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introduction into nu’est

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debuted March 14, 2012 with “Face” under pledis entertainment

fandom ㄴ.ㅇ.ㅅ.ㅌ (pronounced LOVE from the way you spell Nu’est in Korean 뉴이스트) fandom color hot pink

did pretty well during debut promotions but popularity kept declining due to shitty promotions from company and lack of comebacks  

many thought Nu’est was near disbandment

4 members (Jonghyun, Minki, Minhyun and Dongho) joined Produce 101 Season 2 in hopes of proving their skills and saving Nu’est

all four members made it to the finale but only Minhyun made it into the top11 (#9) and got to debut with wanna-one 

other members ranked 13 (Dongho), 14 (Jonghyun) and 20 (Minki)

but they did not fail because they did prove themselves throughout the show and gained a lot of popularity internationally and nation-wide 

in hopes that they continue to gain popularity I am making an introductory to the members of Nu’est for the new and upcoming ㄴㅇㅅㅌ’s :)))

firstly Nu’est’s Leader

Kim Jonghyun (JR) 06.08.1995

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Leader, Main Rapper, Main Dancer

talented affff

3 S’s Shy Sweet & Sensitive

extremely caring

blames himself for Nu’est’s lack of popularity

looks like onibugi 

cries a lot 

but only bc he loves his members and p101 children so much and he wants to do his best for them 24/7

wayyy too selfless

Nation’s Leader

cried bc other p101 trainees did a hidden camera on him on his birthday

plays like almost every instrument ever

speaks japanese

loves eminem

says he’s living his father’s dream by becoming an entertainer

too shy to speak english

humble affff

video game addict

brought a potato to school and talked to it like it was his child

says sorry too much

ren is his gf

camera slut always has to be in the shot

hates tomatoes

always gets way into karaoke 

wants to marry aron :))

next is the oldest 

Aron Kwak (Aron) 05.21.1993

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ft hungry Minhyun

Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist

real name is youngmin 

but he fucking hates it

from LA

is the oldest but isn’t the leader

for good reason

hes a fucking mess

an adorable mess but a mess

does radio shows

sometimes says things without thinking and gets himself into trouble

smart af

got accepted into NYU but chose to become an idol instead

learned Korean in 9 months

is a slut for his members

prob a closeted alcoholic


high key gay for ren

mommas boy

ladies man

checks out girls even while on camera

thinks he’s cute and tags pictures of himself as #cutie

king of fan service

loves skinship

gets banned from twitter all the time bc all he does is follow fans

can actually cook 

has kissed ren and acted like he kissed baekho and minhyun

can’t ice-skate but claims he’s good at it

can’t say nu’est after all these years

hates horses and seagulls

can’t jump rope

has a crush on minhyun’s sister

is always 200% done with his members

“when I feel lonely at night I like lonnnggg hairrrr” 

ren: “rrreeaallly?”

claims he teaches the other nu’est guys english but has progressively given up

started the jr looks like onibugi thing

next is my bias :)))))))))))

Kang Dongho (Baekho) 07.21.1995 

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Main Vocal


can barely dance 

but has an amazing voice

looks scary but isn’t at all until he’s irritated

doesn’t get irritated easily but when he does gtg

is prob scared of ren

kang daddy

sexy bandit

really close to his dad

his dad has leukemia and dongho went to Instagram to ask people to donate blood to help his dad out

sweet pie

also hates horses

likes tacos

says he likes girls with “long hair, cute and sexy…. and a lot of money”

got his stage name bc he looked like Kang Baekho from SlamDunk

his stage name means white tiger

has a tiger tattooed on his forearm

2 more tattoos on his chest 

its hot af

has abs 

but gets too shy to show them 

knows kumdo and did it in his solo teaser before debut

again hot af

hates cleaning

won’t do it

has the most wholesome laugh I literally have a playlist of baekho laugh comps

if his laugh doesn’t make you smile idk what will

fought a drug dealer in Mexico bc he tried to start a fight with his members

strong af 

(saying hello on a radio show) “hello I’m baekho I’m fine thank you and you?”

has to hug someone to be able to sleep usually ren

sweats all the time 

he can breathe and start sweating 

a lil gay for Aron but kissed Minhyun on the cheek and is all over ren sooo

wants to be a comedian but only tells dad jokes

broke the lock on the bathroom door in their dorm once

says whats on his mind/what he feels

competitive but sucks under pressure 

sucked in school

lazy af

prob has the best English pronunciation out of the members besides Aron obviously

“I remember me”

has to pet every dog he sees 

called his parents just to ask to buy something worth like $6

talks shit to anyone and everyone

didnt mean to audition for pledis but went to support his friend in their audition and got casted lmao

is basically naked in the dorm all the time

but in public covers up like a nun

plays piano

always dies from secondhand embarrassment from ren

next is the model

Hwang Minhyun (Minhyun) 08.09.1995

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Lead Vocalist, Visual

tall af

skinny but buff

should and could be a model

can hit high notes like nobody’s business

extremely innocent

still hasn’t had his first kiss

at first pledis only wanted him bc of how handsome he is 

speaks japanese

has an older sister that Aron has a crush on but he said she’s out of his league

low key savage

(saying hello on a radio show) “hi I’m minhyun, I like you *kiss noise*”

loves jr

is in Wanna-One (p101)

only pledis trainee to make it 

cried when minki jonghyun and dongho didnt make it 

didn’t even celebrate his victory bc all he could think about was leaving his brothers I’m crying

doesn’t drink

“perfect perfect perfect”

don’t ask him to improv dance

ren said baekho was the most handsome in nu’est and he accidentally blurted out “no he’s not” lmaoo

likes american-korean accents aka aron’s accent

got lost in turkey

rlly likes elephants

always has body lotion wyd boy ;););) 

loves things to be clean

always fighting with the members especially baekho bc nobody cleans except him

bribes baekho with food

hes a picky eater bc hes a child

sucks at bowling

said “this is your mistake” to Aron bc Aron didn’t know their English titles

sings everywhere

“thats no-no”

skips practice all the time

sleeps with earphones in how tf

cried when pledis scouted him 

next is the maknae

Choi Minki (Ren) 11.03.1995

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Vocalist, Face of the Group, Maknae

is beautiful dressed as a boy and a girl

can rock long hair

actually any hair

made aron’s heart flutter when he was dressed as a girl

extra af

sassy af

on the topic of Mexican food he responded with “u know i luv u gurl I like mexican” and everyone in the room died

impersonated people drowning in an elevator from movie

minhyun said he had a lot of charisma and he said he was crying

ranted on how amazing and beautiful jr is for like 5 min on live radio

(saying hello on a radio show) “nice to meet you I’m ren thank you very much I love you too”

lady gaga’s number one fanboy sent her fanmail once

knows he’s pretty

can model walk


can play piano

thinks he can speak English


loves everyone

is actually terrifying 

does this thing with his shoulders 

so now he’s called shoulder gangster

not afraid to be embarrassed

can and will do any girl dance

can’t raise animals they all die

used to get mistaken for a girl all the time

members rlly love him

has a twitter

made jr sit in a trash can once

sucks at games like any game

amazing dancer

fell in love with baekho when he did kumdo for the solo teaser like same

is a lil bit of a loner

loves fashion

is a diva

likes nail art 

loves the movie titanic

hogs the bathroom bc he’s an ass

makes the members question their sexuality 

“how old are you” 

“I’m fine thank you”

likes skinship

says his older brother is terrifying lmao


thats everything I can remember about the nu’est members pls support and love them

Only Me(Namjoon Smut)

I got a request from @namjoonsfangirl for a punishment smut. Once again guys, if I see any request that is not detailed then I will start deleting it after this especially when I’ve asked you begged- for you to please give me more detail and I’ve done a smut like this before. This is my last time and I hope you realize I’m not being mean I’m just frustrated. 

Your name: submit What is this?

“Hey. Hey Taehyung, give that back!” You shouted as he took your phone from your body that was laying out on your back. You frowned reaching for Taehyung’s wrist pulling him down on the couch. You crawled on his lap as you both started to play wrestle and you tried to get him to loosen his grip on your phone. Taehyung chuckled moving to tickle you with his free hand knowing that it would make you laugh and loosen your grip a little bit.

“Tae-hyung! Ahhh! S-stop!” You laughed uncontrollably as you fought for your phone, your hips straddling him and hugging him tightly against your body as you jerked the phone from his reach. Your hand moving above his head, Taehyung gripping onto your hips as you both saw Namjoon come into the room holding a bowl of cereal. He glanced at the both of you going to sit beside you on the couch. You straightened yourself up sticking your tongue out at Taehyung as you moved to lean your head against Namjoon’s shoulder.

“Daddy Monster~ Pokemonster.” You teased Namjoon causing him to chuckle, a light pink tent dusting his cheeks as he shoved cereal in his mouth to keep from answering.

“Dance monster!” Taehyung shouted out playfully causing you to snicker at his remarks. Namjoon flipped him off with his middle finger before going back to the cereal. You grabbed the spoon from Namjoon’s hand taking a bite of his cereal causing him to just stare at you with admiration before it was erased from his face. Namjoon loved it that you were like this, playful and demanding not caring that he had the title of being an idol. You treated him and the rest of BTS like they were normal boys that you loved to be around. You were so carefree and joking with all of them, and not once did you ever take to social media about them. You were a best friend on and off the scenes and they loved how you gave your company willingly. How you met was anything but ordinary. You had seen their first performance. Sneaking backstage to congratulate them with a basket of food. They had been so impressed by you, Namjoon followed you outside to ask for your number or Kakao and you willingly gave it to him. Ever since that day three years ago you had been there by their sides keeping them close and being in their corner whenever they needed. But Namjoon had deeper feelings for you, he couldn’t tell you but often he thought about how it would be to come home to you. To sneak over to your house some nights when he needed to release steam or just hold you close. How it would be to see you in the crowd and sing to you and feel the love songs that he was writing about. You were perfect, passionate and human. You never tried to hide from him, you had made him feel like himself with you, he wasn’t Rap Monster he was Kim Namjoon.

“Namjoon..” You snapped your fingers in his face that seemed dazed out and though he was staring at you he wasn’t really here.

“Y-yeah.” Namjoon cleared his throat as he grabbed his spoon back going back to eating, looking towards the screen he gave a sheepish smile.

“Noona!” Jungkook called out bursting through the front door with Seokjin and Yoongi who gave you a kind smile. Jungkook ran to you picking you up from the couch and moving to sit you in his lap.

“Hello, my precious little one.” You teased back pinching his cheeks.

“Noona. I’m not that young anymore. I’m a man!” He frowned hugging you around your waist. You played in his hair smiling as you kissed his nose.

“You’re my big man.” You were just playing with him, giving affection to him knowing that he enjoyed it. Namjoon knew he shouldn’t have been jealous but he couldn’t help it. Getting up from the couch, he stormed into the kitchen washing out his bowl and disappearing into his room. He may have thought no one noticed it, but Yoongi saw everything and he decided to pick with the male about it next time he got.

Things continued to be like that. You would joke around with other members and Namjoon would distance himself. Going to lengths to almost ignore you whenever you were around because he didn’t want to get more attached to you, his best friend and you were obvious to fall for everyone else. Yoongi was the main one to play into it. On movie night, he kept you in his lap arms around your stomach, his mouth pressing kisses against your temple as his hands stroked your skin. Namjoon glowered at the male knowing what he was doing to him.

“Namjoon can you hand me the remote so we can turn it up?” You asked Namjoon laughing from the jokes Yoongi were telling you leaning into his embrace. Namjoon had gotten up to go towards the kitchen and get water before he retreated into his room. Namjoon just looked at you for a quick second and walked towards his room not doing what you asked.

“What the hell..” You frowned watching his tall figure slump through the kitchen and retreat further until he was out of sight.

“You know for the past few weeks he’s been like this. Moping and keeping quiet when you’re around. I can’t believe that he’s been ignoring you. And you haven’t noticed. I thought for sure you were both so close but I see not.” Yoongi shrugged his shoulders as he stroked your hair looking at the screen. “Maybe he finally got a girlfriend.” Yoongi mused trying to see your reaction. Your body froze, your jealously slowly starting to seep out. Another girl friend?? Namjoon couldn’t, could he? And not tell you? But Yoongi was really close to Namjoon just as well as you were so you knew that he couldn’t be that far from the truth. Not thinking about what you were doing, you got up and stormed to Namjoon’s and Hoseok’s shared room. Pushing the door opened, you saw Namjoon there with his earphones in sitting on the edge of the bed. His laptop pressed against his legs. He was so handsome, black tank showing off his muscles and sagging gray sweatpants on his waist. His hair combed back but still looking messy due to him not doing much today. He glanced at you, eyes flickering over your body quickly before he went back to his work. You sighed shutting the door, deciding to slowly and quietly lock it. You walked to grab a chair from the desk sitting in front of him. When he still didn’t acknowledge you, it felt as if your heart was breaking and you reached out to gently yank an earbud from his ear sitting back.

“I was working.” He replied calmly not glancing at you.

“Who is she?” You blurted out. You had been pondering on what to say but you couldn’t really think of anything so you went with what you were feeling.

“Who?” Namjoon asked annoyance on his face as his fingers glided against his keys.

“Your girlfriend!” You shouted. Namjoon paused, lifting an eyebrow he looked up at you with a stone face his dimples poking out from how he pressed his lips together in a thin line.

“Now what fan said something like that?” He asked and you shook your head.

“Don’t change the subject who is she?” You asked again and when he just stare at you like you were crazy you opened your mouth again. “Yoongi told me you probably had a girlfriend and you’ve been really distant to me. I don’t like that you are just ignoring me for someone else. If you don’t want me around tell me!” You shouted at him, showing some emotions that you normally don’t. Namjoon stare at you a long time before he spoke again with a sigh.

“I don’t have a girlfriend. Yoongi said might, he never said I did and either way if I did have a girlfriend I’m sure he and you both would know! I don’t have anything to hide here. I haven’t been around because you’ve been too busy playing with everyone else to notice me! But we are all your friends and I know how you all care deeply for us so I’m just giving you space! And don’t yell at me especially when you don’t know things that you think you do. Please get out and give me space this time. I don’t want to talk about anything else with you.” Namjoon said simply plopping his white earbud back into his ear. You sat there with your mouth hanging open from how he scolded you. If anything, it sounded like he was just as jealous as you were. Could it be he liked you too? The little subtle hints he gave you, your mind seemed to think about. How he dazed out around you, let only you steal his food. Gave you his clothes to change into and his bed to sleep in almost always insisting that you sleep with him.

You felt like a fool for not noticing. You knew you could probably be wrong too, but for what other reason would he act like this? And it didn’t hurt for you to find out in any means necessary. Getting on your knees, you crawled over to Namjoon slowly, the sweats you had on pressing against the floor. The cotton material rubbing against your skin. You crawled up to him, raising up you pressed your hands against his laptop shutting it. Namjoon raised his eyes open seeing you on your knees in front of him. He tried to play it off frowning as his music turned off from the playlist he had going on.

“What are you doing?” He asked, his voice starting to drop down in an octave. He watched as your hands grabbed at his earbuds and grabbing at the laptop you moved to put it on the chair you were just sitting in. You spread his legs wide staring up at him with big eyes.

“I’ve been neglecting my monster, haven’t I?” You cooed licking on your bottom lip. You pressed your lips against his knee and he let out a soft hitch of breath.

“Don’t do this Y/N. You don’t know what you’re asking for.” Namjoon tried to warn you, pressing his hands on your shoulders. But you didn’t listen to reason. Lifting up you straddled his waist, your hands going in his hair as you straddled him. Your lips finding Namjoon’s as his hands were eager to grip at your waist pulling you towards his body. Your chest against his, legs coming to press on either side of his body. You moaned softly feeling his plump lips press against your own, how he moved his lips softly against yours made your heart flutter. You couldn’t believe you were doing this with your best friend. Making out with him on his bed. Namjoon groaned, eyes screwing shut the kiss was better than something he ever imagined. His hands moved down to your ass pressing you down against his once soft erection that was getting hard.

You started to roll your hips down against his, dry humping him through your clothes to create some friction. Namjoon let you, using his hands to help you ride him his lips moved eagerly against yours. His tongue slid across your bottom lip slowly asking you for permission which you gave him, spreading your lips wide to be greeted by his pink tongue. You swirled your tongue around his, moaning softly as his tongue roamed your mouth. He flicked his muscle everywhere grazing over your teeth and your cheeks, the roof of your mouth and your own tongue, the kiss becoming more heated and needy with each passing second. Your hands gripped at his hair pulling at it as Namjoon started to rock his hips up against yours. Mewls left your lips, you couldn’t believe how good it felt for you to be pressing against him. You circled your hips against his, your clit finding some sort of added pleasure. Breaking the kiss, you looked down in his eyes.

“Namjoon, don’t stop.” You moaned softly, he slipped his hands inside of your joggers gripping at your ass.

“A thong baby? Do you like that?” He asked you softly and you nodded your head looking in his eyes. “Go faster.” He commanded and you did, your head rolling back as he bit onto your neck. He sucked on your skin tasting you, tongue gliding on every ounce of skin he could find. He marked all your skin, your collarbones also receiving attention. He kissed up your neck to your chin biting down on the flesh as you whimpered.

“Fuck! Fuck.” You chanted out shutting your eyes. Namjoon moved his hand down to press his finger against your clit rubbing against it as well as letting your ass move against his bulge. “Oh god Namjoon!” You whimpered out as your orgasm rocked through you, the wet spot staining your sweats, the outline of his erection pressing against your clothed pussy.

“Such a good girl.” He groaned softly kissing your lips again.

“I want monster to come out and play.” You nodded your head pressing your forehead against his.

“I don’t think you can handle the monster. And you will need to be quiet.” He warned you nodded eagerly smirking.

“I can handle anything daddy monster gives me.” You were teasing him, it was fun to see him get so worked up and riled for you.

Namjoon looked at you for a long time before he smirked. Crashing his lips back against yours again his hands slipped from your bottoms, gripping on your breast through your shirt, he kneaded your flesh, before he was pushing up your shirt and you were breaking the kiss to take off the shirt throwing it behind you. Grabbing at his next you helped him take off the shirt his toned muscles and flat stomach showing, the soft peak of abs starting to be outlined showing. “Get on your knees.” He commanded as his eyes roamed to your breast and downwards. Obeying him you moved to get on your knees. Namjoon paused listening to what was going on in the house, deeming it safe he pushed down his boxers and sweats in one girl, his large member standing proudly in the air. As he sat down your eyes glued onto his member not believing that he was actually so big. Your hand reached out to grab at his cock, stroking it up and down feeling the warm appendage in your hand, you leaned forward licking across the head of his shaft. He groaned playing in your hair sweeping it from your face watching as you licked around his head and up and down his shaft. Namjoon wanted to feel more, the red angry tip leaking with precum, he had waited on you for so long he didn’t think teasing would help anything else.

“Monster wants you to use your mouth. Stop teasing.” He gave a stern warning with a trembling voice but you didn’t listen. Too caught up in licking against his veins and even licking across his balls you were too caught up in getting your own pleasure from sucking him off. Namjoon growled, slapping your hand from his cock he gripped at your hair, forcing your mouth onto his cock. You groaned as he stretched out your mouth, moving until you were taking his cock past your plump lips and down your throat.

“Fuck, just like that baby that wet mouth feels so good around daddy’s cock. Do you like it?” He asked softly, holding your head down. He heard you choke slightly so he pulled back, threading his fingers into your hair he moved your head up and down on his shaft slow at first until he was picking up speed. Making little grunts and noises of approval he bit on his bottom lip to keep himself quiet. He watched your cheeks hollowed, your hands pressing on his knees to find purchase. Your eyes looking up at him with pure want and desire. He loved it, how eager you looked and how you wanted more. He started to thrust his hips up against your face as well, shoving your head down trying to get you to take all that you could, loving how your throat tightened up around his cock. He saw your eyes water how you whimpered around him causing you to choke and gag more. Loving how you were acting Namjoon pinched your nose, using his thighs to lift himself up into your mouth, the spit dripping down your chin and onto your covered chest. Namjoon watched as your eyes dropped low, while you were going to the point of about to black out before he let your nose go pulling you off his wet cock. Namjoon let your nose go, keeping his grip in your hair he watched as you heaved trying to gulp in air. Namjoon leaned your face down slapping your cheeks with his wet cock he soon slid himself back into your mouth, bobbing your head up and down listening to your lewd noises. You found yourself enjoying how he stuffed your mouth and how your tongue pressed against different spots on his shaft. He was so thick and you felt like your mouth was so full but you loved every moment of it. How his neck vein popped out as he looked down at you, his own lust and dominance radiating off his body and his face. He growled at you, causing your pussy to quiver and drip from wetness that he caused. He let out a different type of moan causing your toes to curl. He continued to shove your head down, until your eyes were dripping wet from the stretch. He held your head down as his hips moved quickly against your face. He growled out your name lowly spilling his warm cum into your mouth. You greedily tried your best to lick it all up, the bitter sweet cum filling your mouth. Some of it spilling past your lips but when you pulled back you licked yourself clean. Standing up because you expected it to be done.

“Oh no, monster is far from done with you.” Namjoon chuckled picking you up, he carried you to lay on his bed, pushing you down on your back after he unclipped your bra. Namjoon leaned down crawling over your body. His tongue moving to lick across your areola slowly. He played with your breast, his large hands cupping them as his tongue glided across your flesh. He moaned slightly, squeezing your breast with his hand he sucked on them individually like he was not going to have another opportunity the flat of his tongue pressing against your skin. As he kissed lower down your stomach, his fingers flicked across your nipples. He kissed along your hips before he pulled himself back, gripping at your bottoms pulling them down. He grabbed at your thongs pulling them down and off your legs. He gripped at your hips pulling you against the edge of the bed. He lifted your legs up straight in the air. He licked up and down your pussy, moaning softly he played with your slit flicking his tongue against it. Soon his lips were wrapping around your pink pert bud. He sucked on your clit, nibbling gently on the flesh he watched as you whimpered against the bed. He pulled back after sometimes pressing his tongue against your entrance. He slowly slid it inside of you, his tongue wiggled inside of you licking around your entrance tasting your wet walls making him groan low in his throat. He pulled back from you before he pushed his tongue back into you, thrusting it in and out slowly teasing you with it. You were trying not to moan but you tried to bite on your hand to silence your moan but you couldn’t help it. Namjoon hearing it a bit too loud, he spread your legs wide, his hand creeping up to wrap around your neck, he cut off your air, giving you a dark look as his tongue assaulted your pussy, thrusting in and out of your wet walls he swirled it trying to find your spot as he let his tongue slip deep inside of you. He moaned pressing his face against your pussy, his hair tickling against your lower stomach causing you to squirm, your stomach tightening up as he ate you out. It felt so good, how his tongue wiggled in and out of you, filling you up, the pink muscle curving and thrusting a bit faster inside of your walls. He was trying to get you off, he enjoyed tasting your sweetness it was like drinking up water. His teeth nipping on your pussy lips as he felt his cock throb. Your body was shaking, his thumb digging into your neck leaving a bruise that would surely be there tomorrow. He kept you pinned against the bed, your pussy tightening around his tongue as you got closer to a release. He encouraged it continuing to speed up his tongue motions finding your spot and aiming for it over and over. He let his other hand press your leg down against the bed, eyes drinking you in, his mind taking mental photos of how you looked pinned down from him. Slowly you gave into your orgasm your hips bucking up as you gasp for air trying to feel your lungs. You blacked out for a split second, Namjoon letting your neck go as your vision returned slowly seeing little stars of light you blinked looking up at him in a daze. Swallowing you licked your lips, opening your legs up wider for him. He crawled on top of you, sliding his cock up and down your slit slowly.

“Can I slide in raw?” He asked softly, his want dripping off how he spoke to you. Your legs wrapped around his waist as you nodded your head.

“I want to feel all of you Namjoon, monster. I want to have you deep inside of me.” You kissed his lips, your hand gripping onto his shaft, you lead him to press against your entrance. As soon as his head felt your opening he lunged his hips forward burying himself inside of you.

“Namjoon.” You choked out a cry of his name, the way you gave into him submitting made him smirk down at you. Pressing his hand down against your mouth, he tilted your head back making it harder for you to moan out for him. Slapping his hips against yours, he pressed his knees down into the bed pressing into you. The missionary position fitting for you both as he leaned his head down to nibble on your ear husking out.

“You feel so good baby girl. I’ve thought about fucking you for a while now, and I can’t believe that I finally get to fuck into this sweet little pussy. You feel better than heaven.” Namjoon moaned out, licking across your lobe slowly. He shut his eyes switching his pace between fast and relentless to slow and sensual. He was thick and you couldn’t believe you were taking every inch of him inside of your pussy. His hips rolling against yours until he found your spot. The little muffled cry you gave out against his hand told him all he needed to know. He continued to slip inside of you, his girth stretching out your wet walls that sucked him in, holding him hostage. Namjoon licked against your neck his balls pressing against your ass as he picked up his pace letting it stay fast.

“Are you going to be a good girl and cum for me since you practically came and jumped on daddy’s cock? I need you to cum for me Y/N I want to feel all your cum onto daddy’s cock.” He encouraged rasping in your ear, his free hand dragging across your clit rubbing it in fast harsh circles. You looked up at him, your pussy squeezing around his shaft as the wetness poured from your cunt. You were so close, your stomach tightening and your tongue flicking against his sweaty palm. With a few more snaps of his hips against your spot your eyes were rolling back as you met your third orgasm that night the overstimulation causing you to squirm and drag your nails down his biceps the pleasure coursing through you. “Good girl, now daddy is going to cum inside of you.” He kissed your ear snapping his hips even harder, until he was spilling his cum inside of you his cock twitching as he released it all inside of you. Riding out your orgasms together he slowly took his hand from your lips until he was pressing soft kisses against your lips smiling down at you. Waiting for a while he pulled out of you and laid beside you pulling you against his body huffing slightly he gave you a dimpled smile.

“So.. Does this mean you are only mine?” He asked softly nuzzling your nose.

“Yes, I’m all yours.” You yawned slightly kissing on his face before straddling him down to pepper his body in your kisses.

“I told you.” Yoongi chuckled standing up from the door straightening out his clothes holding up his hand in front of Hoseok.

“I can’t believe they even waited this long.” He sighed handing over the money as they walked back to the front room to join the others and give you privacy.

Bang Me Like Those Drums

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 3.3 k

Summary: Phil is the drummer of a band, but how will the lead singer, Kevin, feel when he walks in on Phil banging his younger brother Dan as hard as Phil bangs his drums?

Warnings!! There’s 2 smut scenes: Rimming, daddy kinks, hints of DD/LB (but not), wall sex, angry sex, rough sex, dirty talking, Dan is in a skirt, Dan in panties, blow jobs, slut! Dan (if you squint), etc.

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Nah - Yoongi BTS(M)


Accepting requests for:

ships - (Got7, BTS, Astro, Day6)

edits/ moodboards - (Got7,  BTS, Astro, Day6, BIGBANG, EXO, AOA, Red Velvet, EXID, AOMG)

smuts & imagines - ( Got7,  BTS, Astro(NO SMUTS), Day6, Jay Park)

snapchat edits -  (Got7,  BTS, Astro, Day6, BIGBANG, EXO, AOA, Red Velvet, EXID, AOMG)

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“Daddy Buckwoo and Izzy”

Summary: In honor of Father’s Day, here’s a one-shot about Bucky, his girlfriend and her 3 year old daughter, Isabella Marie. Love doesn’t always occur in conventional ways. Sometimes, chance meetings can lead to a lifetime of happiness.

 Words:946 (kinda got carried away)

 Pairing: Bucky Barnes, Reader, OFC Isabella Marie

 Warnings: Extreme fluff 

 Ah, yes Father’s Day, the hallowed 3rd Sunday in June. Some dad’s consider it Holy Grail Sunday because their loved ones showers them with breakfast in bed, homemade crafts, and a vast array of gifts; ranging from ties, tools, and fishing equipment.

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 to Prompt: Spencer is waiting to see your sons Halloween costume as sees him come out in a cardigan dressed as his favourite hero, his dad. (Legit Hotch and Jack but it’s too cute I can’t help it.)

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Relationship: Spencer x Reader

“Right Max are you ready to show dad your outfit?” You shout from the hallway to your 5-year-old son who’s trying to fix his cardigan and his brown curly hair. Spencer is stood with his hands over his eyes trying not to peek at your sons Halloween costume. You rub your hands together excited about the cuteness that’s about to ensue, Max borrowed Henry’s old costume.

“Babe, can you please tell me what he’s dressed as. I’ll still act excited I promise!” Spencer says trying to beg of you to tell him. You laugh at how excited Max is so show his daddy his outfit, Spencer looks equally as excited about Halloween, as he always has been. You walk up to Max and finally fix his tie for him, just like you do with Spencer sometimes. Like father like son, you laugh to yourself. You push Max gently to stand at the door and he does jumping up and down quickly.

“Can you give dad a clue to who you are Maxy.” Spencer says trying to win over his son to trip up and tell him without meaning too.

“I. Am. A. SUPERHERO!” Max says in broken sentences shouting the last part and putting his arm out like superman. Spencer raises his eyebrows from behind his hands. Max jumps up and down waiting to show Spencer.

“Aha, he’s his favourite superhero.” You say walking towards Spencer putting your arm around his back. You lower Spencer’s hands and he looks at you waiting for Max to jump out. You whistle, that being the cue to your son. Max jumps out with his cardigan and tie. Spencer’s face lights up seeing his son dressed up as him from Halloween. Spencer kneels to your son and looks at you from his shoulder.

“See Daddy! I’m a superhero! I’m you!” Max says jumping up and down proud of himself.

“You should’ve dressed up as your mom if you wanted the really kick ass superhero.” He says bopping Max on the nose lightly.

“Language!” You say in a hushed whisper.

“Okay Captain America.” Spencer laughs picking Max up and putting him on his shoulders walking towards you. Spencer walks over and kisses you lightly with Max still on his back.

“EEEEWWWW.” Max screams putting his hands over his eyes, you just laugh and Spencer kneels so you can kiss Max too who instantly giggles. You walk towards the door after hearing your phone beep. You put your hand on the door handle and look at Spencer.

“We have one more surprise.” You say smiling like an idiot, Spencer looks confused and you open the door letting Will, JJ, Henry, Hotch, Jack, Garcia and Morgan in. Will and JJ are in normal clothes but Henry is dressed like Will, with a sheriff’s badge to match. Jack is in a suit with Hotch’s clip badge on his pocket. Morgan is dressed in a cardigan and tie, even a wig to be dressed like Spence and Garcia is dressed like Y/N with her hair tied back and the usual blouse and pencil skirt.

“Morgan! I’ve never seen you look more attractive!” Spencer says laughing at his own comment.

“I have.” Garcia says with so much seriousness before she bursts into a fit of laughs. Spencer first walks up to Henry and gives him a hi-5. Then he hugs JJ and goes down the line. Even hugging Hotch, who smiled!

“LET’S GO GET SOME CANDY!” Garcia yelled pointing towards the door while all the kids yelled in agreement and the adults just face palmed. Everyone piles out the room trying to keep up with their kids and Spencer walks back to you and puts his arm around you and kissed you on the forehead.

“Good surprise?” You say laughing at him.

“Amazing.” He says kissing you again. You hear tiny patters of feet running back in.

“C’mon guys let’s gooooooo.” Max says looking bored already. You both throw your hands up in defeat and laugh walking out following your screaming son.

Thank you so much too @ragweed98 for agreeing to help me with my imagines! Lets hope I can improve so much more now!

The Littlest Winchester - Circles

Character(s): Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 635


   “Again, Daddy! Do it again!”

   “Again? Aren’t you dizzy?”

   “No!” Bouncing, the four-year-old grabs Dean’s hands. “Again!”

   Dean lifts her up by her arms and starts spinning in circles. The little girl laughs delightedly, her grip tightening. He keeps this up for a few seconds, eventually slowing to a stop and setting her down.

   “Again! Again!” Immediately, she tugs on his arm again.

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anonymous asked:

👼 daddy's ❤💦🍆 little fidget spinner💫 when daddy 💞 feels horny he lifts 🚚 me up☝️ and puts me on🔛 his huge 😩💦dick🍆 and I spin 🌀 and spin 🌀 whirrrrrr 😳😳I get🉐 so🆘 dizzy💫 but daddy💞 keeps spinning 💫 me untill I squirt⛲⛲ leaving me all wet💦 and his cummies 🍼🍼 are all inside💠 me😳 god I'm such a😳 spinny 😵dizzy😵😵 little slut for daddy!

The Park with Daddy

One morning, my daddy comes into my room and tells we he is taking me for a walk in the park. He lays out my clothes and tells me he will be back soon, so to get ready. I am excited, because I don’t get to go out with my Daddy often. He says I am his special girl but doesn’t want to share me yet. Daddy left me a loose cotton dress that dips really low in front, but no panties. I get ready quickly, making extra sure I am my best for my Daddy. I don’t want him to be embarrassed with me and not take me out again. When daddy comes back, he tells me to bend over on my bed because he wants me to wear his jewelry. I am unsure of this, but he tells me not to worry, as I will love it and he would never hurt his special girl. I feel wet dripping on my tiny hole then pressure and something large feels like it is splitting me open, then slides deep. I feel so full and tell daddy this as he lifts me to my feet. You will get used to it. It is time to start your extra special training. As we walk down the stairs, I start feeling wetness dripping from Daddy’s special place and am embarrassed because Daddy hasn’t touched me yet. When he puts me in the car and buckles me in, the thing slides deeper and I can’t help but close my eyes and moan. When I open my eyes, Daddy is smiling at me. I knew you would love wearing my jewelry he says. When he gets in the car, he reaches over and lifts my dress so he can see his special place. Then he spreads my legs wide and sees how wet I am. Yes, yes, you like it, don’t you baby girl? Yes Daddy, I do.

We arrive at the park and daddy helps me out of the car, smoothing my dress down my legs. He takes my hand and we start walking on the path. There are trees everywhere close to the path and benches also. Daddy pulls me off to the side and says he just can’t wait any longer. He touches my shoulder which means he wants me on my knees, ready to please him. I smile so big, because I love pleasing my daddy. I love how big his cock is and when it fills my throat. Daddy grabs my pony tail and starts fucking my open mouth, being sure to slide down my throat often. I am sitting back on my feet, so every time he does this, it pushes my foot into his jewelry which makes me moan and suck harder. I can feel Daddy start to swell and anticipate the taste of him but then as he starts to cum in my throat but pulls out mid stream and cums all over my pussy. He puts me back on my feet and we start walking again, my dress is stuck to the front of my pussy and his cum is dripping down my thighs. He walks with his hand on my back holding my dress up showing off his jewelry to anyone who walks by. My dress has a deep V in it and when I walk, it slides to each side showing my hard perky nipples
As we continue on our walk, we meet another older man knows my Daddy. As they stop to catch up, a few minutes later, my daddy pushes me to my knees in front of his friend. I know what to do, because I can see how hard his friend is behind his pants. I take out his cock and begin sucking him off. It’s so big and thick. My daddy tells me if I do a good job and make his friend happy he might let him fuck me!

I want to please my Daddy, so of course I try my best. I open my throat and take him deep until you can see his head bulging my throat. My daddy grabs my pony tail and holds me there, a smile on his face, so proud. The mans cock throbs in my throat as I swallow hard holding the friends cock in. Good girl he says. Then tells me to let go.
I do, then he picks me up and bends me over the bench, I am still dripping my daddy’s cum from earlier as his friend slides deep in my pussy. His cock pushes against Daddy’s jewelry making it extra snug. He only lasts a short time before he blows and fills my pussy up again. Daddy is so proud of me. He helps me to my feet, making sure to push my dress down and against my pussy. As we walk away from Daddy’s friend, he reminds him about the poker game that night. His friend says he would miss it.

We walk a little longer and run into another one of Daddy’s friends. As they are talking, I start wandering away looking at the pretty flowers. I know I’m not supposed to do this, but I forgot. The next thing I know, I am being bent over Daddy’s knees and spanked hard for disobeying him. I am crying out, embarrassed because Daddy’s friend is watching all of this. When daddy sets me on my feet, he tells me that he was going to let me play with my puppy when we got home if I was good, but now he isn’t. Daddy please! I will do anything to make it up to you. I am so sorry, I was just bored waiting while you talked. Bored, he says? Yes, Daddy. I will give you something to do. He bends me over the bench and without warning, his friend slams his huge cock in my pussy. Daddy is big, but his friend was a lot bigger! It hurt and as I opened my mouth to scream, Daddy’s cock was shoved so deep down my throat, I could do nothing but swallow! Then, I felt a hand slap my ass with another spanking. It was Daddy, but I heard Daddy’s friend tell him that I might need a bit more discipline and my daddy agreed! No no no, I am thinking! The next thing I know, I am being filled with so much cum and swallowing Daddy’s cum as fast as I can. But Daddy pulls out half way and sprays my breast and face with his cum. As his friend is pulling out, he tells my daddy his jewel is nice. Daddy says that’s the winning prize at poker tonight. He says he will be there for sure. They part ways with a handshake and we continue our walk.

I have my head down, when daddy pulls my ponytail back. Be proud you are on my arm baby girl. Yes Daddy, I say. With cum dripping down my legs, on my face and on my breasts. Daddy spreads open my top showing my perky hard nipples. My daddy is smiling as we walk, he taps on his jewelry, reminding me it’s there. We seem to be at the end of our walk, when we run into one of his coworkers. Daddy starts to put me behind him, when the guy says, no no, it’s okay. I know and approve. I am working on my own right now. They start talking about different scenarios and how to ease into things when daddy asks if he would like to see how I please him. Oh yes, the coworker says. Daddy touches my shoulder and I drop to my knees waiting for him to give me permission. Wow the guy says, then daddy nods and I open him up and swallow him deep. Daddy groans and let’s me play! I am hungry for my daddy so I try extra hard to get his juice fast. When it comes, I moan in ecstasy and I love the taste of my daddy so much! When he pulls me off I am licking my lips. Then daddy pulls me up and asks his friend if he wants to try me out? The guys eyes are wide open? Are you sure? As he his nodding yes. Daddy bends me over and the guy looks at my raw and gaping pussy dripping with cum. He fumbles quickly undoing his pants and then slides in with a groan! OMG she feel so good! I’m not going to last long. Daddy chuckles and says neither did the others. Can I, can I cum in her. Daddy laughs and says be my guest. He unloads the most cum out of all of them. Daddy mentions this and the guy says he was saving it up for when he got his own girl, but he couldn’t resist me. Then daddy invites him to the poker game that night. He says he will be there!

As we are walking out of the park, daddy tells me he is pleased with me and my behavior. We get to the car and he puts me in, buckling me up safe. On the ride home as daddy is playing with my wet pussy, he tells me I can play with my puppy when we get home. I squeal so excited. Bouncing on the seat, I say thank you thank you thank you daddy! We pull in at home and he gets me out and through the door. He whistles for Rex, our large German shepherd, who comes running and sits right in front of us. Daddy gives another command to Rex and he starts licking my pussy clean as I begin to orgasm and squirt onto Rex’s tongue. Then daddy takes me into the living room to the large pillow on the floor. I kneel down, ass in the air. I ask daddy about his jewelry and he says I need to be stretched, so it stays in. Then he gives Rex another command and he mounts me. I sigh in happiness, because I love the feel of Rex fucking me so deep and sliding his huge softball sized knot into my pussy. Then his hot puppy cum fills up my pussy, but his knot locks it in so none can come out. This time though, I scream because Daddy’s jewelry is so big and Rex’s knot is as well. Daddy pets my hair and tells me to relax and be his special girl. Yes Daddy, I will. Rex stays knotted and I feel his hot cum filling me full. I sigh again, because it feels so good. Once knotted, daddy tells me he has to go set things up for tonight. He leaves and while Rex is knotted, Rex and I kiss. I love feeling his tongue slide over mine, it also makes his knot push a little deeper each time. Just when daddy is returning, Rex is slipping out of me. I feel sad, but I am tired. Daddy takes me to my bath and tells me to relax and rest, he has a big night planned for me. Smiling, I can only say, yes Daddy.

An Unassuming Life - Part 1

Summary:  Dean returns home after a long day at work to find you waiting for him. This is a domestic/husband Dean AU. The Winchesters are not hunters in this AU. Edited to add: Link to master post of series.

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count:  1860

Warnings:  Language, nsfw, smut, sexual content, extreme fluffiness

Author’s Notes: Yes, I wrote another AU (potential) series. I’m not sorry. I love it when Dean is domestic. If you guys like this, I’ll continue it. Let me know! Tagging: @mamapeterson, @rizlow1, @salvachester, @aprofoundbondwithdean, @eyes-of-a-disney-princess, @winchesterenthusiast

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joe pinned your hips up against the wall roughly, keeping your body close to his. his lips connected with yours as he tapped the bottom of your ass, signaling for you to jump up. you wrapped your legs around joes slender waist and his strong arms held you up.

“good girl” he mumbled into your ear, biting it softly. you let out a soft moan and exposed your neck to him. he chuckled darkly and started to kiss on suck on your neck. his free hand started rubbing the space where your ass and thigh met.

“fuck joe please do something” his hand stopped rubbing you and his lips stilled on your neck.

“baby girl..” he paused. “that’s not my name"

your breath left your throat in a huff. “daddy” you whined out.

he smiled to himself and reattached your lips. his tongue was soft and tasted of wine.

your hips ground against his in need, hoping he would start to touch you again. his hand slid up your thigh and he pressed two fingers against you.

you moaned into his mouth, his thin lips curving into a smile yet again. he loved how your body reacted to him, even with just two fingers.

his fingers curled around the waistband of your underwear, tracing the outline. “baby if you want me to do something,” he paused and kissed up to your ear, “you’re going to have to beg for it” his thumb pressed against your clit and your body twitched, word spilling out of your mouth.

“ah! fuck daddy oh my- fuck! daddy please touch me please fuck me anything please i-i need you oh fuck” his thumb was pressing hard circles into your clit, only making you beg harder.

joe kissed your collarbone, walking you over to the bed. he set you down on the mattress, bending your legs over his shoulders.

his lips tsked as he watched wriggle around. “fuck you just need daddy don’t you? huh? you need daddy to fuck you?”

your head nodded quickly, your body aching for him.

his fingers curled around your underwear, and pulled them down in a swift move. his thumb started drawing circles in your clit as his middle finger pushed inside of you.

you gasped out, your body frozen. “is that what you needed babygirl? daddy’s fingers?” joes voice was smooth and silky, almost addicting.

you couldn’t get over how good you felt, your whole body warm. his fingers curled inside of you, causing you to gasp. your brain was fuzzy with pleasure.

your fantasy was interrupted when joes hand came down to smack your ass. “when daddy asks you a question you answer it princess, unless you want daddy to spank you” you opened your mouth, only to have joe stick another finger inside of you, your mind spinning again.

joes eyebrow raised awaiting an answer, partially knowing he wouldn’t receive one. “alright baby girl if that’s what you want” he pulled his finger out of you. “get on your knees baby” his soft hands grabbed your hips and assisted you in rolling over on to your stomach. you lifted yourself to your knees, still recovering from the pleasure you had received.

“so beautiful babygirl. so gorgeous on your knees for daddy..” joe mumbled to you.

his hand came down harshly, a loud smack echoing in the room. your body rocked forward, knocking a moan from your lips. joes hands grabbed your hips, pulling you back onto his hand, slapping your ass again. he leaned his body over yours, kissing your shoulder as he delivered another harsh slap to your ass.

“you love when daddy spanks you don’t you babygirl” he slapped your ass again.

“oh fuck yes daddy fuck i do” his hand connected with your ass two more times.

you could feel joes dick harden against your thigh. you pushed your hips back onto it, and joe moaned deep into your ear. “shit i need you” joe lined the tip of his dick with your entrance and pushed inside of you. he stopped with just the tip in, leaning forward and biting your shoulder. “move daddy oh my fucking god i’m so– fuck you feel so fucking good please move!” you moaned. joe loved knowing how bad you needed him. it was a huge confidence boost knowing that he made you feel so good. his hips pushed further into you, brushing against your g-spot. your pussy was so wet, making his dick slide into you with ease. “fuck baby you look so hot. do you want daddy to fuck you? do you want daddy to fuck you so hard you can’t even remember your own fucking name?” his hips snapped back and filled you up just as fast. his rhythm was fast and hard, which was a nice change from all the slow teasing he had been doing earlier. you were letting out a continuous string of moans, the knot in your stomach building up quickly. joes hands were tied in your hair, holding your head up. you could feel your body going weak with pleasure. as soon as your body started to droop down, joes other hand wrapped around your stomach, holding you up.

“fuck-ah daddy i’m gonna cum” your head was spinning and your whole body felt good. “cum on my dick babygirl” joe whispered into your ear. your body suddenly relaxed as you came on joes dick. his thrusts didn’t slow as you came down from your high. you could tell he wasn’t ready to cum yet so you decided to help get hi there. “daddy do you want me to duck your cock? i’ll be a good girl and suck your dick until you come” joe moaned loudly and pulled his dick out of you. your body turned around, not letting a second pass before his dick was in your mouth. because of how wet your orgasm had gotten his dick, your mouth slid over his head with ease. you proceeded to suck and lick all over his dick, jacking off any parts that weren’t in your mouth. his hands made a makeshift ponytail and guided you far onto his dick, forcing you to deepthroat him. his moans were like music to your ears. “fuck you’re so good for me on your knees like this. you’re gonna let daddy fucking come in your throat like this? with daddy’s cock in your mouth?” your tongue slid on the underside of his dick and his knees buckled as he came. his come hit the back of your throat and you swallowed it and continued to softly jack him off through his high. he was breathing heavily as he wiped sweat off his forehead. he pushed you back into the mattress, kissing your lips. “we need to do this more often”