reporters. Going to work without being stared at.”

    You wince before letting go, and sliding off his back, “You’re nervous, aren’t you?”

    “More than a little.”

    You nod, “Understandable, because if I worked in our office I’d give you lots of grief over writing articles about yourself.”

    His eyes focus in on you, “You do work in my office.”

    You snap your fingers, “That’s right! I take the photos, and dig up information, silly me.”

    He stares at you, “You have something planned.”

    You shrug before sending him a smirk, “Guess you won’t know until we get there.” And without another word you walk into the closet and change. When you’re done, you come out to find him staring at the door.

    You whisper, “Is there an alien on the other side?”

    His tone has a bit of bite to it, “Nope. Just lots and lots of neighbors.”

    You roll your eyes, “The neighbors have been trying to steal a glance of you since the news broke. You just keep flying out the window.”

    “There’s other women out there.”

    You roll your eyes, “Do I look worried? I have Shayera and Vixen at my beck and call. I’ve got mad back up, so it’s time to kick the farm boy persona, remember you’re in the city and get a move on, before we’re late.”

    He pouts a bit, but allows you to push him towards the door, you pull it open to reveal several of the little old ladies who live on your hall. You give him a look that says, “This is what had your tights in a twist?” before focusing on the neighbors.

“Good morning Ms. Ghent, Ms. Libby, how are you this morning?”

They smile, “We’re fine dear. Just here to tell you something.”


“Yes, we just wanted to let you know we got rid of those girls who were trolling around.

You and Clark are a match made in heaven, and just cause he saves the world doesn’t give them the right to come trolling around.”

    You smile, “Thank you Ms. Libby. To tell you the truth Clark is a bit nervous, this is our first time going out with everyone knowing.”

    Mrs. Ghent snorts, “Nonsense. Clark Kent is just as good a man as Superman. In fact this whole thing just makes the world seem a bit less crazy.”

    You glance at Clark to find him smiling, “Thank you Ms. Libby, Mrs. Ghent. Let me know if you ladies need anything moved, okay.”

    They smile and send the two of you off with a tin of cookies. The front door to your building is a bit of a different story. It’s filled with reporters and shouting fans. Clark glances at you, “Sad thing is we know each and every one of those guys.”

    You nod, “Half of them are scum.”

    “We should get a car.”

    You roll your eyes, “When you fly you can break Mach 1. We are not getting a car.”

    “Is flying your suggestion for this situation, because I’ll remind you that you’re wearing a skirt.”

    You smirk, “I have shorts on underneath.”

    The two of you stare at each other, before you surge forward and push open the doors. You stick your fingers in your mouth and let out a sharp whistle. The flashes from the cameras stops and you smile, “I’d just like to remind ALL of you, that there is a very good chance that we have worked together before, or at the very least I’ve worked with someone who knows you. That means I know your dirty little secrets. Also remember that I’m not my husband and I have no problem hanging you out to dry. So stop looking for news and go find a celebrity to photograph instead.”

    More than a few of them look nervous, and all of them know what you’re capable of. Clark comes out a minute later and asks, “Was that really necessary?”

    You stare at him for a minute, before turning and walking down the street. You murmur just loud enough for him to hear, “I married a boy scout.”

    He catches up, and takes your hand a moment later. You get stopped several times on your way. Mainly by fans. You get more than a few stares, but you make it to the office eventually.

    The stares are enough to unnerve even you. You’re proud of the way Clark keeps his head high and his eyes on his desk. You take your seats and get to work. You’ve almost blocked out the being watched feeling when Perry yells, “Kent. My office NOW!”

    You both jump up, until he says, “Superman only.”

    You wince at the use of the name, but watch as your husband walks in. Then you realize everyone else’s eyes are on him, and turn back to your work. He comes out half an hour later and slumps into his chair.

    Clicking through the images you ask, “Do I want to know?”

    “I’m not allowed to write about Superman anymore.”

    “As expected.”

    “He wants me to cover what it means to have superhero identities exposed. Interview the League and such.”

You laugh, “Can I be there when you ask Bruce for an interview?”

Clark just groans.  


Requested, thank you

“Wait, a date with who?” Damon asked, his neck extended with his head cocked to the side wanting you to repeat what you’d said, hoping he’d misheard.”You heard right Damon” you laughed at his reaction. “Why the hell are you going on a date with him? Of all my old friends Y/N” Damon groaned, throwing his head back. “Because he asked and I said yes, plus I don’t know any of your other old friends to go on a date with” you shrugged. “Fine I’m coming” Damon added as he grabbed his jacket. “No, you’re not” you scoffed a laugh as you placed your hand on his chest. “Listen I have you on speed dial if I need you, why don’t you stay here and drink some bourbon, read, watch tv anything I don’t care just don’t follow me on this date” you begged, your hands in a pleading motion in front of your chest. “Pleeease” you dragged out the word. Huffing heavily Damon nodded. “Fine” 

“You should move.”

Victor buries his nose deeper on the crook of Yuuri’s neck. “Or maybe you should.”

“Victor, I’m cold,” Yuuri whines because Victor’s warmth on top of him can’t counter the cold from the ice beneath his body.

“I’m cold too, that’s why I’m holding you.” That, and Yuuri feels comfortable and soft and too lovely for Victor to let go.

“We’re going to get sick,” Yuuri says, but still he runs his fingers through the platinum strands.

“Perhaps,” Victor smiles into his neck. “Or perhaps we can warm ourselves up.”

“Oh? And what do you propose we do?”

“We can continue the training,” Victor replies, before he leans to bite Yuuri’s ear, “or we can do another workout together.”

Yuuri slips his hand under Victor’s jacket. “On the ice? Sounds fun.”

“I’m glad you agree.”


“Beka, I’m moving to Kazakhstan!”




On February 15, 2003, 12 year old Evan Savoie and Jake Eakin were playing in a park in Ephrata, Washington. At some point, Evan took out a knife and told Jake that he “wanted to go on a killing spree.” The pair decided to go over to the nearby trailer of 13 year old special education student Craig Sorger, and asked if they could play with him. The three played for a while and eventually made their way into the woods. Evan then asked Craig to get on his knees for 10 seconds and check to see if the ground was wet. Craig complied, and at nine seconds, Evan dropped a basketball-sized rock on his neck, knocking him off his knees. Jake, horrified by Evan’s actions, tried to intervene, causing Evan to push him and begin to stab Craig. During the attack, Craig began crying out “why are you doing this to me” and attempted to escape, but was pulled down and stabbed again. After being called a “faggot” by Evan, Jake joined in, picking up a tree branch and beating the boy with it. Once the deed was done, Evan, covered in blood, shook Jake’s hand and told him to “shut up” about the murder. Evan then proceeded to walk into a pond nearby and wash himself off. 

When Craig did not come home, his mother contacted the police, and after a search the boy’s body was found. When questioned by the police, the boys claimed that they had merely played with Craig and then went home. However, this story came apart when Evan’s mother realized he had changed his shoes before talking to the police and confronted her son about it. Evan then changed his story, claiming Craig had fallen off a tree branch and that he had kept quiet about it because he was afraid of getting in trouble. Jake gave a similar account, but in his version, the boys were on the tree branch with Craig when he fell. When the autopsy results came in, which showed that Craig had been stabbed 34 times and beaten 16 times, both of these stories unraveled. When confronted with the results, Jake gave another false account, claiming he had been getting sodas when Evan was stabbing Craig, but blood splatter on his sweatshirt debunked this. The boys maintained their innocence until Jake confessed to the real story in court, appearing to feel remorse. Forensic psychologist Eric Johnson, who interviewed both boys, claimed neither of them showed signs of psychopathy or had any emotional problems. Jake, who had been described as having a severe learning disability and was reportedly picked on at school, was charged with second degree murder and was sentenced to 14 years. Evan, described as a popular class clown, was charged with first degree murder and sentenced to 26 years, reportedly smiling when the verdict was stated. 

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Robin and Starfire come home to find the other titans turned into babies. While Starfire is watching the others, Robin interrogates baby RavenRobin: Raven how did this happen?!Raven boops him on the noseRobin: Raven tell me!Raven hugs himRobin: stop being adorable and tell me!Raven sinks her teeth into his neck. Robin runs around comically while screaming, with Raven dangling by his neck. Starfire is unsure weather to intervene or laugh her head off.


It was probably Beast Boy’s fault.

Here, have more:

  • Baby!Beast Boy gets the hiccups and turns into different animals with every one.  Starfire records this and later (with Cyborg’s help, once everyone’s back to normal) uploads it to YouTube and it goes viral and Beast Boy revels in his internet fame with obnoxious enthusiasm.
  • A potty emergency has Robin and Starfire making a frantic trip to the grocery store to pick up diapers and also formula and do they need pacifiers too?  How long should we plan on this lasting?  Oh what the hell, throw the entire rack in there, we might need something.
  • They have a mini panic attack trying to figure out diaper brands.  What do these sizes mean?  Is there a significant difference in absorbency between brands?  WHY ARE THESE PACKS SO DAMN EXPENSIVE HOLY COW.
  • Baby!Raven starts crying halfway through the trip, which just leads to bottles exploding and cereal boxes bursting open and all sorts of chaos and Starfire has to take her outside to try to calm her down.
  • This leaves Robin by himself at the checkout completely mortified at the clerk’s raised eyebrow about the cart-full of baby supplies and being all, “I CAN EXPLAIN.”
  • (He doesn’t have to, Baby!Cy and Baby!Beast Boy are swatting each other’s faces in the cart’s baby seat.)
  • Baby!Cy is drawn to everything electric in the Tower and likes to pull things apart while they’re on and it gives Starfire heart attacks every time.
  • They don’t sleep for two days.  None of the babies are old enough to sleep through the night and they all wake up at different times in irregular intervals and Robin and Starfire just sort of give up halfway through the fifth consecutive wakeup cry and overload on caffeine and stake out the main room the whole night, Starfire mixing up bottles and bottles and bottles! of formula and holding and burping the babies while Robin is on the computer, calling for reinforcements and trying to research a reversal.
  • They are extremely irritable the next morning when Hive Five triggers an alarm and curbstomp them in like thirty seconds flat, WITH the babies strapped to them. (Because of course they can’t leave infants alone in the Tower, that would be irresponsible.)
  • (In all fairness, Hive Five didn’t exactly try their hardest because, “THAT IS A BABY WHAT THE HELL I CAN’T HIT A BABY.”)
  • Titans East eventually turns up to help–after Bumblebee has spent ten minutes on the floor laughing hysterically when Robin tells her.
  • Silkie gets ridiculously jealous of all the attention the babies are getting and pukes in each of their rooms to spite them.  The Titans are so busy they don’t notice until everything’s back to normal.  Starfire chastises him very firmly.
  • Robin semi-deliriously refers to Starfire as “Mommy” partway through the first night.  He has been up for eighteen hours, his brain is fried, and it just sort of slips out like, “Raven, please stop pulling Mommy’s hair.”
  • Starfire got a kick out of it and playfully started calling Robin “Daddy” in return.
  • It confused the hell out of Titans East when they arrived.
  • Baby!Cy fortunately doesn’t really poop but he spits up.  A lot.  Starfire takes to wearing a raincoat poncho.
  • Baby!Raven breaks so many walls and electronics and dishes and pieces of furniture when she cries that the Tower is almost completely wrecked by the time Titans East arrives to help.
  • Mas and Menos run with her out to remote locations until whatever she’s crying about has been fixed.  (I.E. diaper changed, fed, burped, cuddled.)
  • A search of Raven’s room eventually turns up the spellbook that Beast Boy had been messing around with when they got turned and the Titans quickly prepare the counterspell and return the three back to normal.
  • Raven refuses to speak to anyone for a week.
  • Cyborg goes through his memory files and deletes everything.
  • Beast Boy catches the exhausted Robin and Starfire tangled up together on the couch (one of the only pieces of furniture NOT destroyed by Raven’s crying), gets the wrong idea, and screeches, “HOW CAN YOU DO THAT AFTER WHAT YOU JUST WENT THROUGH, AREN’T YOU PUT OFF OF CHILDREN FOREVER?!”
  • They’re too tired to fight him on it, Robin just sort of groans and waves at him like, “Go back to bed kid, Mom and Dad need a rest.”
  • Titans East jokingly call the two “Mom and Dad” for weeks after the event.

right let me get this straight

so everyone’s mad because robert doesn’t care enough for aaron yet he loves that man with every fibre of his flaming being and can be the soppiest guy going half the time (let’s forget the rebecca shitfest)

and now in that sneak peek he’s suddenly a “pig” and “uncaring” when he’s struggling because he wants to be with his husband so bad and basically try and salvage what’s left of his relationship (he doesn’t even know what’s left yet) despite the fact he has been an absolute rock for liv these past few weeks stepping up to the dad role and at least making her smile once or twice

like I’m sorry but what the fuck do you want me to feel emmerdale I just don’t understand anymore

Wine after Whiskey

The post-breakup emotions had washed you clean, there were no more what ifs circling your mind, no more tears flowing, no more breakdowns or questions on what went wrong. 

It was all over­ – so you thought.

It was in the moment that you recognised the familiar head of waves in the same restaurant that you were immersed with all the feelings you thought you left on the bedroom floor, along with with the whisky.

You feel your body go numb, for a moment you can’t even pry your eyes from his figure, his figure bundled in a black coat with a scarf dangling loosely around his neck– The scarf that you brought as a joke because he can never manage to wear scarfs in the correct manner. 

You pull yourself away from the trans that he pulled you into, your eyes waving towards your friend in front of you, her wine scraping her lips as she side-eyes Harry.
“Thought he was in London.” She murmurs as she makes her gaze further obvious, 

“Stop staring. He was in London.” ..“I guess he came back to New York for something.” You shrug, driving the sparkling wine down your throat to satisfy the stinging nerves arising in you as the presence of Harry grows more intense.
She rolls her eyes, placing her wine glass down on the table, her bluish-green eyes narrowing down on you, “More like he came back for you.” You shake your head and scoff,.
There is no way he flew from London to come to New York right before a snow storm is meant to hit, not to mention he is the one who broke off the relationship.
If anything, he is presumably praying that the two of you don’t cross paths. 

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HC for jungkook sneaking into jihope's room and snuggling with jimin

+ Jungkook slowly opens the door and peeks into the bed room.

+ It was dark and smells good. Smells like Jimin.

+ Jungkook walks to the bed where his favorite Hyung is sleeping.

+ Jimin looks so peaceful and cuddly.

+ “you gonna stare or hop in?” Jimin mumbles sleepily. Jungkook shyly smiles as he slips in beside him.

+ Jungkook sighs happily as he hugs Jimin and digs his face into Jimin’s neck.

+ Jimin chuckles and falls asleep with Jungkook breathing against his neck.

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Hello! Can you they would do if their s/o tried to give them neck kisses? Thanks~

(Sorry for the wait! Here it is!)


  • He can’t handle PDA
  • So this? This makes him so flustered
  • He’s stuttering questions like: “Why did you do that?” “What was that?”
  • Don’t try and do another one. You will get a mouth full of ink.
  • Loves them though. To him, it shows how much you love him.
  • He needs the love.


  • He doesn’t mind.
  • He is actually confused the first time it happens.
  • Boris thinks it’s really cute though! He will probably do it to you as well.
  • That is, if you can even reach his neck.
  • If you ask him, he will sit/lean down so you can reach him.


  • He would be so startled.
  • After a bit, he would relax.
  • May or may not sneak a quick kiss on your cheek .
  • Loves it. He thinks it’s really cute!
  • Will probably do the same thing when you’re focused, just to see your reaction.
  • “Hey, you did it to me. I’m just returning the favour!”


  • Doesn’t seem to care much.
  • He is screaming on the inside.
  • The tiniest blush will appear, so tease him about it to make it spread.
  • All while he is trying to concentrate.
  • >:3
  • Joey will try and prove it doesn’t affect him. He will fail.
  • His blush is massive by the time you’re done proving him wrong.
guard duty

☇  demigod au drabble

genre: fluff

pairing: jungkook // you

word count: 607

warnings: none

Summary: in which you’e stuck on guard duty with a very attractive partner

AN: an old drabble i wrote :,)

“It’s so hot,” you groan, wiping at the dampness clinging to your forehead. You glance at Jungkook, who was assigned as your partner for guard duty. He too looked as tired as you felt, face flushed and sweat dripping from his hair and down his neck. You could bet you looked the same.

His left hand grips at the sword attached to his side and he stands straight as you plop glumly down to the ground.

“Dear Zeus, why does summer have to be hot? You could maybe send a thunderstorm our way? Sincerely, a demigod,” you complain aimlessly, trying in vain to fan yourself. It just made you feel the heat more. The air was suffocating and relentless.

“Stop talking,” he grunts back, blinking rapidly against the glaring rays of sunshine. “It’s annoying.”

“Well excuse me,” you mutter, shooting him a glare, though you couldn’t blame him since it seemed the heat was finally getting to him too. None of you had been particularly thrilled at the assignment in the first place.

You squint up at the clear, cloudless sky, feeling the waves of heat beating down. Just why, Apollo?

The morning seemed to drag on even slower, especially when the sun reached it’s highest peak. You and Jungkook tried various ways to keep each other entertained, but it could only last so long. Both your patience and Jungkook’s was wearing thin.

“I’m hungry,” you wail dramatically, swiping at the sticky hairs covering your face. “When is our shift over?” Jungkook says nothing; only his eyes flicker towards you before he focuses his attention back towards the rolling green hills overlooking the strawberry farm.

“Jungkooook, talk to me,” you press on, poking him in the shoulder. He finally snaps.

“Can you just shut up for five minutes?” He rounds on you, dark eyes simmering. “I don’t have the patience and I don’t want to be here.”

“Hey, you’re not the only one, I didn’t want to get stuck with you in the first place,” you retort, which leads to both of you yelling at each other. You’re both so immersed in the argument that you don’t notice the sky suddenly darkening until the wind picks up.

“Hey, is it just me or did it get a little cooler?” You frown, staring at Jungkook. He scoffs.

“What are you even-” He gets cut off as he notices the trees swaying. His eyebrows furrow, and then his eyes widen as he tilts his head up.

An instance later the rain pours down all at once, drenching you and Jungkook from head to toe in a few short seconds.

“Ugh,” you gasp, sputtering and trying to shield your face from the onslaught as Jungkook runs a hand through his sopping dark hair.

“Well. This is a dilemma,”Jungkook states, and you punch him in the arm. The rain is thundering down so hard you can barely see what’s in front of you. The only thing keeping you in place was Jungkook’s strong hands holding your shoulders.

“No really, dear son of Athena! Come on, let’s go before we get even more soaked!” You pull at his arm and start to drag him back to camp.

“Okay, but maybe next time you should be careful for what you wish for?” He adds loudly over the sound of rain as he follows your footsteps, grasping your hand tightly as you almost lose your balance on the slippery grass.

“Just shut up and keep running,” you call, laughing. “And for goodness sake, please change out of that white t-shirt when you get back.”

“Hey, you know you like the view.”

Shut up!

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god!!!!! not to be extra or anything but i'd bet money that after that pic was taken j probably slid fully into y's lap and cuddling his head into the crook of his neck!!! like??? the one w/ j between y's legs from chile and now this... these ... Boyfriend Poses... i love witnessing love and affection and tenderness and !!! wow!! god bless ym

CAN YOU IMAGINE jimin sliding into his lap, the hand on yoongi’s neck sneaking up his nape and fisting his hair, jimin nosing down yoongi’s jaw until the others are gone or just looking away at which point he can tease yoongi with chaste kisses to the corner of his mouth until yoongi turns his head enough to capture his lips in a kiss, hand coming up to cup jimin’s cheek,,

32. Having Dean wrapped around your finger.

A/N: I have to write a history paper and turn it in by midnight tonight but instead I wrote this. Whoops.

Word count: 677


“Hey, focus,” she snaps her fingers in front of his face, making him blink a few times before focusing on her once more.

“Sorry, this stuff is just kind of gross,” he murmurs apologetically. He gives her a half smile and rubs the back of his neck.

“Well, as long as you’re with me you’re gonna have to deal with it, so suck it up buttercup,” she tells him, her current mood not one to be trifled with.

Her stomach hurts and he knows nothing of her pain.

“I know,” he sighs, offering her a small smile. “Just, don’t you think a guy walking around carrying…” he looks to the list she’s made him and lists off her necessities, “…a heating pad, chocolate shakes, and some… Pamprin? Whatever the hell that is. Don’t you think it’s gonna be a little weird?”

“Trust me, if anyone sees you they will know that you have a moody girlfriend back at home, and that you’re doing her bidding to avoid getting your head shoved up your ass,” she tells him, watching as he made a face. Her tactic changes to one that she knows he can’t combat. “Dean, please? I’m miserable…”

She gives him her best pout, and he exhales before smiling down at her.

“You never complain out on hunts,” he reminds her as he tucks the comforter up around her. She has to contain her smile as she’s victorious in persuading him.

“Yeah, because I’m too worried about not dying,” she tells him the truth. “Just go, please. My stomach hurts, and the sooner you get back, the sooner you can cuddle me to make me feel better.”

“Fine,” he presses a quick kiss to her lips. “I’ll be back in less than an hour.”

“You’re the best, Dean,” she smiles at him as he departs. After he leaves, she curls into her bed and waits for his return, dozing for only a few moments at a time.

“I’m back, Sweetheart,” he tells her, watching her crack an eye open to look at him. “I had to ask an old lady for help finding the Pamprin. She called me cute for buying it for my girlfriend.”

His cheeks are slightly pink as he gives her the plastic bag with all the things from her list.

“You are cute,” she tells him as she pops the medicine bottle open and downs the medicine with some water.

“I’m not cute,” he shoots back, sitting down on the edge of the bed beside her. “I’m a man.”

“Well, can my man rub my back?” she tries, offering him a half smile when he shoots her an exasperated look.

“First I made you breakfast, then you sent me to the store, and now you want a massage?” he asks, his green eyes holding her gaze. “What do I look like? A servant?”

“Please, Dean?” she requests as she gives her best pleading expression.

“Fine,” he agrees, and she makes a small sound of joy at his answer.

She turns over to her side so he can rub her back easily from his current position, moaning aloud when his strong hands found her flesh.

“Dean, that feels so good,” she tells him, humming her pleasure.

“Dean, where are the keys? I need to go grocery shopping!” Sam yells through the bunker, and Dean’s magical hands stop working on her back for a moment as he looks for the keys in his pocket.

“In here,” Dean calls back, and soon enough she hears Sam’s footfalls in her room. Nothing is said between any of them for a few moments until Dean speaks again. “Don’t look at me like that. I’m taking care of my girl.”

She turns to look at Sam, who is grinning a big, dimpled smile. He makes the sound of a cracking whip and then winks to his brother.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Dean yells as Sam starts to walk away. Sam’s all the way in the hallway before she hears his response.

“It means that she’s got you whipped!”

The Red Days // request

Request: “Can u pls write an imagine where justin is soo horny and y/n is on her period so he gets a little annoyed and they end up cuddling and watching a movie”

WARNING: Light sexual content which shouldn’t hurt you but be careful still


“Justin, we can’t. I’m not on that mood plus I’m-” I looked him and sighed but got quiet when I felt tip of his nose against my neck. It sent shivers all over my body, and usually that was the moment when I started melt to his ideas but this time it wouldn’t happen.

It was that time of the month again.

“C'mon baby” he rub his nose against my neck and kissed it slowly. “Can’t you feel it how hard I’m for you already? Don’t be a tease” he murmed to my ear and gave a lick to my earlobe. “You don’t want that daddy gets mad, right? Don’t you remember what happened last time.

Memories were clearer than ever but I didn’t still accept his wish. “Justin, no” I said and stood up the couch when I got myself off his grip. He groaned frustrated and looked me.

“Sometimes I don’t understand what you want” he said which made me giggle. “I’m sure that you wouldn’t want wash those sheets anyways so.. trust me, it’s better to wait now” I said and kissed his cheek before I sat back on the couch with an apple on my hand.

“We always wash our sheets after that so what there would be so special this time?” he chuckled and grabbed a piece of apple from my hand which I had just splitted. “Because it’s that time of the month again..” I finally told to him and he got quiet.

“Oh, are you on your per-” he was ready to make sure but I just nodded before he could finish his question. He stood quiet. “I’m sorry” I mumbled and pressed my head against his shoulder. “It’s okay.. I just-” he sighed but then kissed my hair in the end. “It’s okay”

I knew that it wasn’t but I could nothing to that God had given to women as great gift (mark the sarcasm) as period. I pulled his arm around me and closed my eyes. “Let’s cuddle” I said quietly and he looked me a moment.

“Please” I whispered and looked him in the eyes. “Okay” he finally whispered back and pulled me sit on his lap before he wrabbed his arms around me. I followed his act and did same.

“Are you in pain? Do you want me to go buy you some ice cream or something?” Justin asked to me. I shook my head and giggled. “No, I don’t want get more fat anymore. I have eaten too much already” I tapped my full stomach and felt how another cramp hit me. I hid it with a big smile.

Justin chuckled because he knew that I was lying about the fact, I didn’t have pains. “You’re not fat, baby” he mumbled and kissed my cheek. “It’s okay to eat, I do that too” “Yeah, but you don’t get fat, dumbass” I pushed him on chest.

“Lies, don’t you see all that fat” he leaned backward and pulled his shirt up. I shook my head and looked him. “Liar” I smiled back. He just rolled his eyes to me. “But hey, c'mon now. I want just make you feel better, okay? What can I do for you?” he groaned and moved his hand over my thigh.

I would have wanted to move it away but I let it be there still. “Let’s just chill, okay? Let’s have a nice, lazy Saturday and do nothing” I finally answered. “Whatever you want” he kissed my cheek.

He stood up and went to our bedroom. When he came back, he was keeping our blanket on his hand. “Would you like to watch some movie?” he asked after he had handed my blanket to me.

“That would be nice” I mumbled against my pink blanket. “Which movie?” Justin asked and opened the box where we kept out movies. “Titanic” I said quickly. Justin looked me back asking. “You sure?” I just nodded. “Why not?” I decided ask back because he seemed to be unsure about my answer.

“Nothing, I just thought that it might not be a good movie when you’re on your pe-” he started but I cut him off because I knew what he will say. “Because I’m on my period and that automatically means that I’m more emotional than usually, and you don’t want listen my crying on that scene where Jack drowns, right?”

He looked me and tried keep his smile away from his lips which my long explanation had caused. “Something like that” he chuckled. “Or then you’re still jealous because I think that Leonardo is handsome” I added still one more option. “Well, maybe that too” he confessed.

After that conversation about my emotionalism and his jealousy, we finally started watch the movie. He sat next to me and pulled his blanket over himself. “I don’t know what attract you on this movie but to be honest, I can’t probably complain about it” he sighed. “Yeah, I’m not so big fan of your movie choices” I said without taking my gaze off the screen.

“Will you still say that Leonardo is more handsome than me?” Justin asked and it made me turn my head over him. “Not that conversation again, let me enjoy the movie” I groaned. “Just one word: yes or no?” he begged. “No” I answered finally and turned my head back to screen.

He looked me suprised, seemly he wouldn’t have believed that I answer like that after every time when I had joked him about that topic. “Really?” he asked but I answered nothing. “I love you, baby” he hugged me tightly and kissed my forehead.

I giggled. It was fun how one little word make him that happy and tell out things which have more content than anything in the world. “I love you too” I whispered and looked him. He smiled.

“We should spend more days like this” he said. I nodded and pressed my head against his hard chest. “I know” I mumbled. “You should be more often on your period” his comment was disgusting and I slapped him on his leg.

“Okay okay, I will take back that what I just said, chill” he chuckled. I rolled my eyes. “You might forget that I can be also really annoying and piss off when I’m on my period so..” I reminded him. His face went in thinking mood and he realized that it was true.

“You’re right” he said. “But I won’t take back my words about that I’d like enjoy more days like this with you” That was the fact which both of us could agree.

New Berserk out and I just feel so blessed by the haunting image of Guts in Casca’s mind: a loyal and steadfast hound who’s constantly fighting against evil demons to protect the one he loves. And poor Casca just seeing herself as dead weight around his neck. Truly blessed. (Well, as blessed as you can feel after reading a chapter of Berserk.)