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So, I adore first kiss drabble, and I'm trying my luck with first date! Or first cuddle together, choose what you'd like!

This is for the ultimate lovely @arrenemris and it is a continuation of her first 15 minute ask titled First Kiss. It’s a nice combination of your second ask and i do hope you enjoy it.




“I’ll be by around seven if that’s alright,” Klaus asked Caroline as he lingered by her door in the hallway of the university apartments.

Caroline smiled at him reaching for his collar of his shirt to pull him back, “Yeah,” she agreed as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

She blushed as he stoked her hair looking completely fascinated by her, “That should give me time to get the food from the delivery containers onto actual plates and pass them off as my own,” she said breezily.

Klaus dropped his temple to touch her own, “We don’t have to do this you know,” he offered as he pressed his arm into the door frame to keep from falling over.

Caroline shifted so her eyes unlocked with his, “What? Go on our official first date,” she asked sounding flustered by the prospect.

“Are you actually nervous,” Klaus laughed affectionately against her lips getting the taste of her lip gloss on his perfectly pink lips as he licked.

She bit her lip briefly catching a spark in his eyes in reaction as she asked him, “How are you not, what if,” she tried and failed to say as he rubbed her shoulders and neck.

“If what?” he reasoned knowing that he had never been more sure of anything as the way he felt about Caroline, “We’ve known each other our entire lives.”

“Exactly,” Caroline retorted with a step back, “What if,” Klaus pulls her back into him as he opens his mouth, “Shush, what if it’s not the same?”

Klaus smirks taking her question as a personal challenge, “It’s not going to be the same because now I get to kiss you,” he murmurs as he nibbles on her lips, “Touch you like this.” He whispers.

Caroline feels her body heat as she tries not to fall for his seductive words, “You’re trying to distract me,” she tells him as he peppers kisses along her neck, “And it’s totally working.”

Klaus grunts in amusement as she bites his earlobe to get his attention before he can seek lower places to kiss in a very public hallway, “So get out of here, because I have to study.”

Klaus straightens looking none too amused about having to stop, “Clearly it’s not working if you’re asking me to go,” he says though there’s a light amusement in his gaze when he finishes talking.

“We weren’t even supposed to kiss yet,” Caroline bemoans as she fixes his waistcoat and redoing the buttons her fingers had been eager in undoing all day.

Klaus had moved to leave before she spoke but stopped himself, “Are you really worried we won’t work out because I kissed you before I asked you to be my girlfriend?” in bewilderment.

“Whoa, girlfriend,” Caroline nearly chocked, “Is that- is that what we’re doing here?” she asked gesturing between them because she had hoped but hadn’t exactly asked.

Klaus steps back into her personal space leaving her no room to lie as he inquires, “Caroline, are you being purposely obtuse?” because he’s genuinely confused as to what they had been doing then since last week when he declared himself.

“No,” she promised, “I’m just, I’ve been trying to play it cool all week and not ask what’s actually going on here,” she said out loud trying not to freak him out about her thought process even though he claimed to know how her mind works.

“Is that why you’ve been diverting my attention from conversation,” he asked as he reached for her hand pulling her to press her lithe body against the side of the door frame, “Into make out sessions on your duvet?”

Caroline swatted him playfully, “Hey! I’ll admit my tactics are a little,” she struggled to find the word while wrapping her arms around his neck, “Unconventional. I just didn’t want to say the wrong thing and kissing is so much easier.”

Klaus gave her a look he was certain had her knees going weak considering he was holding her up, “Just kissing,” he breathed against her parted lips testing her resolve.

“We are not going to talk,” Caroline hissed frazzled as she felt his hands riding lower on her waist, “About the other stuff we did because we haven’t actually even gotten to that other hurdle.”

Klaus’ hands come to a pause just under her hips as he leans his upper body back to look at her directly, “Coming to bed with me would be a hurdle,” he teases.

“See,” she sighs discouraged, “This is why I kiss instead of talk,” she mutters as she tugs on his collar again finding she has a habit of reaching for it when he’s near.

“Caroline, I was just teasing,” Klaus assures her as presses a kiss to her cheek reaching for her hand and taking them in his own.

“I know but this is a lot,” she explains reminding him of the full picture, “You’re literally my best friend’s brother. I’ve known you since before you were hot.”

“You think I’m hot,” Klaus interrupted what he was sure was going to lead to Caroline thinking she had embarrassed herself only to have him fall in love with her harder so he saved her.

“You know I think you are,” she smiles and Klaus knows he’s succeed in shaking away most of her worries, “And you’re just doing that thing were you like to hear my thoughts.”

“I do and I am,” he grins agreeing with her as Caroline looks deeply into his eyes feeling safe, and dare she think it, loved by Klaus? “Kiss me goodbye,” he tells her.

Caroline smiles melting against him, holding his neck as she kisses him chastely not willing to risk the desire to drag him back inside, “Tonight at seven, don’t forget,” she reminds him.

“I can hardly wait,” Klaus murmurs watching her slip back inside of her apartment with bright cheeks and as grin that has his heart tightening in emotion.

It’s that moment Klaus knows he’s going to accidentally let it slip that he loves her sooner than would be appropriate and startle her. Still he has enough confidence in them, in her to know that she will be mollified when he proves it day by day. Just knows that Caroline will find a way to bring it up to his siblings and there will be no end to their tirades but he’ll endure them for the woman he loves.

Always and forever.

A Little Love: chapter one

So everyone, welcome to Chapter One! All chapters will be tagged #carolight a little love, so you can find them. Hope you all enjoy it. xxx

The church was cold and unwelcoming. Down the long nave the church, the pews were lined with people, a black sea of sorrow. Somewhere in the front stood Caroline, but he couldn’t see her just now. Ross looked at him solidly, eyes full of emotion, face devoid of it, and they picked up the coffin. Dwight could have carried it himself, but having Ross, as Sarah’s godfather, there, was a small comfort. 

The vicar stood waiting for them, the smile he wore so generic, so practised: children died everyday in this world. What was different about her? So much, thought Dwight, so much. They went in, moving slowly, softly. He couldn’t bear to look at Caroline just yet. He would be the strong, fatherly protector of his daughter until the end, and watching her tears would break him. They placed the coffin down in front of the altar, and there was a blessing. Demelza held Caroline’s head against her breast as they cried, sharing the understanding only those who had experienced that particular loss could: crying the tears of a mother for their child. Ross put a firm hand on Dwight’s shoulder- again, the same understanding. A welcome into a club nobody wanted to belong to.

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Consult the rose??

(Caroline: “Woah! Is that a rose? Those don’t grow for miles! Where did you get that?”)

(M?: “Oh… Err… Someone… gave it t'me.”)

(Caroline: “You gotta let me wear it! Pleeease?)

(M?: “Wha-? But…”)

(Caroline: “Just for a little while? I’ll give it back!”)

(M?: “Mmm… okay, but jist fer th'day, alright? Ah need it…”)

(Caroline: “What do you think? It matches my eyes, right?”)

Caroline: “…”