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Harry is so big like and newborn Alfie is so tiny that with only his big hand can cup his tiny body ๐Ÿ˜

Newborn Alfie would look SO tiny and delicate and fragile in the crook of his arm as he strolls around the hospital room whilst the missus takes a sleep after having everything checked and given the all-clear. Just a couple of hours old, dressed in a baby-blue striped baby-grow with mitts on his hands and a tiny beanie tucked over his hair with little white and fabric booties on his little feet. With his suede boots squeaking on the floor with each step he took to keep the baby dazed and almost in his own slumber, making him contemplate about kicking them off so he was slightly skidding on socked feet. Deciding not to because he knows he had to make the stop off at Gemma’s to collect his little girl.

And his fingers are patting against Alfie’s bum as his eyes stare up at Harry, with his phone cradled between his shoulder and his ear as he speaks to his dad on the phone, informing him that “baby number 2 has just been born if you want to pop down over the next couple of days to see him.” Giving him all the details of how the birth went and how proud he felt and all the information they were given about Alfie’s weight and length.

“Five pounds and 4 ounces. Around 17 inches long. A little below average for a newborn baby boy, but, they said it was nothing to worry about. He’ll grow into a height. He’s just taking his time,” Harry smiles, eyes casting down to the fresh baby snuffling in his arms and pushing his arms in all directions. The heels of his tiny feet pushing into his bicep. “(YN)’s fast asleep in bed. Early morning and all that today. Deserves all the rest she can get, really. Spent a little under 36 hours in labour and he arrived about 8 this morning.”

And when he sees Alfie’s face turn into a mixture of agitation and sadness, he bids farewell to his dad and hangs up the phone before bringing the tiny baby to his chest. Small head resting against Harry’s shoulder as he cups his bum and sways softly with each step, his other hand cupping behind his neck to support his head, not wanting to wake his wife up but knowing he needs to in order to get Alfie something to soothe him. xx

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Omg going off the baby anon, H waking up with baby drool over his bare chest from when the baby was napping. Sweet baby is probably only in his diaper, taking a nap with daddy, who is also shirtless. H would wake up all bleary eyed, but moving slowly as to not wake his baby. Gently readjusts the baby's bum, keeps his hand there as he reaches for a burp cloth. Nonchalantly wipes the drool off his chest, wipes the drool from baby's mouth, tosses the burp cloth. Kisses baby's head, resumes nap.

Oh my god… you guys truly want me to suffer today

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I always see posts about Jimin's and Jungkook legs but can we talk about Yoongi's? That man ain't skipping leg day, he's slowly getting somewhere. (you can also tell bc his butt is getting rounder and peachier. tbh when I saw him in the BST I couldn't stop staring at his bum)

I know!? BOOTOONGI IS RISING, Y’ALL! Tbh tho, he said himself that he is doing more exercises these days, so ofc there will be some hot as fuck results! And ofc we will love those results, hahah, cause damnn

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All I can think about seeing Lou's beautiful scruffy beard in these pictures is him leaving beardburns all over the inside of Harry's thighs and his bum whAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!

UuuMm I THINK ABOUT THIS OFTEN OKAY. Just imagine how gorgeous Harry’s ivory skin looks when it’s pink from beardburn. God. I bet it’s the most obscenely beautiful thing. I can’t believe they get to be together

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and Harry would pat his little bum and the tiny baby would be squirm or cry a bit and Harry has to holding them and peering kisses

“It’s okay, little man. I know you’re hungry. Mummy’s just coming, I promise you, she’ll be down soon. She won’t be long,” he hums against the top of his sons head, patting his bum as he walks around the kitchen with the screaming baby boy set on his chest. Palm cupping his tiny head as his tears soak Harry’s t-shirt, screams and cries slightly muffled from where his cheek was pressed against Harry’s collarbone, his face nuzzling closer to the warmth his daddy was giving off. “Christ, yeh’ve got some lungs, haven’t yeh? Definitely got some singers lungs there, buddy. Wha’d’yah say we collab on a song together one day, huh?” xx

Sangwoo’s reaction and why it’s significant

I see a lot of people either disappointed over Sangwoo’s reaction or bemused because they expected it. I think there’s more to it. When I read the chapter, I noticed a few important things that I would like to point out. First, it’s important to remind everyone that Sangwoo is not a normal person. His way of dealing with trauma is to confront it, and exterminate the problem at its core. Sangwoo does not like feeling vulnerable. It diminishes his masculinity. It reminds him too much of his past, and of his mother who–like Bum–seemed to be the type of person who was easily taken advantage of. Frankly, weakness and indecisiveness just piss him off.

This brings me to my next few points:

When Bum spoke of his trauma, it reminded Sangwoo too much of his mother. 

Now, please note. We don’t know how Sangwoo’s parents perished. Some assume he killed them both, but that doesn’t make sense. Personally, with how Sangwoo speaks of mother with fondness, even I find it hard to believe that Sangwoo killed his own mother. (My theory is Sangwoo’s dad killed her during a domestic abuse episode and in turn, Sangwoo killed his dad.)

If you remember, there was that one scene way back when where it depicted “Sangwoo’s” hands around his mother’s neck, but I don’t think those were his hands. Sangwoo was hallucinating. 

That’s not from his point of view. It’s from his Dad’s point of view. And do you see that smile. Do you see how his mother isn’t fighting back? That’s stayed with him forever. His mother just taking it isn’t something that he’s forgotten. And what does Bum do? He takes it, just like his mother. He doesn’t stab his abuser, like Sangwoo suggests. He doesn’t do anything, because he’s afraid. So Sangwoo, whether consciously or not, starts drawing parallels: Bum (My Mom) is a weak person, who allowed his Uncle (My Father) to abuse him (her).

It’s history repeating itself and Sangwoo fucking hates it. So when Sangwoo reacts hostilely to Bum’s story, it’s not that he’s incapable of emotion or that he doesn’t “get” that Bum’s been raped. Quite the opposite.

He’s throwing a tantrum. He’s upset Bum was assaulted. In his head, Bum practically allowed it. And this anger shows in some fucked up way, he’s started to like Bum. I wouldn’t say “cherish”, because I’m not sure Sangwoo is capable of that, but he cares about Bum in a way that’s like his mother but not quite. (I think more so like a pet then a partner.) He knows what happened to Bum and what it all means, but he’s unable to act sympathetically, because he just wished that Bum (unlike his mother) could have fought back. Now let me say, this isn’t an attempt to justify Sangwoo’s reaction.

I’m a victim of sexual assault. I know, more than anyone, how fear can paralyze you into submission. I sympathize with Bum. I feel horrible for him. But Sangwoo isn’t, again, a normal person. He’s a sociopath. So Sangwoo doesn’t see that. He just sees two things: Bum didn’t try. Bum disappoints me. And it infuriates Sangwoo, because in a way, Bum’s uncle wins. Just like Sangwoo’s father won when he abused his mother. 

Sangwoo is hurt.

Most importantly, Sangwoo’s selfish.

His emotions are the only thing that matter to him.

Bum’s feelings mean nothing.

Last point: 

I think Sangwoo was planning to have sex with Bum.

Okay, I know, another stretch. But if you think about the last chain of events, it makes sense. Sangwoo has started to develop feelings for Bum. Not just emotionally, but sexually. Now given this new piece of information, I think Sangwoo is not only angry that Bum didn’t fight back, but that the abuser has been with Bum in an intimate way before he has. I think Sangwoo assumed Bum was a virgin, and he had planned on consummating their “relationship” very soon. The fact that Bum’s uncle already has done so… someone who’s abused Bum and reminds him of his Father… Well…

For him, that’s a turn off, and a let down.

Thoughts on Chapter 24

I think in chapter 24, people are mistaking Sangwoo’s competitiveness with his feelings for Bum or him being protective?! It’s true that he’s treating Bum better than before and doesn’t abuse him physically anymore and such but I feel like when he’s giving Bum his car keys or wants to have the cake, he is more focused on Yoonjae than Bum. Yoonbum and Sangwoo are on the same side and the moment Sangwoo realizes Yoonjae is trying to tease/bully Bum, he is determined to get that cake for 2 reasons. One, because suddenly everything turns into a competition for him and he can’t lose, and two…

…he does not like this guy! Yoonjae is kind of a bully and an opportunist who’s trying to take advantage of Bum’s quiet nature and clumsy attitude. Sangwoo knows people like him very well and you can’t bully Sangwoo! He wants his damn cake and he doesn’t take shit from anyone. So this is more about ‘proving this asshole wrong’ than ‘protecting Yoonbum’. He gave his car keys to Bum to prove Yoonjae wrong. It’s all about winning. He even starts to tease Yoonjae back about their anniversary.

Actually I must add I think he’s angry with Yoonbum the whole time. He’s blaming him for this. When Yoonjae suggests they go to the arcade, it looks like Sangwoo is talking to Bum and Bum is extra nervous because he knows Sangwoo and his expressions pretty well.

‘That’s unnecessary and it’s all your fault, Yoonbum!’

I do want to stress on how well Yoonbum knows Sangwoo now.

To me this looks like a neutral/expressionless face and he even laughs after this, showing how ‘calm’ he is but this is what Yoonbum sees,

So he is angry. He is annoyed with Yoonbum who is clumsy and can never do anything for himself and he is angry with this guy and his childish, sarcastic attitude and he also states how angry he is once they get home so yes, don’t be fooled by his expressionless face and I still don’t believe he was doing any of this solely for Yoonbum.

But he is indeed being nicer to Bum. I think the ‘hit your head on my fist’ scene at the end was a really great scene. It’s not that hard for Sangwoo to beat the shit out of Bum and take out his anger on him and yet he chooses a gentler way to make himself feel better/calmer and at the same time not hurt Bum. That’s a really big development/improvement.

Another thing I want to point out is when he suggested, “If we’re all playing, let’s play something else, something a girl can play too.” I believe he was thinking about Yoonbum, although of course a big part of it was because he wanted them to win.