on her beyonce


Jenna Rolan calling? Jenna Rolan calling..Jenna Rolan calling.

Well here’s my collage our Gossip Queen herself, Jenna Rolan!

First off, can we talk about Jake’s face in that one picture? What a special boy, I love him. Secondly, let’s also talk about how even SHORTER Rich looks when he’s sitting down in front of everyone. Adorable. Thirdly, Michael giving Jenna bunny ears (and that face he’s making…)

Once again, taking requests for who do next.

As much as I would love Beyoncé to be the most awarded female at the Grammys I hope that with her next music project she snubs the Grammys completely. They are not worthy of her time, as incredible as she looks I can tell she’s tired and she has put in 2 months of solid hard work while pregnant with TWINS for an award show that doesn’t appreciate her and lets keep it real just use her for ratings