on his face and stomach

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3 and 13 for BTS Jimin??? (If you are open) thank you💖💖💖


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3.) “Yea, yea, I know how this goes. I’ll grab my clothes and get out of here”

13.)“I can’t just stop myself from feeling things for you- it doesn’t work like that!”

You woke up to a ringtone that didn’t belong to your cell phone, making you quickly sit up and squint at your own phone to check the time. It was still early and as you turned to Jimin who was next to you, you saw as he lazily took his cell phone and dismissed the call he was receiving.

You laid back down and took in a deep breath, “Your girlfriend must want to apologize for yesterday’s argument huh?” you stated and you heard him moan as he turned on his stomach and buried his face into the pillow. You rubbed your eyes and smacked his bare back, “You’re not supposed to be-” you started but he cut you off with a hiss as he sat up with a groan, “Yeah, yeah, I know how this goes” he said through an exhale, his voice hoarse and groggy with sleep. “I’ll grab my clothes and get out of here” he added, scratching his scalp and further disheveling his bed head.

You let out a sigh and covered yourself in your blankets, “Not gonna see you for a few days, I’ll be busy” you commented as you heard Jimin change into his clothes from last night. “Same here” he replied indifferently and you felt your heart ache a little. Before he was able to leave your bedroom, you sat up quickly and maybe a bit too abruptly because he was turning to you with surprise. He watched you expectantly and you managed a slight smile with the shake of your head. “Good luck with the girlfriend” you said, waving your hand. Jimin rolled his eyes as his shoulders dropped, turning towards the door and just as he was about to step out, he paused and stood in place.

You knitted your eyebrows and cleared your throat, “Are you forgetting something or?” you said but Jimin simply stood there for a few seconds before looking over his shoulder to you. “I’m just wondering if a few days will be enough of a break for the two of us” he said and you felt a weight drop on your chest.

You tightened your jaw as you swallowed hard and averted your gaze to the floor. “Well, if you feel like you need more time then, that’s fine with me” you replied softly, and you weren’t sure if you were telling that to yourself or to him. Jimin leaned against the door frame and fiddled with the rings on his fingers. “I’m asking because of you” he said, his voice deep and low, almost as if his words would break you in the fragile state he saw you in. You furrowed your eyebrows and looked up at his back, “What’s that supposed to mean?” you asked, your tone a bit harsh. Jimin shrugged, “It means what you wanted to, but both of us know- or at least should be aware of our intentions” he concluded and you scoffed.

“Get out, Jimin” you said, making him turn to you, his expression sympathetic but holding up a cold facade you had learned to grow accustomed to on mornings such as this one. “Y/N, I care about you, that’s why I’m asking-” he started but you chuckled and shook your head, “Jimin, don’t complicate this okay? Just leave” you said as you looked away and sat up against the headboard of your bed.

Jimin licked his lips and looked around before his eyes landed on you once again, “If this is too much, you need to tell me” he stated and you felt like that was all it took for the knot in your throat to loosen and the hurt in your chest to turn into frustration. “It is! It has been for god knows how long, and I hate it!” you said, your voice raising as you felt tears begin to prick at the corners of your eyes. Jimin made his way towards you and stood before you but you kept your eyes focused anywhere but at him. “Y/N, look at me” he said but you shook your head and stared at your lap.

“We promised we wouldn’t let this happen, why didn’t you tell me sooner?” he asked and this time you met his gaze in disbelief. “I can’t just stop myself from feeling things for you- it doesn’t work like that!” you shouted and Jimin nodded, sitting at the edge of the bed and taking you into an embrace as you protested. “I never said you needed to stop yourself from feeling… but I would have wanted you to tell me so I’d be more careful” he said, his tone soothing as he rubbed your back gently and you let yourself grip his shirt tightly.

 “I’m sorry…”

This Whole Time

“Absolutely not. There is no way you are dragging me into a muggle dress shop to sit around while you try on dresses,” Sirius shook his head. “Please, Pads?” Y/N stuck out her bottom lip, giving him the pouty face she knew her best friend couldn’t say ‘no’ to. Sirius groaned. “Why does it even matter?” “Because your my bestest friend in the whole wide world and I need your opinion!” Y/N cried dramatically, throwing herself into Sirius’ lap. “Bit dramatic today, aren’t we, Love?” Sirius muttered with a roll of his eyes. “Sirius,” Y/N whined, burying her face into his stomach. “Y/N, why don’t you just have William go with you to pick out the dress?” Sirius asked, reaching down to gently play with her hair. “He can’t see my dress before the ball!” Y/N exclaimed, shooting up from his lap. “And besides, he’ll just tell me I look good in everything. You’ll give me an honest opinion,” she added. “You do look good in everything,” Sirius laughed. “I know that,” Y/N gave his shoulder a gentle shove. “But you’ll tell me which one I look best in. And I need that. And I need you there to support me because you’re my best friendddddd,” she pouted, throwing herself across his lap once again. Sirius shook his head, unable to believe that he was about to agree to this. “Fine,” he huffed. “Let’s go.” “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” she squealed, sitting up and throwing her arms around him before jumping up and bounding to the door. “Are you coming or not?”

“Will you remind me why we’re at a muggle dress shop when there are plenty of places to get dresses in Diagon Alley?” Sirius called to Y/N as she finished trying on dress number 4. “Because,” Y/N called back, zipping up the strapless dark purple dress. “I don’t want to have the same dress as anyone,” she finished, walking out to give Sirius a look at the dress. He studied it for a moment before speaking. “It’s alright, but it’s a little too low-cut for my taste,” he finally decided. Y/N raised an eyebrow,“ Since when do you have a problem with girls in low-cut dresses?” “Since the girl is my best friend and she’s going with a bloke I don’t like,” he stated-matter-of-factly. “Pads, it’s been eight months, hasn’t he grown on you at all?” She asked hopefully. “Not one bit. Now go on, next dress,” Sirius shrugged. Sirius had disliked Y/N’s boyfriend since before the two were even dating, but the boys were civil with each other, for Y/N’s sake. Y/N slipped into the light pink dress hanging up. She slid the small straps over her shoulders and reached back to zip it up, then adjusted her hair until she thought she looked nice enough to go out. “I really like this one,” she admitted as she walked over to Sirius. “I do, too,” he nodded. It’s a nice color on you.“ “Is this the one?” She asked him. “It might be. Are there any others that you feel like you want to try on, just to be sure?” He raised his eyebrows. She really did look beautiful in the dress. “There’s a y/f/c one left that it couldn’t hurt to try on,” Y/N decided. “Then get back in there,” Sirius grinned.

He wouldn’t admit it, but he quite enjoyed going with Y/N to pick out her dress. He loved that his opinion was so important to her, and he absolutely adored how happy she was as she tried them on. “Sirius?” She called from the dressing room. “Yes, Love?” He called back to her, expecting her to tell him it wasn’t worth showing, and that she was changing back into her clothes. “Will you please come zip me up?” She asked him. “'Course,” Sirius got up from the chair he was sitting in and made his way to the room Y/N was in. “But you have to close your eyes,” she called to him. “I don’t want you to see it until it’s completely ready.” “How exactly am I supposed to zip up your dress if I can’t see your dress?” He chuckled with a knock on her door. “I’ll guide your hands to the zipper, you’ll keep your eyes closed,” she said simply. “Alright,” He laughed, shaking his head at her silliness. “Promise you won’t look!” She demanded before opening the door. “I promise! Now come on, Love, let me in,” he laughed again and closed his eyes as she opened the door. She let him in and closed the door behind him, and then gently took his hands, leading them to where the zipper began on her lower back. There was a moment of silence as his hands fumbled for the zipper. “Have you got it?” Y/N asked softly as she slipped her hands out of Sirius’. “Uh, yeah. I think so,” Sirius hadn’t realized he had been holding his breath. Slowly, he zipped the dress up, before Y/N shoved him out.

“Now, go! Go sit down and tell me when you’re ready to give this your full attention!” She shooed him. Sirius shuffled back to the chair he had been sitting in. “Okay,” he announced dramatically. “I’m ready.” “Okay, close your eyes until I tell you to open them!” She ordered. Sirius sighed, but placed his hands over his eyes. “Are they closed?” Y/N called. “Yes, come on,” Sirius laughed. He was about to complain that she was taking so long, when a soft voice came from in front of him. “Okay,” she spoke barely above a whisper. Slowly, Sirius removed his hands from over his eyes and took in the sight of her. The dress fit Y/N perfectly, displaying her curves beautifully, and showing enough, but not too much skin. Sirius was completely speechless. It was all he could do to just nod continuously at her. “Thats the one,” he was finally able to whisper. Y/N grinned at the floor, a light blush across her cheeks. “Well alright. This one. Thank you,” she bit her lip, turning back to the dressing room.

The day of the ball came, and after hours of working on her hair and makeup, Y/N was finally ready, aside from putting on her dress. She had just slipped into it, wondering how she was going to zip it, as her roommates had already headed down to the ball, when Sirius appeared in her doorway. “Hope you’re not naked,” he laughed, closing the door. “Nope, you’re actually here at the perfect time,” she smiled. “Will you please zip me up?” Sirius turned from facing the door to finally look at his best friend. She quite literally took his breath away. Her hair fell in loose curls around her, her makeup was done flawlessly, and that dress looked like it had been made for her. “You look absolutely stunning, Love,” He told her as he made his way over to her to zip up her dress. “Thank you,” she bit her lip and looked to the floor. “Are you sure you don’t want to go?” She asked him as he finished zipping her up and turned her around to face him. “I’m sure. I went to too many of those things with my parents. Besides, I wouldn’t want to third wheel with you and William,” Sirius chuckled. “Moony and Wormtail and Prongs will be there, and I’m sure you could find someone to dance with,” Y/N nudged him, but Sirius still shook his head. “I’m alright. I’d rather sit in my dorm and do nothing,” he laughed. “Well if you change your mind…” Y/N trailed off. “And if you change your mind,” he gave her a cheeky grin and she began to lead him to the door. “I’ll keep that in mind,” she laughed. “I’ve got to go meet William. See you later?” She asked him. “Of course. Have fun,” he smiled and pecked her cheek.

Y/N made her way to the great hall, but William was nowhere in sight. She waited for him for a little over 25 minutes, politely greeting and swapping compliments with her friends as she waited. “Y/N!” She heard a loud voice from down the hall that made her smile. “Hi, Jamie,” she grinned as he practically tackled her in a hug. “Couldn’t talk Padfoot into coming along?” He smirked. “You know how he feels about these things,” Y/N rolled her eyes playfully. “Where’s your boyfriend, anyway?” James asked her. “Reckon he better come get you soon before one of us sweeps you away,” James nudged her. “I was actually just about to go to his dorm to see if he’s there,” Y/N informed him. “Well hurry up, you’re going to miss all of good songs,” he gave her a wink before entering the great hall, and Y/N made her way back to the dorms.

When Y/N walked into William’s room, her heart sank. Up against the far wall, was William, shoving his tongue down some other girl’s throat, his tie, his tie that matched Y/N’s dress, still in the girl’s hand, and his shirt halfway buttoned. “Will…What?” Y/N whimpered from the doorway. William shoved the girl off of him and tried to compose himself. “Y/N… baby… I thought we were supposed to meet in the great hall?” He asked, a panicked tone to his voice, but he didn’t try to deny what was happening. “We were… half an hour ago…” she said softly, trying to hold back her tears. “Babe-” Y/N just shook her head and quickly rushed out as the tears began to roll down her cheeks, ruining her perfect makeup. In need of her best friend, Y/N ran straight to the marauders room, hoping to Godric that Sirius hadn’t decided to go to the ball after all. Upon reaching the closed door, Y/N gave it a soft knock and waited. Sirius’ eyes grew to the size of saucers when he opened the door and found his fragile best friend, makeup running down her face and tears falling from her eyes. “Y/N… what-what happened?” He asked, scooping her up and closing the door before carrying her over to his bed. Y/N tried to explain, but she couldn’t get the words out as she cried. “Shhh,” Sirius shook his head. “It’s okay. Take your time. I’m right here,” he pulled her to him and let her cry. “Let’s fix this,” he mumbled, reaching for his wand and giving it a wave, removing the makeup from her face. Y/N curled into his chest and cried for a while before he finally got her to calm down.

“Well, um, we were supposed to meet in front of the great hall,” Y/N sniffled. “And he still wasn’t there 30 minutes after we were supposed to meet up,” she took a deep breath before continuing. “So I went up to his room. And when I got there… He was snogging some girl up against the wall,” Y/N began to cry again. “I’ll fucking kill him,” Sirius growled as he held the heartbroken girl to him. He was reminded that she was still in her dress when he reached down to rub her back and felt the stiff material. “’S probably not so comfortable.. let me grab some comfy clothes for you, yeah?” He asked, holding her far enough away to look at her. She gave a weak nod, and plopped back into his bed as he got up to find her some clothes. He decided on one of his extra soft long sleeve shirts and her favorite pair of his boxers to wear, and his heart ached when he turned to find the girl, lying face-down in his bed. “C'mon love, hop up for a minute for me,” he coaxed, gingerly lifting her off of the bed. He pressed a kiss to the top of her head before reaching around to unzip her dress, and help her into his clothes. Once she was dressed, she rested her head against his collarbone and Sirius wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her until she was ready to lay down.

After a little more crying, and a lot of comforting from Sirius and Padfoot, Y/N had finally calmed down. The two laid in silence for a bit as Sirius waved his wand around, sending colorful swirls around their heads. “Thank you,” Y/N finally spoke up, nudging her nose to the space between his neck and his shoulder. “What on earth for?” He chuckled, turning his head to press a kiss to her temple. “For being here for me. Helping me feel better,” Y/N shrugged. “We’re best friends. ’Ve been here this whole time, Love,” He gave a soft laugh. “Yes, I suppose you have… thank you anyway, though. Don’t know what I would do without you, Sirius,” she said, snuggling into the covers. Sirius suddenly sat up, and then got out of bed. “C'mhere, Love,” He instructed. Y/N sat up and pulled half of her hair back, letting the bottom half stay down around her shoulders, but she didn’t get out of the bed. “What are you doing?” She asked, liking the glimmer in his eye. “Come here,” he repeated with a smile. The light in the room was dim, but the way it hit Sirius’ hair and face made him practically glow. Y/N had always thought that Sirius was handsome, but she’d never quite realized that he looked like this.

Y/N stood up and walked over to him, only stopping when he offered her his hand, earning a questioning look. “You should at least get once dance tonight,” he said, moving his hand closer to her. “There isn’t any music,” Y/N commented, unsuccessfully trying to fight back a smile. “Music is for wankers,” Sirius grinned, this time reaching for her hand and putting an arm on her waist. Y/N went along with it, letting him lead a slow sway for a few minutes, before she removed her hand from his and placed both her arms loosely around his neck. Y/N noticed a strange tingle going through her body, and it took her a few moments to realize that she had felt it before. It had always been there when Sirius was around. She looked up at his face, and suddenly everything was so different. Had she always felt this way about him? Was this the little voice that had always been quietly speaking in the back of her head? Sirius watched her pondering this, an amused look creeping across his face, as he could practically see the gears moving inside her head. “Whatcha thinkin’ about so hard there, Love?” He chuckled, but when her eyes met his, he knew exactly what she meant, “You’ve been here this whole time, haven’t you?” Sirius bit his lip and gave her a small smile and a nod,“ This whole time, Love.”

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A/N: Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted one of these, things are just really rough right now. Anyways, this one wasn’t requested, just an idea I had earlier today. I hope you guys like it, let me know what you think. if you don’t like it, that’s cool. you can tell me, just please for the love of ben barnes be nice about it, i can’t handle anyone else being mean to me right now. Anyways, I love you guys so much. Thank you for constantly supporting me, even when I don’t do my job as a writer. You guys are the best. I love you, I love you, I love you♡♡♡


no but can you imagine

Yuuri decides to retire and for the shits and giggles cites pregnancy as his main reason for leaving men’s single skating

jokes on him because EVERYONE believes him: suddenly Phichit’s Instagramming a shit storm, Minami’s crying in a corner and already picking out baby shower gifts, the story’s blasted on the front page of every sport’s magazine worldwide, Chris is shaking his head like “yo i told you to use protection,” and Leo’s ready to come bless this child into the world as Guang-Hong’s mind breaks because Yuuri’s a man and Victor’s a man?? Poor baby’s so confused

Meanwhile Victor’s got the happiest expression on his face and he’s bawling and rubbing his cheek against Yuuri’s stomach and Yuuri just goes


bonus: Yurio’s already thinking of teaching the kid how to ice skate and coordinating baby clothes with tiger prints and and and

soft!warren headcanons

a/n; this is long overdue bc warren is?? so soft?? i hope you enjoy<3

@phoenixejean @emmcfrxst @put-in-writing

  • Warren can legitimately sleep for? A whole day if you let him?
    • He’s a suuuuuuper heavy sleeper. Like, you have to shake this boy awake if he’s sleeping hard
      • Usually he’ll grumble and push his messy curls out of his face and yawn and say “five more minutes babe, please” and his voice is all scratchy and adorable
    • It’s good for you so you can be loud in the morning while getting ready
  • One of his favorite sleeping positions is on his stomach with his face smushed in your chest
    • “Your boobs are comfy, babe”
    • He can also wrap one of his wings on you
  • He’s super duper clingy when he sleeps
    • You don’t mind because he’s always touching you in some way when you’re not sleeping
      • Plus he has a naturally low body temperature and he needs to cuddle with you to warm himself up
      • When he gets cold the tip of his nose turns an adorable shade of pink
      • So do the tips of his ears
  • Listen…. This boy loves it when you play with his hair
    • He likes lying his head in your lap after a long day because you’ll mindlessly play with his curls
    • His hair is always soft and?? Really nice to touch??
    • Warren will actually become putty in your hands when your fingertips lightly massage his scalp
  • When he first got to the mansion he didn’t have a lot of friends and was weary about a lot of things
    • He visited the school therapist a lot and she suggested that because he relies on music for a lot, he should make playlists for his moods
      • When he starts dating you, he shares all of them with you and gets excited when you like his favorite songs
        • He makes a lot of playlists for you
        • Your favorite is the one that’s called “for when i’m away”
        • It makes you cry every time
  • When Warren was single it was a legit bitch to clean his wings
    • But now that he’s got you! It’s way easier!
      • You make time to help him clean them once a week because they can get pretty grimy
      • The first time, you bought a bunch of oils and stuff from lush and came back to the mansion with a huge bag and an excited look on your face
      • You sat on the backs of his thighs and washed them and deep cleaned them and it was? So relaxing?
      • Afterwards he cuddled you and fell asleep within seconds
  • Showering with Warren!!
    • It’s a bit difficult because of his wings but Charles gave him access to one of the bigger showers to accommodate his wings
      • So pretty much he gets his own private bathroom (in which you use as well)
    • He likes washing your hair and you like washing his (because his hair, again, is fun to play with)
    • You also have the radio playing sometimes and you both sing at the top of your lungs
    • Sometimes if he’s having an off day he likes to shower with you, so he can just hold you and disassociate for a while
    • It’s nice to have you there as a comfort
  • He has a cute photo strip of you two from when you went to the carnival
    • There’s two silly pictures of you both sticking out your tongues and the other one is of you squeezing his cheeks
    • The other one is of him kissing your cheek and the other one is of you two kissing, him smiling into it
      • He looks at it a lot when he’s in class
  • Warren likes taking photos and he’s pretty damn good at it
    • He likes taking photos to capture the moment and likes looking back at them when he’s sad
    • He loves taking candids of you. Like, he has hundreds of just you that he loves so so much
  • Okay but when he was younger his parents made him take up piano
    • He hated every second of it because his parents made him do it
    • Warren stopped playing after he left for Berlin
    • When he told you that he could play you were?? So excited??
    • He was way too nervous to play for you because he hadn’t done it in so long but he wanted to make you happy
    • So he did and you encouraged him to start playing again
      • He did
      • And he loves it so much
  • He’s blind as a bat and wears contacts, but he sometimes wears his glasses and they make him look SO cute
    • You love them so much even if he hates them
  • Basically, Warren is the world’s Softest Boy and no one can tell me otherwise
Body Headcanons

Because we all can’t get enough of this body diversity, here have some headcanons 👌🏻

Beer Belly Osomatsu

He gets ticklish when people touch his stomach

Embraces his stomach

Tends to walk around the house shirtless

Shoves his stomach in his little brother’s faces like a nice nii san :)

Thicc Butt and Thighs Kara

Wears shorts alot

Knee high socks all the way

Hard to find pants his size

Continuously gets embarrassed when people compliment his lower half 

Brothers like Osomatsu and Ichimatsu shove their head between his thighs as a joke

Lanky/Skinny Choromatsu

Embarrassed yet ok with his body

Tends to stay out of physical fights with the other brothers so he’s more verbal

Tends to research ways to gain muscle but is too lazy to try

Extra Chub Ichimatsu

Everyone’s favourite brother

The younger brothers Jyushi and todo always seem to snuggle up to him

Loves it when cats sleep on his tummy

Doesn’t really care about his body, but likes his chub 

Extra Fit Jyushimatsu

Trying to encourage his older brothers to excersise 

Goes to the Gym every day 

Really wants a Border Collie or a German Shepard

When ever his brothers are drunk, he carries them home, no matter how many are drunk

Curvy Todomatsu

Buys clothes to show off his curves 

Continuously taking photos to show off his curves

Hates taking his shirt off in front of people


I’ll tell you what I want, what i really really want in season 4 and that would be a real obvious sexual tension scene between Bellamy and Clarke. Like walking in on him coming out the shower, or having to touch his bare stomach to patch up a cut and her face turns red and she stutters and hesitates and has to shake her head and you just know that she’s been looking at him differently and I’ll never have to hear the word “platonic” again.

Alec shows up to Magnus’ loft about an hour before the party is supposed to start. It’s decorated to the nines, Magnus going all out for Max’s rune party.

“Magnus?” Alec calls as he walks down the hall, fiddling with the buttons of his tux. “I came early like you said, everyone else will be coming in about an hour.”

Magnus materializes next to him when his head is turned, and Alec is suddenly grateful that he’s become used to his boyfriends antics.

“Alexander,” Magnus says, and it’s definitely a purr. “Glad you made it.”

“Of course,” Alec says, straightening his suit jacket. His gaze flits down Magnus’ outfit, eyes catching on a necklace. “Magnus, is that-”

“An arrowhead?” Magnus finishes, smile on his face making warmth spread in Alec’s stomach. “One of yours, actually.”

Alec frowns for a second. “How did you get into the Institute?”

Magnus leans forward, presses a kiss to Alec’s cheek. “My dear Alexander, I’m the one who set the wards. Surely, I can get past them.”

Alec watches Magnus walk away, frown turned into a knowing smirk. Of course.


Speak up, ma’am, I can’t hear you.” Her uncle Cumberland had his hand to his ear in a pantomime of deafness. Looking at his malevolent face, Victoria felt her stomach clench. She tried to speak again and found she could make no sound, but swallowed and closed her eyes. When she opened them, she looked up and saw Lord Melbourne giving her a little nod of encouragement as if to say, Go on.

you don’t want him back but you still feel a pit in your stomach when you catch a glimse of his face on a stranger. you don’t want him back but your heart still races whenever someone mentions his name. you don’t want him back but you wonder if he will ever return. you don’t want him back but you dream of what to do if he did. you don’t want him back but you wonder what if he never left. you don’t want him back but if he still wanted you, you probably, maybe, would change your mind.
—  it’s 3am, and i still think of you.
Truly Blessed (ThorinxReader)

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(Post BotFA)

Joy and adrenaline propel you forwards, as your feet carry you towards the throne room as fast as you can. You surge through swarms of dwarves, who all stop to stare in disbelief and worry as to why their very pregnant Queen was racing through the Kingdom. But you pay them no mind as you hurry to get to your husband, one of your hands constantly pressed against your slightly risen stomach as you run.

Turning the corner you abruptly slam into Dwalin who quickly reaches to steady you. Your life-long friend and companion offers you a quiet chuckle as he jokingly asks where the emergency is. Shaking your head, you simply reach for his large calloused hands and gently press them against the bulge of your stomach.

Shock, disbelief and joy overcome his bearded face. His always stoic face softening into a tender smile, as his eyes begin to water and he pulls you into a gentle embrace. Pulling back, he reaches a hand to gently stroke your cheek as he remembers the small dwarfling he meet over a century ago, one who strongly contrasts the now transformed, beautiful dwarrowdam with Husband and unborn child. Smiling again he softly nudges you forward, encouraging you to go and find your husband.

Nodding, you make your way past Dwalin and continue through the corridors until you burst through the doors of the throne room, successfully capturing the attention of your nephews, Fili and Kili, sister-in law, Dis and Husband. Thorin Oakenshield, King Under the Mountain.

Your nephews and sister send you concerned looks as they rush a few steps forward, but you ignore them as your husband forces himself up from his slumped position on his throne and sprints towards you, a deep concern rooted on his handsome face.

As he finally reaches you, his hands reach up to desperately grasp your face as his normally strong voice cowers under the strength of his fear; “My love, My treasure what is wrong? Are you alright? Is our light alright?” Thorin has taken to calling your unborn child ‘our light’ for a few months now because he says as the first child born of Durin descent in over 70 years he or she will be the new light of your family.

Panting slightly you nod, a smile once again stretching across your face, as the breathless whisper leaves your lips; “Our baby’s kicking.”

As you stare into his eyes, you almost miss the collective gasp from the remaining Durins in the room. Thorin’s eyes widen dramatically and you can’t help but release a small giggle at the disbelief on his face. Slowly releasing your face, his hands begin to shake as they move towards your stomach at a painfully slow rate. Rolling your eyes slightly, you press your hand against his and lay it against your body where your baby grew.

Smiling even wider you stare into his eyes as you feel a small nudge coming from inside you, getting even stronger when you whisper the word that had triggered your child’s first kick; “Daddy” Thorin jolts slightly when the kicking gets stronger and when he realizes what you just said, the elation that begins to envelope him is palpable.

A beautiful smile spreads across your lovers face and his eyes brighten with pure joy and love, his eyes water and the tears come quickly streaming down his flushed cheeks. Slowly kneeling to the ground he nudges his nose against your stomach and presses tender little kisses across it, smiling even wider when his actions cause laughter to bubble from your lips.

Standing again, you reach up to run a finger across the crinkles by his eyes and rest your forehead against his. Thorin reluctantly pulls away and turns towards the rest of your family who have been watching the exchange with proud loving smiles and wet cheeks.

Offering out his hand, Fili and Kili share a small glance before the both charge over to you both to envelope you in their arms. Pressing kisses to your cheeks, they both eagerly drop to their knees to tell their cousin how they cannot wait to meet him or her.

Dis is more cautious in her approach as she pulls her brother in for a hug. Burying her head into his shoulders, you can just make our her whisper; “I’m so proud of you Big Brother.” before she pulls away to lovingly nudge her forehead against his. Turning to you she laces a tender arm around your shoulders and rests her head against your shoulder, and Thorin reaches for your hand.

Smiling, you couldn’t be more grateful for your family. You were truly blessed.

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Girl your writing is superb 🙌🏽 prompt idea: Kate is pregnant in 8x01/2 but she doesn't know yet. She gets shot the same way and starts to feel worse and worse throughout the episode. When she is back with Castle ( the kitchen scene) she faints from the pain in her wound. Castle is frantic and brings her into hospital they find out she was pregnant and had a near miscarriage due to the wound but they were able to save the baby.

The scent of the smorelette has nausea swirling through her stomach, the look on his face threatening to send bile up her throat, but she blames it on the still prominent sting lancing through her side, the path the bullet had carved through her flesh, the stitches and antibiotics the doctor had prescribed her doing little to quell the biting ache.

“What are you doing?” Castle asks, a demand and a plea rolled into one and something worse than an upset stomach overtakes her, the grief of what she’s about to do to him, to them.

“I have to go,” she gets out, sucking in a deep breath that makes her head swim.

“Why?” he questions, abandoning the spatula on the stovetop and starting around the counter, his eyes narrowing with skepticism, and her insides perform another painful flip.

“I uh, I have to get my head right,” Kate murmurs, blinking a few times to dispel the tears and strange streaks of black trailing along the edges of her vision. “I have to figure some things out so that we can have…” She has to pause to swallow, the words scratching against her throat, leaving her raw. “Have a happily ever after.”

Castle wipes his hands on a nearby dishtowel, the crease of his brow deepening with every second.

“Where’s this coming from?” He steps out of the kitchen, releasing more questions that demand answers as he draws closer, the floor creaking loud and deafening in her ears. “Why are you giving up on our marriage?”

Her chest caves in and she stumbles backwards, away from him, because if he touches her, she won’t be able to do it, leave him.

“I’m trying to save it,” she gets out, witnessing some of the hurt in his eyes give way to concern. Perhaps she simply looks as bad as she feels.

“By leaving me?” Beckett scrapes a hand through her hair. Her skull is hot, a worrisome contrast to the cold sweat layering her skin. “Look, if you have a problem, we have a problem. That’s how this works.”

“No,” she whispers, all she can manage, and drops her hand to her chest, her scar throbbing hard like the beat of a drum, each pound sending flares of white through her eyes.

“Kate?” Her vision is fading. “Kate, you look like you’re about to faint, what’s-”

The pain that splinters through her abdomen is sharp, nearly forces her to her knees, but Castle is there, catching her before she can collapse to the floor. She gasps into his shoulder, clutching the fabric of the plaid button down stretched across his back.

“Feel bad,” she rasps, clinging to his frame, ignoring the reminder flaring through her throbbing skull. She was supposed to leave, had to keep him safe, but - but she loves him too much to go, loves the way it feels to be enveloped in his embrace, warm and untouchable, and the urge to leave fades, nothing more than a dissipating whisper through her brain.

Kate presses her cheek to his clavicle, her forehead damp but cooled by the skin of his throat, and closes her eyes. He’s talking to her, but his words are muffled too, the pain quieted as well, and if only she could remain just like this.


Riding with her in the ambulance has residual bile stinging in his throat, the setting too similar to another time, watching her die, but this is different. He has to continue reminding himself that it’s different.

She had passed out in the middle of nearly walking out on him, their marriage, and now she was laid up in a hospital bed with an IV in her arm, the doctor having just left them for the second time that evening after checking her vitals, the gunshot wound. It was healing well, the man had assured him, but they were still running tests, keeping an eye on the bullet graze that has an angry arc of red blooming between the bones of her ribs.

Castle leans back in the uncomfortable chair at her bedside, rakes his fingers through his hair and tries to quiet the pulsing of the headache rioting at the forefront of his skull.

He wouldn’t be surprised if it was stress that had pushed her to this point. Everything that’s happened within the last 48 hours, coupled with the apparent decision to separate from him. It hadn’t been an easy one for her, couldn’t have been if the tears glittering in her eyes, illuminating the remorse, were any indication.

She hadn’t wanted to leave him; he wouldn’t let her. Especially not now.

Rick drifts in and out of a fitful sleep as the late evening progresses into night, attempts to stay awake with the excuse for coffee that the night nurse is kind enough to bring him, and holds tight to Kate’s hand every time the paralyzing worry blooms bright in his chest, toys with her wedding band each time the insecurities begin to stem from it.

“Mr. Castle, I’m so sorry for the wait, but the test results for your wife’s blood work have finally come back,” Doctor Fisher announces, coming through the door with a tired smile, his voice quiet for the sake of the sleeping patient in the hospital bed.

She probably hasn’t slept in days, needs as much as she can get.

“Is everything okay?” Rick inquires, gentling his grip on Kate’s hand, running his thumb back and forth over her knuckles to soothe his own erratic pulse.

“Ultimately, yes,” Fisher assures him, casting his gaze down to the clipboard in his hands. “She’s dehydrated and severely lacking in nutrients. Coupled with the graze and the pregnancy, I’m not at all surprised-“

“Wait, wait,” Castle murmurs, his blood running cold, freezing through his system, turning his body heavy. “Pregnant?”

Fisher’s brow hitches. “Oh, I’m - I’m sorry. I just assumed… well, it is rather early. Something tells me your wife may not even know. But she’s about five weeks and she is extremely lucky the fetus is still heavily cushioned within the womb. By the looks of it,” the doctor continues, returning his gaze back to the papers in his hands, scanning quickly over the page. “She was on the verge of a potential miscarriage, which I’d say also contributed to the fainting.”

“But she - she and the baby, they’re both okay? Will be okay?” Castle utters, his palms beginning to sweat, Kate’s fingers slipping through his grasp.

“Fortunately, yes. Though, not if your wife carries on like this. Both mother and child are in great need of nourishment. The IV drip is helping tonight, but once she’s discharged-“

“I’ll make sure she gets back to full health,” Rick pledges, jerking his attention back to the pale hollows of Kate’s face, the shadows clinging to her bones, the black wings of her lashes at rest atop her cheeks, her chapped lips. Oh, how he yearns to take care of her.

“I’m sure you will, Mr. Castle,” Fisher responds kindly. “Were there any other questions you may have had?”

“No, thank you, I…” Rick pauses, glances back to the doctor. “Is there a way - I know it’s still tiny, but could we - is there a way to have an ultrasound when Kate wakes up? So we can see?”

Fisher’s lips spread into a warm smile. “Sure, Mr. Castle. Your baby is about the size of a pea right now, but I’m sure one of my nurses could get a good look for you both, print out a picture for you.”

“That’d be - thank you. That’d be perfect,” Castle manages, already turning back to Kate as the doctor nods his acceptance, silently eases the door shut behind him.

He whispers his fingers over her stomach, careful to stay clear of the bullet wound that nearly took their baby. Their baby.

They were having a baby.

“You have to stay,” Castle breathes, his hand traveling to her cheek as his body ascends from the chair. “Whatever’s going on, we have to figure it out together, Kate.”

Her skin is like paper beneath the sweep of his thumb to her jaw, the plane of her cheek stretch thin, and Rick sighs, strokes his fingers through the loose strands of her hair splayed across the pillow beneath her head.

“I love you too much, Beckett. And this baby… it needs-“

“Baby?” she rasps, her eyes struggling to flutter open, but eventually managing the task, peeling back to expose the dulled pools of golden brown. Her brow furrows deep, but she tilts into his touch, hums at the cup of his palm to her cheek. “Don’t call me that.”

Castle chokes on a laugh, scales his thumb along one of her eyebrows to smooth out the wrinkle of her face.

“Different baby,” he murmurs, but Kate continues to stare up at him in confusion, confirmation that Fisher must have been right. She doesn’t know. “Earlier, when you were about to leave-“

“I don’t want to leave,” she rasps, the sorrow rushing in quick, consuming her features, causing them to crumple beneath his fingertips. “I thought I had to, but I can’t. Can’t go-“

“No, you can’t,” he echoes in relief, bending forward to stain his lips to the skin of her forehead. “Won’t let you go, Kate.”

She releases a breath that flutters up to tickle the column of his throat, one of her hands rising to curl at his nape, hold him there.


A smile twitches along the corners of his mouth, but he inhales a deep breath through his nose before he speaks again, knows what has to come next.

“Kate, while you were out, the doctors ran some tests,” Castle begins, easing back, her hand falling away to trip down his arm until he can catch her fingers in the embrace of his.

“Something wrong?” she mumbles, staring back at him in concern, her voice still rough with sleep, her eyes still slow to rise with every blink. She could fade on him at any moment.

“No, you’re going to be okay,” he promises, feeling her hand squeeze his, but her eyes still seek with question. “But they, uh, found something out. Something I don’t think you knew.”


“You’re about five weeks pregnant,” he exhales, watches as the words crash into her, send her eyes going wide, her hand to her lips.

“Pregnant?” she repeats, glancing down to her stomach, back to him. “I’m - I had no idea. How… holy shit.”

Castle laughs, a little hysterically, but a genuine smile is blossoming along Beckett’s mouth, tentative and gentle like the hand she lowers to her abdomen, her gaze drifting to follow.

“Is the baby okay?” she asks suddenly, her eyes flying back to him with fierce concern, but Castle nods.

“Yeah, you’re both fine. Just need more fluids, better eating habits, vitamins,” Castle lists, watching her nod along in agreement. “Are you okay with this? I know we’ve talked about it, but never really… and you were ready to leave me, so I don’t know-“

“I wasn’t leaving because I wanted to,” she confesses, her hand seeking his fingers once more amidst the starched sheets of the hospital bed. “It’s a long story and I promise to tell you all of it, but I never wanted to leave you, Rick. I was just trying… I wanted to keep you safe.”

Oh, he already hates the sound of this, the idea of his wife thinking she has to leave him to protect him. Her eyes already shimmer with apologies, the upturned corners of her mouth tugged down into a frown, and Castle sighs.

“We’ll talk about it once we’re home,” he murmurs, accepting the curl of her fingers, twining their digits until their palms seal together, and then he bends forward once more, smears a kiss to his wife’s mouth that has her involuntarily arching to reach him. “But no more solo missions, Kate. Partners.”

She hums her agreement, biting down on her bottom lip and nuzzling her nose to his cheek as her eyes fall closed again, and the painful throb of his heart finally slows into a peaceful rhythm. “Now more than ever.”


He felt horrible. He felt like the world was spinning around him. Like he was on the tilt-o-whirl only he felt like he was going to throw up instead of laugh incessantly. The other problem was he was laying on his bed instead of playing at an amusement park.

Hic. He hiccuped again and swallowed thickly when he felt his stomach contents rising up his throat.

His face felt hot but he couldn’t help but shiver. He felt like he was laying in a meat locker, he was so cold. He felt the chill so deep in his body he wondered if he would ever feel warm again.

“Percy?” A female voice called from outside his cabin. He couldn’t bring himself to answer. He was afraid that if he answered he would throw up. “Percy, are you in there?” the voice came again, closer this time. He knew that voice. He liked that voice.

A knock came at the door. “Percy. I know you’re in there. I searched everywhere else. You can’t hide from teaching lessons in your cabin.”

Right. He was supposed to be teaching sword fighting.

The door opened. Light flooding in and making him groan. “That’s right lazy bones, you have been caught.” Annabeth walked in smirking the way she did when she knew she was right. It fell when she got a good look at him.

Percy was incredibly pale and had dark rings around his eyes making them look sunken. “Gods, Percy, you look terrible!”

He couldn’t help but chuckle. “Gee thanks. You really know how to improve a guy’s confidence.”

She came over and sat on his bunk next to him. She leaned over and touched the back of her hand on his cheek and then the exposed part of his neck. “Percy, you have a fever.”

He hummed in response. “I figured as much.”

“Well if you knew, why didn’t you tell someone or walk to infirmary?”

“Too many sick people. Didn’t want to hang around them.”

“News flash Seaweed Brain, you’re one of those sick people and you need to go.” She had that look on her face that said ‘cross me and I’ll send you to Tartarus.’

“Annabeth, please, I just want to empty my guts and die in the peace of my own cabin.” All the talking was making him feel like the threat was more eminent than it had been before. To confirm this theory he hiccuped again, bringing his hand to cover his mouth and pressing back further against his pillow.

“Oh man, are you going to throw up?” This was probably as close to a dumb question as Annabeth had ever been, but he decided not to tell her that.

His body relaxed slightly and removed his hand from his mouth. “Probably.”

“Well maybe you should head to the bathroom?”

“Such a wise statement from the wise girl.” but he made no attempt to get up.

“Shut up Seaweed Brain.”

Hic. That’s when he decided Annabeth was right. He jumped up rather quickly and ran for the bathroom in his cabin. He dropped in front of the toilet just in time to bring up a flood of his meagre breakfast. He hadn’t eaten a whole lot, most of his meal was given as an offering to his father.

He hardly got a seconds reprieve before it happened again. It was rough and sounded strained, certainly didn’t feel good. He was miserable and he knew he wasn’t done. Suddenly there was a gentle hand rubbing circles on his back. That felt nice. He opened his mouth to thank her but threw up again instead.

When he was finally finished being sick he reached up and flushed the mess away and leaned into his girlfriend. Annabeth hugged him and rubbed his back. They didn’t get up because Percy’s stomach kept making horrible, ominous gurgling noises. Every time it did he pressed closer to her letting himself moan in discomfort a few times. That’s how she knew he felt bad, Percy wasn’t one to actively complain about how he felt.

Fifteen minutes later round two began. She rubbed his back and waited for him to stop throwing up. “I’m going to have an Apollo kid come check on you but I won’t make you go to an infirmary.”

“Thanks Annabeth.” He croaked, rubbing his upset stomach.

She nodded and ducked out. She could hear him getting sick again as she left.

Lilith - (A Kyungsoo One Shot)

“There’s no fucking way. No fucking way, I will personally do your laundry for a week…no, a month! There is no way you would do it” Baekhyun had been drinking too fast that night. His mood was up, as was his volume and his obnoxiousness.

Kyungsoo rolled his eyes so hard he felt the strain at the bottom of his eyeballs and he reached for his beer.

“Of course I can do it.” He said after swallowing and Baekhyun laughed too hard at something he found to be hilarious within Kyungsoo’s words.

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Imagine: Dean falling asleep in your lap after an exhausting hunt. He snores lightly as you gently run your fingers through his short blonde hair.. His arms wrapping around you as he nuzzles his face in your stomach.

Embarrassment and Hickeys

Summary: The team tease you about the hickeys on your neck.

Word Count: 378

Warnings: none

Gender-neutral Reader!

Check my bio for the inbox status. Rules and fandoms I do and don’t do!


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Prey Part Two
Part two

The men each held a limb as they dragged Renee over to a large tree. Ropes were quickly tied around her wrists and ankles. Despite her situation, she yanked and pulled, managing to get a hand free and scratching the face of the man next to her. Her fave ached and her head throbbed but she refused to quit. The man that savagely beat her face slammed his fist in to her stomach, the others held her up so he could do it again. She gasped for air and tried to scream at the same time, nothing coming out. Her fight taken from her momentarily, they tie the ropes around the tree so she is facing it. Immediately, Renee starts to scream every swear and insult that comes to her brain at them but the only response she gets is laughter. They come over and she screams as she feels the thin bits of fabric rip from her. Comments about her juicy round ass and pale skin immediately start from the men and Renee can't help but feel a little embarrassed at her sudden exposure. It hits her that she wore a skimpy blue thong under everything as she feels the men tugging gently at it, making the fabric tense against her sensitive spots. She can feel her cheeks flushing as they toy with her and inspect her like meat. The man that beat her face, clearly the leader, comes up behind and grips the thong tight. "Looks like we caught a perfect specimen." He hisses in to her ear as he yanks the thong up and back, painfully tearing it from her body. "Fuck you! Fuck all of you!" She screams angrily between clenched teeth as tears from the pain well in her eyes. They all laugh and back up a bit. She stiffens as she hears several jingles behind her, followed by the distinctive sound of leather sliding across fabric. She shakes her head but her mouth refuses to speak. A moment later the crack of the belt across her ass is followed milliseconds later by the pain. She screams over and over as the men take turns whipping her flesh. The dont stop until she is raw, her back, ass, and thighs all deep purples and reds with blood speckles and drips. Her voice is gone, replaced with a completely raw throat. They untie her and grab her arms before she can collapse. They roughly turn her around, shoving her abused backside against the rough bark of the tree and she nearly passes out from the pain. They quickly tie her back in place and the leader appears in front of her again, holding a thin switch. "What? No insults this time? Dont tell me we managed to take the fight out of you already." He says mockingly. Renee pulls her head up and looks directly at him before spitting at him.

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Lance is 100% little spoon. They usually cuddled fully clothed, but Keith couldn't stop blushing the first time Lance slept in his boxers alone. But the sleepier he got, the more comfortable he got, and Keith eventually psyched himself up enough to cuddle close against his back, tracing little circles on his soft stomach. Keith had the side of his face buried in Lance's hair (because having his nose in it tickled/felt suffocating). He woke up with a numb arm from having Lance sleep on top of it.

!!!!!!!!!!! pure!!!!! so PURE!!! im GONE!!