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Tailored Dress  ♥  Old ASOS top  ♥  Vintage crossbody bag  ♥  Bonjour Store leather sandals  ♥  Salvaged pin 

It’s been a month since I’ve posted an outfit, would you believe that! Spring has turned to summer in that time, and only the mornings are pleasant now. For summer ‘17, my primary style goal is to make the shift towards ethical, mindful, slow fashion. Coming from the scarcity mindset that the lack of options in plus sizes inevitably steers you towards, I always felt that ethical fashion sounded wonderful in theory but would be impossible to implement. And yes, I’d probably want to make the occasional purchase on ASOS (for example) but for the foreseeable future, I’m taking advantage of India’s dressmaking culture and getting everything I can tailored. 

I went back to tailoring last winter after months of encouragement from Ushshi, for which I’ll be forever grateful because tailoring has fundamentally altered the baseline of how much I can do with clothing. I admit my motivations are rooted in selfishness - more than anything I’m dreaming of finally designing my dream wardrobe - at the same, given my current lifestyle, mindfulness feels natural to who I am. When I’m not working on blog-related stuff, I spend most of my time cooking, gardening, reading, and making things. It would be strange to not at least try to be mindful about the clothes I wear, considering how important they are to me.

Here’s what I’m planning to do this summer (and afterwards!) when it comes to my wardrobe

  • Shop locally and support local artisans.
  • Support independent makers with my wallet instead of big brands.
  • Recycle clothing in my wardrobe, which is to say wear stuff I’ve hardly ever worn instead of buying more. I’m especially guilty of this one because I tend to stick to just 5 or 6 pieces at any given time and then keep on replacing them with new ones.
  • Shop sustainably whenever possible, like vintage or second hand pieces instead of new. This is actually something I’ve been doing since I first started shopping online (I think about…15 years ago?) Some of my all time favourite pieces are second hand scores off eBay like my Brit Stitch satchel and Anthropologie jacket. Buying second hand clothing might not sound as glamorous as buying, say…organic, fairtrade clothing, but it’s a cheap, easy and useful thing you can do towards building a sustainable wardrobe. Whenever I buy second hand or vintage clothing online, it’s almost always from eBay (or Etsy) UK so I can get it delivered to my fiance and he can bring everything over in one go when he comes over. I would feel pretty awful flying over clothes one at a time halfway around the world even if I could afford to.
  • Invest more in quality pieces I can wear over and over again, now that I have a core wardrobe to see me through.

There’s also the fact that I can afford to do this now. There haven’t been a lot of times in the past 5 years that I could. Not to mention the question of access to a good tailor and the time needed to go fabric shopping and basically getting whatever I want to wear designed from scratch. Sometimes it takes a fitting session after the clothes are made to ensure that they sit well on my body. It’s time consuming and more expensive than buying the cheapest stuff on sale online and taking advantage of free shipping. It’s only recently that I’ve been able to afford both the budget and the leisure to do so.

The outfit

I’m so obsessed with smock dresses I rarely wear any other kind these days! This is one of the two midi smocks I’ve gotten tailored recently. Ikat is such a springy and fresh look, and a pattern I’ve always loved. If you’re looking for similar styles in natural fabrics, there might not be a lot of options in retail but Etsy is one place where you’ll find dresses in a similar aesthetic. Sondeflor Shop and OffOn Clothing, both on Etsy, have many bohemian smock styles in custom sizes.

My shoes are also from Etsy, and I’ve gotten quite a few questions about them on Instagram! They’re from a shop called Bonjour Store, who are actually based in Jaipur. Having worn similar pairs in my childhood, I was expecting them to be the hard leather kind that you need to break in. I was pleasantly surprised when these sandals turned out to be really, really soft with padded insoles. I love how they look like clogs but feel so different on my feet. I also got a pair of strappy sandals from Bonjour Store that I’ll planning to style next, and I’m thinking of stocking up on some more styles from them over the summer!

My top is from ASOS, way back in 2011. I’ve styled it more than once on the blog and worn it many more times than that, so it exceeded #30wears a long time ago. The vintage purse has been on everyday rotation in my wardrobe since I got it. The pear pin that isn’t quite visible in photos is still a pretty little addition IRL and is salvaged from a dress I bought in 2007. I’ve linked to similar products on the widget below so you can re-create this look for yourself if you like!

All photos by Taha and Lokesh at Shutter Diaries. 

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anonymous asked:

Sorry if you've answered something like this before, but do you have any recommendations for stim toys that are on the subtle side and can preferably be kept on the person?

It’s fine! You can always check my ask tag to see what’s been answered, but I understand if you’re not able to flip through five pages of asks (and tags are harder to access for mobile users, although I keep the tags pages linked in my user description to make it easier). You might like to look through this previous ask for ideas, as it discusses lanyard-clipable stim toys! In addition, if you’re in a classroom or desk office setting, some of the stationery items mentioned in this ask might be workable as stealth toys.

I’m not sure what kind of toy you might be after (chewable, fidget, etc) so I’ll list everything I know of that’s both on-the-person portable and subtle/stealth. Jewellery is like to be your best option. This is a little harder for people like me who prefer not to present in ways socially-coded as feminine, but, thankfully, most of these things don’t have strong associations with a binary gender.

Stimtastic really does have some of the best offerings for teenagers and adults after subtle/stealth stim jewellery.

Fidget jewellery that’s perfectly stealth: Roller Ball Bike Chain Bracelet | Extra Wide Bike Chain Bracelet | Spinner Rings (link to category, in various colours and designs) | Double Circle Earrings | Concentric Circles Necklace | Scented Vial Necklace (I have the cinnamon one and I love it - it’s small enough to be unobtrusive/merely decorative and it smells divine) | Snake Twist Necklace (a subtle Tangle alternative) | Mobius Flower Earrings (I took these off the earring backings and turned them into necklace pendants strung on a leather cord - gender neutral and nobody knows it’s stim jewellery) | Heavy Bike Chain Bracelet | Interlocking Bike Chain Bracelet | Light Bike Chain Bracelet | Wrist Coil Bracelets (like wearing a hair tie on your wrist - unremarkable) | Zipper Bracelets.

Fidget toys that can be attached to a bag or belt loop: Rolling Bead Lanyard | Large Bead Ring | Squishy Panda Charm | Jumbo Bead Ring.

(Note: how stealth these ones are depends somewhat on how eclectic you are in presentation. I can attach a bead ring or a squishy to a belt loop and have no one remark on it, but I’m the kind of person psychologists politely call “quirky”.)

Fidget toys that can fit into a pocket and hide in your hand/palm when someone comes over to your desk: Spiky Animal Fidget | Boinks Fidget | Mini Prickle/Hedge Balls.

(Note: I’ve found the animal prickle fidget toys in multipacks in the party sections of dollar shops and Toys R Us, $4-$4.50 AUD. I’ve also found the mini prickle balls in multipacks in the party sections of dollar shops and Big W, $3-$5 AUD.)

Chewables that are closer to stealth: Chewable Dulcimer Necklace | Chewable Trapezoid Necklace | Chewable Doughnut Necklace. (These are the smaller or plainer chewable pendants, and I assure you, I’ve seen folks wearing non-silicone versions of these. I’ve also walked around various cities, stores and markets wearing the Braid Pendant and nobody has once thought anything of it if they don’t see it in my mouth. Oversized jewellery, especially for femme-leaning folks, is pretty fashionable.)

DIYs: If you want to make your own roller bead lanyards, here’s the tutorial. If you want to make your own bead rings and make them even more stealth, here’s my tutorial on making bead ring necklaces. Nobody has ever treated these as anything more than funky necklaces, and I wear these everywhere, every day.

@caseydickdanger​, if you’re located in the US, makes some seriously unique handcrafted pieces. Most things have textures if you’re just after a necklace pendant to touch and handle. The really stimmy in-stock items include the Nautical Bottle Necklace, Mocha Tubez Bracelet and the Mermaid Sand Tubez Bracelet.

@spacerobotstudio has a phenomenal selection of funky, unique fidget necklaces: Spirit Level Necklace in Red | Spinner Pendant Necklace in Copper and Teal | Bronze Double-Sided Compass Necklace | Pink and Blue Saturn Spinner Necklace (oh, god, want) | Dots and Brown Spinner Pendant Necklace | Blue Glitter Globe Necklace.

Banggood or ebay also sell tiny squishies. Mochi squishies are perfect for holding and hiding in one’s hand (links to many individual ones in this post) but most of the cheap squishy assortments include smaller bun and cake squishies as well (and these have strap attachments for adding to bags).

(If you’re after more bag or lanyard-attachment fidget toys, here’s the ultimate post on where to find edamame poppers!)

Etsy has a wealth of spinner rings. There’s a wide variety running from affordable to bespoke.

You can also find the wrist coil/telephone cord bracelets in cheap multipacks in every dollar store - look in the hair accessory section. Also available on ebay! If you’re not the kind of person who wears bracelets, I’ve seen them as lanyard clips in many dollar shops (link to listing on Banggood).

Chubuddy and Amazon also have chewable telephone cord bracelets, if you want something unremarkable that’s chewable and a fidget.

Chewigem has several silicone raindrop pendant chewables that look just like oversized funky pendants.

In short, there’s a lot of options, especially jewellery-wise. However, most of these sellers are based in the US, so if you’re an international stimmer, be prepared for international shipping rates and conversion fees. While there are therapy-focused stim toy stores internationally, most of them don’t offer a lot in the way of subtlety!

Good luck. If this doesn’t help you enough, please let me know. If there’s something I should have included and didn’t, please also let me know!

anonymous asked:

Something that connects me with owls or cats thank you!!!!

For Owls:

For Cats:

Hope will help!

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beastcd  asked:

hi! um im an angry fucked up trans boy about to be a man and im just wondering something. how do i be punk? like where do i get the clothes and shit? thank you

personally i make a lot of my clothes like from cheap black shirts from art stores. etsy sellers usually have the best stuff too and depop and ebay have cheap jackets and vests. plain black jeans are usually cheap from forever 21 and you can make or buy patches for em. the chain i wear is a dog choke-chain from a tractor supply store (please dont put em on dogs tho) and you can get cool belts and accessories from angryyoungandpoor (my url references the song not the store) or amazon. i also make accessories from chains and bananas or to wear (recently i made earrings) to add on to stuff
also punk is just listening to the music, supporting movements and people in the scene, supporting local bands, theres a lot of art involved as well as music so it helps if youre creative so you can put out cool stuff too!
im not gonna make up some punk rules but you cant be racist, sexist, homophobic, or republican and think youre a punk

anonymous asked:

Besides the obvious fidget spinner, do any of the mods have any recommendations for stim toys that spin? I remember spinning anything that would spin when I was younger and I want to compile some spinning toys. Any recommendations are much appreciated!

Anon, I am a little obsessed with things that spin myself … so much so that last night I fell asleep on my fidget spinner and woke up at 1 AM trying to figure out why my shoulder hurt so much. (Don’t fall asleep on your fidget spinner, everyone. Ow. I had a patch on my shoulder that turned bright red from pressing against a bearing.) So I’ve been slowly building a collection of toys that spin in various ways because … well, spinning is cool.

My List of Things That Spin:

(By which I mean, traditionally spinning stim toys!)

- Spinning tops. You can buy these in multipacks in the party sections of department and dollar shops. There’s also incredibly expensive artisanal-type spinning tops (similar to that used in the film Inception) targeted at adults as an upmarket fidget toy.

(In K-Mart, here in Australia, there’s also spinning top marker pens!)

- Spinner rings. You can find many expensive ones on Etsy and more affordable ones on Stimtastic. I’m absolutely thrilled with the infinity spinner ring, but I’ll mark that it needed a graphite treatment in order to spin well.

- Bead rings and bead ring necklaces. I don’t know how other people fidget with them, but I’m constantly spinning the beads.

(You can also make something very similar by threading a bead on a piece of elastic and knotting the end - I stretch the elastic between my fingers and spin the bead. You can see one I’ve made in the photo on this post!)

- Spinner necklaces. @neurodelightful has a few on Etsy here and @spacerobotstudio has several different kinds, styles, colours and shapes involving glittery resin or brass. (Both are based in the US.) Etsy seller Gaze at the Stars has some seriously beautiful, very modern and adult-looking planet-themed spin jewellery - seriously worth a look! (They’re based in Australia.)

- Chain fidgets, if your definition of spinning leans toward “something that can be turned over and over and over”. You can DIY these easily, and find them all over Etsy and eBay, but the ultimate source is Fidgetland. If you’d prefer a plastic one, try the Loopez instead.

- Toy cars. Yes, I’ll admit that a fidget spinner is better, but if you love listening to the spin, not a lot beats the sound of the toy car held close to your ear while you spin the wheels. I’ve got a car that is intended as a desktop fidget and a few meant for kids’ toys; they both work exactly the same.

- Pinwheels. (I was trying to think of the name of this for an ask several weeks ago. It just came to me now, so thank you, anon!) I’ve seen these in the party sections of department and dollar shops, and sometimes in garden stores. You can also DIY these yourself!

(Tutorials: Debbie Chapman has a clearly laid out tutorial, albeit lacking alt text. I’d substitute straws for the skewers, though, as they’ll be easier to pierce with the pin and most of us already have them lying around the house. WikiHow has short, silent, uncaptioned videos accompanying text instructions, also an easily-readable tutorial.)

- Massage rollers. Especially the kind that has a flat grip - like this one I bought from Daiso. They’re meant for rolling over your body, but they spin really well (not as long as a fidget spinner, of course, but mine goes for about fifteen seconds) when pushed by a hand and offer texture while you’re pushing the roller.

My List of Things That Can Be Made to Spin:

(By which I mean, stim toys that don’t spin under traditional usage but spin in my hands because if I can make it spin, I will. Note that these don’t involve the toy spinning on its own axis but on the toy spinning around my wrist or finger, but I include them as a lover of spinning things.)

- Tangles. Either twisted around one finger into a line and spun with one end around my finger or spun with the opposite end held in my opposite hand, turning the Tangle over and over. Don’t spin it around your wrist, because it will come flying off your hand.

- Handmade slime. Mould your slime into a ball, poke your hand through it, let it sit on your wrist, spin your wrist until the slime forms a long, drooping loop, then just remould your slime and repeat.

- Anything with a split ring or keychain ring (bead lanyards, tassel keychains) can be spun around a finger like the Tangle.

- DIY spin band. The bottom of an old T-shirt, cut off a few inches (say 10 centimetres, although it doesn’t much matter) to make a loop of cloth. You can spin this in two ways: either around your wrist or on a finger (it will rise up over your hand like the tangle, but if this flies off, it’s less likely to damage, break or hurt) or looped over both hands and twisted (like the tangle) allowing you to spin your hands around. You can also just twist the fabric and then spin it - there’s many ways to stim with this, and all you need is an old T-shirt and a pair of scissors. If you can sew a basic running stitch, you can cut up the rest of the T-shirt and make loops in all sorts of sizes.

I hope that gives you somewhere to begin. There’s probably something awesome that I’ve forgotten, so feel free to comment away if our followers have more awesome ideas!

- Mod K.A.

Continue File #666
William T. Sopp
Continue File #666

* [Recorded from a REAL BLOG OF A COLLEGE STUDUNT!!]**

**(be fore he suidided…)

I am college student who lives alone in a dorm and gotted Nostalgia for the good old days.

I saw there sale was pokemon emerad on (etsy (hipster ebay) so I buy.

when I get catridge it was emerald only BLACK with skurleton on the front instead of Rayquaza but with blood-eyes.

on the file, I am in Elite four vs. Lance and only have 6 pokemon in my party.

they all unown and they spell “YOUR DEAD”

Preety suspicion,“ I think but probably just something in my eye???

The music is lavender town but backways

and when I go fight He he has 666 pokemon too!

hE sents one out and I HEAR ITS CRY.

It turns out hte pokemon they are ALL MY DEAD GIRLFRIEND, but HYPER REALISTIC AND BLOODEYE.

IT’S SO SCARY YOU GUYS that I throw the playstation across the room broke the game in half.

Next day I get roommate to play. He’s like "Ehehehehe probably IS not that scary,”

but she turned on the game and the screen was a picture of US, and but we were DEAD,

and the scariest part of this story is that WE was YOU


and WROTE this…

Source: x

(Original seller’s photo circa 2009.)

After 8 years, I’ve finally found a second of this blue lotus/water-lily glass bowl! Can’t wait for it to arrive. It’s one of my favorite shrine items and I do like pairs of things. In the case of this bowl design, I’ve also got one in solid white, and now a clear frosted one incoming. I might be slightly obsessed with them.

They can also be surprisingly cheap for something so nice - usually under $10. It’s a hefty piece of glass too. On eBay and ETSY, if you search for “Fenton lotus bowl”, you can find one or two at any given time. The clear frosted variety seems to be the one turning up the most at the moment. There are also votive candle holders (same design, different shape, sometimes referred to as “tulip” shaped for some bizarre reason) which are perfect for kemetic shrines too. I likewise have a pair of those.

west333  asked:

How do you order skulls online?

there’s a few places you can get them. eBay, etsy, and there’s a website I forgot the name of, bones unlimited or something (other vultures should know). there’s just a couple things to know before you buy online. be sure the remains are legal in your country/state. be careful about buying from other countries, and definitely don’t buy from China (they don’t have animal cruelty laws). and be careful of what you’re buying, some things require permits to sell.
I hope this was helpful, if not I can go into more detail.

Main indie fashion components

Requested by: telelephant

- Eclectic style: Lots of styles mixed together in a complementary way

- Relaxed: Practical but complementary

- Highly customised: Outfits have a personal touch, modified clothes or wearing personal items

- Some vintage aspect

- Less based on current trends, more unique.

Hair: Minimal effort, relaxed, maybe try salt sprays depending on your hair type. Could experiment with asymmetry, blunt cuts, undercuts and tapering.

Jeans: Mom jeans are great if you don’t want to wear anything too revealing like you say. You can get some mom jeans with nice detailing from sites like ‘Monki’ and 'The Ragged Priest’. There are also dungarees!

Footwear: Practical and relaxed. Maybe boots or retro trainers? Some people wear Doc Martens as part of an indie look.

Vintage: You don’t have to include vintage items if it’s not what you had in mind, however you might find something that can’t be bought anymore, something unique. The best places to buy vintage clothes are, Etsy, Ebay, Wearecow, ASOS marketplace.

Customisation: If you don’t like something that you own or want to buy, change it! You could whip out your sewing machine and add embellishments or grab some scissors and cut it up!

Accessories: Personal items, treasured necklace or homemade jewellery. I made a metal moon necklace by melting down aluminium, that was fun :). Etsy is a great source for one off jewellery. You could also wear something that belonged/s to someone else, your Grandad’s belt etc. People attempting the indie style often make the mistake of wearing 'ethnic’ things where they wear things from other cultures. There’s definitely a right way of doing this but I think it often comes across as tacky and as misappropriation.

Tops: Something that you really like or an old t-shirt. Maybe your favourite band t-shirt or one from a family holiday. It doesn’t have to be fashionable, it could be a dolphin or something. Actually I think dolphins are in right now :/.

Makeup: Indie look make up is normally minimal, just foundation and concealer and maybe a little mascara . Some people like to make a feature of one thing in particular though, you could wear contrasting lipstick or a touch of eye-shadow.


- If you can’t think of outfit ideas try basing a look around a particular piece of clothing, a favourite t-shirt, a jacket or some old boots.

- It’s ok to incorporate fashion trends as long as you feel comfortable in them and they express something about you.

- Layering is a great way to mix styles together, maybe wear a hoodie under a coat or a jacket. Socks that come above boots etc, or a shirt with a collar under a sweater.

septembers-child-in-february  asked:

Hi! I was hoping you could help me out with something? I've been scouring the Internet for ages trying to find a RWBY Ruby Chibi plushie but with no luck. So, I was hoping you could singal boost the fact that I'm looking to buy one if anyone is selling. I'd love to surprise my sister with a full team RWBY Chibi! If not though, no worries. Thank you. P. S. Your blog is awesome

sorry for the late response!
well considering they’re completely sold out on the RT store, I would suggest ebay. If all else fails, go to etsy and commission a plush from someone~


If you want to buy Steven Universe merchandise, you have to do it officially to support the show. In the episode Know Your Fusion, Sardonyx makes joke about being off air and it seems like fun and games, but it’s a very real risk that we run by not supporting the show. Although you may see something you like on Etsy or Ebay or Redbubble or Pinterest or something, be sure to buy your merchandise on the Cartoon Network website or Hot Topic or another commercially well known source, because the proceeds will go to supporting the show and prove to Cartoon Network that Steven universe does have a large following and that it can make money. Its not fair but it’s what we have to do if we want to keep the show going.

I hate how people keep saying they wanna sell their kid on ebay

That child is a living creation, something you MADE

That shit goes on etsy


I get a lil bit frustrated when people open etsy stores selling ‘’crystal’’ jewlery/chokers for like 20 bucks each. they literally buy all the supplies off ebay for 5, like idk i feel bad for whoever buys them for prices like that. it isnt hard to open and close a jump ring and attach a pendant. I would much rather pay money for something someone took the time to be creative with and something handmade vs something that could easily be bought at bulk on ebay. 

a rockhound's guide to buying rocks, minerals, and crystals

starting a new rock collection can be pretty daunting! here’s some tips for beginners & collectors that i’ve cultivated from my own experiences collecting rocks:

1) decide which specimens you’re looking for. sometimes this is really hard for new collectors bc getting yourself familiarized with the thousands of varieties of rocks and minerals out there takes time! if you don’t know where to begin, here’s a small list of stones i recommend any collector get:

labradorite, fluorite, moonstone, any variety of aura quartz, amethyst, selenite, clear quartz, and celestite

i picked these stones for aesthetic reasons. if you’re on tumblr and you’ve been reblogging pictures of pretty stones like i have i can promise you THESE are a lot of the stones you’re seeing. not only do a lot of them have neat optical effects like flash and iridescence, but they all have very pleasing colors as well. on top of that all of these stones are incredibly easy to come by!

now, if you’re collecting for spiritual reasons i’d give you an entirely different list of starter stones. but a lot of spiritual collecting has to do w following your instincts and buying the stones that feel right, so this post should still be helpful to you!

2) search whichever stone you’re looking for on etsy. etsy is THE place for crystals & rocks! i would recommend starting on etsy before going to eBay – there’s a lot of things you should be on the lookout for from eBay sellers and it can be daunting. etsy is a good starting point.

if you’re able to find a nice specimen – click on the shop and see what else they’re selling! SOOO many etsy sellers sell tons of varieties of rocks and minerals. it’s a great way to familiarize yourself with the different stones out there and find what really interests you.

that being said – just as a heads up: most etsy sellers (depending on the item) take a picture of any given specimen of that type of rock and post it as the listing. 75% of the time you aren’t seeing the EXACT specimen you’ll be getting.

if you’re concerned about that never hesitate to hit up the seller and ask for a photo of an exact specimen they can send to you, or what specimens they have available. in my experience etsy sellers are incredibly helpful and friendly and they are willing to assist you, which is a part of why i like the site so much for buying rocks.

3) after you do some exhaustive searching you may find yourself a little unsure and burnt out. rock shopping is a heavy sensory load for me – it’s always kind of an Experience.

one thing that i REALLY recommend is going on etsy and searching phrases like “crystal parcel” “crystal bundle” “rock parcel” etc.

what comes up is sets of crystals randomly put together into cute little packages, sometimes with other things like feathers, shells, or sage! these packages are soooo great for beginners and often include the staples – fluorite, amethyst, quartz – and serve as a wonderful starting point for any collector. it’s also nice not to have to pick out the rocks yourself or decide what you want stone by stone – it’s a great way to start or build on any collection. a great number of my specimens came from crystal parcels!

4) after you’ve exhausted etsy and if you still feel up to rock shopping, head over to eBay.

some notes about eBay:
- most sellers are from china. while the shipping is usually free, it takes FOREVER. i’ve had things take as long as 2 months to get to me. consider that when purchasing.
- sellers are often very unresponsive or difficult to communicate with, unlike etsy
- while you almost 100% are seeing the exact specimen you get – be aware that this crystal is being shipped (unless you live in China yourself!) a pretty damn long distance. i will say – i’ve NEVER had a crystal crack or break when being shipped to me, but it’s a possibility nonetheless
- be very careful of who you purchase from. i’ve noticed many of the accounts i have bought from are extremely new and don’t have many sales or 100% positive feedback. and while i’ve never had a bad experience, i knew it was a gamble & i’ve seen firsthand FURIOUS reviews from people who never got their item or it came to them in pieces. it’s a risk you take when you shop for this stuff on eBay.

that being said! eBay is wonderful for finding bigger specimens at a lower price, and the variety of aura Quartz available for pretty cheap on eBay is PHENOMENAL. it’s worth a look around for sure.

5) last but not least:

this is a handy little guide for buying popular crystals online & what to look out for.

theres a lot of stuff i personally don’t give a shit about – like, i know aura Quartz is heat treated and not “natural”. i know most of my citrine is treated amethyst. i don’t care. it doesn’t bug me. most of my smoky Quartz is heat treated as well!

but i wanted to post that here because for some people it will matter a lot.

and there are things that DO bother me when buying crystals – i HATE seeing “clear quartz” listings that are blatantly glass. i have received actual stones before that are very obviously glass. it. drives. me. nuts.

one cool thing that link explains is the difference in fractures in glass vs. quartz, which can be a huge tip off.


with that all being said – happy hunting! i hope this post has been helpful!

p.s. most sellers on etsy (and i’ve had ones on eBay do it too) will include extra stones with your order as a gift :) it’s a lovely little touch and adds a bit of excitement to opening every package i get. it’s definitely something to look forward to when you order crystals online ❤️


I was gonna use these photos to announce the opening of my etsy shop, but I didn’t realize until I tried that I do not have all the necessary things to open one. So to hell with that idea I guess.

However, if you’d like one and have a paypal you can get one through me on here, other wise I’m not sure what I’ll do with them. 

EDIT: Whoops, forgot to post prices. Each sweater is $5 and shipping is $2. 

EDIT2: The sweater style Avea is wearing has sold out.


She opens new ones and changes names so frequently because all her old ones quickly become known as SCAMS and people gradually stop buying from them.

So her new one is Night Venus. IT IS A SCAM. 

Each shop lasts about 3 months max and every single one of them has taken people’s money and not sent the items paid for.

A list of Felice’s scam stores to date:

  1. Deumos
  2. Evil Trinity
  3. Ghostly Chic
  4. Black Fawn Boutique
  5. Night Venus

On top of this she has had multiple ebay, etsy and bigcartel accounts shut down because she was found to be using them to scam people!


If you have bought something from her and don’t receive it lodge a paypal dispute!!! You only have 40 or so days to do it, if you don’t do it you won’t see your money ever again.

Do some research and see for yourself. Freelice blogs often offer you info on cheaper items exactly the same as the ones Felice sells.

(feel free to re-post instead of reblog and make sure to tag the store names, felice’s names and scam terms kthnx)

Secret Witch Tip #2

Buy your witchy junk from online shops, such as Etsy, Ebay, or Amazon. This way, the package will hide what you’ve bought and if anyone asks what it is, you can lie. You can say it’s jewelry or even just a decoration for your room.

anonymous asked:

I'm an introvert and have zero friends. I feel super lonely especially summer time. Are there any one man activities you can recommend, that don't involve a lot of contact with people?

It depends on what you like. I am a stone cold introvert so most activities I do could be done solitary unless I do them with my husband. If you are a reader, you could look into an online book club or just start reading a bunch of books by an author that you put off for a long time. If you are outdoorsy, you could kayak or canoe. Make sure to wear a life vest and take your phone in a ziplock if you insist upon doing it alone. You could definitely hike (I reiterate take a phone). You could fish. If you have a pet feel free to include them in your activities like teaching your dog to be super chill with you in a kayak or teaching your cat to walk on a leash. You could learn to sew and make yourself a look alike of an outfit you have always lusted after but didn’t have the money to purchase. Follow along to Bob Ross videos and learn how to quick paint on hulu. You could take up thrift shopping and selling on the poshmark app. You could totally go to fanfiction.net and contribute to a fandom that you may like/love. Track down all the major national parks in your area and visit if you drive. Start an at home yoga practice using online resources. All you need is your body and a computer or a phone and youtube. Take your practice to the beach if there is one near you that isn’t highly populated and local to you. Start a blog about anything you’re interested in. Just talk. Most introverts lead a very intense internal life so I bet you have a bunch to say even if you are not super into being around people. Write, just anything. Open an etsy shop if you are crafty. Thriftshop for furniture and refinish it based on something you love from tumblr or the web. Just check our youtube for ideas. If it turns out to be good, sell it on eBay. If you have no monies but live pretty close to a library, camp out there for the summer. Free AC and the smell of books is always a win for me. Let me know what you decide to do. I would totally be interested in knowing if any of this worked for you.