on both ends

Dragon Cry had the wonderful parallel of Natsu asking Lucy what he looks like to her with Lucy answering that he looks like the Natsu she knows and loves. I realized there was a wonderful nalu parallel in the first Fairy Tail movie as well. 

(Another translation of this is  “We’re here for you”) Natsu comforted Lucy in the beginning of the Phoenix Priestess movie when she was feeling guilty when they got no reward from their job.

He uses the same phrase during the end of the movie to comfort Lucy once again when she was mourning over Eclair’s death. 

Also, they ended up in each other’s arms at the end of both movies. ;) 

Coincidence? I think not!


Save the vampire from his sunshine friends, he’s gonna d i e


Everyone’s congratulating PBG for his upset outburst towards Jontron, but nobody’s congratulating him for apologizing for it after and showing political disagreements shouldn’t be what destroys friendships.
I have a lot more respect for him because of this and he deserves more credit for it imo.

collab with @gorovaia for mermay, she did the sketch and i painted it

ok so i was at college today, and as i walked into my class there were 2 boys, wearing red and blue sweaters arguing over something i didn’t quite get. so i was like. ok i gotta stop this nonsense bc im a good person. so i went towards them and as i was walking i heard the blue one yell “YOU BETTER FUCKING ACCEPT THAT YOURS IS NICE YOU MOTHERFUCKER” and the red one yelled back “NO, YOURS IS NICER YOU SON OF A BITCH” and i was like ok i do not want to interfere w these dudes but i don’t want them to be too loud and i was like “hey guys what’s going on” and the red one looked at me pointing at the blue one and was like “HE WONT FUCKING ADMIT THAT HIS SWEATER HAS A NICER SMELL THAN MINE” and i stg wtf…….. and i realised they were both exchanging sweaters and they both think each other’s sweater had a nice smell and if that’s not keith and lance then idk what is.

Yuri, age 16, looking up at the sky: um, almost everyone is taller than me wtf when will I grow some more???

Yuri, age 18, the 456th time he hits his head against something that should be out of human reach: I TAKE IT BACK I’M SORRY


I could see all the stuff that was special to me. All the stuff that matters. I love you, Shelly. And I wanna spend my time with that. I mean, you know, if that’s okay with you.


Sidlink and Volink are my current most requested ships to make art of, so why not have them swap Links for fun?