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☁️ phil + cotton candy skies ☁️


“Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, gods and mortals lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when Ares attacked.”


This is too funny, he’s always accused of smoking but in the end his ‘cigarettes’ turned out to be something sweet 😂, OMG please help me protect this sweet child!!!! His only drug are candies 😂😂😂

Very Important Notice!!

Alright, some of you have notice that @xxpastel-raccoonxx had used @lunaria-sucrette‘s edit without credit. But some of you aren’t looking into what really happened. She didn’t just out of the blue not credit to do anything bad, at all. She made an innocent mistake and she forgot to credit.

And, on Lunaria’s case, she forgave her and has already said not to send her anymore hate. And why am I posting about this?? Because some of you guys, or just the hateful anons, keep on sending her hate EVEN THOUGH she apologized. This is the toxic part of the fandom that I hate. Pastel just came here. And here everyone goes, INSTEAD of being RATIONAL people gang up on her?? She forgot. We all forget.

And she just came here. Before I even posted anything about the incident, I looked at her side first to get an understanding of the situation. Unlike SOME of you, you all just assume she did this on purpose and go on to message her some hate. Now, what upsets me most, is that she apologized and anons are still going at her. It’s sickening.

 But no, of course, people have to be toxic and be hateful over an innocent mistake. All I’m asking is that you leave her alone. On top of that, I hate the fact that she’s being driven out of the fandom over a mistake she already apologized for.

Come at me with your anon hate if you want, because, I have the ability to find your ass.

And I won’t think twice about it.

good-morning-tea  asked:

I think Ask 24 and 25 would be cute/interesting! ~

Shae was an angry child… She loved being naughty and took her Daddy as her idol - he was criminal so she wanted to be to.

Adul Shae finally grew up and got her life under controle. She works as a famous voice actor and enjoys being a bit of a prominent. When she goes out, she trys to cover more of her body than she did in her teen life and she cares more about her looks. No more messy hair in public :’( Also after the birth of her first child her boobs got bigger tho :D