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@inukag-week Day 4, Family: This a collaboration between @my-secret-sketchpad and myself, combining her awesome drawing skills and my coloring to bring our idea to life.

For family day we wanted to show a cute moment of InuKag finding their kids playing house. The oldest are imitating their parents while the youngest pretends to be their puppy. Inuyasha is a little freaked out at seeing his little dog eared baby girl acting like a dog, but Kagome thinks they’re all adorable.

Blog Announcement!

Each week we will be choosing a #CollaboftheWeek. We will make a special announcement with the people who participated in the chosen collab at the end of each week, and we will be featuring the winning piece throughout the following week! (If you would like to have your collaboration considered, special attention will be given to those using the tag #artisticcollaborations).

Remember to check back in for upcoming group #CollaborationProjects!

Talk-Fu #2

Our second podcast will be recorded on Sunday (03/26/2017)! Our guest for the evening will be none other than the matron known as Meg (aka @just-4-thought)!

As with our first broadcast, we are looking for people to promote during our video. If you wish to submit your art, photography, music, and/or Etsy webpage for us to promote on our next podcast, please send @talk-fu, @strikezilla01, or @madworlddiary a message.

Thanks for reading, listening, and the overall support!


Disney crossovers

Yes! Another collaboration with the beautiful @unisonraidd!


One of Trump’s top White House aides wears the same medal worn by Nazi collaborators

  • Sebastian Gorka, the deputy assistant to Trump has been wearing a medal associated with Hungarian Nazi collaborators.
  • On Sunday, LobeLog’s Eli Clifton noted several photographs from Trump’s inauguration showing Gorka wearing a medal. 
  • That medal, Clifton discovered, was originally issued by the Hungarian Order of Heroes, Vitézi Rend. 
  • The group was made up of elite supporters of the interwar regent of the Kingdom of Hungary, Miklós Horthy, who collaborated with Nazi Germany during World War II, according to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.
  • Gorka, who is of Hungarian descent, was a professor and Breitbart’s national security editor before joining Trump. A regular fixture on Fox News, he also has ties to the anti-Muslim right. (Talking Points Memo
  • He recently suggested (CNN) the Trump administration uses — and will continue to use — the term “fake news” to describe media outlets that are critical of the president. Read more (2/13/17 10:00 AM)


We’re back for our 3rd year in a row with the 100 Kagamine Collaboration! This collab has been brought to you by the combined efforts of the mods usarei, BAGU, Tigera, Phan, PD and the mod of fuckyeahkagamine-twins.

Thank you to all the 100 participants for making this project work! All the spots were completely filled in 2 weeks which was really unexpected, but made us very happy that the love for the Kagamines is still as strong as ever. All the artist credits can be viewed here in our shiny new page… make sure to check it out! Be sure to tag your individual artworks as ‘100 Kagamine Collaboration’ so we can reblog it from you!

Again, a very Happy Birthday to Rin & Len! Both of you will forever be our two yellow singing robot angels for years to come!

The 100 Kagamine Collaboration Team