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Because I’ve basically been told to upload this. I needed to prepare tho. :’D My Sh//eith shipper soul is crying somewhere in the corner. But what you don’t do for special people.

John Boyega, however, is less willing to let matters lie, and feels that sometimes it’s necessary to lighten things up when the mood on the Star Wars set turns too serious. Daisy Ridley, Boyega said, is his frequent co-conspirator. “We collaborate on bringing light to the set and having a good old time,” he told me. With regard to Driver, Boyega has a specific strategy to try to lure him to the lighter side. “I give Adam hugs randomly, just for no reason,” he said. “And how does he take it?” I asked. “He just stands there,” Boyega said. “He just waits for me to be done.
—  John Boyega about giving Adam Driver hugs in Vanity Fair

anonymous asked:

It's quite interesting Louis' solo music is now going as Harry's went. There were a lot of rumours and signs that Harry signed with Columbia but no official confirmation. And they just confirmed it when he released SOTT. I expect the same with Louis. They wont say anything until this single drops but it will be Syco. Also, pap pics from SOTT were also an exclusive from The Sun. Had a video and everything. Hopefully, the rest will go as it went with Harry. Distribution deal! Amazing promo! 🙏🙏

That last part. Amazing promo. That is what I want for him. He deserves it. His projects deserve it. Whoever is running the show over there better make it happen. 

  • Anti r/ylos: searches in the reylo tag, saves screen shots of reylo material, then proceeds to bitch about said material on blog.
  • Also anti r/ylos: can't believe I saw this with my own two eyes!1!
  • Me: well Brenda, if you would have stayed in your own fucking lane and not gone purposely searching for material that ain't your business, you wouldn't have seen it, and you wouldn't feel the need to bitch about it.