on air in december



The English Dub of the Miraculous Ladybug Christmas Special will air on December 19th, not on Nickelodeon but on NETFLIX!!

Does this mean Netflix will be handling the future seasons of this show or  just the Christmas special?

TBH I would love if Netflix took the rights from Nick for Miraculous Ladybug. At least they would treat it with the respect it deserves.

There are 23 days until Christmas
So I saw this post on my dashboard:


And immediately thought of this:

Yep. A text conversation between Yuuri and Viktor.

(NOTE: Please be gentle with me T^T I have not drawn anything (especially anime-related) since elementary school/early high school. 
I was just so inspired to make trash post, per usual. Also, I was taking a break from studying so pls bear with me, I only used the pens and other utensils I had at my workspace :}
-BONUS: Yurio is the one that tweeted the conversation screenshot lol
-EXTRA BONUS: Notice the times in the conversation? Yeah, I changed it to represent the airing date of the first YOI episode (October 5), and the last (December 21). Bc I’m a trashy nerd h e l p 
-EXTRA EXTRA BONUS: Yes that is Yakov in the back that I drew last minute in pencil, veins & eyes poppin’

The Christmas special will air Sunday, December 11th at 3:10am EST! I am a spoiler blog so I will (hopefully) be posting gifs of the episode when it comes out. As always I’ll be using the tag #ml spoilers and #miraculousgifs in those posts. Happy Holidays everyone!  

Source: https://twitter.com/TF1Pro/status/807265877439774721