on another note i had tons of fun today thank god ;;

"Oh my God. You're in love with her."

Harry was sitting at his desk working. Not stealing glances at Draco every chance he could get. They had just closed a case and were filling out the paperwork. Harry finished his report and looked up. Draco was staring off into space, a small smile on his face.

“What are you so happy about?” Harry asked. Draco flushed.

Before he could answer, there was a knock on the door of their shared office space.

“Come in,” Harry called. He made a mental note to pester Draco later about his smiling and whatnot.

A woman with black hair and fancy clothes stepped in. She didn’t even glance at Harry, but instead went straight to Draco’s desk. Draco stood and greeted her with a smile. He gave the woman a hug and a delicate kiss on her cheek. Harry looked away.

“Astoria,” Draco said. “What are you doing here?”

“I was out and about in the Ministry and I thought I should come see you. Is now a good time?” She asked, glancing around at the paperwork on Draco’s desk.

Harry wanted to tell her that it was most certainly not a good time. They were very busy, thank you very much, but Draco spoke before he could.

“I’m almost done. Let me just finish this up and we can go get dinner?” Draco asked.

“That’d be lovely,” Astoria said. Draco looked over the report once more, wrote a few things down, then set his quill down.

“Harry, you wouldn’t mind sending this off for me, will you?” Draco asked.

Harry grit his teeth and without looking up said, “Sure.”

Soon, Harry heard the door open and close. He was alone. He stood to grab his and Draco’s reports. As he approached Draco’s desk, a base exploded behind him. Deep breaths, he told himself. Accidental magic hadn’t been a problem for him for a long while. But, he supposed there was a lot of firsts today.

Didn’t Draco say there wasn’t anyone special in his life? He always refused to meet anyone his mother wanted to set him up with. His family was desperate for an heir. Draco always refused, however.

Who was that girl?

A few months later…

“Harry! It was reckless. You could’ve gotten yourself killed!” Draco practically yelled. His face was red and he was running his hand through his hair. He only did that when he was extremely agitated.

“I’m fine. Look at me: not even a scratch,” Harry argued.

“You’re ridiculous. That’s it. I’m filing for another partner. I cannot do this anymore,” Draco said. He turned to his desk, but Harry grabbed his arm.

“Oh c'mon you don’t mean that. You love me as your auror partner. The risk makes it more fun,” Harry joked.

Draco huffed, “It’s not funny. One of these days, you’re going to get yourself killed and then I’ll be left to deal with the backlash and paperwork.” Harry nudged him on the shoulder.

“Okay, okay. I promise I won’t put myself in unnecessary danger anymore. It wasn’t my intention to upset you. I’m sorry,” Harry apologized. Draco was still facing away from
him, but Harry could tell he was slightly more at ease.

“Fine,” Draco said curtly. “I’m still writing in my report that you were impetuous. Don’t come crying to me when Kingsley gives you a talking down to.” He turned to sit as his desk.

Harry smiled and said, “I wouldn’t expect anything less.” Harry copied him and made it to his own desk. He began the paperwork, but was interrupted by Draco.

“I was wondering if I could ask your advice on something,” Draco said.

“Sure,” Harry said, looking up expectedly.

“Well, Astoria’s birthday is coming up, in September,” Draco said and Harry tried not to wince, he really did. “But I don’t know what to buy her. I found this bracelet, but I don’t know if it’s too much. Maybe I should look for rings.”

Harry completely froze at the word ‘rings.’ This could not be happening. Draco stood and walked to the front of Harry’s desk.

He ignored his feelings and said, “In September? It’s July right now!”

“Its august tomorrow. I only ask you because I’ve never gotten gifts for… lady friends. I figured you would know with Granger and the Weaslette,” Draco said.

“Well, that’s hardly the same,” Harry said. They weren’t dating him. Sure, Ginny and him had dating once upon a time, but he never bought her a gift during that time. Buying for your friends was different than buying for your partners.

“Isn’t it?” Draco asked confusedly.

Harry ignored him and asked, “What does the bracelet look like?” Draco brought up his wand, and a picture floated in front of Harry. It was gorgeous. There were more diamonds than Harry could count and they were all aligned in a beautiful design to form what looked to be swans.

“Swans are her favorite animal. Is this too much?” Draco asked self-consciously. All Harry could feel was dreadful. It felt like their was a fifty ton weight in his stomach.

“Oh my God. You’re in love with her,” Harry muttered. Before, Draco could answer, Harry gathered up his stuff. He couldn’t look at Draco right now, he just couldn’t.

“Harry,” Draco said. But Harry couldn’t. He needed to get out of there now. “Harry wait,” Draco said as Harry made his way to the door.

“I forgot I have… plans. I need to go,” Harry’s aid hurriedly and he walked out, leaving Draco behind. He didn’t see Draco’s confused expression, or the patronus message he sent to Hermione.

As he was traveling down the elevator, it stopped on the Magical Creature Department floor. Hermione saw him and immediately pulled him out.

“Hermione! What are you doing?” Harry asked incredulously. He just wanted to go home and drink himself to sleep. Why couldn’t people let him do that?

“Harry, I need your help with something,” Hermione said she was dragging him through the room filled with cubicles and people.

“Can’t it wait until tomorrow 'Mione? I want to go home,” Harry said.

“There’s an office that keeps raining. But it’s not water it’s raining, it’s mud,” Hermione said. She stopped at a closed door. It was an unoccupied office, but Harry didn’t need to know. He also didn’t need to know that Hermione was the one to spell it to rain mud.

Harry sighed and opened the door. Sure enough, the office was filled with mud and it was only getting worse.

“I would think you’d know how to fix this, Hermione,” Harry said. He raised his wand and cast, “Finite incantatem,” not really expecting it to work.

The office immediately stopped raining and Harry raised an eyebrow at Hermione.

“Oh, I didn’t think to use that spell. How silly of me,” Hermione said, a blush covering her face.

Harry stepped around her and said, “Alright Hermione, I need to get home now.”

Hermione waved him off. Again, as Harry had his back to her, he didn’t see a message patronus, this time delivering itself to Ron. He got back into the elevator and made his way all the way to the atrium, where the floo was. As he stepped out, Ron stepped up to him.

“Ron? What are you doing here?” Harry asked quizzically.

“Just wanted to surprise Hermione,” Ron said, holding up a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

“Oh,” Harry replied.

“But while I got you here, I was wondering if I could get your advice on something,” Ron said. Harry remembered being asked the same thing by Draco and he wanted to go home now more than ever.

But he stayed and asked, “What’s up?”

“Er, well Hermione and I had a little argument over… the dishes. Yeah, the dishes. She said that she wants to hand wash them the muggles way, but I said spelling them clean is faster and better. It turned into a big fight. What should I do?” Ron asked.

“Well, the flowers are a good start. I would say to er, hand wash the dishes with her. It’s easy and you can get through dishes fast,” Harry said. Ron nodded.

“I’ll see you,” Harry said. He began to walk away but Ron grabbed his arm.

“Wait!” Ron exclaimed.

“What?” Harry asks, bewildered.

“How do you hand wash dishes? I’ve no idea,” Ron said and Harry sighed.

“I’m sure Hermione will show you. I need to go now Ron,” Harry pleaded. Why did everyone and their mother need to speak with him today?

Ron let him go grudgingly and Harry stepped away. When he made it to the fireplaces, he jumped in and said his address. The familiar tugging sensation overtook him, but before he made it home, he was thrown back into the Ministry. He tried it again twice with the same results. He switched to a different fireplace, but it still didn’t work.

Great, he thought, now the floo isn’t working.

Ten minutes later, he was out of the Ministry and above ground. Once he found a deserted alleyway, he apparated to his apartment. A sigh of relief escaped his mouth as he walked up to steps to his door. He used his wand to unlock the door and bring down his wards.

When he opened the door and turned on the light, yells of “Surprise!” rang through the house. He looked around and saw all of his friends: Hermione, Ron, Luna, Ginny, Blaise, Neville, Seamus, Dean, everyone. At the front was the one and only Draco.

“Happy birthday Harry!” Hermione said.

“You guys didn’t really argue about dishes, did you?” Harry asked. Ron snorted and shook his head. Hermione stepped up to him and gave him a hug. He returned it.

“Thanks you 'Mione,” Harry said.

She shook her head and said, “Oh, don’t thank me. It was all Draco’s idea.” Harry released to look up at the man in question. Draco was biting his lip and looking unsure of himself.

“Thanks,” Harry said and Draco nodded. And the party began.

It was nice for Harry to talk to his friends and drink some beer. He had wanted something stronger, but he supposed he would have to wait. As the night passed on he tried to not follow Draco with his gaze everywhere, but old habits died hard. Draco was seemingly trying to keep to himself. Harry knew it must have been hard for him to contact everyone to invite them. Not everyone has made the best amends with him despite how much he had changed.

Everyone started to file out sometime after midnight. Most of them did have work tomorrow, after all. Harry closed the door behind Seamus and Dean, but didn’t turn around. He knew who was standing behind him. He wasn’t ready to face him even after all of this. Draco put a lot of effort into the party and Harry was grateful. But his heart was also shattered into a million pieces.

“Do you like the party?” Draco asked. Harry nodded and finally turned around.

“It was great. Thank you… Draco,” Harry said and Draco beamed.

Harry feigned a yawn and said, “But it was very tiring. Need rest for work tomorrow, you know.” He hoped Draco would take the hint.
Instead he said something completely unexpected.

“I believe you misunderstand my and Astoria’s relationship,” he said.

Harry’s eyebrows raised, “Oh?”

“We’re friends. Just friends. She helped me with something, that’s all. There’s nothing more between us,” Draco explained. Harry tired to squash the hope growing in his chest. He knew it couldn’t amount to anything.

“Why are you telling me this? Your love life has nothing to do with me,” Harry said.

Draco looked down at his feet and said, “Maybe it does.”

“What?” Harry asked.

“I didn’t give you your birthday present yet,” Draco said. He pulled a black box from his coat and stepped up to Harry. Hesitant hands took the box and opened it. Inside it was a beautiful watch. Lifting it, Harry looked at the back, where there was an engraving.

It said, “Just in case you lose yourself in time xxx”

“It’s marvelous,” Harry said.

“Yeah it is,” Draco said. Harry looked up to see Draco watching him. He was so close. His eyes flicked down to Draco’s lips and back to his eyes. Harry thought he could lose himself in those eyes forever. Draco leaned in until there was only a centimeter of space between them. He looked down at Harry’s lips and Harry lost it. He leaned in the rest of the way and their lips met. It was everything he ever hoped it would be. Draco’s lips were soft against his own. When their tongues met, Harry almost collapsed with pleasure.

After a few moments of this, Draco broke the kiss to murmur, “Happy birthday, Harry.” Then their lips joined again.

It was the best gift Harry had ever gotten.

Older Brother Mark

Requests: Heyyoo!! Can you do an older brother! Mark sometime :3

i dont feel bad lmao how about twin mark or twin chenle or twin renjun or twin jaemin - shinyeol-ie

  • guess who’s back with writing again after a month’s/or less of hiatus!!
  • okay not officially back yet but
  • i’ll be slowly getting back! so the ‘hiatus from writing’ will still be there in my bio/askbox but feel free to request still,, i’ll remove it once i post regularly again!
  • i wanted to write today because so many things have been on my mind lately and im a mess so i had to let it all go so im here writing!
  • so why not start it off with the person i love most in the world, margarie!!!
  • with an older brother! au
  • i did one with jeno & jaemin
  • enough of my nonsense, let’s start

  • how do we describe him

  • he can be the sweetest, most caring & most protective brother one could ever ask for
  • but at moments you feel like punching yourself because he’s like clueless 24/7 and he asks for you help with everything
  • back then when both of yall were 12, your parents had to leave the country for a business trip for a few days
  • and for some reason they trusted the both of you to stay at home and not cause any trouble
  • “mark, take good care of your sister we’ll be back soon”
  • “yes of course, dont worry!!”
  • two hours after they leave, he disappears into the kitchen for fifteen minutes
  • you hear a slight shout from him
  • then you see him going into your room with an embarrassed smile and giggle
  • “uhh, i may or may not have burnt our noodles-”
  • “god mark they’re INSTANT noodles, who in the world burns their instant noodles-”
  • “you cant blame me, i tried-”
  • “yeah sure, let’s just call in”
  • but he’s always there to help you out in school?
  • would lend you his notes even if you didnt ask
  • and would also specially find you at your classroom so he could pass you the lunch he packed for you
  • “mom asked me to give you this”
  • “mom? her sandwiches arent that-”
  • “shush fine it’s from me, tell mom i’ll be coming back late today, hanging out with the boys”
  • and like always, mr absolutely capable has tons of people around that admire him
  • your friends fangirl to you and often tell you how lucky you are he’s your brother
  • and they would always find ways to talk to him
  • or make you introduce him to them
  • your guy friends would try to hit you up so they could make friends with him
  • and you’re so used to it you dont even bother doing anything anymore
  • “he’s busy, he’s always busy, dont ask me”
  • would probably barge into your room in the middle of the night
  • to ask you for ideas for lyrics
  • or to tell you random and weird facts that he probably read online
  • or even just suggesting to watch a movie together because he was bored
  • never gets pissed & mad at you
  • in your whole life, probably only once or twice??
  • because he’s an angel
  • and they were over matters where he was concerned for you, so you couldn’t blame him for getting mad
  • like that one time he found out you skipped school just because you werent feeling your best and he got all worried after he heard from his classmate
  • he left school early just to find you
  • and thank goodness he found you at your favourite park just staring blankly
  • then he shouted at you for not telling him and making him worry, saying how he’s upset and scared that you had gotten in trouble
  • but as soon as he saw you cry
  • he’d soften and apologise for shouting
  • and become the sweetest brother ever!! he’d let you cry on his shoulders and listen to your problems
  • he even offered to treat you to your favourite ice cream?? aw
  • always complaining about the boys to you
  • mainly the dreamies
  • especially hyuck & chenle
  • on how they always tease him and make fun of him
  • and when you finally met them, you joined their squad™
  • hyuck & you would always plan pranks together and enjoy laughing at mark’s reactions
  • while the other members take care of you
  • “MARGARIE’S SISTER AYE” -jaehyoons
  • “Y/N ah, did you eat well today? do you want to stay for dinner?” -taeyong mom
  • “omg Y/N’s as cute as our mark!!” -mark’s number 1 fan, doyoung
  • very overprotective
  • like that one day he found out you were dating jaemin
  • (you couldn’t help it this boy was making your heart pump so quickly as if it was popping out of your chest)
  • “HYUNG CALM DOWN, we’ve been dating for 2 months already-”
  • “TWO? TWO??? oh my god i cant believe this, i feel so… betrayed”
  • “mark you’re overreacting”
  • “as if you’re against jaemin” “or are you omg”
  • “YOU COULD’VE PICKED JENO OR RENJUN BUT- jaemin? Y/N i dont know what to say”
  • “hyung am i that bad”
  • “no you’re not, it’s okay this is too much for me, i’ll talk to you all tomorrow”
  • 2 hours later you receive a text from him
  • “got to be honest here,, i fully support you and jaemin, this kid will take good care of you. i trust that and i trust him. i’m happy for you all”
  • and you get another text from jaemin
  • “babe!! hyung just came into my room and gave me a long talk, on all the things you like, your habits and all wow. he looks really happy about this matter though-much different to his reaction just now, is this a good sign?”
  • eventually he often brings you two out for lunch
  • and is always interested to hear stories or interesting things that happen between you two
  • aside from all that
  • he’s really supportive!
  • everything you do he’d give you positive feedback and give you encouraging words if you need it
  • because after all you both are siblings/twins, you have the same personality and he understands how you feel deeply so he tries his best to motivate you while he can
  • makes really bad jokes all the time
  • but you still laugh because hey, at least he’s trying
  • and he gets all giggly and confident after that
  • hypes you up A LOT
  • which is why hyuck always teases him about
  • “hyung you never do that to me”
  • “you’re not my sister”
  • “oh”
  • “kidding dont be mad”
  • “sorry cant talk right now”
  • all in all
  • he’s always bringing you happiness
  • and he’s also there to be your pillar of support
  • dotes on you a lot!!
  • even though you cant see it because he doesnt express himself well
  • but you know he cares and loves you
  • so you love and cherish him as a brother too!!
Eremika Week | Day 2 | New Family/Wedding

Title: Happiness and Its Missing Letters

Pairing: Eren/Mikasa

Syn: A series of notes, texts, and words passed between an awful speller and a lonely girl.

Once upon a time, in Crayola markers on brown construction paper:

Deer Mikasa

i luv you and you are pretty and nice 2 me and i like holdign youre hand, pleeze mary me.

luv Eren

Dear Eren,

You need to fix your spelling. I love you too. Love, Mikasa.

Duz this meen you wont mary me

luv Eren

I will think about it. Love, Mikasa.

Once upon a time, in very sharp pencil on a doodled page:

Hey Mikasa,

what is the ansor to number 4?

Eren, this is an english assignment.

but I do not know the ansor.

You’re supposed to make it up yourself, dummy.

what?! than how does the teacher know what is rite?

I wouldn’t be concerned about content so much as spelling and grammar, if I were you.

your so mean.

Learn to spell.

Once upon a time, in dull pencil on a scrap of notebook paper:

Mikasa, have you been ok?


I’m fine. Thanks, though.

No, something’s wrong. What is it?

Nothing’s wrong. What makes you think so?

I mean, you just look…sad. A lot. Anything I can help with?

I’m fine, Eren. Thank you.

Okay. Sorry for intarrupting you.

….It’s fine. You should focus on your work.

Once upon a time, on the blinding screen of a laptop:

Eren: Hey.

Eren: Whats up?

seen by Mikasa.

Once upon a time, in the small space of a cell phone screen:

Eren: You doing alright? I feel like we never talk anymore.

seen by Mikasa.

Once upon a time, somewhere on his own screen:

Eren: where are you right now? your cousin just called me and he’s worried sick.

Eren: Mikasa?

Eren: look I get that we’re not really friends anymore, but this is serious. if your reading this, please answer me. your cousin is freaking out, and honestly I am too.

Eren: Mikasa, I am so serious. your cousins about to call the cops.

Eren: oh my god.

Once upon a time, on her own screen:

seen by Mikasa.

Once upon a time, through the open window:


“…..what are you doing here?”

“Making sure you didn’t get yourself killed, you dumbass.”

“Stop prying into my life.”

“I’ll stop when I know you’re happy.”

“Funny thing: no one’s ever happy. So give it up.”

“I was happy. Once.”

“What, when we were little? We didn’t know anything, Eren.”

“I knew I was happy.”

“Go home.”

“I was happy because I had you.”

“…….that’s bullshit.”

“No, it’s not. It’s true.”

“I’m too tired for this. Take your grade school fantasies somewhere else, Eren.”

“You can’t keep pretending like we weren’t friends.”

“I’m not. We were, and it was great. But now, we’re not. So good-bye.”

“….Fine. Good-bye.”

Later, on her screen:

Eren: Just don’t do anything else stupid.

Mikasa: I didn’t plan to.

seen by Eren.

Later, on his screen:

Mikasa: …can we talk?

seen by Eren.

Call started.

And through the phone:

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize.”

“I’ve been….awful. To you, especially.”

“I don’t care about that. I just want to know what happened, Mikasa. I want to help you.”

“And I’ve been stupid, to push you away.”

“You weren’t being stupid-”

“Because you’re the only person who’s cared enough to ask me anything.”

“….is it about your parents?”

“It’s a long story.”

“I’ve got all the time in the world. Lay it on me.”


And on the screen of a laptop:

Mikasa: Hey.

Eren: whats up?

Mikasa: Thank you for listening, last night.

Eren: of course. I’m always here, Miks.

Mikasa: Do you want to maybe do something later today?

Eren: yeah, I’m free. Id love to cach up.


Eren: ……thats not right, is it?

Mikasa: ….some things never change, I guess.

And in blue ink, on a cheap napkin:

Sorry, had to pee. Same time next week? Check yes or no.


And in black ink, on another napkin:

I paid the check this time. You can’t do everything for me, dummy. Same time next week, as always.


And in red ink, on a sticky note on her car window:

Flip me over for a fun fact.

And on the other side:

I love you.


And, written in black marker on a crisp, white index card, it read,

Mary me?

Luv, Mikasa.

And, through tears, he said,

“Yes. Oh my god, yes.”

Once upon a time, before the tree they raced around as children:

“Dear, Mikasa,

I love you. You’re beautiful, all around, glowing like a goddamn angel 24/7, even when the world tries to throw you under. You’re everything good, everything worth living for in this world, and I have never known what I was supposed to do without you. You are– pretty. And nice, and I like holding your hand. I promise to make you as happy as you’ve always made me. God as my witness. Love, Eren.”

“Dear Eren,

Thank you for showing me so much. Thank you for always being there, even when I pushed you away. Thank you for giving me a home, a heart, and something- someone- to live for. I promise to be for you what you’ve been for me, to help you find the happiness you’ve brought me, and most importantly, I promise to fucking teach you to spell. God as my witness. Love, Mikasa.”

And, more or less, the two lived ‘hapily’ ever after. As best as they could.


Birthday Girl

Fem!Reader x Josh Dun | masterlist

AU: Josh plans a birthday surprise for you.

Warnings: None

A/N: This was a request from @through-the-sounds-of-life, I hope I wasn’t too late writing this for your birthday! I’m sorry, it’s been a hectic couple of weeks. Hope you guys enjoy! (Y/F/M = Your Favorite Movie) 

You woke up to an empty bed. You frantically felt for Josh, wondering where he had to be so early. You sat up, rubbed your eyes, and noticed a note on his pillow.

Good morning, birthday girl. I have a long day planned for you. So get up, get ready, and head to your car.

You smiled at his thoughtfulness and did as he said. As you were getting ready, you realized no one had ever planned something like this for your birthday. You were so excited.

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This is a date? (Requested)

Pairing: Peter x Reader
Featuring: Scott, Ororo, Kurt, Wanda, Peter’s mom
Request: I love your your writing! I was wondering if you could do a Peter maximoff x reader where they meet each other at a pokestop and start talking about all the different Pokemon Peter caught cause he’s basically traveled all over with his super speed and helps the reader catch Pokémon.
Word Count: 1823 words
Warning: Fluff, Peter being a dork. (yes that’s a warning)
A/N: I feel like this is obvious, but this is a modern!AU, also I know nothing about Pokémon so when I talk about something’s it’s pretty vague (I’m sorry)

Originally posted by quicksilversmom

((gif not mine, credit to owner)) Side note: look at this dork in his stupid hat.

                You swore under your breath, feet moving against the pavement as the sun relentlessly beat down on you. Your phone was stuffed in your pockets as you muttered harsh things, while trying to figure out where the hell you were. You noticed the street signs becoming familiar, and soon you were in the old part of town. You knew from here it would take at least two hours to walk home, or a bus ride where you would have to change busses four times, then still walk for twenty minutes. Since, you were heading in the direction of the park, you decided to go there. At least if your still there later, maybe your friend could come pick you up later.

Well maybe friend, was a bad term to use. Maybe the asshole who ditched you to hang out with her boyfriend would be better.

                You were heading to this park, which supposedly has a lot of rare Pokémon. And you friend, had offered to drive you since it was far and plus she needed to practice her driving skills. It was a well thought out plan, and going well, until she stopped for gas and you went to use the bathroom, then came out to find her gone, and with a text that read,

My bfs in town and he wants to hang out srry

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anonymous asked: High School AU!!

Summary: Lucy is a journalist for the school paper and is soon faced with her most difficult task yet… the sports column. [Nalu]

A/N: just a quick little something fun because i was getting so many requests for one! Hope you guys like it<3

“This is ridiculous!” Lucy leaned back in her chair, staring distraughtly at the ugly-patterned ceiling of the classroom. In front of her was a new, empty document with a flashing line that mocked her with every passing second. “I don’t know the first thing about basketball!”

Levy, the editor of the school newspaper, barely looked the blonde’s way when she started whining. “Mhm,” she hummed distractedly, not looking up from her computer screen.

“I mean it, Levy.” Lucy pouted, not embarrassed in the slightest of her whiny tone considering it was just the two of them in the room. Everyone else had already packed their things and left for the day- a privilege that the two girls were not often granted, seeing as how there was always something to be done. “I don’t know the first thing about writing a sports column.”

Levy sighed, finally sliding her glasses up to act as a headband as she turned to her friend. “I’m sorry, Lucy. I know sports really aren’t your forte, but we’ve waited too long to find another solution. The deadline for all articles is tomorrow, and you’re the only one free to attend the basketball game tonight.” She offered the blonde a sympathetic smile, pointing to a stack of boxes along the far wall. “You can use past issues of the school paper as reference, but I’m afraid that’s about as much help as I can offer.”

The blonde huffed, crossing her arms. “Don’t blame me if the article sucks.”

The shorter girl grinned, swiveling her chair back around to face her desktop. “Please, as if anything you write ever sucks.”

Lucy only rolled her eyes at the compliment, brushing it off as she tapped her mechanical pencil against her thigh in thought; meanwhile, her friend’s lips were pulling back to form a mischievous smile as she looked at the reflection of her friend on her dimmed screen.

“Besides,” Levy smirked as she leaned her cheek in her palm. “I heard Loke might give an interview after the game.” She wiggled her brows suggestively, much to the blonde’s chagrin.

Lucy scoffed, knowing what kind of reaction the petite girl was looking for, and she wasn’t planning on giving her the satisfaction. “Whatever, you know it isn’t like that. He’s the biggest flirt around and I’m not falling for it.”

“His serious flirtation would make for a great romance column.”

The blonde’s eyes narrowed. “I’ll give Mira the memo.”

“He’s also your new lab partner, last I heard.” Levy began to laugh at the flustered expression blooming across her friend’s face.

“Dammit, I told Erza not to tell you!”

“I’m a journalist, Luce.” The girl winked, nodding her head so that her glasses fell to return to their rightful spot on the bridge of her nose. “Good luck ever hiding anything from me.”

Lucy let out a long sigh, pressing her palms to the holes in her jeans before standing. “I think I’m gonna head on down to the gym,” she said, collecting the various things she would need tonight from her desk and stuffing them into her backpack.

Levy frowned, peering at the time in the corner of her screen. “But the game doesn’t start for another two hou-”

The blonde plucked one of the boxes from the stack as she passed. “Ton of reading to do beforehand. Have fun on your date tonight with the college boy,” she teased, loving that it was Levy’s turn to look flustered.

“I never told you about that!”

“You may be a journalist, but I’m a journalist and your best friend,” Lucy winked on her way out the door, calling tauntingly over her shoulder, “Good luck ever hiding anything from me.”

As her boots click-clacked against the linoleum, echoing throughout the empty halls, Lucy cocked her head in thought as she struggled with the bulky box of newspapers.  

Her friend’s earlier words rang in her ears, but she pushed away the implications.

The boy was a flirt, nothing more. Despite it being true that they were now lab partners, there was certainly no real chemistry between the two.

Stupid Levy, the girl groaned as she pushed open the doors to the library with her hip, hoping she could get some reading down before she was due to the gym. Thankfully, it was nearly empty- give or take a few random students hurrying to get last minute projects done before the weekend. She readjusted the heavy box in her arms, setting it down carefully on the first open table she came across.

“Well,” the girl mumbled under breath, placing her hands on the lids. “Might as well start reading up on this dumb sport.”

She blinked at the mountain of scattered articles inside.

Damn Levy.


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Audree goes to DallasCon (plot twist) and survives!

I’ve actually felt really overwhelmed about starting this all morning like… to the degree that I’ve ignored it. I have no idea why, but right now as I’m typing my eyes are welling up so… I guess I was trying to keep myself from crying in front of my students during study hall???? Hahahahah.

No, I’m super tired. I slept mayyyyyybe 3 hours Saturday night and obviously not much last night, and now I’m at work. So I’m emotional but also I’m just exhausted and barely holding it together, but I’m happy as I can possibly be, so even just running on fumes is A OKAY WITH ME CONSIDERING! (I keep staring at my photos and smiling like an IDIOT you’d think I was like… in love or something????)

So below the cut is a recap of the con day by day with pictures, keysmashing, and capslock. Prepare your eyes. I think I may do a voice memo recap this week, too, if I get a chance. (Today is a no go for that because I can barely speak, haha.)

SIDENOTE: I asked my dad if he saw my pics on FB and he goes “Yeah who was that big tall movie star?” and I laughed idk it was just really cute. 

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This is weird - 1 (sfw)

Don’t even ask, I don’t know what came over me :) Leave me a message!!!

She isn’t really doing anything. That’s the downside of being a workaholic, by Sunday all the work has been done. There’s nothing left to do today, nothing at all.

 So when Grace unexpectedly shows up at her front door, Hannah is happy. So happy, that she doesn’t even bat an eyelash at the hug she receives from the tall brunette.

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One Direction Preference: Stuffed Animals

Stuffed Animals


“Lou have you seen Charlotte’s teddy bear?”

He shook is head, “Why?”

Charlotte came into the room tears streaming down her cheeks as she wailed

You sighed picking her up as she sobbed into your chest, “That’s why”, you cradled her in your arms stroking her messy brown hair

“I’ll go ask Tommy” Louis said getting up and going to your sons room.

Charlotte was two and she was really living up to the terrible of it all and she refused to do anything with out the brown bear.

Teddy was a stuffed bear she had gotten for her first birthday it was furry and had a bright red bowtie but now Teddy’s bowtie was a little less red

 “I want teddy!” she screamed tears streaming down her plump cheeks

“Daddy is looking for teddy. Alright honey”, you lightly patted her back trying to calm down the hectic two year old.

Louis came out of the room followed by a very guilty looking Tom.

“Tom has something to say”, he said putting a hand on Tommy’s shoulder.

You looked at Louis and then Tommy who was almost a younger version of Louis.

Charlotte had worn her self out crying and was drooling on you shoulder as she mumbled teddy as she drifted in to sleep.

“I took Teddy and I hid him in my room”, he mumbled looking down

“And why did you do that?” you asked

Tommy looked at you, “You always pay attention to Charlotte and you never play with me any more. We used to play all the time. And now you only play with her”, he whispered in a shaky breath handing you the furry bear.

“Just because we play with Char doesn’t mean we don’t love you any less”, Louis said crouching on the floor next to your son.

You mimicked Louis, “And if you ever want to play with mommy or daddy you just ask and we’d both be happy to play with you”

“Promise?” Tommy looked up hopefully

“Promise”, you said together

“Can we play now?” he questioned smiling

“Yeah buddy lets just put Char to bed”; Louis said wrapping his arm around you

You and Lou tucked             Char into bed as her polka dot covers covered her as you tucked Teddy in as well.

You both kissed her forehead before leaving, “So when are we planning on a third?’ Louis asked kissing you

“Very funny Tomlinson”

“But your such a great mom”, Louis laughed leaning in to kiss you

“Daddy!’ you heard you son call from the other room

He sighed, “This isn’t over sweetheart”, and he ran off to the other room where your son was waiting



You and your daughter Sydney looked on the computer screen as you talked to Harry. Sydney looked almost exactly like her father except as Harry always remained you had your eyes. Harry had been away on tour and he left you and your five-year-old daughter behind.

“Daddy, me and mommy went to the park and I went on the swing all by myself”, she told him proudly

“Wow! You are growing up so fast”, he told her a sad look in his eyes

Sydney sat in your lap as she began to describe her whole day to Harry from what she was wearing which was her princess Belle pajamas to what she ate.

“Yeah we had a lot of fun today”, you told him

“Daddy when are you coming home?” she finally asked

Your stomach twisted as you knew how much this question hurt. The happy mood had changed to anxious in the snap of a finger

You missed him so much it hurt sometimes. You missed making breakfast and him kissing the top of your head or how he would happily play with Sydney’s dolls even though she told him he was doing it wrong. You quickly blinked the tears away not wanting to cry in front of Harry

“Soon”, he said forcing a smile

“But I want you here now!” she told him tears begging to form

“Ill be home soon”, he repeated his voice shaky

“Love you”, you mumbled before the screen went dark

“Want to watch a movie, Honey”, you smiled picking up the curly headed girl

“I want to watch Belle”, she mumbled as you placed her on the couch hoping she would fall asleep watching Beauty and The Beast for the millionth time

Four weeks later you had successfully managed to watch Beauty and The Beast 15 more times. Right now Sydney was eating lunch on the Sunday afternoon. She happily ate her apple slices humming “Be our Guest”

In till there was a knock on the door, you opened it to see a man with a large box, “Um I’m looking for a Mrs. Styles”, he asked


“Ill need you to sigh here, here, and here”, he said handing you the package

“Have a nice day”, he called running back to the truck

You mumbled quick thanks and walked inside, “Oh. Is that a present?” Sydney ran up to the table as you opened the box

You pulled out a card and a black cat stuffed animal and began to read the card aloud, “Dearest Sydney and Mommy, when you miss me I want you to hug that stuffed kitten with all your might and hopefully you’ll feel better. Call me when you get the package, love you lots Daddy”

A smile spread on your slips as you held the note and you watched Sydney hug the bright orange cat.


“Diapers we need diapers and uh a stroller and a car seat and baby shoes and baby shirts and baby pants and baby socks”, Liam listed on as you strolled through the department store. You were currently almost nine months pregnant with your son.

“Slow down Liam, we got tons of the stuff we needed from the baby shower. What we need a cradle, a car seat, and some more bottles “, you said placing your hands on top of your swollen belly

Liam nodded as he lifted the stroller in the cart clearly disappointed that we would not be shopping for the fun baby stuff

You sighed, “We can still buy some baby shoes and baby hats”

He smiled and rolled the cart down the aisles before stopping in front of the stuffed animals

“Lets get him one of these”

You looked at all the fluffy stuffed animals pointing them out to one another in till Liam pointed to one of the top self, “That ones cute”,

You looked up to see a green turtle, which Liam had already grabbed, “Its perfect”

You smiled as Liam blabbed on about Turtles and your son. He was clearly ready and excited to be a dad. You could see it in the way his eyes lit up as he talked about his son

“ What if he doesn’t like me?’ he asked suddenly very serious a frown puckering his lips

“Oh Liam, he will love you more than anything. You’re his dad and you are going to be great father, okay. I know you’re going to be a great dad I can tell from the way you simply talk about our son. Most dads would hate to go shopping and here you are picking things out. You are already a great dad”

“I love you”, he whispered into your ear snaking an arm around your waist as you carried the turtle away and looked for a stroller



You had been feeling really down lately it seemed like you had been having more bad days than good ones. This whole week bad things were just aiming at you. On Monday you had spilled coffee all over your brand new shirt staining it, Tuesday on Twitter all the fans decided it would be a perfect time to send hate, then on Wednesday if things couldn’t get worse you were late to work and almost all your classes, Thursday it rained and you didn’t have an umbrella so you got soaking wet, and on Friday the only day you were looking forward to was ruined when Zayn had to cancel your date.

“This officially has been one of the worst weeks of my life”, you said ranting to your good friend over the phone

“I just want to crawl into a hole and die”, you mumbled as she laughed saying everything was probably fine before hanging up

With a sigh you rolled over checking your phone deciding it was probably best not to go outside or do anything productive with the bad luck you were having.

You were about to fall back to sleep when you heard a knock on the door. You quickly bundled up a blanket wrapped it around yourself before heading to the door hoping it wasn’t important.

You opened your door to see Zayn standing there a smile on his lips his hands behind his back, “Hey boo”, he laughed as you have him a hug

“I thought you had to work today. You smiled

“Well I did but I called in sick and I got you this”, he handed you a teddy bear before looking down and stuffing his hands in his coat pockets

“Oh I love it”, grinned seeing an instant smile on his face as you gave him a quick kiss

Grabbing his hand you pulled him inside, “you’re the best boyfriend ever”



It was one of the last weeks Niall would be spending with you before he left for tour and you literally never left each others sides trying to spend as much time as possible with each other before he’d leave. Today you were strolling a boardwalk together thankfully barely noticed due to all the noise and lights. You looked up to the starry sky as Niall held you hand.

The two of you went on a few rides and stuffed you’re faces with cotton candy in till Niall was noticed by a couple of fans which you decided to talk to and leave as quick as possible before any more people noticed

“That was close”, he laughed as you kept strolling down the boardwalk just enjoying one another’s company

“Oh My God!” you heard someone yell

You turned to see a three girls pointing at Niall and taking out their phones

“Hi Niall ”

“Your so cute Ni”

“I love you”

A few hugs and pictures later he girls were still their and you felt very ignored.

“Hey I’m going to go over there”, you pointed to a booth. He nodded and sent you an “I’m sorry” glance.

The booth was bright red with a cranky old man set up with the beanbag toss except the holes opened and closed

After a couple more minutes Niall came up to you, “Sorry about that, I thought they’d never let me go”

“I wouldn’t let you go either”, you smirked linking your arm with his

“Hey young man, would you like to win a prize for the pretty lady”, the old man croaked scratching his stubby chin, “Only a buck a beanbag”, he said again raising his eyebrows

“Deal!” Niall gave the man a five-dollar bill and began to throw beanbags at the holes except he kept missing or the holes would snap shut before Niall’s bag would get tossed in

Soon enough Niall had given the man 15 dollars and counting in till he finally got one in.

The man smiled and handed Niall a bright pink elephant

“My hero”, you kissed him hugging you elephant

There was an erupt of giggles and you turned to see the three girls from earlier snapping photos