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Endless favorite characters: 1/?

Sansa Stark - A Song of Ice and Fire | INFP | Melancholic | Ravenclaw

“The only way to keep your people loyal is to make certain they fear you more than they do the enemy.”

“I will remember, Your Grace,” said Sansa, though she had always heard that love was a surer route to the people’s loyalty than fear. If I am ever a queen, I’ll make them love me.

Just to recap:

  • Dory’s disability isn’t treated like a character flaw by the writers
  • People who (even subconsciously) view it as a character flaw are the ones who end up learning and changing
  • She sees herself as a burden because of her disability and the ultimate response is “We were wrong to make you feel that way and we love you the way you are”
  • Her disability isn’t magically cured and doesn’t preclude her or her loved ones from being happy even though it makes certain things more challenging
  • Her parents aren’t overly sheltering and teach her to be self-sufficient in ways that work with her brain
  • The people around her realize that her mind is never going to work the same way theirs do, and that’s okay
  • She’s treated as deserving of patience and respect
  • She stays disabled throughout the entire movie

Finding Dory is so important. 

  • Maria: Nat how do you want your coffee?
  • Natasha: as dark as my soul
  • Maria: *hands her a cup of warm milk*
  • Natasha: *struggles to push back tears*
Haters gonna hate

This is a Rant…a big rant…be prepared.

Do you see this picture?

This beautiful picture?

Some dumb ass bitch, who I will refer to as DAB, commented on this picture on my Pinterest board. 

In her comment DAB said:

“I hate that you did this. I don’t make your gay characters straight, why do you have to go making my straight characters gay?”

To which another person replied:

“Gay people ruin everything. LOL”

and another:

“ Amazing detail. Just that Spock is supposed to be with Nayota. NOT KIRK.”

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Steven’s Breaking Point

In the episode Steven’s Dream, our little Stew-ball Steven DeMayo Universe did something incredibly important in his development.

He calls out the Crystal Gems.

Much of the fandom are so blind-sighted by the awesome side to our main heroes: Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst. And yes, there’s a hell of a lot to praise. Pearl by far has made such strides in her character from, on a personal level to me, being one of my least favorite characters to a hero I want to root for. Garnet’s wisdom and motherly/sage advice as well as her being a representation of love(LGBT or otherwise) is profound. And Amethyst being a character forged from self doubt and an allegory for physical disabilities(based on her height and ‘not being like she should be’). On their brightest days, the Crystal Gems are heroes to inspire and intrigue. 

However, certain parts of the fandom forget one fatal aspect. 

They. Are. Not. Perfect.

Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl are, despite their best efforts, failing Steven in one way. They completely neglect to inform him of ANYTHING important or vital about Homeworld until confronted. It took them 13 years to tell Steven they were aliens that invaded Earth, or rather Greg was the one to tell him, and this was only because Homeworld sent Jasper and Preidot. They didn’t tell him something that could have saved his life, as well as something to prepare him mentally and physically sooner to better protect himself and others, until it was essentially too late to do shit about. 

And after they returned from space the first time, did our heroes sit Steven down after proper recuperation time and tell him everything about Homeworld? About the Diamond Authority, about Gem Corruption, about Pink Diamond, about his own damned mother aside from flowery portraits and blatant hero worship?

Fuck. No.

Information comes to Steven, whom despite having the look and disposition of a young child has not only come into his own as a gem/human hybrid, but also is slowly gaining the mental age of a 14 year old, in a Steven has been enduring slight PTSD and anxiety from having to survive his mother’s mistakes and failures. He suffers because of Rose Quartz. The very least the Crystal Gems could do was not repeat Rose’s mistake with Bismuth and keep secrets. Which is why him finally snapping was necessary. When Steven has dreams of a place that might be familiar to him and vital to holding off the diamonds, he understandably seeks out answers, to which he is owed. At first he asks Greg, but Rose never told him of anything involving Pink Diamond since she is the queen of secrets at this point. So, he asks the ones he knew would give him answers. 

Of course, they don’t.

 And finally, after four to five seasons of them treating Steven like a child, of trying to shelter him despite the very real danger he and Earth are in, Garnet surprisingly shifts the topic of it ‘upsetting Pearl’. But, Steven asks something that is entirely important. 

“What about ME?! What about it upsetting ME?!”

Steven is hands down one of the most selfless characters, thanks entirely to Greg raising Steven until the Crystal Gems take over. He is kind, empathetic, and always seeks a peaceful solution. However, he is also a human being who deserves answers and is tasked with defending Earth because of a war he wasn’t even alive for. After being attacked by corrupted Gems, almost left to die by Pearl after her freak out(which Steven hasn’t forgotten),  almost drowned by Lapis Lazuli, attacked and abducted by Jasper and barely making it to Earth alive, stopping a geo-weapon from destroying the Earth, and now possibly remembering aspects of his mother? 

His outburst was justified. Steven was right to call out the Gems on keeping secrets from him that could possibly save his life. Or more importantly as the next episode follows, his father’s life.

Because they keep it a secret, Steven understandably grows impatient and seeks out answers for himself because the Crystal Gems sure as hell aren’t going to provide them to him unless they’re forced to. Because of their tight lipped nature and still not trusting Steven entirely, Greg is taken to space by Blue Diamond and placed in a potentially dangerous situation. While yes, part of the fault does lie with Steven’s impatience, it is an understandable flaw since he knows by this point the Crystal Gems will not tell him anything, that they are leaving him to find the answers on his own

Hopefully after retrieving Greg from the Zoo(and possibly making friends with a group of Earth-Made Gems who could sway to the side of Earth in the future) and learning about the Diamonds, once again, on his own terms since the Gems wouldn’t have told him anything otherwise, Steven MIGHT finally be getting some answers. 

(Not my art, BTW)

Sally is not a bad character. The stupidest and by far the most popular reason I’ve heard for disliking her is literally just because people prefer Sonamy. 

For the love of Sega, get over it

I don’t hate Amy because I think that Sonamy is awful. She’s a good character too, but is overhyped just for the sake of the Sonamy supporters. Some people literally want Sally dead, simply because she’s “in the way of Sonamy”, even though that couple is never going to happen anyway.

Look, I understand that some people really like this ship, and I admit it- in certain canons (Sonic Boom), this ship is really cute and potentially canon. But in the games, even where Sally doesn’t exist, it’s just not happening.

And yet…

Let’s face it, Amy is not a good match for Sonic, at least not in the Archie comics canon. She is clingy, she is unhealthy in her adoration for him, and above all…


And Sonic is fifteen.

Look me in the eye and tell me that’s okay. 

Besides, Sonic obviously isn’t attracted to her in a romantic way, as shown in his discomfort towards her advances. 

At most, I see him viewing her as a little sister; someone he cares about and wants to protect, but will never be attracted to romantically or (chaos forbid) sexually. That is disgusting, not to mention very one-sided on Amy’s part.

On the flip side, however, we have Sonic and Sally. 

Not only is this a mutual, healthy, and loving couple who care deeply for each other, but it’s also canon. Time and time again, we haven’t just been teased with a few hinted Sonally tidbits here and there, but it’s been shown way more than once that these two are together.

These two complete each other. Sally keeps Sonic down to earth, and in return Sonic helps Sally have a little fun in the stress-filled and very dangerous world they live in, in the war they’ve been fighting to end since they were kids.

That’s not to say they haven’t had their moments. How could anyone forget ‘The Slap’?

Yeah, thanks a lot, Penders.

This is actually a major reason that people hate her and frankly, it’s also one of the lamest. Let’s look at the facts: Sally doesn’t actually have all that many people she really and truly loves. Sonic is one of those few and she’s nearly lost him quite a few times. She thought he was dead for a year, for Pete’s sake. So when he chose to fight Robotnik instead of being with her, she got a little (okay, A LOT) short with him. I’ll admit, slapping him and calling him “selfish” was a bit much, but she almost lost him to being “reckless?” and there he went being “reckless” again. Wouldn’t you lose your temper with him, too?

But Sonic understands this, and they eventually get back together, even with all the problems they face on a daily basis. Sally even turned down Monkey Khan because of her continued love for Sonic. That’s devotion, if I’ve ever seen it.

And need I mention the fact that they got married?


Sonally is not only an amazing pairing, it’s also been confirmed over and over again. So next time you see someone bashing these two in favor of Sonamy, tell them what I just told you. Share the love~

Why I Love Killian Jones

Companion piece to this post, because one person asked, and because this kind of thing is so much fun to write.

It’s funny to think back now, but Killian is actually a big part of why I started with OUaT; somebody I follow kept reblogging gifs, and my curiosity was piqued. Once I actually watched the show, of course, Emma captured my heart, and my love of CS is founded in my love for her, but Killian is also one of my favorite characters in his own right.

Why is that?

First of all, he has impeccable taste in women. A++ choices in selecting those to receive your lifelong devotion, will applaud forever.

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When you’re genuinely conflicted because you want more badass female characters leading games but you really, REALLY were looking forward to seeing more of a badass with a Boston accent going on some grand adventure with a “goddamn” old man……

Broken Arrow

read on ff.net and ao3

summary: Love is on the backburner for Lucy, whose matchmaking coffee shop business is booming. Her life is going perfectly with everything in order. That is, until a certain prince steps in and flips her life upside-down. It’s time for the matchmaker to get matched.

characters: natsu, lucy, levy

pairings: nalu and others to follow

word count: 1803

“Lucy, I’ll put it this way. I like my men like I like my coffee,” the woman across from Lucy began, and she leaned in as to whisper a secret. “Tall, dark and hot, and not lukewarm.”

Lucy giggled, tapping her notes on her computer. So far she had a few things written down: dark hair, enjoys long walks on the beach, doesn’t mind seeing and caring for twelve cats, a fan of DC superheroes, and a coffee-lover. Seemed easy enough. Maybe not for most people, but for Lucy Heartfilia, it was a cinch.

Some people said she had a gift for seeing people and automatically having the thought that they’d fit with another person. Others said that Lucy was too busy to find a boyfriend of her own so she helped others find their matches. But only people that were close to the twenty-six-year-old knew the gospel truth.

Lucy was demisexual.

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My dyslexic 14 year old sister loves the new Ghostbusters. We just finished watching it for the second time. Halfway through the movie, she turned to me and told me that she thinks Holtzmann (her absolute favourite character) is dyslexic. I responded with cool, but what makes her think that? She pointed out that Holtzmann has yellow lenses not just for her goggles, but her glasses. See, sometimes people with dyslexia are helped by putting films of certain colors over whatever they read. For my sister, that’s purple and/or blue films. So halfway through the film she turned to me, and so so SO excitedly was like “?????? I think my fave is like me??????” And that was just. I’m glad she got to have such a moment.

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Pokécember’s 13th day: Rock type!
feat. an unlucky Alolan Exeggutor

Irony is on me right here. My favorite characters from Pokémon often are related to rocks, but as for the Rock type Pokémon themselves, only a few ended up on my good, loving side.

Saffron (Tyrantrum) seems to have no actual idea of how big he is in comparison to his fellow Pokémon friends, so he tries to join the fun doing it his way, unaware of certain consequences his size might trigger. Kibako (Lycanroc) is kinda new to the team so she often gets startled at it. She knows that he means good and just wants her to feel home, though.

We guarantee no Exeggutors were harmed during this as well.

If you want to see all the drawings I did so far for Pokécember, please check them here!

“When will Laurel Lance have a plot that doesn’t revolve around a man?”

Hello fellow humans, far be it for me to defend the writers who brutally murdered their female lead and had her murderer whisper that her death was to punish her father, but let us not erase the fact that Laurel Lance has had some of the best character development on this hell show.

Laurel Lance in the first season of Arrow was unfortunately trapped in a love triangle, which many claim was detrimental to her character and was the cause of many fans turning their back on her (never mind the fact that certain other characters were in the same position during season three without the same witch hunt). Yet it wasn’t Laurel’s character who exacerbated the love triangle. It was Tommy’s insecurities and Oliver’s feelings. Laurel’s character in season one was passionate about her work, and was determined to seek justice. Even more-so than Oliver, who at that point was still finding his identity as a hero. Laurel Lance was more the Black Canary in season one than Oliver was the Green Arrow. Season one Laurel didn’t revolve around a man - she pursued justice, and tried her best to care for the family she had left. 

Laurel Lance in the second season of Arrow was a character struggling from depression and addiction. The catalyst was the death of a loved one, but it was years of anger and pain and grief, a dead sister and an absent mother and an alcoholic father and having to hold it all together for six years. It was never about her revolving around a man. When Laurel was struggling to maintain sobriety, who was her inspiration? Sara Lance - not her love for Oliver or Tommy. In fact, Oliver was completely unable to support Laurel at this time. He didn’t have the capacity. 

Laurel Lance in the third season loses her sister again. This is what propels her into becoming The Black Canary. Again, at no point is her drive and story revolving around men. At this point in the show the writers had abandoned Oliver and Laurel as a couple, and Laurel’s storyline has nothing to do with him except in her proximity to him. In fact, at this point, with Quentin’s anger and vengeance, and Oliver’s lack of support, you get the feeling that men are the continued antagonists in Laurel’s story. She has always had to grow and rise above circumstances in spite of the men in her life. And those men aren’t evil - they are just men. They are her father and her friend. It is the eternal struggle of a strong woman, to fight to be yourself despite the men around you.

Laurel was murdered in season four, and her death was absolute bullshit. Murdered because of her father’s mistakes. And yet, in this very same season, Laurel brought her sister back to life once again despite what the men in her life threw at her. She gave her sister a second chance. 

Laurel is dead. The Laurel we saw in 5x08 is Oliver’s hallucination. Of course that Laurel’s plot revolved around Oliver. She was a construct of his mind. It only served to remind us that Laurel was an important figure in Oliver’s life, not that Oliver (or any man) was the driving figure in Laurel’s. 

Laurel’s plot has NEVER revolved around men. Laurel’s plot has always been about sisterhood, and rising above tragedy. To say otherwise completely ignores her amazing achievements, her amazing growth, and what her character symbolises to many of her fans.

I just saw Fantastic Beasts….here’s my non-spoiler review

Jacob Kowalski…PERFECTION
Tina and Queenie Goldstein? oh…I think PERFECTION sums them up
Queenie just is gahhhhhh, i love her so much!
MACUSA? FUCK YEAH (Madame President Seraphina Picquery? YASSSS)
so many little references for HP fans!!


the ONE minor thing….a certain character revealed at the end looks weird
cause everything else WAS AMAZING!

what about the beasts you say? Well i’ll tell ya….AMAZING! 

Okay...some ToG fans need to get something straight...

When Aelin loses her parents, she goes off and gets a new identity and becomes an assassin and starts butchering people for a living (which I totally understand). When Aelin loses Sam, the love of her life, she makes a promise to herself that she will be the one to murder Arobynn with pleasure (which I totally understand). When Aelin loses Nehemia, she launches herself at Chaol and mauls his face and would have totally killed him if Dorian hadn’t stopped it (again…I totally understand).


I understand that people can have their opinions about certain characters, BUT I think it is a completely and utterly selfish point of view to hate and be annoyed with Chaol by the actions of him in Queen of Shadows. Why is it okay for our beloved main protagonist to act in the drastic measures that she did when she lost someone, but when Chaol loses Dorian, all of a sudden people think he is a terrible person for being angry. People also say that Chaol was out of character in this book…but I don’t think he was at all…I think he had absolutely every right to act the way he did. Hell I would act even nastier…even Maas said she would act that way if she lost her best friend

He is 22 years old. And in the 22 years that he has lived, he had no family, and absolutely no friends…except Dorian. This boy literally never had ANYBODY in life besides Dorian. So when Aelin comes back 2 months after not seeing each other and not having any contact with each other, she tells Chaol that they would need to kill Dorian. OF COURSE HE IS GOING TO CALL HER A MONSTER. She is talking about killing the only person Chaol ever had. And I UNDERSTAND why she would want to kill Dorian…hell I would say that too if I went through the experience she went through with the Valg. But Chaol doesn’t have clue what the Valg is capable of…and I don’t think he needs to listen to a girl he dated for literally only 2 months over the life of his best friend and brother since they were kids. 

Why is it so hard for people to understand Chaol’s mindset I will never understand.

Can Gr.uvia shippers please stop making light of stalking? You can ship it while also recognizing the fact that some of Juvia’s behavior towards the beginning was not okay and made people uncomfortable.


MC4 + The Chois

Sorry for taking this long (I couldn’t help but draw them -this was gonna be a sketch only but I just kept on drawing haha)

Well, I actually picture MC4 with Yoosung ^^; 

But if I had to choose on her relationship with these boys, I would say that Saeran would be the friend and Saeyoung the lover. I love the idea of them being like a family, and MC helping and supporting them when they need that (and the other way around cuz MC is not a superhuman who doesn’t have their own problems)

I also love mother hen MC :) I think that’s something every character needs to a certain degree.

I’m Not In Love.

Characters: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Your history with guys is more than a little checkered and there is no way you are about to put yourself through all that again.  Even if you can’t quite get a certain tall, sultry, grey eyed super soldier out of your head.

Word Count:  2472 words

Prompt: Hercules – Won’t say I’m in love

A/N: This is my entry for @thorne93 for her fabulous 200 followers celebration (well done sweetie, you rock).  I originally requested Bucky then changed to Steve but ended up writing Buck.

There are a few things you can guarantee in life, if you drop your freshly buttered toast you know it’s gonna land butter side down, if you’re already running late you’re gonna hit traffic and when you bump into your total asshat of an ex with his new leggy supermodelesque girlfriend you’re gonna be in sweats with your hair scragged back and no make-up.  The look she had given you had made you want to punch her in her perfect, smug face.  Not that you wanted Brandon back, oh hell no.  That whole relationship was a total car crash.  You two were ancient history.  In fact, you had completely given up on men altogether.  No man on the planet is worth the aggravation and the second guessing and it’s not as if you had a ‘normal’ life.  As the lift doors opened you wandered into the lounge and dropped down on the sofa next to Nat who looked at your grumpy face with a raised eyebrow.  “You know what?  I get the prize for terrible judgement in men.”  You huffed and she tried to contain her smile as she shot a look across at Bucky who was lay on the other sofa pretending he wasn’t listening to the conversation.

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On a serious note

I’m actually really disappointed with how Berena has been dealt with since Bernie’s return. Because it just hasn’t. Holby massively rushed through the reconciliation then pushed them to the side so that Bernie and Serena have collectively had about 20 minutes of screen time since the kill list, and barely any of that was them as a couple. And to be totally clear, this isn’t about wanting the show to revolve around Bernie and Serena- I’ve loved Holby for years, but have enjoyed this storyline especially. My problem is that it’s a bad creative decision, likely made for ratings reasons. Sad as it is, a big portion of the holby audience is older, can be a bit homophobic or at least hetronormative, and can be quite vocal about how much focus there is on LGBT characters. Chances are, the writers spent ages building up Berena, but by the time Jemma had returned, they had received responses about her character, and certain parts of the audience will have felt that there’s just too much focus on those storylines, which is why we now have barely there Berena, the oh-so-thrilling Mateo( ughh), the now wearing very thin zosia/Ollie thing, Jasmine apparently existing just to fuck up hetro relationships and so on.
My point is, we have no idea what Bernie and Serena are like as a couple. Tonight’s episode was the most we’ve seen of them as a couple, and yet it mostly just seems like their old flirting. We know they’re building up to a big storyline for them both (and I know some people will say that they’re not giving jemma and Catherine lots of scenes so that they can save themselves for with when the going gets tough, but I’ll get to why I don’t agree), and yet we only see them in the same way as we saw them as friends. We have no idea how committed the relationship is; we haven’t seen Bernie in a relationship before and how that affects her; we’ve not seen how Serena is handling addressing her sexuality. All of these are really important things that the viewer needs to know to be invested in a tragic storyline involving a couple. Obviously, the berena fans have their own ideas about the relationship, but casual viewers won’t have given it a second thought.
Come Serena’s family being in mortal danger- is Bernie just a bit of fun or is she a serious partner who is totally committed to Serena through thick and thin? Will tough times be a test for her as a partner, or is there no doubt that she’ll be there? And when her daughter throws homophobic insults at Serena- has she struggled with the reality of being in a same sex relationship for the first time in her life, or is she now comfortable in her sexuality.
It’s important to establish the dynamics of a relationship early on, particularly in soap operas, and especially a relationship which challenges someone’s sexuality for the first time. Female same sex relationships have so little representation as it is, and it’s dominated by tragedy. And right now, Holby seems to be treating their only lesbian couple as only being worthy of storylines if there is tragedy involved, which is incredibly annoying. It wouldn’t have taken much to establish the relationship- just a couple of scenes of them talking about out of work activities, actual hand holding, hugs or kisses, slightly more promiscuous flirting. Really, just anything to show a progression from them being flirty friends to a couple.
I’m really disappointed that holby’s failed to do this- not only because it would be interesting and enjoyable to see on screen, but also because it seems like they’re caving to an unpleasant part of the viewership.

I’m just rambling because it’s really bugging me now, and I wanted just a little Berena goodness after a shit day that didn’t revolve around a hetro relationship