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Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 28.01.2017

Prison AU thing???

A prison AU for Re-Nightmare
Contains: gore, slight sexual themes
Characters belong to Sleepykinq


Alfred sat peacefully on a chair in the clinic, reading a magazine in the silence. Kao had taken a seat a few meters away, staring at a magazine with a slightly red face. The canine yelped as the steel door to the clinic slammed against the wall as Mystery barged in, holding a bag. The feline dropped the bag, a heavy object inside thumping to the floor. “Hello, hello~!” The cat chuckled, glancing at Alfred in Kao in turn. “H-hey, boss.” The dog managed to say, a tinge of nervousness threaded throughout his words. Mystery chuckled, scooping up his bag and holding it, “I had an idea for a rather fun activity we can all participate in today.” The cat said menacingly.
Kao looked up, “O-oh, what is it?” The goat asked.
Mystery turned the bag, three pistols falling out and hitting the table with metallic thumps.
“Let’s rob a bank!” The feline said sharply.
Alfred jumped, “There is absolutely no fucking way in fucking hell I am robbing a fucking bank!” The dog snapped.
Mystery picked up one of the guns and pulled the chamber back, a small click sounding.
The feline aimed the gun at the goat no more than a few feet away.
“Does this change your mind..?” The cat said quietly as the goat covered his face and started trembling in terror.
Alfred sat in silence for a moment, “O-Okay fine! But how do you plan to rob a fucking bank..?” The dog whimpered.
Mystery snorted, moving the gun away from Kao, “How do I fucking know? Let’s just walk in with guns and demand money~” the cat said.
Kao whimpered, “I’m too young to rot in prison..” the goat whined.
Mystery snickered, “Who said we’d be going to prison? If the police come we’ll just shoot our way out of it~” the cat purred.
Alfred had a terrified look on his face, “I’m all for death but- ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE.” The dog shouted. “That’s fucking suicide!” Alfred finished.
Kao nodded a little, “He’s right.” He said.
Mystery chuckled, “I mean if you both rather be stabbed to death by me, whatever works~”
Alfred and Kao cringed in fear, Alfred being the one to speak first. “Fine. But I’m not helping your dumb ass if the police come.” He growled. Mystery shrugged, “Alright, pussy.”

The large van pulled up to the bank as a tiny slit of the moon glowed above, the three males creeping out, the smallest of them trembling in terror. Mystery pushed through the door, the lights in the bank glowing. The feline grinned, sharply firing three ear-bleedingly loud shots into the ceiling. The lone bank teller yelping in fear. “Oh, it’s just one~ now be a dear and fill this bag, hm?” The feline chuckled. The bank teller paused for few moments, sharply hitting the floor and smacking a button. Heavily enforced barriers slammed down, locking them in, Alfred whimpered weakly, “I’m going to die.. aren’t I?” He whined under his breath. Mystery snarled, “MOTHERFUCKING CUNT.” he yelled, slamming his fist into the iron wall protecting the bank teller. The feline repeatedly shot the wall, each bullet lodging into the steel. One broke through and hit the wall in the back. Kao was trembling violently, while Alfred was standing quietly in defeat. Mystery hissed as loud sirens wailed outside, the iron door opening in the front with a wall of armed officers. Mystery paused for a moment, and violently fired shots, the bullets hitting the glass with loud shatters, the glass crumbling onto the ground, Alfred and Kao immediately dropped to the floor as an aray of bullets fired across, Mystery seiged foward, despite his efforts, he was overpowered in moments by tasers and pepper-spray alike being shot all over him. The cat thrashed and hit the ground, hissing and spitting insults to anyone around him. Two officers approached the canine and goat on the floor, “Don’t move!” One said sharply, Alfred grunted in pain as a knee was pressed to his back and his arms forcefully pulled behind him, cringing as cuffs snapped into place around his wrists. Kao whimpered weakly as he was pulled up alongside Alfred, the both of them being dragged out into the parking lot of the bank. Mystery had multiple officers on him, and was cuffed in multiple places, the cat snarled and thrashed with every step, while Kao and Alfred simply followed the officers without any resistance. Mystery turned to them, “You’re both fucking pussies!” The cat hissed angrily. Kao blinked away tears as he was pushed into the police vehicle beside Alfred, who sighed weakly. Mystery was shoved into a separate armored vehicle. Kao sniffed and looked at Alfred, “I don’t want to go- I’ll fucking die in there! I just-” the goat broke off into sobs. Alfred finally spoke, “We’ll be okay. We won’t be in there for life.” The dog said weakly, trying his best to smother the terror in his voice. Kao sniffed, “Is that rumor really true?” He asked. Alfred blinked, “Which one?” He asked. Kao sniffed, “The one about dropping the soap in the prison showers.” The goat whined. Alfred paused, “I-I’m not sure.” He said. An officer finally opened the driver door, “Enough chit-chat you two, time to get going.” The fox said, Kao and Alfred sighed, saying nothing more as the car rumbled as it started, driving off with the handcuffed goat and dog inside.

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Kao is going to die?

nooo lemme explain the video

- kao before meeting al (tho he knew him)
- shia’s funeral
- mystery bein a bit edgy there and thinking about the empty point of this ungly life
- alfred falling from the bed 
- myster doing an edge
- alfref doing a reverse edge
- clichè silhouettes
- a drawing no one understands even tho it’s simple af

wait, if people think Kao can go into heat… Or even Alfred..
what about Mystery?
Rip Alfred
Rip Rex
Rip Kao
Rip Yuki
Rip Shai (she’s like 19 right?)
Rip Arthur

Here’s what I’ve been working on this entire weekend and the reason I haven’t been on. We only had about three days to complete a fully keyed and semi-fluid animation with a character looking in a box.

I’m pretty proud of this, though a lot of the initial stuff was cut out due to time restraints. It’s also why the animation is pretty choppy as, again, I only had about three days to do this.

For anyone curious, this is my OC Kao hoping to find something blackmail-worthy in a package to a friend of hers.


Kao laid back seductively and unfolded his wings, the canine had grabbed his unfinished salad, and put down his fork as he was about to take a bite, “Really? Right infront of salad?” He asked. Kao sighed, “Fine, finish your salad and then fuck me.” He joked, watching the dog nearly choke on his salad. Alfred put down the bowl, “Well that’s that.” He said quietly, turning to the goat, “W-wait, you want to do it on the couch..?” He asked. Kao shrugged, “I mean, why not?” The goat responded.