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Some particulars from my snapchat, chronicling the EPIC FUCKING DND GAME OF TONIGHT

Including this boss-ass diorama that @edwardinkhands, aka the world’s best DM, created, and the MOST TRAGICAL END TO A DRAGON-DAD, EVER.

RIP, Thaddeus, my (character’s) step-daddeus, aka Markender the Traitor, aka the meddler of the realm, aka the best foster-dragon-dad to both dragon and dad, ever in the realm of ebberon.

You’ll be missed, pops!

“May I interest you in the New Salem Philanthropic Society?” he mumbled, but he hadn’t expected to be given a response.

Background practice made this take longer than intended oops. 
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            i’d  like  to  give  a  moment  on  this  blog  to  those  beautiful  women  and  servants  in  beauty  in  the  beast  who  helped  prince  adam  i  bourbon  le  débonnaire  in  his  life,  whether  or  not  he  knew  it.  to  his  mother,  who  raised  him  gently  and  softly  and  taught  him  what  bit  of  humility  in  books  she  had  before  his  father  had  taken  and  twisted  him  ;  to  she  who  facilitated  his  first  love.  to  mrs.  potts,  who  treated  him  as  her  own  son  even  after  he  was  turned  into  a  horrible  beast  and  descended  into  that  darkness  ;  she  was  the  backbone,  the  one  who  gave  him  the  stern  words  he  needed  to  hear  in  order  to  change.  to  plumette,  whose  gentle  nature  reminded  adam  that  there  was  still  some  mortality  left  in  this  castle  worth  saving  ;  she  was  the  benignity  he  needed  in  his  time  of  despair.  to  garderobe,  whose  piercing  voice  was  a  constant  cue  for  everything  that  could  have  been  had  he  not  turned  away  a  soul  in  need  ;  she  helped  him  realise  how  beautiful  it  was  to  be  human.  to  all  the  servants  in  the  castle,  who  never,  ever  gave  up  on  him,  even  when  he  threw  his  horrible  tantrums  and  turned  a  blind  ear  to  their  help,  who  never  gave  up  hope,  even  when  he  did  ;  without  their  behests,  he  never  would  have  found  again  the  hope  inside  him  for  that  desperately  needed  change.  to  belle,  who  was  the  first  person  that  learned  to  look  past  the  outside  and  see  who  he  was  on  the  inside,  who  gave  him  back  his  humanity  ;  without  her  love,  he  would  have  lost  himself,  and  lost  himself  fast.

                   a  shoutout  to  all  of  them,  who  helped  adam  through  his  hardships,  even  in  his  most  ruinous  moments.  they  all  saved  him  …  they  all  loved  him,  and  that  love  will  never  be  forgotten.

anonymous asked:

I have a headcanon that contrary to popular belief Tony loves to eat. (he's always portrayed in fics as the one who forgets to eat, but even in im3 we see him having a meal in the workshop, pepper asks him why he ate without her, in avengers he has some snacks during the day, in im he eats the pizza, i dont know where this trop comes from tbh) So like he loves to eat, loves trying new foods, absolutely loves sweets, and you can see him eating something most of the time at the tower.

I think it might come from the whole getting-stuck-in-your-own-head-whilst-creating-stuff experience? It might be something a lot of people can easily relate to, since you have so many artists and writers in fandoms who create the fics and fanart… I know I for one understand typing something and two hours later when you reach for your tea it’s cold and disgusting…or forgetting to eat breakfast and not even noticing until it’s almost lunch… But that’s just my theory. 

And I absolutely love this headcanon, thank you for sharing it, anon! I agree that it fits Tony very well (though I confess to enjoying the other trope as well). Here some more titbits that fit into this headcanon:

  • Tony’s love for food always and without exception surprises other people. There’s no specific reason (that anyone’s ever shared with him), they just don’t ever see it coming.
  • It’s a little known fact, but Tony is almost never caught without food. He has secret stashes all over the different buildings he owns, lots of food in his workshop that JARVIS keeps careful track on, is known to pull out some dried fruit or cookies out of what everyone else insists is literally nowhere at random moments, and everyone swears even the Iron Man suit has a couple of secret pockets and hollow spaces for the explicit purpose of storing food.
  • [Steve suspects Tony’s obsession to always have food on him is fuelled by the sole desire of always having something to munch on during debriefs and driving Fury (and Steve) insane because of it.]
  • [He may or may not be right.]
  • [Though Tony insists his love for food and his paranoia to be without anything in case of kidnappings, crash-landings in the middle of nowhere and similar situations are equally responsible.]
  • Tony is a lot more conscious of his body’s needs than most people assume. Even in case he’s on an engineering binge, he’s got JARVIS monitor his physical state and has various warnings and safeguards built in so he won’t dehydrate himself, suffer from malnutrition and similar things.
  • Tony has been known to travel to a foreign country to sign a business deal personally for the sole reason of trying out said country’s local cuisine. Pepper may or may not have taken almost three years to realise it.
  • When Tony waits for someone before he starts eating, he’s either about to ask said person to marry him or the world is about to end (and even then there’s a 70 per cent chance Tony’ll decide his last hours are better lived on a full stomach). A certain someone had to learn this lesson the hard way.
  • While Tony loves to eat he is occasionally insecure about his body–especially since the only people around to compare himself to, are eihter superhumans or damn close to it. His partner will not stand for it though–and neither will JARVIS or the bots.

That’s all I could think off right now, but feel free to add your own food-related Tony headcanons. Or just send me an ask ;)


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which is weirder: ben’s american accent or martin’s?

Look I just don’t want to do my homework that’s due at nine tonight, even though it’s easy, it’s kinda boring shit, so.

Have some more of that Mer!Sam IronFalcon AU that I last wrote for forever ago…. Thank @bloody-bee-tea for telling me I DID need to write more of it, and also being fun to taunt with threats of non-angst.

The problem, Sam decided, was that Tony quite decidedly did not want Sam involved. In much of anything even remotely dangerous.

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