on bench


3/28/2017 2.02 miles
YTD: 319.70 miles
452 days in a row

I put off my lunch (AKA going to the gym) for various reasons until super late in the workday so I didn’t take the time to stretch in the hot tub. Split these at .2m slow .3m fast at 6mph and 7.6mph. I think last Tuesday I did 7.5? I’ll probably keep creeping this up. Because why not?

Wore my new Inov-8 shoes. Had an issue with one of the shoelace eyelets digging into the top of my foot. I think the fabric of the upper is just a little too stiff in that spot, so maybe I can loosen it up with a shoe stretcher or something?

Finally lifted. Combined my Sunday workout with my Tuesday workout. Will possibly regret that, as well as taking a week off. Oh well.

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So Em was showing me how tiny Mitsa was compare to Sauron, and then I found a thing that let me compare everyones heights.

SO in order from smolest to tolest

Uinen(mortal height is 6′5. She literally needs a latter to yell at Ossë)




Ossë(10′0″ although according to his page he can be as tall as 11)