on forming your own band

“Either you’re pretty and you get lots of boys after you or you look like a piece of shit and no one’s interested. We both looked like pieces of shit. So while the rest of the class was going off to boy’s schools and seducing various middle-class young men, we were off seeing any band that was playing. We vowed to form our own band someday.”

–Miki Berenyi of UK 90s stunner Lush on going against the grain and qualifying your interests, reminiscing of schoolhood adventures with band members Meriel Barham and Emma Anderson.

ENFP Males I’ve Met (by an INFJ)

Note: I have a separate post for ENFP females. http://the-anomalous-infj.tumblr.com/post/142847712093/enfp-females-ive-met-by-an-infj

What I noticed and observed about them: (FOUR ENFP MALES)

  1. When I met each of them for the first time, I noticed that they were all quite fidgety. However, each had something to show (off) and share; which was what I think, a way for them to lessen the awkwardness. 
    1. One ENFP male I met talked fast and his approach seemed scripted as if he practiced socializing–then he gave me a thing he got from vacation and proceeded giving to others as well. (Note that we first talked online–but this was our first real-life meeting).
    2. Another ENFP male was cautious at first– but since I constantly reached out and showed that I wanted to get to know him, he started feeling comfortable and began speaking his mind when he would talk to me. (You had to show persistence with this ENFP guy)
    3. Another ENFP male showed me magic tricks which ended up not working out–yet he still walked around and showed strangers his magic tricks–that failed again. It was pretty embarrassing to watch, but his optimism and persistence was cute. 
    4. Another ENFP male just suddenly came up to me after knowing that his friends were talking to me– then he started telling me several pick-up lines (he messed up a lot though). But hey, he was good company and him trying hard to make me laugh was cute. 
  2. You could really tell that whenever they talk to a new person, they are doing their best to make and maintain a good first impression of themselves–while still being themselves.
  3. The ones I know are all musically inclined. This is probably one of the easiest ways for them to express themselves since I noticed that ENFP males are only really expressive on stage or when they’re with their close friends. 
  4. They all have strong morals (more than values) and wouldn’t mind talking about them for hours. They are dead serious about the things they believe in. This is most likely why they are called “The Inspirers.” 
  5. The two ENFP males I know tend to get very deep and philosophical (especially when they answer in class) to the point that no one really knows how to give feedback (unless they are intellectual as well). Even their professors don’t know how to respond. 
  6. One of the two ENFP males that I talked about in the above statement would get melancholic when he would talk about life itself. He specifically believes that life is a suffering. (He’s one of those darker ENFPs–not exactly open-minded like the stereotypical ones).
  7. They share a lot of (cliche) quotes each day. They especially know the ones from their idols. 
  8. They love being corny and even if their jokes make you cringe, they still manage to make you smile (out of pity). 
  9. They shine when they are in front–when they take the stage. They really take advantage of when they get to present in class or talk in front of a big crowd of people because well, they have a reason to be there and no one can stop them. 
  10. They tend to over-talk when explaining a simple statement. Their explaining will get you even more confused. This is because they have so much to let out and share, but since they aren’t organized with their thoughts–they are unable to express their infinite knowledge. 
  11. When they’re in love, they glow. They look starstruck every time they look at their crush or lover. They just won’t stop gazing at them. They are SMITTEN and would do anything to be close to them–physically and emotionally. 
  12. The ENFP males I know either stay with one tight-knit group of friends or they stick to their boyfriend/girlfriend. 
  13. Two ENFP males I know thrive in the classroom. They raise their hands a lot to answer or discuss things with their professor. Then when class is over, they rush out if they aren’t very close with the people there.
  14. One of them I know is constantly made fun of because he is so innocent and well–easy to make fun of. And he’s okay with it. He’s a good sport about it too. But of course they have their limits–like everyone else (however, they have high tolerance). 
  15. Three of them I know think school is worthless and that they rather not go because they despise the system. They strongly believe that they could be better teachers. The ones I know are real intelligent in that way–school literally bores them. 
  16. They all don’t believe in studying. But if they do study, they do it last minute (because deep down, they truly care about their grades; they are smart after all). 
  17. Three of them I know are well-liked by a lot of people. They just effortlessly attract people because they are harmless (if you don’t disagree with their morals) and are really nice and not boring people; which is why they have a lot of friends. However, they would much rather stick to one main group of friends. 
  18. The other one isn’t so well-liked a lot, because of how different he is and well, he really prefers not to be with big groups even if. However, if you get to know him, he’s actually really cool. You just gotta give him a chance.
  19. Two of them I know have extremely idealistic goals and dreams: one wants to be a martial artist when he grows up (he’s been training for it, too–and stopped going to college) and the other one wants music to be his main career (he decided not to go to college and already formed a band).
  20. They will make you feel comfortable in your own skin. This is because they are so individualistic and they admire the ones who stand out and don’t shrink from life. With them around, you wouldn’t feel alone. They’ll be alone with you. 
  21. They are in their own world– whether they are by themselves or with their friends. They rarely explain to others what they and their friends mean when they tell inside jokes or just talk about something unfamiliar in general–unless you are a part of their close friend group or are special to them.  

Well guys, what do you think? :) Agree or disagree? (p.s. the ENFP males I’ve met are hard to generalize into one–which is why there are so many “versions” of them in this post). 

The Accident

“WHAT!?” you almost choked on the juice you were drinking, “Yeah, yeah, I’ll be right there, which hospital again? Okay, got it, the lane opposite Bedford Square, uh huh, be there in a jiff!” You said as you grabbed your motorcycle keys and slammed your apartment door shut behind you. Your best friend Robbie Kay had been in an accident this morning while coming to University which you both went to, ‘That’s why he wasn’t attending my calls or anything, or replying to my text messages’, you thought. You reached the hospital as soon as you possibly could, there you saw his family and girlfriend of 6 months, Irene all sitting in the waiting area, Mrs. Kay’s face was red due to crying. You went up to her and hugged her, “He’s been in coma for almost 4 hours’ now”, she said sobbing. You hugged her even tighter and said, “Robbie is a fighter Mrs. Kay, he’ll be alright”, you took her hand in yours and rubbed it as an act of reassurance, holding back your own tears. When you couldn’t hold it in anymore, you excused yourself to the bathroom. Once you reached there, you burst into tears, pouring all your emotions out. Robbie and you had known each other since you both were 10 years old, when his parents moved in your neighborhood in Colchester, Essex. Although he had annoyed you a little too much during your entire teen years, you guys became inseparable after Year 11 in school, after you both formed your own band in high school through a common love of music called ‘Rustic Rhythms’ and went on to represent your school at various inter-institutional competitions. Although you really hate to admit it, you had kinda started falling for Robbie towards the end of high school/beginning of college. And after two years of denying, you had finally come to admit that you had indeed fallen for him beyond words and the news of his accident today came as a direct punch to the chest, what if he never got out of the coma? You wouldn’t want to imagine a world without his beautiful smile. You all waited for another 3 hours, but Robbie was still unconscious in his room. Irene had left an hour ago, for some reason you didn’t even bother to listen, your focus was just on your best friend at the moment, constantly praying that he would wake up soon. An hour later, the doctor came in and informed that he had regained his consciousness. Everyone stood up and ran to the room, apart from you, a smile came upon your lips as your eyes watered with tears of joy, wiping them off, you slowly made your way to him.

Note: Hey guys! This is my first Robbie Kay FanFic, so please give it a read and let me know how it is! Feedback is always appreciated. :D Also, part 2 will be updated in a few days! Thanks for reading! 

Full Q&A with Damon on Reddit tonight

Q: In 2010 you released Plastic Beach - which was fantastic too - but what happened to all the outtakes/tracks that weren’t on the album? Electric Shock, Sloped Tropics, Leviathan, the song with the Horrors on it, the Una Stubbs song. Were they just not good enough or do you think they’ll be released or made available in some way one day?

DA: Electric Shock has been on a Fact Magazine mix tape but only as I left it in 2010 … the other ones i haven’t listened to since then and there was never a track with Una Stubbs. I would have to review them to find out if they’re any good still…

Q: My question is about BONNAROO this year: Any special plans for the set? Do you plan to play material from your entire canon (Blur, Gorillaz, solo)? Hopefully lots of new stuff! A ton of your former collaborators will be there, so some on-stage guests would be awesome!

DA: i enjoy playing in the south and i’ve never played in tennessee, i think …

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