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“You know, I’m twelve minutes older than you.”

My poor poor children who deserved so much better TT____TT I watched AoU for the fourth time a couple days ago and it still hurts… (plus the terribly insensitive puns via A-class jerks crashofthunder and blueboywonder didn’t help, you weebs -_____-)

Couldn’t decide if I liked the text or no-text version better, so here’s both :)

Sparks Chapter 14

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Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 1.3K

Summary: You and Bucky hanging out binge watching twd. Bucky going out to buy you tampons when he sees you got your period.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 40,000 words. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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Surprise! (Avengers X Reader)

Characters: Bucky X Reader, Avengers X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Sad emotions

Request: Hey! I’ve literally binge read all your works before the past two days. They’re so good! I live your writing. Anyway, my birthday just passed and it was pretty shitty. People forgot and I got food poisoning, anyway, I was wondering if you can write an Avengers fic? Where the reader thinks everyone forgot their birthday but they were just planning a surprise party for them? I kinda have a thing for Bucky but if you want to include that or not it’s fine. Thank you, it would mean a lot. 🙂

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You woke up with your alarm blaring. You groaned, picking up your phone and seeing the alarm. It’s your Birthday! You jumped out of bed, rushing to get in the shower and to get dressed so you can spend your time with your friends, the avengers, which were practically your family. You were extra excited to spend time with Bucky, your boyfriend.

You had been apart off the team for a while now, and Bucky and you had been a thing for just over 4 months now. He was a very caring guy, and he was eager to remember everything about you. When he forgot something or got a fact about you that you had told him, wrong, he would kick himself for it.

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Drunken State (Steve Rogers)

warnings: smut. my terribly written smut. 

word count: 2,638 words

“What…what do we do?” Steve asked Tony. He looked down at your unconscious body and laughed. “Y/N can’t handle her alcohol.” Tony slurred. “This isn’t funny, what do we do?” Steve asked him. “Well, not leave her here.” Tony told him, taking another swing at the bottle. Steve looked around at the dancing crowd and a few people stole glances at you. The dress you were wearing was enough to gain attention from many people the minute you, Steve and Tony walked into the club, and not it was riding up your thigh. Steve took off his jacket and gently picked you up, wrapping his jacket around your waist. You leaned on his shoulder and Steve could smell the smell of men’s cologne.

“Just pull down the dress.” Tony stated. Steve gave him a look, stating he wouldn’t touch you with the state you were in. “I’m gonna go home.” Tony burped. “You’re drunk. You can’t drive.” Steve told him, not wanting his friend to get into a car accident. “I’ll walk, it isn’t far from here.” Tony stated. “Then I’ll go with you, leave Y/N at your house until morning.” Steve said and Tony laughed. “No, the last time I let a drunk Y/N into my house, she destroyed it. Why not just let her stay with you?” Tony asked. “Alright.” Steve said. Tony smiled at him, “Good night, Captain America!” He shouted before drunkenly making his way towards the exit.

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Some day, when I’m awfully low
When the world is cold
I will feel a glow 

  • Interviewer: What are your talents?
  • Me: watching shows, learning an entire Broadway soundtrack in days, and letting my personal hygiene and life slip away from me.
  • Interviewer: well.... that's um, nice..?
Poison (Bucky x Reader) Part 2

Words: 1,856

Warnings: Slight angst

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Part 1 / Part 3 / Alternate Ending

“You know it’s true!” You yelled, your hands tangling themselves in your hair as you paced back in forth in your living room. Your eyes narrowed and filled with anger and sadness whenever you looked at Steve and Natasha. 

They both had ambushed you. 

It had been an official week since Bucky left you standing all alone in your apartment. During that week you hadn’t spoken to any of the Avengers and mostly stayed in your apartment binge watching Netflix and eating thin mints. 

You tried to forget about it.

That didn’t work. 

You tried to confront it by almost calling him. 

You gave up. 

You thought about getting it all off your chest and rant about it. 

But you had no one

Your doorbell had rung less than ten minutes ago and for a brief moment you thought it was Bucky. Your heart swelled up in your chest and you practically sprung over the couch to get to the door. But when you opened it, you saw two angry looking Avengers. 

They didn’t even say anything before barging in, which lead to the argument. 

“Bullshit, Y/n!” Steve’s tone was harsh and annoyed, both of his hands were on his hips and it had been a while since he had gotten this mad at you. Normally Steve was a level headed man but when it came to you, you always seemed to be getting under his skin. 

“No it’s true!” You argued, your foot stomping down and you didn’t care if your neighbors were getting pissed. “None of you wanted to believe the fact that I actually loved him! None of you even gave me a chance to prove it, you all never gave me a chance! You never do! Y/n’s just the big ol’ bad guy!” You lowered your voice and mimicked Steve with the last sentence.

“You were going to break his heart just like you did to all the others.” Natasha jumped in. Natasha and you were always having some sort of competition, ever since day one. You were the one who started it, you admit that. But honestly, you were messing around with everyone, trying to test your limits. 

Natasha however wouldn’t let you get away with playing with everyone’s feelings, whether they be romantic or friendly, she didn’t like it when people messed with her friends. Even if you were just simply being you. 

“My point exactly!” You flailed your arms out towards Natasha, you were being a bit dramatic but so were they. This whole thing was stupid. You and Bucky’s relationship should have stayed between you and Bucky. Not you, Bucky and the Avengers. “You don’t trust me, you don’t have faith in me!” 

“You haven’t earned our trust.” Steve lowered his voice but kept a stern tone, causing you to roll your eyes and shake your head. 

“Now that’s some bullshit.” You pointed a shaky finger at Steve. “I’ve tried-” 

“When?” Natasha crossed her arms and raised her eyebrow at you.”When have you tried to earn our trust back?”

You pursed your lips and put on your sassiest face of them all. “Well, if you would just give me a second to talk, maybe I could tell you.” 

You twisted your lips as you thought about it and both Steve and Natasha scuffed at how long it took you to pull an answer together. 

“A few years ago…” You trailed out the sentence, part of you still thinking. “After Tony, I promised not to mess with any of you anymore.”

“Yeah, well, you broke that promise awfully fas-” Steve started to say but you held a finger up and shushed him. 

“Two years.” You said. “I kept that promise for two years.”

“It doesn’t matter how long you kept the promise, Y/n, the point is that you still broke it.” Steve and Natasha shared a look and you groaned, tossing your head back and kicking your leg like a child. 

“Well, it’s not like you gave me a second chance after that.” 

“We didn’t have to, we knew you would ruin that chance too.” Natasha shrugged and you glared. “You weren’t worth our time anymore.” 

“Guys, guys.” You waved your hands and took a step towards them. “This is about Mr. Barnes.” 

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“I’m doing the right thing, right?” Scott asked you. “If it’s what you believe in.” You told him, wanting to drop the subject. You knew the issue between Steve and Tony would create a wedge in your relationship with Scott. “What do you think?” He asked you. “I think we should be put in check.” You answered honestly.

“So, you’re siding with Stark?” He asked. “There doesn’t have to be sides.” You told him. “But if there was, you’d chose him, right?” Scott questioned. “If it was down to it, yeah…I’d chose the act.” You stated. That was the moment you knew you’d lost him. He looked at you differently, knowing if it was down to it, he’d have to fight you. 

tony version

steve version

natasha version

bucky version

t’challa version

Oh, I see how it is. Bears can hibernate and it’s “natural” but when I do it it’s “creepy” and “antisocial”.

Ok, I’ve been on an A/B/O, or Alpha/Omega fic binge lately and you know what I need? More Avengers. And more Avengers ‘pack’ dynamics. Maybe OT8 (OT9 with Loki)? Specifically, more Omega!Bruce Banner love. Also Omega!Bucky because c'mon. Bucky would be the world’s sassiest omega and he knows what he wants.

I just want a fic where Bruce Banner is an omega but he suppresses his heats with pills because since the Hulk incident he doesn’t smell like a normal omega, his heats spastic and his dad abused him into loss of self-esteem as a kid not to mention sterility so he pretends to be beta and everyone assumes he is except Bucky because Bucky’s smart like that and Bucky is Steve’s omega and he and Bruce become close bros because Bruce coaches him and Steve with their PTSD and adjusting to the world in general and later, Bucky’s pregnancy.

And because Bucky pregnant with Steve’s bbys, Bruce usually takes care of him when missions happen and he can be spared, so one day -BAM- Bruce goes into heat and he freaks out because yeah his heats are weird because of Hulk but he can usually predict them and he thought he had more time to buy his monthly suppressants but whoops he’s been hanging with Bucky so much that their heats synced and he didn’t realize that might happen.

And Bucky’s such a bro that he worries too and tries to help Bruce because Bruce hasn’t had a heat in years and he’s scared and can’t control himself but then the Avengers come home and whoa, omega in heat smell and it’s different but….it’s alluring. And Steve, thinking something happened to Bucky and the pups goes charging to the smell and he finds Bruce and Bucky and Bruce stumbles to cover himself but he’s so out of it he just trembles and he’s covered in his own slick and Bucky- ugh Buckyyyyyy, his momma instincts kick in and he hisses and shields Bruce and snarls at Steve to calm down and stop growling because he’s 'scaring him, punk!’

And then the others arrive and it all hits them that Bruce isn’t a beta- he’s an omega. Has been the whole time. And jesus christ, why didn’t they realize? Bruce is like the poster-boy for what a textbook omega looks like. Plus they all read his file. They know his past, his dad’s abuse to Bruce and his mom. And Bruce is just whimpering and apologizing miserably but he doesn’t remember that they know, or realize it (Clint’s a beta and Nat’s an alpha and neither are ppl Bruce would assume to know. Or Thor who is alpha too.)

And then Steve realizes what Bucky was trying to do for Bruce and he catches a glimpse of the faded scar tissue on Bruce’s groin, remembers the way Bruce would seems so sad and wistful when he’s check on Bucky’s pregnancy or someone mentioned pups and  it just- his heart aches because Steve is Steve and he’s supreme Alpha of their group and the protective instinct kicks in and he’s purring at Bruce, trying to coax him to calm down, calling him sweetheart and gorgeous and perfect but Bruce is confused because he knows he’s not- everyone’s told him otherwise. Ross told him he even smelled repulsive because of the radiation- but then Tony’s there too, rumbling in his ear, and he looks so angry and Bruce thinks it’s at him but then Tony snarls 'don’t you ever say that again Bruce’ and 'I swear they’ll pay’ and Tasha’s touching his curls, telling him in Portuguese that he deserves all the love in the world and he realizes that he said it out loud and Clint is telling Bucky he 'can’t believe Bruce was never once touched with kindness’ and suddenly he’s surrounded and being touched by everyone because they want he to see how much they care and that he’s loved and he’s shaking and crying all over again but it’s a good cry this time and they all take their time showing Bruce how a heat should be and making him feel good and cared for but most importantly WANTED.

And then of course Loki comes back because Thor loves his omega -brother/lover/it'scomplicated- even if he’s a little shit, and Loki decides to be a little shit but in a good way and he uses his magic without saying anything and makes it possible for Bruce to carry pups without the radiation harming him and WHOOPS Tony totally claimed Bruce and gave him said pups on accident but there are no regrets. (Or whoever I’m not picky I just want Bruce to have aLL THE THINGS!!)

(( omg I forgot about Coulson *throws him in there somewhere*)

Mixed Berries

Summary: Bucky’s been a bit reclusive since moving into the tower and the first time you really talk, you make him a smoothie. 

Words: 900

Warnings: fluff

A/n: Wrote this the other night when I was on a ‘Bucky needs nice things’ binge. So…Smoothie.

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She moved in to the Avengers tower shortly after Bucky arrived. For the first few months after he put his stuff there—because that’s how he thought of his stay at the tower, as merely a place to keep his stuff—Bucky was reclusive, hardly speaking to anyone besides Steve as he tried to adjust to a life of normalcy, of not hiding, of just…being. It was difficult adapting to such a life. Every second he expected someone to bust open the door, to try to arrest him, to try to kill him, or worse. But with every second that passed, no such things occurred. The door remained intact, his life remained free, and his body remained the most intact it had been since his fall from the train. And any “or worse” he could think of, hadn’t happened. But there was still plenty of time for “or worse” so he never wasted time being too optimistic.

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