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Tarot tuesday! I forgot to post this yesterday so here it is. Today’s card is the Six of Wands.

This card, somewhat like the four, depicts a moment of triumph or success. Where that card had the mood of quiet contemplation, however, the six represents a full-on splendorous moment of self-love and adulation from others. The querant is up on the pedestal and basking in the praise of their adoring fans, taking a gratuitous (though well-earned) moment of joy in their own achievements.

It’s important to allow ourselves these moments. Self-love feels like a hard thing to master in a way that doesn’t irritate or put off other people, but sometimes ignoring the reactions of others (or acting in spite of them) is important too. This card makes me think of Pride (the LGBTQ movement, not the cardinal sin), and how the derision of straight people (”I’m fine with the gays, but why do they have to be so loud about it??” etc etc) in some ways necessitates it all the more as a celebration. Same often goes for any self-love exhibited by people in marginalised communities - Blackout Days, f’rinstance, or even just “selfie culture” in general. 

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I miss you"

“I miss you too”

“I know you miss me but that doesn’t mean you love me right?”

“No I guess not but just know I still care about you”

“Stop! You can’t tell me you miss me and and…and you care about me but then tell me you don’t love me. That isn’t something I can just be OKAY with.”

“I guess I don’t know how to love.

—  Tenari Ioapo // excerpt from a book I may write. .
Promoting Reylo artists

Have you ever noticed the disparity between notes on Reylo arts and arts of other ships? It’s quite high. I have been noticing that since the beginning. We have been shunned, humiliated, cursed by the Fandom in general and other ships. Reylo artists and other content makers are asked/told/confronted/bullied/threatened not to tag their contents in the main tag (star wars). But hey we are creating SW contents so why wouldn’t we tag them as such??

It might be the whole Fandom in general or just a loud minority(ant reylos) not letting our content reach a wider audience or general fans, hence we don’t get exposure. General audience don’t go into specific tags they search SW. But other ships do, they are allowed to tag theirs as sw, because they are not “problematic”. Anyhow that’s not the point of this post today.

I have been asked to remove my tag or delete my reblog by artists of another ship, as have few of my friends. To a point now I check if this Kylo/Rey art is by a reylo artist or not before reblogging. They don’t want to see their art on a dirty reylo blog, I guess.

So, what I’m trying I say here is, as we literally have no one on our side, as no other ship likes to reblog our arts or contents, (whereas we always reblog theirs, and try to support their work), let’s help our own.

There are so many new reylo artist and content makers coming out these days, I see new people joining our little ship everyday and contributing their beautiful contents. Trust me, it’s not it’s not easy to share your contents, these artist are making themselves vulnerable, I’m speaking from my own experience and I know you guys would agree with me on this much.

So let’s reblog them, if they show up on your dash again rereblog them, leave the artist a note of encouragement, share them with your friends, more importantly tag them as SW. Because we are a part of SW. Let’s not let these bullies tell us otherwise.

Let us all support our artists. Because we literally have no one else to support them.