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Holden sighed, fighting with a few of the Isle kids. They had stolen his photos and he was getting rather pissed off, but he knew what his father did when he was angry, so he tried his best to contain it. Holden did not like fighting…honestly, he hated the whole concept of confrontation. He was probably one of the few Isle kids who has more good then evil inside him.  “Give. Them. Back.” He said, each word punctuated with both anger and fear,  his eyes glaring at the group of bullies. “I don’t want to fight…I just want my damn photos back.”

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I love making characters and worlds. However, I usually stick to fan characters because I can never think of any plots that I like or that I'd want to write. I'm afraid that I'm not a good writer because I can't come up with plots, therefore I can't write any stories. I always have vague idea of what I want to write, but they don't seem to have any fixed end or conclusion. How can I think of legitimate plots that I'd like? I'm afraid of all my settings/charries going to waste. :(

Well, first, let me just say - your settings and your characters can never go to waste. You can always reuse your characters and settings with new ideas. The only time that you can’t take it back is once it’s out there and published, and hopefully if you were to publish your idea, you wouldn’t consider it a waste. 

Coming up with plots is easier for some writers than others. You know what else comes easier to some writers than others? Dialogue, metaphors, character development, humor, foreshadowing. We all have areas we’re strong in and areas that we need to work a little harder at. Plotting may seem like a big one, but it’s not so big if you break it down a little. 

You’ve got characters and you’ve got a setting. Now imagine one of two scenarios. First scenario: Your characters leave the setting. Why would they leave? What are they looking for? What will they find? That right there is a plot. Second scenario: A new character arrives in your setting. Where did they come from? What’s their agenda? Do your existing characters support or reject this character’s agenda? That right there is a plot. 

When you have a foundation (setting and/or characters), just start asking questions to help formulate your plot. 


“Look, I know you don’t know me or anything, but… I haven’t been here in like, a couple of years and things change and I’m just… wondering if you’ve seen or know where my brother might be, that’s all,” Adam asked the other person, his brows furrowed together in a bit of confusion. “His name’s Oli. Oli Finley?”

Fluffy Drabbles (because we need things to be nice sometimes)
  • White: I will write a drabble about our characters first date
  • Yellow: I will write a drabble about our characters flirting shamelessly
  • Red: I will write a drabble about my character trying to buy flowers for yours
  • Pink: I will write a drabble where my character will try to woo yours.
  • Blue: I will write a drabble where our characters having a picnic
  • Black: (also knows as the feelsiest one) I will write a drabble about our characters fighting for the first time
  • Hogwarts: Our characters discussing their time on Hogwarts.
  • Slytherin: Being sly together
  • Ravenclaw: Study date
  • Gryffindor: Going on an adventure
  • Hufflepuff: Being loyal to each other
  • Voldemort: Dealing with blood purity (so not so nice...)
  • Room Of Requirement: Something secretive
  • Dumbledore's office: Our characters are in trouble
  • Nurse's office: Our characters getting hurt
  • Astronomy Tower: A moonlight hangout

“ what—what is this?? this place, the voices. the pain. TELL ME. “