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CCU Updates

So although I had a terrible call night, I am ALIVE. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

-36 hour call because my attending decided to round from 9AM-2:00PM when I was post call and AND pick a fight with the endocrine attending during rounds. 

-I am carrying most of the CCU service right now because I am a black cloud

-I also have a scary-sick patient who’s gonna get intubated I just know. But that said….

-My intern is ER, and he is SO GOOD and will intubate in a pinch. Killer ultrasound skills, procedure-savvy, smart, efficient, hardworking. Without him I would not have gotten through the night. My fellow residents are jealous ahahaha

-I got an email of support from the neuro ICU supervising attending who is going to support my quality improvement project in the ICUs. Success!! And my presentation to the MICU fellows was greeted with a lot of support!

-DZ’s rotating through the MICU and we have the same call schedule. So we see each other as we run around the ICUs and it’s good knowing I have someone I can depend on at night in case something goes south (and something always goes south in the CCU. It’s a rule, I swear).

-My sister is home for the holidays and I get to spend time with her and my dad will be here soon too! 


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idol: chen ( exo )

genre: fluff
a/n: hey guys! i just need to stress that thank you so much for 200 followers. anyway, a while ago, we received a request for a certain camel bb scenario. should i make this multi part? <: ? this is kind of rushed as well, so please excuse any mistake!! ; ; enjoy.
here are some songs to listen to <3

Your phone buzzed to life, the ringtone chirping as your new alarm clock. Who the hell would be calling at… 2:36 AM? Of course. Nobody else, except the infamous Jongdae. He should be glad that he was your best friend, or you would have murdered him by now. Curiously, you grabbed your phone and tapped the screen to answer it.

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Onion | Che-che

On Call 36 Fanmade MV [Incomplete]

續集 - 容祖兒


何時開始 多多一次看你我如何演
多多一部續集用來如願 命運或能完全改變
然而現況 是各自各一邊
但願有天 會真的跟你結識暗戀熱戀多一遍
期盼來到這天 遺憾橋段可變
時間場地改變 唯獨人物不變