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Guess what?

Did you guys know that I started this blog in January and it already has 1,326 followers?
This is completely random, but holy SHIT man. It’s been 6 months!
I mean like, Karkats cool and funny, but like, Wow guys. This is amazing. I just got another follower in the process of writing this.
Well, thank you all for following this blog and I will continue to post ridiculous shit that Karkat has said!

On a completely unrelated sidenote, today is my wriggling day! I don’t know what the fuck you’re supposed to do with this information, but still, 1,326 people. Wow.

wareii-deactivated20170827  asked:

why the fuck is your username justaphobethings if you identify as ace yourself? and i'm not using anon, i want to be known as the one who calls you out.

This blog was for posting #JustAphobeThings posts but wow it’s been a while since I’ve done that

Anyways on an unrelated sidenote: OH NO MY SUBMISSIONS

All My Friends Are Heathens; Part 4

Sorry this took so long!


Clarke and Bellamy are finally getting back to the party and neither of them is happy with their rebellious delinquent children.


Nurse Griffin: If ur asses aren’t in the kitchen by the time Bellamy and I get back I will personally shave each and every one of u monsters bald!!!!

TheSuperiorBlake: luv to mommy dearest but can’t

GreenBean: Unfortunately Roan, Lincoln and Illian have started a drunken fight club in ur front yard

Jaaaaaasssssppper: IT’S AWESOME!!

TrashPrince: Got $$$ on this. Not missing it 

Iliad: What do you mean they’ve started a fight club??? -_-


i’m so disappointed in you

MillertheKiller: If I break it up will ya let me off the hook? 

NurseGriffin: not a chance

I told you guys there wasn’t going to be a party tonight with everything that had happened and u threw one anyway!



i-make-it-go-boom: technically we’re outside ur house

TheSuperiorBlake: And my baby is winning btw

But thanks for asking

TrashPrince: My $$$ is still on Roan

The shirtless wonder is gonna keep Illian in a sleeper hold until the sucker passes out and then he’s coming for lincoln

No frat boy has every passed up a chance to get back at a guy for a broken nose

NurseGriffin: Lincoln broke Roan’s nose?????

TheSuperiorBlake: BLOOD MUST HAVE BLOOD clarke

Roan threw the first punch

he was asking for it

Iliad: no more tv for you kiddo


I’ll kick ur ass

Illiad: I have failed as a parent

Guns&Roses: we still luv ya

even if ya are a dead-beat convict ;)


Iliad: -_- 

NurseGriffin: We’ll be there in 5

Be in the kitchen



GreenBean: guys I’m scared

Iliad: you should be

TheSuperiorBlake: don’t listen to ‘em monty! they just want to break us down

get us to turn on each other

they’re too soft to do anything to us

Iliad: Hey, orange is the new black, you better be the kitchen or I’m banning personal visits from Lincoln.

And taking your phone

TheSuperiorBlake: u think i’m afraid of u??




i-make-it-go-boom: what r u? our mother?

NurseGriffin: mother, father, crazy uncle and over-protective brother rolled up into one package

So I’d do as he says

Iliad: I have key for the lock box. I can flood the yard and shut off the power to your precious party in one fell swoop munchkins

NurseGriffin: And we’re here


*Operation Bellarke Group Text*

Guns&Roses: sorry guys

I can’t take this heat

Harper and I are getting out of here

TheSuperiorBlake: don’t u dare monroe!!

TrashPrince: take it like a man monroe!

i-make-it-go-boom: *women

GreenBean: is this part of the plan Octavia?

Jaaaaaasssssppper: yeah i’d like to live a few more years ya know

TheSuperiorBlake: u pansies better stay out of the kitchen!!!

Rounding all of us up in this mess will take hours!

Hours they have to spend TOGETHER

trust me this’ll work

HeadbandWonder: so this IS part of the plan?

TheSuperiorBlake: ofc!!

TrashPrince: I smell a liar

TheSuperiorBlake: shut up murphy!

This is gonna work guys

Guns&Roses: it better

or else we’ve incurred the wrath of momma bear bellamy blake and that guy hasn’t made an appearance since Spring Break freshman year. If momma bear comes out are heads are coming off.

i-make-it-go-boom: I’ve seen actual bears with less rage

TheSuperiorBlake: chill guys

it’ll be fine

Jaaaasssspper: THEY’RE HERE!! EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF!!!!!!!!

HeadbandWonder: i got a nice video of jasper falling head first into a bush if anybody wants it later

TrashPrince: yes!!!

Put it in slowmo!!

HeadbandWonder: u got it dude! ;)


This is Mama Bear speaking.

Jasper has lost his phone privileges & unless you want him to bear our wrath alone, you will meet us in the kitchen.

TrashPrince: quit playing games jasper

 Guns&Roses: that’s gotta be Bellamy

Jasper can’t even write that clearly on a school paper 

TrashPrince: def dad’s texting style

Jaaaaaassssssppper: damn right it is


TrashPrince: It’s been real guys!

i-make-it-go-boom: istg Murphy if u abandon me again i will murder u!!!!!!!

GreenBean: pls tell me u guys got a video of murphy carrying raven bridal style down the street

TheSuperiorBlake: is that who was screaming YOU’LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE ???

HeadbandWonder: yes


*Iliad & NurseGriffin chat*

Iliad: Jasper has offered to rat out the others if we let him off the hook. What do you say, Princess? Should we go easy on em?

NurseGriffin: Chasing Murphy and Raven down the street before someone calls the cops.

Talk later

BUT do not let that rat go!

Iliad: Copy that

On a, possibly, unrelated sidenote, do you have any zip ties?

NurseGriffin: upstairs bathroom

Iliad: great :)


*TheSuperiorBlake started a new group text “Bellarke Plan B*

TheSuperiorBlake: since bell has jasper’s phone the other chat has been compromised

this one doesn’t have jasper in it

use this only if u want to live

Trikru: what’s happening? I got kinda lost there.

MillertheKiller: dude u just beat the shit out of two guys! We forgive everything u have ever done

That was AWESOME!!!

U still owe me $$$ Murphy!!!

i-make-it-go-boom: murphy and raven are no more

I ate them

TheSuperiorBlake: DAMNIT U GUYS


Trikru: I’m assuming that is Clarke?

i-make-it-go-boom: i will pick u off one by one like a horror flick if u don’t surrender

TheSuperiorBlake: there’s only two of you and a lot of us

good luck sister!

Trikru: why has jasper been zip tied to the kitchen sink?

TheSuperiorBlake: LINCOLN NO!!!


Guns&Roses: he was too pure for this world

HeadbandWonder: i miss him already

Greenbean: ur plan’s not working Octavia

TheSuperiorBlake: we don’t know he’s been caught yet!!

Trikru: hello sister mine

You were saying?

TheSuperiorBlake: -_-

Never mind


*Blake Siblings chat*

TheSuperiorBlake: what do u say we come to a compromise here?

Iliad: When I’ve got your boyfriend, alcohol supplier, and the couple you refer to as Murven round up around the kitchen? I don’t think so little sister.

You have no bargaining chip.

TheSuperiorBlake: don’t i? ;) ;) ;)

Iliad: Sending in Monty as a sacrificial lamb will not save you.

TheSuperiorBlake: I still have a fully charged cell phone and am ready to call the cops and report a disturbance that may involve underage drinking. Wanna end up BACK in jail, big brother? 

Iliad: You wouldn’t risk your precious party.

TheSuperiorBlake: try me!!!!!!!

Release the captives and agree to the rest of my terms and I will put the phone away.


*Iliad & NurseGriffin chat*

Iliad: Octavia is threatening to call the cops if we don’t hand over our captives. Any chance you’ve found her yet?

NurseGriffin: that bastard!!

I think she’s on the roof!

I’m by the pool hunting Monty -_-

Iliad: I’m going after her.

Your roof can hold me, right?

NurseGriffin: hopefully

Iliad: wish me luck, Princess


*Blake Siblings chat*

Iliad: What are your terms?

ThSuperiorBlake: =) =)

Release the captives

Grab 2 drinks

Take Clarke upstairs somewhere quiet



Iliad: That’s what this is about? 


Iliad: Sorry sis. Can’t do that.

TheSuperiorBlake: I worked so hard for this, just let me have it!!!


*Operation Bellarke*

Guns&Roses: Who just jumped off the roof into the pool?

MillertheKiller: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


HeadbandWonder: NO


TheSuperiorBlake: yeah sure he “fell”

MillertheKiller: U PUSHED HIM????

TheSuperiorBlake: did u see who jumped in after him?? 

Guns&Roses: while i admire ur determination to see ur brother happy…. was that necessary?

what if he hit his head or something?



TheSuperiorBlake: u guys he fell like 6 feet

it’s not a big deal

besides now clarke has to play nurse AND ONE OF YOU SHOULD BE FREEING THE CAPTIVES!!!!

GreenBean: this is who we are now

people who run over old ladies with our cars and push our friends off a roof to get them to date people

i’m gonna be sick

HeadbandWonder: I got the captives!!

MillertheKiller: monty u didn’t personally do those things bro


ur fine

TheSuperiorBlake: an uber is on the way

let’s get out of here and leave these love birds to it

GreenBean: really? we’re leaving?

Guns&Roses: sounds like a plan to me!

MillertheKiller: are we sure bellamy isn’t going to show up at our dorm and murder us with a library card?

TheSuperiorBlake: worry about it later

‘cause as of right now, Operation Bellarke has had some minor success

MillertheKiller: I guess that’s better than nothing

i just rly love got7 and svt

got7 and svt make me so happy??? like up until now in my life, there hasn’t been someone or something to make me this happy.

i obviously love other groups, but these 2 groups in particular have helped me so much and they always put the biggest smile on my face.

if anything were to ever happen to any of these groups (god forbid) i don’t think i’d be able to survive (as drastic as that sounds)

i hope that one day, everyone can find someone or something to make them so happy that they forget about their troubles, even for a little bit because it’s the best feeling in the world.

sidenote (kinda unrelated to the topic): fanwars are bullshit and instead of engaging in them, always focus on supporting your faves instead of bashing others,,,,and bashing other groups????? groups that mean so much to some people???? that’s fucked up man. you can call out someone/ a group for something that they did wrong but bashing them for no reason at all???


I saw Les Mis Dallas oh, about maybe a little over 7 hours ago and I stayed up all night to talk to pilf and write up everything I could remember. I’m not done with act II yet but yeah okay. This is what I have for act I.

SO. This is VERY MUCH a play-by-play sort of thing so if you DO NOT WANT SPOILERS for this show because you are seeing it, DON’T READ THIS. Seriously don’t. It’s also very sketchy and bare-bones notes and screaming for most of the way through. It is not in ANY WAY polished, I will probably change my opinions, I have probably missed many many things. I am also sleep-deprived and very off-topic. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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i’ll also use this for that selfie tag, tagged by pcybaek and namzoom why are you all so beautiful i’m sobbing

so serious question, aM I OUT OF CHANYEOL’S LEAGUE YET?? (don’t answer that actually…)

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you’re all rly cute ily all and i hope you have a great day! <3333

GM Hollyworld: On Best Friends & Sacrifice

(For the TL;DR crowd, scroll down to the bolded for the main points).

GM Hollyworld opens with the question (via Maya) of, “What are best friends?”

To which Riley responds, “You & I, who would do anything for each other.”

And that is one of the major overarching themes of the episode.

What is a best friend? What would you do for a best friend? What would you sacrifice for your best friend?

Would you sacrifice your chance at your big break? Would you sacrifice your chance at success and happiness? Would you sacrifice the role that was made for you, for the sake of your best friend getting what they think they’re owed?

Enter Katy & her former best friend, Bobbie Jo Thibodeaux.

“You know how Maya Hart has Riley Matthews? Katy Grace Clutterbucket always thought she’d have Bobbie Jo Thibodeaux.”

Bobbie Jo is a small town girl turned big time Hollywood actress, who got her big break when she put on a phony Parisian accent and transformed herself into faux French actress, Anastasia Boulangerie. 

Now, Anastasia (aka Bobbie Jo) is up for the same role as Katy in a film literally based on Katy’s life (“a film about a struggling waitress and her daughter”).

The director (who happens to be Sarah’s dad) notes, “In the fairytale town that is Hollywood, there is actually an upstart contender challenging Ms. Boulangerie for this role, and you know, it just might happen because the world loves an undiscovered underdog.”

Anastasia asks Katy if she’s going to back out of trying out for the role, because, well, Anastasia is a shoe in because she’s the famous one. The role is hers, not because of talent, emotional connection, or authenticity (Interesting shout out to the concept: “You know what the audience likes? Authenticity.”) It’s her’s because she’s the box office draw. She’s the, “pretty person, saying pretty things”. (The director notes, “Authenticity is a big deal to the audience, but I prefer pretty people saying stuff.” Hmmm. What does THAT sound like?)

But, Katy isn’t backing down. In response to Bobbie Jo’s question, Katy says: “I’ll be auditioning and I’m gonna beat you.” Why? Because this role was made for her and though she insists she’d never take anything from her former best friend ( “Bobbie Jo, I would never take anything away from you”), she’s not just going to hand this over. She can’t. This is her shot. This is her big break. This part was made for her.

After watching the exchange, Maya & Riley lament:

Riley: They were best friends once, Maya.
Maya: Now, they’re going against each other.
Riley: Best friends are supposed to be best friends.

But, Katy goes for it. As she says, she’s been ready for this role her whole life. She does her monologue (Interesting bit about “Maybe being walked out on by the wrong guy, is what allowed the right guy to walk in.”) And in the end, after watching Katy act, Anastasia steps back, because she realizes the role was made for Katy.

So, what’s the major takeaway? Obviously, the importance of being a best friend and fighting to stay together, but there’s more. 

There’s the answer to the question of what it means to sacrifice for your best friend and WHY you sometimes do.

Anastasia stepped back from the role she felt she was entitled to because Katy had the real emotion, the authenticity for it. It was made for her, not Anastasia, and while it took Anastasia a while to realize that, when she finally did, she stepped back.

And there’s a MAJOR lesson in that for Riley & Maya after Ski Lodge. In terms of meta, this episode reads, to me anyways, very much like a map (think Bear and Jexica). A story about where we’ve been and where we’re headed. A sign of a storyline where eventually Riley might find herself stepping back for Maya (for real this time) because she realizes that Maya’s got the authenticity for the part that Riley and her Parisian dreams just don’t. Draw your own conclusions on what you think that “role” is, but I think my opinion on the matter is pretty obvious.

(Also, on an unrelated sidenote, the Zay, Lucas, and Farkle meta where they try out for the characters based on them is a goldmine! Hilarious.)


* ᶜᶫᵃᶦᵐˢ ᵐᵃʸ ᶰᵒᵗ ᵇᵉ ᵗʳᵘᵉ

(( I’m swapping characters with pembrokewkorgi for 30 days as part of Slugbox’s OC Swap event. So I’ll be taking over and answering questions with his character Ink Blot, while he’ll be taking over my character Scramjet.

As a sidenote, I might hold-off on posting NSFW or unrelated material for the duration. I’ll keep stuff like NSFW or Scram posts in a drafts folder to post after the 30 days is up! ))