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“I’m not going to be offended if you don’t say it back…” Steve said softly. “…I love you. No pressure. You don’t need to panic about it.” He whispered in Danny’s ear, adorning his temple in little, simple kisses.

“It really doesn’t bother you if I don’t say it back yet?” He replied followed by a short and husky hum. That hum had quickly become an instinct for Danny. It followed every kiss, peck, even the slightest of touches. He wasn’t sure why. Just the feeling of Steve’s lips was something Danny never got used too. It was something he always dreamed about but never quite thought it would be a reality.

Out of all of his relationships and meaningless hookups, and he’s had many, Danny had never felt the way Steve made him feel. He made him feel loved, appreciated, wanted, needed. Even the simplest graze of Steve’s rough fingertips on Danny’s soft inner thigh made him internally scream.

He felt guilty for not being able to say it, but it was a problem he had always had. Although Steve was a strong, resilient and fearless Navy Seal, who played around with death like it was a game of pacman, Danny still cared about him. He still worried about him. As much as he hated to admit it, everyone Danny loved always got hurt. He didn’t want that for Steve.

“Hey…” Steve wrapped his right hand around Danny’s chin and lifted his head up so he could look into those beautiful, shiny eyes that he fell in love with. “…Three words don’t define us. We were happy before I said it, I don’t need anything more from you than what you have already given.”

Steve leaned down and closed his eyes, slowly leaning in to softly brush his lips against Danny’s plump ones.

Danny hummed.

Although he wasn’t able to say it out loud, he knew.

He was madly in love with Steve McGarrett.

Being Chin Ho Kelly's Daughter In Her Late Teens/Early Twenties Would Include

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  • Him being very protective. 
  • Him teaching you self-defense. 
  • You never once believed the accusations about him stealing the money.
  • Him being grateful that you don’t believe the accusations. 
  • Being happy for him when he joined Five-0. 
  • Being very close to Kono. 
  • Convincing him that Adam wasn’t a bad guy and that Kono was happy with Adam.
  • Kono asking you to be maid of honor at her wedding.
  • Girls days out with Kono. 
  • “Auntie Kono, what about this?" 
  • "That’s gorgeous. Get it." 
  • "Dad, I bought this dress/top. when I went out with Kono. What do you think?" 
  • "It’s gorgeous, pumpkin." 
  • John McGarrett was like your uncle before he died.
  • Joining the team for meals. 
  • Being close to the whole team.
  • “So, Y/N, tell us some stories about your dad. There have to be some embarrassing stories he’s keeping hidden from us.”
  • Everyone loving you. 
  • Being part of their ohana.
  • Calling Steve, Danny, and Lou ‘uncle’.
  • Always considering Jerry to be your uncle.
  • Being like a big sister to Grace and Charlie.
  • Being close to Malia before she died.
  • Comforting him after Malia died. 
  • Him being scared someone was going to go after you.
  • Him being terrified when Gabriel comes back.
  • Him being scared Gabriel will harm or kill you to get back at him. 
  • Taking every precaution he can to ensure you’re safe. 
  • Even if that means putting you under protection.
  • "Dad, you don’t have to assign someone to protect me. I’ll be fine." 
  • "I just want to make sure you’re safe. I hate the thought of something happening to you." 
  • You being scared for his safety when he gets thrown in jail.
  • Being there for him when he discovers Sara is Malia’s niece. 
  • Comforting him when Sara gets taken from him.
  • Being delighted when he regained custody of Sara. 
  • You and Sara being like sisters.
  • Him being happy to have you and Sara. 
  • He calls you his girls.
  • Movie nights. 
  • Family trips.
  • Going to the beach and surfing on weekends.
  • Going for drives in his Mustang or on his Harley Davidson.
  • Him letting you borrow his Mustang when you learn to drive. 
  • Him buying you a classic car of your own for your birthday.
  • Him being supportive of you no matter what you want to do.
  • If you ever feel down, he brings you your favorite food and watches your favorite movies with you. 
  • Cooking together.
  • Visiting him at work.
  • "Hey, dad." 
  • "Hey, pumpkin. What are you doing here?" 
  • "Just thought I’d come see you." 
  • Going to Kamekona’s shrimp truck with him and the team.
  • Kamekona calls you ‘little sister’.
  • Telling him to be careful and stay safe every single day before he goes to work.
  • God help anyone who wants to date you.
  • “So, what are your plans with my daughter?”
  • “Dad. Oh my God.”
  • Big hugs. 
  • You constantly hug each other. Especially when he gets home after a hard case. 
  • "I love you, dad." 
  • "I love you too, pumpkin.”

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  • Steve: I'm a lone wolf and I don't need anyone. I'm a Navy SEAL with tons of experience, I'm pretty sure I can handle anything that comes my way.
  • Danny: *appears*
  • Steve: Him, he is now my partner and he is mine, I need him and can't function without him. He's my other half, my soul, my everything. I love him. Do not touch him, he is precious cargo. Hurt him and I will destroy you.