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Easter Cuddles

Pairing: George x Reader
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A/N: Hoppy Easter! I really liked my Preference about Fred being a third wheel so I did this thing, hope you like it!
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It was the Easter two-week holidays, and your boyfriend’s family was generous enough to invite you to spend the holidays with them at The Burrow.

Molly had reluctantly allowed for you to sleep in the same room as the Twins, the two of them convincing her by pointing out that nothing was going to happen since Fred would be in the same room anyway. The only condition being that you slept on a separate mattress on the floor, which obviously didn’t happen, and Fred promised not to dob you in if you paid him in chocolate frogs.

It was early on Sunday morning. Easter wasn’t one of those special days like Christmas or birthdays where you’d be super excited to get up and do things, so you remained in the best place in the world: wrapped up in George’s arms. He had a single bed, so it was a tight fit, but what better way to have it really?

The two of you were fast asleep, you cuddled into him and his arms wrapped around you. Slowly, you felt the bed sink lower on your other side, and before you knew it there was another in the bed.

You opened your eyes in confusion, seeing that your boyfriend George appeared to still be asleep.

“Morning you two,” Fred says overly cheerfully, wrapping his arms around you and snuggling in, “Hoppy Easter,”

“Fred, what on Earth are you doing?” you ask, your voice still hoarse from having only just woken up,

“I was starting to feel lonely, the two of you always get to cuddle together so why not have Freddie join in?” he says, acting as if this was a totally normal thing to do, being your second big spoon.

Before you could say anything in response, George pushes forward into you, causing Fred to shriek and fall out the other end of the bed, half-dragging you with him (thankfully George still had his arms tightly around you).

George groaned before nuzzling his head into the crook of your neck, complaining about it being too early.

You laugh, but Fred was quick to jump right back into bed with the two of you. “Where’s your Easter spirit?” Fred asks with a tone of sarcastic annoyance, making sure to reach his arms all the way around the two of you, bringing you all painfully close together,

George let out a lengthy, whiny groan, “Oh my god, go away,” he moans like an annoyed child, causing you to laugh and only encouraging Fred.

“Come on, get your arses out of bed, you’re so boring,” Fred says, now lying directly on top of the two of you, making himself more and more annoying. This was one of Fred’s new favourite hobbies: voluntarily being the obnoxious third wheel. A small price to pay since the two boys have been inseparable since birth you figured.

After what seemed like too long, George had finally had enough, groaned very loudly, and threw the covers (and Fred) off of the bed, sitting up and rubbing his face in his hands in an attempt to wake up, “alright alright we’re getting up,”

“YES,” Fred proclaimed, jumping up off the floor, “MY BODY IS READY FOR THAT SWEET SWEET NECTAR OF HEAVEN THAT THEY CALL CHOCOLATE” he yelled, running out of the room.

You sat up with a laugh, rubbing the sleep from your eyes. Just before you could make your way out of bed, George rolls over on top of you, pushing you back down. You laugh as he pretends to snore, his muffled voice saying “he’ll be back in like five minutes, let’s sleep until then”.

Sure enough, almost exactly five minutes later you hear the door creek open. You look over George’s shoulder to see Fred’s face, etched with the most pure look of betrayal. He stared at the two of you for a few moments, before quietly whispering, “I’ll eat all of your chocolate too”.

As quick as anything, George leaped out of bed throwing the covers over you, “YOU WILL DO NO SUCH THING” he shouts running after his brother,




You wrapped your scarf around your neck as you stepped out onto the busy sidewalk of the city. It was getting closer to the holidays and with it came colder weather and bright lights all around. You didn’t mind the cold, you liked the feeling of being bundled up and it often made you in a rather cuddly mood. You smiled as you headed off towards the park so you could see the lights hanging from the trees and enjoy the view of the brightly lit Christmas tree from your favorite bench.

“Daddy look! It’s so pretty!” The sound of a little girl’s voice made you smile as she tugged on the sleeve of who you assumed was her father. The pair was standing in front of the bench you normally sat on, the little girl was bundled up in a pink coat and matching hat and her cheeks were a bit red due to the chill in the air.

“It’s a bit bigger than the one at home innit?” His voice was soft and sweet as you saw him look down at her as he grabbed her hand. You watched as he led her over to the far side of the bench you were about to take a seat on.

You swung your purse strap over your head as you took a seat, you placed the bag in your lap as you dug around for your chapstick. You felt eyes on you as you finally looked up with your chapstick in your hand. Your eyes went wide and you jumped a bit when you saw the little girl bundled in pink standing in front of you.

“Hello,” You watched her smile as you gave her a small wave. You looked around and when you saw her father on the phone at the end of the bench you turned your attention back towards to little girl who was still smiling at you.

“You like the tree?” You just nodded your head yes at her question and somehow her smile grew even wider. “Daddy says it’s his favorite Christmas tree, and he’s seen a bunch.” You just chuckled as she took a seat next to you on the bench. You saw her dad look over and raise an eyebrow as he watched his daughter scoot closer to you.

“Has he? Well i agree, this ones my favorite as well.” You shot her dad a small smile as he hung up the phone and stood up. He was soon standing in front of his daughter with a small smile on his face.

You couldn’t help but feel your cheeks heat up as his gaze landed on you. You had to admit he was extremely handsome with his green eyes and sharp jawline but it was his dimple that appeared when he smiled at his daughter that made your heart flutter a bit. He cleared his throat a little bringing you back to reality as he reached his hand out.

“Sorry if she’s bothering you, had ta take a call and she loves lookin at the tree.” You looked at his hand with a raised eyebrow. “I’m Harry.” You just smiled as you quickly shook his hand as the little girl next to you giggled.

“I’m Dorthy, Dorthy Anne Styles. What’s your name?” You laughed as Harry’s eyes went a bit wide and he let out a nervous chuckle while rubbing the back of his neck as you told her your name.

“Now let’s not bother her love, come on let’s go have a walk around the tree hmm?” You watched as Dorthy’s face dropped and she formed a small pout. “Come on what’s all this?” His voice was low as he crouched down in front of her, he placed his hands on her knees and gave them a little squeeze causing her to giggle.

“Can we ask if she wants to come with us? I like her hair.” You had to cover your mouth with your hand to hide your laughter as the little girl brought her hand up to her cheek as she attempted to whisper to her father. You saw Harry shake his head as he looked at you for a moment before leaning closer to his daughter.

“I s’pose we can ask.” He shot you a playful wink as Dorthy turned and looked at you with a hopeful smile on her face.

“Would you like to come walk around the tree with us? We can get hot chocolate!” As you looked at her you couldn’t find it in your heart to tell her no so you just smiled and shrugged at Harry who was now standing up and looking at you with what you thought was a hopeful gleam in his eyes.

“I do love hot chocolate.” Was all you said before Dorthy was squealing with excitement and grabbing her dad’s hand as he helped her off the bench. Harry gave you a smile that made his dimple appear and you swore you felt your heart skip a beat, it was a totally different experience having him smile like that towards you rather than seeing it appear due to someone else.

The three of you were off towards the brightly lit Christmas tree and you were enjoying the change from your normal routine which included you sitting on the bench reading a book while you enjoyed the lights and watched the families walk past.

“We know all the best spots for looking at the lights.” You felt a tiny hand grasp yours and when you looked down you couldn’t help but grin as you saw Dorthy’s hand.

“Sorry, she jus loves company. She hasn’t met anyone she doesn’t like.” Harry’s voice was soft and sweet as it hit your ears causing you to turn your head and see the apologetic look he was giving you.

“Ah so I’m not just special then?” You were only joking but by the look of slight panic that appeared on Harry’s face made you regret it. “I’m kidding Harry, it’s okay.” You watched as he relaxed a bit and you just laughed as Dorthy began leading the way.

“You like mellows in your hot chocolate?” You looked down and when you were met with Dorthy’s bright green eyes looking up at you all you could do was smile and nod your head causing her to let out an excited noise as she continued to lead the way.

The three of you were making your second lap around the giant lit up tree when you felt Dorthy let go of your hand and take off towards the hot chocolate stand. You heard Harry let out a little huff as he quickly followed her, You laughed as he managed to catch up to her and wrap his arms around her middle and pick her up causing her to squeal and giggle. He was holding her on his hip when you finally joined them in the back of the line.

“Running off without me? Ya trying to leave me here all alone in this big park?” Harry’s voice was full of fake sadness but Dorthy still pressed her hands to his cheeks and looked him in the eyes as she smiled softly at him.

“I’d never leave you daddy,” You felt your heart almost burst as she quickly kissed his nose. “Who would buy me hot chocolate with extra mellows if i left you?” You saw Harry playfully roll his eyes at his daughters quick remark.

“Been hanging out with your uncle Niall too much sweetheart.” Was all he said before he kissed her cheek and placed her back on the ground, he was sure to grab one of her hands before she ran off again.

“Next.” You saw an elderly woman give you and Harry a once over as she called Harry to the counter. She looked down at Dorthy and her face brightened as she grinned at the little girl. “You two have a lovely daughter, just absolutely adorable.” You felt your cheeks get hot and Harry was rubbing the back of his neck and looking around as if he was trying to act like he didn’t hear her.

“Two got chocolates please, one with extra marshmallows if you don’t mind.” Harry cleared his throat before giving his order and the lady behind the counter just smiled and nodded before going off to make the hot chocolates.

“Your wife must be upset she’s missing out on this awesome hot chocolate.” You saw Harry go stiff for a moment as he took the hot chocolate from the woman’s hands. You gave him a smile as he handed you a warm cup. He quickly paid before reaching down and handing the little girl that was standing between the two of you her cup of hot chocolate with extra marshmallows.

“My mommy doesn’t like hot chocolate. She’s at home, I see her tomorrow! My room there has a Barbie dream house! You want to see it? I have one at my daddy’s too but not in my room he made me put it in the play room.” You felt your eyes get a little wide as Dorthy quickly jumped in and answered your question as well as adding some extra information you were slightly relieved to hear. Harry was divorced, or that was what you were assuming based off Dorthy’s statement.

“Let’s not bore her with details my Little love,” you looked over and saw Harry giving you a small smile. Dorthy just shrugged as she took a sip of her warm drink as the three of you began walking around the park again. “Sorry bout that, she doesn’t hold back.” His voice was low as he leaned over Dorthy to try to whisper.

“It’s okay, so you made her move the Barbie dream house hmm?” You teased and Dorthy looked up at her dad as he laughed.

“Was a bit too distractin at bedtime wasn’t it lovey?” You saw him look at Dorthy with a knowing look and she just giggled and shrugged.
“Would make me read all tha barbies a bed time story.” He added causing you to laugh and Harry to shoot you a playful glare.

“Oh Harry, just read the whole lot of them one story and you’d be good to go.” You joked and Harry just shook his head as he pointed down to the little girl who was now licking around her mouth as she managed to get hot chocolate all over her face.

“She refused. Said it wasn’t polite fo me ta read em all the same book.” You couldn’t help but just laugh as you imaged Harry is a huff trying to read Barbie a bedtime story. “You come round for bedtime one night and you’ll see the whole ordeal I have to go through with this one.” You smiled at him as he stopped walking and bent down to begin cleaning up Dorthy who was now sticky from her hands all the way to her face.

“I’m not done yet!” Dorthy whined as Harry took the cup out of her hands so he could clean them. You reached out and took the now empty cup from his hands and went off to throw it away while he pulled out some baby wipes from his coat pocket. “Daddy, can we go home and watch a Christmas movie?” You smiled as Dorthy looked at Harry with big eyes and a grin as you returned to the two of them.

“S’pose we could do that my love.” He placed a kiss to her cheek before standing up and grabbing her hand again. He turned his head to look at you with a small smile. “Would you like to join us?” You felt your heart begin to beat faster as he reached his free hand out towards you to take.

“Oh yes please! You can see our tree!” Dorthy’s voice was full of excitement and you couldn’t deny the fact you enjoyed being around the two of them. You smiled as you took Harry’s hand and when he gave it a small squeeze you turned your head and smiled as he shot you a little wink.

“Not as big as this one tho,” he joked and you just rolled your eyes. “This is becoming my favorite park.” He added as he looked down at you briefly before turning his attention back towards where you three were heading.

You were very pleasantly surprised with how your normal evening took a turn and now you were holding hands with Harry as he led the way towards his home where you were going to watch Christmas movies with him and his daughter. You couldn’t believe how nice he was and how lovely he was towards his daughter, who you already adored. This was already turning into a holiday season you wouldn’t forget, full of fun times with Harry and Dorthy that included lots of hot chocolate and Christmas lights.

please imagine Spock appearing on drunk history and just slamming down squares of baking chocolate like they’re shots while he sobs about the history of Surak and occasionally goes into long strings of just numbers and equations.


“I don’t find talking in the accent a strain,“ he [David Suchet] insists. "Once I’m into the character, the accent is easy to maintain. I used to find that if I kept going in and out of the voice, it added up to an hour to my working day. But once I go home I switch it all off, or otherwise I’d go mad.”
He does, however, remember one incident from the early days of the series with a mixture of amusement and satisfaction.
“I often learn my lines in the car on the way to and from the studio,” he says. “Once I arrived home and said to my wife, ’‘ello, darling, 'ow are you?’ She replied, 'You’re speaking with a French accent.’ I said, 'No, I’m not – it’s Belgian.’ I realised then I was right in character.”
- Peter Haining, Agatha Christie’s Poirot: A Celebration of the Great Detective

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A love for chocolate

Remus awoke that morning to a hand brushing a lock of matted hair off his forehead. Madame Pomfrey was always so kind. He tried to open his eyes but they were too heavy. His tongue tasted strongly of copper and his head was throbbing. He contented himself instead with quiet murmur of thanks before sheer exhaustion took over.

Later that afternoon when Remus finally came to his senses fully, he sat up gingerly and rubbed the crust from his eyes. There on the bedside table, was a pile of chocolate frogs and a note:

You were asleep when I came. I know the next day is always the hardest. Eat. You’ll feel better.
- Sirius


Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 984

Warnings: extremely light smut, all the fluff like so much fluff it’s gross

Prompt: There’s so much to Sam. He’s always been more than a pretty face or a good lay. Y/N’s realized over the years how much there is to Sam.

Beta: @inmysparetime0 The best! 

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It’s no secret that Sam is a freak in the sheets, you had learned that pretty quickly, but something that took a bit longer to figure out was that there was more to Sam than just his good looks and bedroom eyes.

Sam had always been good with deep conversations. You could lay in bed with him for hours and talk about why people believe in soulmates and if the two of you were meant to be. You could talk about feeling lonely and sad and he’d sit there and listen intently and empathize with you because he had felt that before.

He’s also funny. Sam could crack a joke whenever he wanted to and some were stupid but others were actually really clever and had you giggling for minutes on end. You could remember sitting at the kitchen table with him, sipping chocolate milk through a straw when he decided to tell you one, and chocolate milk shot right out your nose which only made the both of you laugh harder. You fell in love with him that day.

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yall im pretty sad rn, any fluffy soulmate aus you can hook me up with?

reah !! i hope you feel better soon pls message me if you need as chat, love you <3 - Karri

soulmates tag 

You make my sky blue by binlar_lover (1/1 | 2,101 | General)

When Keith agreed to go out that night he didn’t expect to find his soulmate

Lifeline by spicygenou (1/1 | 1,751 | Not Rated)

Keith has always had an approximate idea of when his Soulmate and he would meet, the words revealing more than just their flirtatious personality. Likewise, Lance knew that his words would be something corny, based on how his Soulmate reacted. This is the story of how they finally met.

pineapple pizza || b.b

Relationship: AU!Bucky Barnes x f!Reader

Summary: Being forced into getting a personal trainer by your friend, you soon find yourself swooning for the man himself. 

Warnings: nothing except for cheesiness and corniness again!!!!

Word Count: 1.1k

A/N: I know nothing of Buck’s stance on pineapple pizza but I gave it a shot + excuse my horrible writing I haven’t written anything for over a year and I’m trying to get my mojo back because I miss it all!!! 

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“I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you,” you kept whisper-shouting to your best friend as you walked into the gym. 

“You’re just saying that,” she chuckled as you shot her a glare refusing to move any further into the gym.

“But I didn’t ask for a personal trainer,” you whined like a child reluctantly following her into the change rooms. 

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