on an epic scale

  • Dahyun: [Running into the practice room and slamming the door shut behind her]
  • Dahyun: Guys, it's Chae's birthday tomorrow and we need to plan her an epic birthday party. I'm talking a full scale ice sculpture and a five tier cake
  • Jeongyeon: Dahyun, her birthday is tomorrow. Where are you gonna get an ice sculpture on 18 hours notice?
  • Nayeon: Easy, we thaw the ice from Tzuyu's cold dead heart
  • Sana: Ah but Nayeon-unnie, you're forgetting that whenever Tzuyu is around Chaeyoung, her heart melts.
  • Tzuyu: Do you want to die
  • Dahyun: Guys focus
  • Momo: I don't know about a five tier cake, but we can get five different cakes and stack them on top of each other.
  • Mina: I'm sure we can find some decorations and balloons. We can ask our managers
  • Nayeon: Where's Jihyo, she usually knows what she's doing.
  • Jihyo: [Kicks open the door and wheels in a giant rectangular crate]
  • Jihyo: Did someone request an .... [cracks open the crate to reveal an ice sculpture replica of Chaeyoung] ice sculpture?
  • Jeongyeon: Oh my god
  • Dahyun: But what about the cake?
  • Jihyo: [Picks up a box that she was balancing on top of the crate] Five tier right?
  • Tzuyu: How... How did you do that
  • Jihyo: What's an ice sculpture and a cake to a god?
you are alive.

I want you to look at yourself for a moment. Look at your arms and your legs and your nails and your thighs and your ankles and everything. Notice the dots on your arms, the scars on your legs, the chipped nails. 

I want you to think about the things you can’t see about yourself for a moment. Think about the way you smile at strangers and your pep talks to your friends and how you raised money for cancer and how you love but most of all I want you to think about your heart. The physical organ. The one that is beating inside your chest providing oxygen and nutrients and keeping you alive.

I want you to say that out loud. “I am alive.”

You are still alive.

I know that life is not always fair. Actually, it is really quite unfair a lot. And I know you may have gone through tragedies that I may not be able to conceptualize in my head - so horrifying they have been. And I know I can’t tell you to just get over it, because that’s a terrible thing to do.

But I do know that you are alive. And as long as you are alive, you are meant to do something. If you were truly irrelevant, you would not have been born. You have a purpose. 

Find that purpose. Find your way again.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.”

YukiPri Yuri!!! on Ice + Other Anime Masterpost

This is my masterpost for my Yuri!!! on Ice fanart, with a smattering of other anime fandoms. Please click HERE for my Star Wars + Other Western Media masterpost, and HERE to go the Big Hero 6 only masterpost.

This is NOT a comprehensive masterpost. It only contains my more recent fanart, and stuff that is a few years old has not been included.



[COM] - Comic

[ILL] - Illustration

[TXT] - Text headcanons

All shippy/pseudo-shippy things will be marked with a *


YURI!!! ON ICE - Major AUs

The Only One Who Can Win Against Me is Me! (older!Victor x Yuuri x younger!Victor (+ mild Yurio -> Yuuri) - Genre: Crack/Fluff

[ILL] The only one who can win against me is me! (27!yo Victor x Yuuri x 16!yo Victor) Cover*

[COM] The only one who can win against me is me! Comic Parts 1-5*

[COM] The only one who can win against me is me!: Victor’s B-Day Special*

[COM] The only one who can win against me is me! Part 6*

INFERNO: YURI NO ICE (epic scale post apocalyptic/dystopian AU) - Genre: Drama/Action



[ILL] INFERNO: YURI NO ICE, Color Variation Set

[ILL] INFERNO: YURI NO ICE PREVIEW Program:01, Happy B-Day Georgi!

[ILL] INFERNO: YURI NO ICE PREVIEW Program:01, Happy B-Day Guang-Hong!

[ILL] INFERNO: YURI NO ICE PREVIEW Program:01, Third preview

[COM] INFERNO: YURI NO ICE Program:00 - Rebellions are Built on Hope

[ILL] PROGRAM:01 Promo, Yuri Katsuki - The Heart

[COM] INFERNO: YURI NO ICE Program:01 - The Inferno

Detroit Days (Yuuri + Phichit-centric) - Genre: Slice of Life/Fluff


Future!verse ABO (Victor + Yurio + Phichit + Minami all x Yuuri poly relationship, Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics, shippy self-indulgence, OC children) - Genre: Romance/Slice of Life/Fluff/Crack

[COM] Future!verse ABO Preview, “Yuuri-san, please be my coach!”*

[COM] Future!verse ABO Introduction*

[ILL] [TXT] Future!verse ABO Timeline + Basics * (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami x Yuuri)

[COM] Future!verse ABO - Coach or No? * (Russian Sandwich)

[COM] Future!verse ABO - Minami’s devotion * (Minami, Victor, Yurio x Yuuri)

[ILL] OC Kid Doodles #1 - Yasha * (implied Victor x Yuuri)

[ILL] OC Kid Doodles #2 - Shura * (implied Yurio x Yuuri)

[ILL] OC Kid Doodles #3 - Arisa * (implied Phichit x Yuuri)

[ILL] OC Kid Doodles #4 - Yuuji * (implied Minami x Yuuri)

[ILL] [TXT] OC Kids Compilation + Name Meanings/Explanations

[TXT] Random text HCs - Adults 01 * (implied poly relationship)

YURI!!! ON ICE - Stand alone/short works, chronological posting order

[ILL] Victuri, with glasses + without*

[ILL] [COM] Dreaming On Love, Eros (with costume ref)*

[ILL] Victuri pair skate*

[ILL] [COM] Older!Yurio* (mild YuriYuu)

[ILL] [COM] Halloween on Ice!

[COM] Halloween on Ice! Followup*

[ILL] Agape & Eros, Russian sandwich style* (Victor x Yuuri x Yurio)

[ILL] [COM] Yurio & Yuuri’s relationship, Before & After (*can be seen as Yurio x Yuuri)

[ILL] Leo de la Iglesia - Still Alive

[ILL] Angel Quartet preview sketch (will not be completed)

[ILL] [TXT] POKEMON!!! ON ICE - a YOI x Pokemon Crossover AU

[ILL] POKEMON!!! ON ICE - Extras

[COM] Phichit-centric Comic * (hint of PhichiYuu, canon level Victuri)

[ILL] Happy Birthday Katsuki Yuuri!!! 11/29

[COM] Yurio, please give Yuuri a hug (Ep 9)

[COM] PhichiYuu Kiss*

[ILL] YOI x Pacific Rim

[ILL] Thank you YOI - See you NEXT LEVEL

[ILL] YOI Eyes & Eyebrows

[ILL] EVERYONE LOVES YUURI (*Victor + older!Yurio + Phichit + older!Minami + Chris x Yuuri) *NSFW

[ILL] Older!Yurio doodle

[ILL] Shall We Skate? *PhichiYuu

[ILL] Everyone xxxxxxxxx Yuuri, Happy Valentine’s Day!*

[ILL] Phichit, Princeling of my heart <3

[ILL] Terra Incognita *PhichiYuu


[COM] Happy Birthday Phichit! *PhichiYuu

Other Anime


Ichigo sketch

Bleach Ending Fix-It Project preview 1

Bleach Ending Fix-It Project preview 2 (Grimmjow)

Bleach Ending Fix-It Project preview 3

Bleach Ending Fix-It Project preview 4 (Ichigo color)

(*note, this project is on going but is on indefinite hiatus)


Pokemon Go - Candela

Gekijo-ban Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale (Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale)       2016

Tomohiko Ito

Animation / Action / Adventure


Stars : 5/5

Huge fan of this saga and the movie was no disappointment. You do need to watch the anime to understand this and enjoy this to the fullest though. This time, our main characters are faced with a new threat, augmented reality. We get to see old and loved characters, but new villains and new friends. The animations is excellent, even better than the anime, full of detail, color, dynamic fights, interesting boss fights, etc. Exciting through and through with an epic battle and sweet ending. 

aperturebots  asked:

Headcanon that Kaz gets bored after SoC and CK takes place because those were the best puzzles of his life and he got such a rush out of seeing them take place. After that, he feels like everything is dull and boring and depressing. "Sure I COULD rob the bank, but it's too EASY. What if we tried to... Scam the Council of Tides?" And Wylan and Jesper are to the side like "NO. WE ARE NOT SCAMMING THE COUNCIL OF FUCKING TIDES."

honestly he…. totally would

I mean, what could top everything he did in soc/ck?? when’s the next time he’ll get to that big a scale. he was dealing with an international scheme of epic proportions when will he eVER do that again 

I think he’d start off small though and try to slowly cause his own problem

“oh, how could I have known the last three businessmen I’ve disposed of also have captured the attention of the council of tides. what a coincidence.”

“what, that shipment was meant as a gift for the council? what a shame the man in charge of it docked the boat in our territory.”

and eventually he’s just. casually screwing them over 

but not enough to get himself killed

… yet

The Northrop Frye Theory of A Song of Ice and Fire (or, why you can be certain this series won’t have a downer ending)

The affinity between the mythical and the abstractly literary illuminates many aspects of fiction, especially the more popular fiction which is real enough to be plausible in its incidents and yet romantic enough to be a “good story,” which means a clearly designed one. (p 139)

This quote comes from Northrop Frye’s 1957 essay “Archetypal Criticism” in his book Anatomy of Criticism: Four Essays. An influential Canadian literary critic, Fye is especially known for his work on William Blake. I’d been familiar with his theory of the four mythoi (generalized story patterns) since high school, and while reading A Song of Ice and Fire I became convinced that Martin has to be aware of it as well. Thus I decided to read the entire essay it comes from to test the idea (not an easy task; it’s 110 pages of very dense text), and that conviction has grown to the point that I want to write the man to ask him directly.

Of course, it doesn’t entirely matter if Martin has read Frye’s work, because his mythoi are archetypes. Frye’s theory of archetypes doesn’t necessitate a collective unconscious like Jung’s; rather, he’s talking about the cultural legacy Western society has inherited primarily from Hellenistic and Biblical traditions, the tropes and symbols we all recognize instinctively. It’s part of our cultural unconscious, the background noise we’ve all received since childhood.

There’s a lot in this essay that could be applicable to aSoIaF, such as how wolves and dragons are classic archetypes of evil or at least dangerous and untamed nature, or how literature versus mythology gives you more freedom to subvert archetypal meaning, but I want to focus on his idea of mythos, and how he argues that there are four major mythoi, comedy, romance, tragedy, and irony, and that they archetypally correspond to the four seasons, spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

You should already be able to guess a little of where this is going.

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Top 10 Comics of 2016 (Objective Facts)

Welcome to the top 10 comics of the year, these are comics released in print in single issues. There is several comics I wanted to read that I had not got the chance to read in single issues so they won’t be included on this list. These are 10 damn fine comics I read this year and I hope if you haven’t read them you give it a look.

Squirrel Girl:  A sadly declining star for me, last year Squirrel Girl was no doubt at the top of my lists but this year I feel a bit less engaged with it. This is actually pretty common around all of Marvel with Civil War 2, relaunches, universe changing event after universe changing event it makes it hard to feel attached. Still Squirrel Girl is full of laughs with some stand out stories that came out this year like dealing with Doctor Doom from the past after being sent further into the past. We also had the stand out choose your own adventure issue where subtly Koi Boi is revealed to be a trans man and that is super awesome!

Wic/Div: This comic is the serious, it is not tonely the same as the others but I adore it.  We have gods walking among us on earth, mystery, betrayal, queerness, action, great designs, and a great book. If you want a story that is crafted masterfully and can invoke a wide range of emotions then The Wicked + The Divine is for you.

Space Battle Lunchtime: When Oni Press announced their new lineup this was the title that stuck out to me the most. Turns out my gut feeling was right as this book transports the reader to this new world of aliens that is fascinating to watch unfold. One creator managed with help from editors and what not to do the art, colors and storytelling for this epic cooking show in space. This is one of the most fun energetic books I have ever read. The only problem with this series is it goes by so fast but with only one issue left getting them all together is a great idea. If you want to watch a funny space cooking show and a cute lady on lady romance then come here.

Backstagers: This wasn’t a title I was expecting to even buy. I mean all boy lumberjanes sounds cute but I generally, as you’ll find on this list, don’t read stories about dudes. However, this book is fantastic, fun, queer, and all the great things that Lumberjanes is. I think Backstagers does an amazing job of dispelling the toxic masculinity present in much of male lead media. The creative world backstage is fantastic, it has such a great visual style and everyone who works on this project has everything in them in it.

Jem and the Holograms: The truly outrageous gift that just keeps giving. I love the story, Sophie is like my favorite artist and even with her leaving we have had some solid people taking over and there’s a lot of fun to be had with this series. I do worry about future placement but I am very excited for Misfits and this year is all about this year. With stand out scenes like Blaze coming out, the misfits and holograms working together, the cuties of a 3rd rival band, and more all in play this year I am at the front hoping they will let me on stage.

Princeless: Princeless is a modern classic, a series that every volume is great for all ages. This year I read a lot of Princeless, my little sister adored reading volume 1 for the first time.  More then that I adored reading all the volumes and the short stories of Princeless. This is one that works for the whole family and manages to really go over a ton of great stuff. We have our hero learning new perspectives, saving people, exploring the world, she is a fantastic protagonist.

Kim and Kim: Kim and Kim the queer bffs that do that bounty hunting thing. They have amazing chemistry and are the kinds of loser badasses I love. They screw up a lot, they can be kind of an asshole but their hearts are in the right place. We follow them in one journey this year and it’s a fun journey to follow. Also like it has a trans writer and latnix gals on the art team so that is pretty badass too. This stories only problem is an ending that feels a bit rushed.

Jonesy: This was the biggest surprise for me comics wise in 2016. I saw it and was automatically charmed by the art. I decided it was worth risking wasting 4 bucks on. So i did and haven’t looked back since. The funny world, the endearing characters, the general feeling that this comic is different without trying hard to be. Jonesy is queer,  she’s latnix, she’s funny, she’s a bit of a loser but in a way that makes you feel okay to be a loser too. Jonesy is a story that makes me happy whenever I read it, it’s always at the top of my stack, it’s a book that I can count on. The fact it isn’t number 1 but might be in my top 10 series of all time just says how great comics have been this year.

Raven the Pirate Princess: Raven the Pirate Princess is that book that no one really talks about but should be a staple of everyone’s pull. It’s so fun, funny, illustrated so well and it feels like a massive breath of fresh air. Amazing comedy, a bunch of queer ladies, women of all sizes, skin colors, and we even have some varying ability. It’s great to see so much diversity threaded into this epic scaling tale of a women trying to get what was stolen from her by her brothers. 

Angela Queen of Hel: Angela Queen of Hel is one of my favorite stories of all time. It joins the hallowed ranks of other classics in my mind and despite a few issues moves far past them. The series being canned on issue 7 means so much potential was thrown away and we lost. This story is the most compelling romance I have ever read and it’s such a badass story too. Conquering hell to get your lesbian love back is super cool and then the follow up story is an awesome cap to show their relationship past the climax. No matter what Marvel does to the pair we will always have this story to look back on and cheer for.

For Princess Roslynda and her bodyguard Lyr, life is pretty much the same every day. Training before breakfast, studies by midday, and riding lessons in the evening. Until one day, a strange masked man invades their home, ripping everything away from them. Their fear is fully realized when they discover that the attack wasn’t politically motivated, but a personal vendetta. The masked man knows who they are and wants them dead, but why?


In the picture above, you’ll meet Rose and Lyr. They’re from a fantasy based epic titled Intertwined. I wanted to focus more on a small scale story with character development and internal turmoil being at the front-in-center while still having a plot push the story alone. This is the first time, I’ve ever written a story with a new outlining procedure and it turned out fairly well.

I wanted to get this posted by my birthday because it seemed like a good goal to set. I will post the first chapter today on Ao3 so I can have a link for this post. I also hope to get you all warmed up to the story. The next 22 chapters will be posted over the next few days and I will reblog this post when it’s all posted for those of you who want to read the whole thing all at once. There’s so much to love about this story, from the characters to the villains, and all the wonderful surprises in store. I hope you enjoy it.


Everyone remembers Burger King’s awesome Pokemon promotion, but no one ever talks about Pokemon’s earliest fast food venture with KFC.

I’m just as guilty as the majority, even though my first piece of Pokemon merchandise came from this outing. KFC ran a small promotion right before Poke’mania swept the U.S. It was nowhere near the scale of Burger King’s epic promotion with cards, toys, the illustrious golden collector’s cards and “trading” nights, but it was still a fair run with a couple of commercials and decent toys.

Being born in Kentucky, it’s standard here that you talk of Col. Sanders with the same weight as discussing the pope or the president. He introduced us to the best fried chicken you could buy at a fair price and he helped plant the seeds of a lifelong fandom in us, right before it’s peak.

Burger King drove it home at it’s height, but KFC deserves acknowledgement for kickstarting the craze in the south-east part of the U.S

The first Pokemon toy I ever got was the Seel beanbag doll offered from KFC. I kept it for years but frequent moves and my forgetful nature forced me to abandon it somewhere unknown. That Seel doll piqued my interest and led me to discover the anime series and further down the road the card game, the video game and so on. So in a lot of way, I have Col. Sanders to thank for my Poke’fandom

In hindsight, what surprises me now is the choice in Pokemon given toys. Vulpix, Dratini, Seel and Zubat were chosen above the starting 3, Pikachu and every other Pokemon that springs to mind when you think of the series. Pikachu is featured front and center in the commercial but somehow missed out on getting the toy treatment. My guess is that Nintendo wasn’t sure on who they wanted as the “face’ of the series just yet and hung up a poster with all 150 Pokemon and threw darts.

I wrote way more than I wanted to today about KFC and Pokemon so i’m wrapping this up here.

View the original commercial here

The Promise is a sweeping romantic epic in the tradition of Dr. Zhivago, its lavish budget denoted by its stars, Oscar Isaac and Christian Bale. It includes a scene unlikely to be equalled in importance this year. It is 1915, and Mikael (Isaac) has slipped back through lines of marauding Turkish troops towards his home village, hoping to rescue his family. Instead, he finds the villagers piled like rubbish by a river, the female corpses’ headscarves a futile effort at modesty. The wooded setting could be a Belorussian forest in 1941, in one of the souvenir photos Nazis snapped of the Jewish Holocaust.

But these are Armenians, the Christian minority who lost 1.5 million to systematic extermination by the Ottoman Turkish government in World War One. The term “genocide” was coined by Jewish lawyer Raphael Lemkin in 1944 to describe the Armenians’ destruction, when its pre-echo of ongoing Nazi slaughter was clear. And yet this is the first time a major film has shown audiences what happened. After 102 years, its visceral impact finally pierces the silence.

Isaac, who made his name as the failed folk-singer anti-hero of the Coen Brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis (2013), and found true fame as dashing, sexually ambiguous X-wing fighter pilot Poe Dameron in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and its upcoming sequel, felt the scene’s impact when he read it.

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(Part One)  (Epilogue)

Ok let’s break it down. Reasons I love this scene:

  • Since it’s not in the musical this part in the book was almost entirely new to me, and I was seriously on the edge of my seat the whole time (mostly going Marius nooooo!)  I think I actually cheered when Javert walked in.  You should be getting a sense by now of who the contender for my favorite character is…
  • SPEAKING OF Javert does nothing but walk in the door, doesn’t even draw a weapon, and this room full of hardened criminals who are armed to the teeth (we’ve already spent a number of paragraphs describing how dangerous and well-armed they are) take one look look at him and are like- Welp, it’s Javert. Whaddya gonna do? and give up immediately.
  • It’s one of the first times we really get to see Javert in his element, which is TAKIN’ DOWN THE BADDIES.  Up until this point we’ve mostly just seen him being frustrated by merciful bread thieves, but here he’s very comfortable interacting with criminals, knows all their names and how to reason with them, and even has a witty cop banter thing going.  He even- did I read that right?- smiles when he delivers that hat zinger?
  • The Patron-Minette gang are 100% my favorite minor characters.  The jack-of-all-trades, the thug, the impoverished teen fop who murders for fashion, and the cloaked masked night-dwelling ventriloquist (ask me about my headcanon that Claquesous is actually the Phantom of the Opera because he really really is.)
  • Also featuring some epic moments for everyone’s favorite torture-resistant wall-scaling pacifist, Jean Valjean; the only person who is possibly as badass as Javert.

Possible inaccuracies:

  • Montparnasse wasn’t in the room, but in my head he was.
  • Pretty sure everything else is exactly how it went down…

let it be known that this is the only bad photo of iwaizumi hajime


Johnny is obviously amazing in so many ways, but what really astonishes me is his ability to create diverse characters with so much development, and whom we can relate to on such an epic scale. He makes it seem so effortless and easy but it most likely really isn’t.

These characters, Jack, Edward, Sweeney, The Hatter, Barnabas and so many more, are like home, they are home. That sounds like a cliche line but guess what? I know so many people will relate to this so, so much. I can put on say, Ed wood, and I forget it’s Johnny, I forget that I’m sitting in my lounge on the sofa. That’s also the incredible thing about his work; it makes me forget about everything and I mean, everything. That’s what a home feels like to me, and I’m forever thankful for it, because my home life isn’t the best at the moment, but Johnny makes me feel like I am home.

I’m watching Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet and I forgot how incredibly trashy it is

but at the same time it’s a very good adaptation because it gets the sense of violence and simmering tensions in the city (both a representation of the factional violence peculiar to catholic countries of the time, and to the fighting of apprentices and youths in London). it even has the laughter at Mercutio’s made up move, mocking his punto and passado and ‘hay’. and it’s got the youthfulness, it’s believable for being about teenagers, posturing teenagers who shouldn’t have guns.

you have the play of authority and individuality, seen in the translation of the prologue into news report and monologue by the friar, two different systems of power and dominance. and the way Juliet is made commodity, a power tool for her family.

and it has the language of difference, the Capulets made clearly foreign in their Italianate stylings, Shakespeare intervening in the discourse of aliens in London.

Lurhmann gets the epic scale perfectly; it’s about framing the narrative of two lovers into something bigger and demonstrating the horror of it all. the two teens are fitted into something much bigger than them, epic music and extreme pathetic fallacy combined with shots where only one character addresses the camera. when Mercutio dies, he dies framed by a ruined stage at Sycamore Grove… their lives have been wedded to calamity through their interaction with power greater than them, and they became the play

and you have the madness, the utter idiocy behind all of the plot, the dizziness of the party and the way Romeo falls in love under the influence of ecstasy. and the water’s never far away, they see each other through fish tank, swimming pool and rain - what’s the truth?

it’s visceral, with the trashy flashy realism and the brilliant soundtrack… and that’s what Shakespeare is. pop entertainment that hits you in the stomach with emotions

also I forgot that Paul Rudd was in this film

always-a-hurricane2: question, what happens if a Ne-dom becomes cynical? How does that manifest in such an innovative personality type?

rose-merida: I think they would cease to think reality can ever seem slightly similar to what they imagined. I think they’d be disappointed and frustrated reality isn’t as good as their expectations for it and maybe think it’s not worth it to try to improve it.

Rose is correct (especially in the “why do anything? nothing will help!” department) but it goes beyond that into a corruption of Extroverted Intuition (Ne), often influenced by lousy inferior Introverted Sensing (Si).

Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones after the Shae incident is a prime example of a cynical Ne-dom during a “life sucks” period – his natural free-thinking, idealistic, and intuitively optimistic nature corrupts into the belief that if the past was crap, the future will inevitably be crappy too. He does nothing but whine, drink, philosophize endlessly on a question that preoccupies his mind (”where do whores go?”) and shoot down every positive idea everyone throws at him, because he’s so disconnected from his Ne in any kind of positive way, he fails to see idealistic possibilities in favor of depressive ones.

It’s only when a positive-thinking ENFJ convinces him Dany and her dragons can be a great possibility for the future that Tyrion ceases wallowing in his despair, anticipating that everything will go wrong that can go wrong, and finds his way back to his original ability to think positively toward the future.

I personally have gone through extremely cynical periods, less based in my own negative experiences (aside from the old mantra of: you’re an epic failure with your relationships, why even bother trying to establish new ones? You’ll just fail again by making all the same stupid mistakes!) and more due to my extensive knowledge of history. If you are disheartened, because you’ve been studying the cesspool that is humanity, it’s super hard to be optimistic about the future for human-kind and human nature when you can look back at the endless awful things people have done to one another, and continue to do to one another today; my preferred belief is that humanity is moving forward, becoming less barbaric as generations pass, shedding outdated hateful ideas and striving as a general society toward a higher state of being (as evidenced by the fact that SLOWLY, humans have started caring about animals, thinking about what’s good for the planet, believing rape victims shouldn’t be blamed, finding gender equality, ceasing persecution of others who are different, ending slavery, etc, etc) – so whenever I become a cynic with no hope for humanity and say things like, “If God exists, why doesn’t he just eradicate us all, since we don’t deserve to live?” my friends generally know something is wrong and… well, panic.

Even if I believe what I’m saying and know it’s cynicism or depression talking, it feels as if I’m totally disconnected from my true self – in the midst of it, it doesn’t feel real to me and if it goes on too long, I can wake up a day or two later feeling awful about my statements because I pride myself on being an optimistic person, and falling into severe pessimism feels like a betrayal of self.

The natural “highs” of Ne can become EXTREME lows. Think of a reversal in the idealistic, unrealistic optimism of Ne and take it as far as you can in the opposite direction – that same function used to melodramatic lengths to stress importance, success, ambition, and big ideas, can turn around and create the most devastating worst-case scenario imaginable. Depressed, cynical, or pessimistic Ne-dom don’t just say the end is near, they bring it with DOOM and FIRE. I’m not just gonna fail, it’s going to be on an epic scale!

- ENFP Mod

The composer Hans Zimmer was at work on his score for Man of Steel when Nolan approached him [for Interstellar]. “Chris said to me, in his casual way. ‘So, Hans, if I wrote one page of something, didn’t tell you what it was about, just give you one page, would you give me one day of work?’” Zimmer recalled. “‘Whatever you came up with on that one day would be fine.’ I said, ‘Of course, I’d love to.’ One day, an envelope arrived, almost handed to me by Chris. It was on quite thick paper, typewritten, which told me there was no carbon copy. This was truly the original.”

On the paper was a short story, no more than a precis, about a father who leaves his child to do an important job. It contained two lines of dialogue – “I’ll come back” “When?” – and quoted something Zimmer had said a year before, during a long conversation with Nolan and his wife at the Wolseley restaurant in London. It was snowing, central London had ground to a halt, and the three of them were more or less stranded. “There was no movie to be made, there was no movie to discuss, we were talking about our children,” said Zimmer, who has a 15-year-old son. “I said, ‘once your children are born, you can never look at yourself through your eyes any more, you always look at yourself through their eyes.”

He worked on the score for a day and then let Emma Thomas know he was done.

“I said, ‘Do you want me to send it over?’ She goes, ‘Oh, he’s curiously antsy, do you mind if he comes down?’ He got into the car and drove to my studio in Santa Monica and sat down on my couch. I made the usual excuses a composer makes when they play something to somebody for the first time. I played to him, not looking at him, I just stared straight ahead at my copy of the screen and then I turned around and he’s sitting there. I can tell he was moved by it. He said, ‘I suppose I’d better make the movie, now.’ I asked him, ‘Well, yes, but what is the movie?’ And he started describing this huge, epic tale of space and science and humanity, on this epic scale. I’m going, ‘Chris, hang on, I’ve just written this highly personal thing, you know?’ He goes, ‘Yes, but I now know where the heart of the movie is’. Everything about this movie was personal.“ (via)